Is Paid To Send Email a Scam? – Here’s the Truth – Review

Is Paid To Send Email a scam or legit? I’ve been thinking the same as you. It looks tempting, indeed, but let me show you my Paid to Send Email review. You need to see all the warning signs first.

Paid To Send Email looks like an easy way to bank commissions online by doing virtually nothing. That’s my first impression after watching the promo video.

And yes, you can make cash by sending or even reading emails. However, this program is not geared toward helping you to achieve success.

Email marketing is a legitimate business model that anyone can leverage. But my concerns about Paid To Send Emil program are huge! You need to read this review before doing anything else.

By the way, congratulations on researching before getting into things head-first.

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Within this Paid To Send Email review, I show you what this website is all about, how it works, how much could it cost you to if you join. Most importantly, I’ll show you a few warning signs that you need to be aware of before going any further.


Paid To Send Email Review Scam Alert


  • Product Name: Paid To Send Email
  • Product Type: Email Marketing Training?
  • Owner: Jared Rich (fake name)
  • Price: $27 + Upsells
  • Recommended?: No!

Quick Summary: Paid To Send Email seems to be a program that could help you to make $100’s right from the start by sending simple emails.

According to Jared Rich, all you have to do is copy and paste and click send, and BOOM! You’re rich.

But the truth is, Paid To Send Email program has been promoted as a push-money solution, which is a huge red flag! Besides, the sales pitch is entirely fake.

They use a lot of ‘get-rich-quick’ terminology, actors, fake names, and more! (see warning signs).

I believe it’s a scam and advise extreme caution.

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What is Paid to Send Email?

To be clear right from the top, Paid to Send Email is a ‘get-rich-quick‘ video promotion for some program that is supposed to teach you how to get paid sending emails.

While that is a legitimate business, this is not a fully legit opportunity.

During the sales pitch, you are led to believe that this method is so simple, and how you can make $500-$600 per day right from the start. Also, you’ve been shown a few student testimonials that praise Paid to Send Emal program.

But to me, it’s clear that these guys are paid to say everything they’ve said. And I’ll prove it to you.

Let’s be honest here.

You can make money online by sending emails, or affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or any other method. You can even accomplish a push-button level.

Well, not completely, but at one point when you have enough money to hire others to do the work for you, it’s more than possible.

But email marketing is not a ‘get-rich-quick scheme. It sounds easy money because all you need to do is send an email.

You see, these guys won’t tell you that it takes years to perfect email marketing. Even if you copy someone else’s proven strategies, you still need to develop skills and everything necessary to make $500-$600 a day!

To me, their claims are outrageous.

Just a few days ago, I busted a scam called Paid Social Media Jobs. The two are very similar and promise fast cash for no work. Let me show you some scam warning signs that I discover around Paid to Send Email.

While watching the sales pitch for this program, I almost got physically sick. I mean, this is the worst kind of marketing that you can stumble across.

You need to be careful and watch out because they can get under your skin quickly.

1.) You Need to Work Only 30 Min a Day! They say…

As soon as the sales pitch started and I saw all those claims, I knew that Paid to Send Emal is a scam. They claim that you need to sit for only 20-30 minutes per day to make hundreds per week.

That’s simply not possible if you are a beginner.

Paid To Send Email Get Rich Quick BS

Do you know how many years it takes to reach the level of working 30 minutes per day?

A lot! Don’t trust these people when they tell you that you can do the same right from the start. All they want to accomplish with statements like these is, you’ve guessed it, a freaking sale.

2.) You Can Make Money on a Push of a Button! They say…

If working 20-30 minutes per day is too long for you, they promise that you can even make money pushing a button.

If you watch the video, you can remember that it is precisely the term they’ve been using to describe their program.

Paid To Send Email Push Button Scam

However, in my mind, those words get another meaning at the very same moment.

For example, one word that pops out immediately is a scam.

3.) They Hide Behind Fake Names!

The spokesperson from the sales pitch calls himself Jack Rich. What a clever name, wouldn’t you agree?

But you see, Jack Rich does not share too much about himself. So how can you trust a person who is not willing to share with you at least a social media profile?

Paid To Send Email Fake Name

Scams like Paid to Send Email always hide behind fake names so that the real owner cannot be found for misleading people.

4.) They Use Fake Testimonials!

