Is Your Dream Websites a Scam? – Review Uncovers Dirty Secrets

If you are wondering whether Your Dream Websites is a scam or legit, you came to the right place. I stumbled across this appealing biz opportunity a few days ago, and today I want to share this review to help you avoid a potentially huge loss!

According to Jake, Your Dream Websites is all about making thousands per day using some weird little trick he’s discovered. You are deprived of work because the system does the work for you.

But in reality, it’s a website that claims impossible only to take your money. So is Your Dream Websites a scam then? Well, that’s what I want to show you here with my review. I reviewed tons of sites on this blog, and my experience tells me to steer clear from these shiny objects.

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Within this Your Dream Websites review, I’ll show you what it is about. Also, I’ll explain how the whole thing works. I’ll show you some warning signs and give my take on whether it is a scam or legit way to make thousands per day. Let’s go!

Your Dream Websites Scam Review


Your Dream Websites Review – Overview

  • Product Description: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Jake (Fake Name)
  • Price: $37
  • Recommended?: No! Scam Alert!

Quick Summary: Your Dream Websites seems to be an opportunity to copy a simple trick that will allow you to earn $1000’s per day almost instantly. It also grants you access to a DFY account that somehow is already making money for you before you even sign up.

But in reality, Jake will not give you free money if you accept the offer. It’s not even free to join in the first place. There is no weird trick that will make you $1000 every day starting today. Moreover, Jake is a fake name and Your Dream Websites is a cloned scam that keeps changing names time after time again.

In other words, Your Dream Websites is a bogus site and a scam. You will get some content in return for your money, but everything else puts this offer in a category of internet scams. See the evidence in this review!


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What is Your Dream Websites?

Your Dream Websites is a site that promises 1000’s per day with little to no work. All you need is to copy Jake’s websites, and you’ll replicate his success overnight. Sound too good to be the truth, wouldn’t you agree?

As soon as I landed on this offer, I thought that not only it sounds too good to be the truth but also, it looks so familiar. Then, I remembered another get-rich-quick scam I exposed on this blog called Quick Home Websites, which is the same thing just rehashed under a different name.

Your Dream Websites Scam Clone

Between those two sites, everything is the same except the name. And when I say everything, I mean it. The video is the same. Jake is the spokesperson (not an owner), testimonials are the same (fake); every single thing is copy-pasted and rebranded under a different name. Does it make a scam?

You see, these guys will tell you anything you want to hear so that they can take your cash. I’m making money with affiliate marketing on this site, and it’s not even close to what they say. These guys even fake accounts to make you believe that it’s easy. In reality, they are only after your cash; that’s all.

For example, the creator of Your Dream Websites wants you to believe that you can copy some weird little trick and make $1000 per day starting today! However, that and everything else that you may have heard while watching the sales pitch is first class crap that has nothing to do with reality.

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How Does Your Dream Websites Work?

First of all, Your Dream Websites does not work at all. It’s a sales funnel to something else. In other words, it’s not even a real program or training or anything for that matter. It’ll merely funnel you to another scam where they will take your cash.

They lure you and other newbies who are looking to make honest cash online with a video where they promise you thousands of dollars overnight. It’s something that everyone wants to hear, wouldn’t you agree? They play on our laziness, greed, and desire to make cash without having to work for it.

Your Dream Websites Scam Income Claims

To make the whole thing even better, you are shown a few testimonials that are supposed to make you feel safe and sure about Your Dream Websites.

But have you noticed that neither of those people has used the name of the program? They merely boast with some imaginary earning. That’s because they are fake. You can find their testimonials in other scams too.

You Even Get a FREE Money! WOW!

Then, there’s a story about the account that’s generating money for you while you watch the video! In my opinion, that’s the worst thing. Jake or whoever he might promise to give you an account with $135 in it and even going to let you keep the sites. I don’t have to bother to tell you that it’s fake too.

Your Dream Websites Fake Account

After you get hooked (fortunately, you didn’t), instead of a ‘secret system’ and free money, they will slip in some half-baked info-product about making money online or piece of content that explains how to start with affiliate marketing or any other legitimate online biz opportunity.

What’s Good About Your Dream Websites?

There’s nothing good about Your Dream Websites. In my opinion, it’s an unethical, unfair, and dirty sales pitch that will lighten up your wallet. This scam is designed to lure newbies who want to make fast cash.

If you fall for it, you will probably end up thinking that those $37 are going to get you out of debt, or your job, and change your life forever. But in reality, you are pulled into a sales funnel where you will get a chance to spend more money on upsells and a bunch of internet marketing tools.

The only person who is going to make money with Your Dream Websites is going to be the creator. You will be left with the head full of hopes and with a hole in your bank account.


Your Dream Websites Scam Warning Signs

In this section of my Your Dream Websites review, I want to show you a set of four red flags that show that this offer is not legitimate. Let’s start with the owner himself.

