iThrive Network Review – What Is It About? A Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my iThrive Network review.

One of the first things that I wanted to know about iThrive Network is what they actually do to help you to make money online. As you’re aware, there’s hardly any tangible information about the service they render.

And when I see a site that is so secretive, I also wonder whether it is a scam or legit. I’m guessing you’re here because you too have the same concerns about this company and you would like to know more. If that’s you, congratulation!

Doing your own research before joining make-money-online opportunities is how you not only get to know more about the company, that is also how you avoid scams too. And, that is how you find the best way to make money online.

In this iThrive Network review, I’m going to take your thought this website step-by-step. We’re going to see whether this company is a scam or they follow some basic ground rules when it comes to helping you to succeed online. That said, let’s dig into this review to uncover the truth.

iThrive Network Review


iThrive Network Review – Overview

  • Product Type: MLM Scheme (Possible Pyramid Scheme)
  • Product Owner: Unknown (Daniel Pacheco?)
  • Product Price: $50 per year + multiple packages
  • Recommended?: NO

Quick Summary: iThrive Network claims to be a one-of-a-kind platform that offers marketing innovative software technologies, extensive business training products, and a supportive community to help you reach your financial goals.

However, behind this website is actually an MLM scheme focused on recruiting people, which puts it on a borderline of a pyramid scheme.

There are several reasons, which I cover in more detail in this review, to say that iThrive is a scam. The official website lacks legal information. The site lacks transparency about products and services. And lastly, the scheme is associated with a previously busted scam called iPro Network.

That said, if you’re looking for a safe way to make money online, in my opinion, iThrive is not the place you want to start with.

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What is iThrive Network?

One of the first things that I have discovered is that iThrive Network is a reboot of a previous scheme also know as iPro Network, which was a crypto project that used the pyramid scheme concept to earn an income.

If you don’t know pyramid schemes are illegal in most of the countries in the world. The way iPro Network worked previously was through recruiting new members onto the website. Each time a new member was recruited, a person who recruited the new member was paid a commission based on a specific level of membership.

iThrive Network Pyramid Scheme

Unfortunately, the reason why I Network and all other pyramid schemes are considered scams is that they don’t host any products or services. All they do is recruiting new members to the scheme. Even worse, these schemes are not sustainable. This means that they have to fall apart at one point in time or another.

That is what has happened with iPro Network. It was exposed and abandoned. And as soon as this had happened, the iThrive Network has emerged. That said, the connection with iPro Network is a first warning sign that something is not right with iThrive Network too.

The only difference is that iThirve Network now offers a set of courses on its official website. But everything else resembles another scheme. And since there are some products involved, technically it is an MLM scheme then, not a pyramid. MLM schemes are legal but rarely recommended.

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Who Owns iThrive Network?

At this moment, there is no information on the official website about who owns iThrive or where do they come from. There are no signs of address. There are no names either. This is another warning sign in my book.

However, if iThrive Network is really a reboot of iPro Network, then they must share the same owners. Maybe only this time, he decided to stay anonymous to escape any fingers and accusations of being a scam.

The previous version was promoted via the Vimeo channel by Daniel Pacheco, who is allegedly now a president of the iThrive Network too. If you take a look at Daniel’s Facebook profile, you’ll discover that he’s still the president of iPro Network, which doesn’t exist anymore.

That said, we could connect him with iThrive Network and consider him to own this platform as well. However, this is not 100% accurate information, and you shouldn’t be taking it as a fact.

What Products Does iThrive Network Offer?

As I have said in the previous sections of my iThrive network review, unlike IPro Network, this platform has a product line that makes it technically an MLM.

However, the principle of recruiting and compensation has remained the same as with pyramid schemes. This means that there’s a chain of hierarchy based on membership levels. The person who is positioned at the top makes the most money from the people who join after him.

In some areas, this model is still an illegal way to make money online. That is why you are not going to find too many positive iThrive Network reviews out there.

In any case, here the list of products you can purchase after you join the platform:

  • Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
  • Facebook Mastery Training
  • E-Commerce Mastery
  • Amazon Dropshipping Course

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How Does iThrive Network Work?

iThrive works on an MLM principle. Put simply; you earn by referring others that purchase a membership and making an investment into one of the package levels and by building a team or an organizational downline.

The higher your rank in the scheme, the more money you can potentially earn.

There are several levels within iThrive Network and you’ll have to purchase all levels to earn an income. Basically, you’re getting paid based on your membership.

iThrive Network Compensation Plan

iThrive Network Compensation Plan 1

The math with these schemes is simple.