As soon as the video starts to play, you are bombarded with guys and girls that all have one thing in common. They’ve made tons of cash with this program.

But as you can see in the image below, I have proof that they are lying.

Paid To Send Email Fake Testimonial

Fiverr is the place where you can hire them to say anything in front of the camera.

If Paid To Send Email were something genuine, and not a scam, why do they pay people to record fake testimonials?

5.) They Aim at Your Financial Situation

If all these dirty tricks are not enough, these guys will try to “touch your nerve.”

They will do anything to make you buy this into their scheme. They blast you with one question after another, having one thing in mind. They are looking to steal your confidence by asking you about your finances so that you buy this ASAP.

6.) They Will Spam You Email With More Shiny Objects

If you ever decide to follow their lead, you’ll need to leave them your email address. If you do that, they will send you more and more junk.

My email inbox is full of spam mail from these people.

You see, they keep changing names, but the junk they send out is always the same. Besides, that’s precisely how I found out about Paid To Send Email from a spammer.

Is Paid to Send Email a Scam or Legit?

Paid to Send Email is an obnoxious scam. Even if you are going to get some training on email marketing, I highly doubt that it’s going to something that will help you to make $500-$600 per day.

You see, they will send you a few videos and a PDF or two that talk about to topic merely to justify their actions.

I don’t trust this site at all. Most importantly, I do not recommend it to my readers. I advise staying away from Paid to Send Email scam.

Here’s a legitimate platform for making money online if you are still interested in the business.

Anyone who is using fake testimonials, fake actors, fake names, and a boatload of get-rich-quick claims and misleading promises is trying to scam you.

As you can see for yourself, Paid To Send Email fits perfectly with the description.

If all that from above is not enough, they will even try to sell you more junk as soon as you agree to take the opportunity.

In other words, they will force you to watch more of these dirty videos followed by some new magical solution for making money online with little to no work.

Let me show you how it all works.

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How Does Paid to Send Email Really Work?

So this is how scams like Paid to Send email works. First, you get an email where they promise thousands and thousands in a few minutes from now.

Then the fun begins. And I don’t mean this in a good way.

If you agree to click the link attached to the email, you’ll land on a sales page looking precisely like the one I reviewed. In other words, the video is the second stage of the scheme.

Some people use these methods to sell legitimate programs. But unfortunately, they are in the minority.

After you get mesmerized by the ‘get-rich-quick’ video presentation, they will push you to buy the program for a seemingly low price.

In this case, Paid to Send Email costs only $27. However, that’s only the entry point.

You see, the only person who is going to make money here is the owner of this funnel. He is going to use the opportunity to offer you some more junk.

These are usually programs that have very little to nothing to do with the main program.

In other words, they are just a means of making more money for the owner of the scheme.

In the end, you will get a bunch of useless “training material” in your hands as well as a bit lighter wallet. Also, there’s no support, coaching, mentoring, community, or anything like that to turn for help if needed.

Paid to Send Emails is the same as many other scams that I reviewed on this blog.

Once again, I advise caution.

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Can You Make Money Sending Emails?

The business model Paid to Send Email talks about is email marketing. The very same offer is an example of doing it the wrong way.

Yes, you can make money by sending an email, but you won’t make any money with this program.

Email marketing is actually one of the best ways to make money. Have you heard the popular one, “money is in the list?” Well, it is indeed.

Many bloggers and website owners put out sign-up forms to collect leads (emails). They do this so that they could send their subscribers a newsletter, the latest blog post, and even an offer to buy something.

However, it’s not an easy thing to accomplish. First of all, you need to build a site in a specific niche and make sure that you get enough visitors to your website.

By the way, you can start doing it in the right direction with this legitimate program.

Once you have a site and enough visitors, you can ask them to subscribe.

To make money, you need to offer your subscribers a service or product. For example, people who are spamming mailboxes of others with Paid to Send Email have been applying the same model.

But as I said, they are doing it the wrong way.

Here’s How To Get Paid Online!

Thanks for reading my Paid To Send Email review. I hope that you have gotten all you were looking for. If you have any questions about this program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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18 thoughts on “Is Paid To Send Email a Scam? – Here’s the Truth – Review”

  1. I know the email marketing business model and I also know that there are some major successful people who are into that model. The point now is that paid to send email has opened a platform where all they do is lie and tell people that they can make millions when the truth is far from that if they do not work hard. This is just the way scams work. I have also fallen prey as well in the past. I hope more people will learn to stay away from platforms like this that is only out for peoples money!