1.) Fake Jake

Jake introduces himself at the beginning of the sales pitch. However, that’s all he shares about himself. If Your Home Websites were a legitimate online business opportunity, the real owner wouldn’t hide behind a white screen and fake names. Instead, he would give you a social media account or anything that can prove that he’s a real person.

2.) Fake Testimonials and Payouts

As a weak attempt of trying to convince you that this is a legitimate offer, the creator of the site shows a few videos and screenshots of alledged students and payouts. Those people are all fake and are giving false testimonials. You can see some of the evidence below. The image is downloaded from Shutterstock and used for the fake testimonial.

Your Dream Websites Scam

3.) Fake Account

The creator of Your Dream Websites creates a live account for you. While you were watching the pitch, the account miraculously earns $175. The best thing is, you can keep the money once you pay them $37 to claim your sites. But as you know, it’s fake as the rest of the sales pitch.

4.) Clone Website

Your Dream Websites is a clone website of another internet scam, which I have mentioned at the top of this review. It’s called Quick Home Websites. These are not the only ones out there. There are many, so be careful!

Is Your Dream Websites a Scam? 

Yes, Your Dream Websites is a scam, in my opinion. There’s nothing valuable there, and it certainly won’t make you $1000 per day starting today.

The website is a highly misleading and unethical funnel where they lead you to think that you’re going to earn money overnight using some secret copy-paste system and whatnot. It’s just one out of many scams out there that pretend to be a once in a lifetime business opportunity.

Instead, they will rip you off for $37 and try to sell ou more get-rich-quick crap down the road.

These sites prey on newbies who have no idea how making money online works. You see, I hate to tell you this, but online business is the same as the old fashioned, brick &mortar.

In other words, you need to hustle and grind before you can earn your first income. There are no secret sites, weird tricks, or anything like that. Those are nothing but dirty tricks used by scams like Your Dream Websites to get you to buy their offer.

How To Make Money Online?

Thanks for reading this Your Dream Websites review. I hope I have helped you to learn more about what it is and how does it work. If you have any questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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16 thoughts on “Is Your Dream Websites a Scam? – Review Uncovers Dirty Secrets”

  1. Thank you for this. There are so many scams out there and more and more appear every day. Having people out there to tell you what to avoid before you get sucked into a con is great. It’s a battle but I hope people find this article before they get conned out of there money.

  2. Hello; don’t you see the title of the website is enough to alert you that it is unreal? I think only those who are in the sleep-walk will be scam by this fellow.

    Only if you are one who’s dream comes through, you should go into any business with such name. Otherwise, you should see the Dream Website as a nightmare and stay clear from it.


  3. Woah, this is just magnificent. Awesome and very well written too. It is infact the first time visiting your site but the review you have on this platform shows how much you what yo help people know the truth and also proffer a solution for them too. I think I need to share this because I almost fell into this trap. Thank you.

    • Hi John, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂 much appreciated. I’m happy to help. I hope you’ve got all the answers about this offer.


  4. Hello Ivan,

    Whenever I see those huge figures earned per day in $$$; I usually get angry because many people tend to fall victim to such scams. Thank God for this review of the fake “Your dream website”. From your review, I have seen that everything about this website is fake from earnings, testimonies and even the name of the founder.

    Good to see you expose all these scams and thanks.

  5. This is not in anyway a good stuff and I don’t think it is great that they are just taking peoples money away from them. I feel like it is important that people read reviews thoroughly before thinking of diving into a platform and this is mostly because of the lies that is sold to many. For me, your dream website is the Lord of all scams.

  6. Hi Ivan, I must saz that this review really helped me. I heard about this website from my friend but I was suspicious about it from the beginning. It is said that people want to steal money like that, I will definitely avoid this website at all cost and will inform my friend about this.

    • Hi Danijel, thanks for stopping by 🙂 your comment is appreciated! Make sure you do so. I’m happy if this review has helped you to learn more and avoid losing your time and money.


  7. Hello Jake, a thousand bucks a day for such work would ring the bell for those who are familiar with the scopes used by most scam sites which is usually unrealistic claim to make people get involved in it. From the start i could see so many cons that would make you stay away from this business. I hope people learn from this post on Your Dream Website review.

  8. Thank you so much for all this information. Out there is a continuous message that says make money fast and without any problems. I will definitely follow your advice and I will check things out before I join any program or training.
    Wish you the best in all that you do.

    • Hi Andrea Gatti, your comment is appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

      I’m glad that you understand that fast cash without any problems is not a real deal. Anyone who promises to make you rich is trying to scam you. Unfortunately, the net is full of shardy offers like Your Dream Websites that prey on newbies who have no idea how making money online works. Make sure to do thorough research before joining any program or training. You could save a lot of time and your hard-earned money.



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