    • Hi John, thanks for leaving your comment 🙂

      Yes, making money whether with email marketing or with any other legitimate method takes a lot of time. These programs are overhyping the truth just to make sales. In my opinion, it’s a scam and not worth it.


  2. A platform that is not transparent enough and does not have a real owner is obviously a scam. Add that with the fake testimonials and all the other obvious things like the false claims that they keep saying. I really hope that people read reviews before joining because they will think that they are putting their money into something worthwhile. Your review is very good. Good work here!

  3. Thanks Ivan for the comprehensive heads up… I guess there is no such thing in life as something for nothing… in this case, a lot of money for little work. Affiliate marketing does sound like the way to go and the well thought out use of our time, energy and knowledge. I suppose you had to fork out the $27.00 in order to write this review… good to know there’s watchdogs out there that will test the waters for the rest of us.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by 🙂

      No, there is not. Everything requires work and time. Push-money solutions are basically all scams. I’m happy to help.


  4. Scam alert is good Very nice presentation and good facts about Internet affiliate marketing.
    You have done a good work. 

    How long have you been in this industry?

    What made you choose affiliate marketing?


    I am new to internet marketing, a month now, you give inspiration to newbies.

    We need more people like you to bring awareness and good ways .


    • Hi Yajvi, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment here 🙂

      This is my second year doing affiliate marketing. I’ve chosen affiliate marketing because it gives an opportunity to create a long-term passive income. Also, it’s web-based. Meaning, all you need to do business is a laptop and an internet connection. My motivation comes from many sources. I like to learn new things, help others, and of course, make money. 🙂

      Best of luck! If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

  5. For anyone who has fell into the ocean of being scammed before would realise that paid to send email is truly a scam and not worthy of any time and money. From the bogus claims to every other simple details that is shared about it, everything beams of scam. Hence, I will surely try to stay off a platform like this. Thanks and God bless you

  6. Its always funny how people fall for offers like this because its impossible to reap where you’ve not sown, so earning without work is nothing anyone can offer, it’s a scam offer. Paid to send email is a bad business because it is not truthful in its testimonies, using fake ones makes it visible that they can’t give you true means of making money. I’ll advice we stay away from this product, thank you.

    • Hi Wildecoll, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂

      Well said. No work means no reward. These guys are too shady. As you can see they use fake names and testimonials. In my opinion, Paid To Send Email is a scam. Good to see you doing research first.


  7. I’m always very skeptical when I hear these get rich quick schemes, and this one seemed just like the others. Thank you for your review that confirms my thoughts on this. Getting paid to send emails sounds like a great way to make money doesn’t it? Such a shame that it’s a complete scam. Good job sharing this with everybody! 

    • Hi Travis, thanks for stopping by 🙂 your comment is appreciated

      The program is, in my opinion, a scam. However, the method is legitimate. It’s called email marketing and it takes a lot of time, work, and help from professionals to make some money in the end. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.


  8. I hadn’t heard about Paid to Send Email. The title sounds promising, but like most scams, they all do, don’t they? I don’t believe in “get-rich-quick” schemes, no success has ever happened overnight or by working 30 minutes a day … Using fake testimonials is pretty bad, but I know that many online scams do it … it is frustrating sometimes … The email you are showing looks weird too. Why would they send you an access code for a transfer on Paypal? You don’t even need that … 

    Very fishy …

    Thanks for this honest review and for another warning about an online scam. The internet really is a jungle …

    • Hi Christine, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      The email I’ve got is fake and sent by a scammer. They invite me to claim cash that I haven’t even earned yet. Paid To Send Email is a scam from top to bottom.


  9. Dealing with a product that requires you to purchase upsells afterwards I very detrimental to your financial aspect and also to your activities in the platform. I think by now people should be Ware of the fact that claims made by companies like Paid To Send Email are just to entice them to participate and invest their money. It’s better impossible to make a reasonable amount money from any business without inputting enough energy and time. Thanks for exposing this product, it’ll help people make right decisions.

    • Hi KingAndrea, thanks for leaving your comment here 🙂

      I agree, getting rich quick is not real. The only way to make money with any program is if you can devote enough time and work to your business. This program is full of lies and I advise caution.



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