The more people you refer to the network, the more money you could potentially earn. You can see how Home Income Millionaire applies the same MLM/Pyramid Scheme model to recruit new members and pay you commissions.

That said, let me walk you through the entire iThrive Network in more detail.

Getting Started With iThrive

Before you can get started, you need to pay a joining fee of $50 per year. Once you pay the subscription, you have to keep investing in at least one of the following packages.

  • Basic Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Accelerated Level
  • Advanced Level
  • eTrader Level
  • Professional Level

iThrive Network Ranks

Once you get started, you’re going to build your business by referring to others. That is how you’re going to make money. And the aim is to move up toward the top of the iThrive network ranking pole by recruiting as many people.

You’ll discover a total of 6 ranks. To get qualified for a specific rank in line, you need to reach a certain number of sales. Here’s how it looks when broken down:

  • Senior Consultant Rank – To get qualified for Senior Consultant, you need to generate at least 5000 GV package purchase volume.
  • Executive Consultant Rank – To get qualified for Executive Consultant, you need to generate at least 30,000 GV package purchase volume.
  • Director Rank – To get qualified for Director Rank, you need to generate at least 100,000 GV in package purchase volume.
  • Senior Director Rank – To get qualified for Senior Director Rank, you need to generate at least 400,000 GV in package purchase volume.
  • Executive Director Rank  – Could not find this information in Public Domain or on the official iThrive Network website.
  • Senior Vice President Rank – Could not find this information in Public Domain or on the official iThrive Network website.

In case you’re wondering what GV and PV mean, below is the explanation:

  • GV stands for Group Volume, and it represents the total number of purchases that your entire downline makes.
  • PV stands for Personal Volume, and it represents the total number of purchases that your referrals (1st level) have made.

To get qualified for a higher rank in the scheme, you need to reach at least 40% of the required GV.

Commissions and Bonuses

  • Recruitment Commission – When a new member that is referred personally invests, a 10% earning is made depending on the level of investment chosen by that new member
  • Recruitment Bonus Commission – This is different from the “Recruitment Commission”. This is a one-time earning of $400 as a bonus when stipulated qualifications are met.
  • Matching Bonus Commission – these are commissions based on the uni-level compensation structure. When qualified, it allows for pay up to 7 levels.
  • Leadership Bonus Commissions – this is a bonus afforded when qualifications are met in a pay plan rank.

How Much to Join iThrive Network?

Before you can actually join the iThive Network, you’ll have to fill in a form on the official website. You’re required to enter your personal information such as name, last name, email, phone number, and country of residence.

iThrive Network Login

The next step is paying for an already mentioned yearly subscription of $50. Then, you need to invest in one of the following packages, as shown below.

  • Basic Level – $100
  • Intermediate Level – $500
  • Accelerated Level – $2,000
  • Advanced Level – $3,000
  • eTrader Level – $5,000
  • Professional Level – $6,000

Is iThrive Network a Scam or Legit?

Based on the previous actions of the iPro Network and its current relationship with iThrive Network as well as the intense focus on recruiting new members to the scheme without offering any value in terms of products and services, it’s safe to say that iThrive Network is a scam.

There are several reasons to confirm this claim.

First of all, iThrive Network does not offer any names, addresses, or social proof that could point to a specific person or a legal entity behind the scheme. To invest your money into such a scheme would a complete waste of resources and we can safely say that you’re gambling with your money.

Another reason why this is a scam is that it is closely linked to a pyramid scam that is not in operation any money called iPro Network. Many signs point that iThrive Network is a rehashed version of iPro Network, which was closed and completely abandoned.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) charged Daniel Pacheco, who is the operator of the iPro Network website. Moreover, the US Securities and Exchange Commission alleged all founders of the iPro Network company. According to the information available, iPro was attracting investors with false promises.

Lastly, iThirve does offer a few digital products that could put them into a sphere of legitimate companies. But since there isn’t any tangible evidence that could show value in these products and on the other hand, we have plenty of evidence that the scheme is mainly focused on recruiting others, iThrive Network falls into a category of MLM and even a pyramid scheme.

As you can see from the earlier sections of this iThrive review, the main focus of the platform is to recruit new members offering big bonuses and commissions in exchange for recruiting more people into the scheme.

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Do I Recommend This MLM?

History has shown that pyramid schemes are not sustainable and that eventually, they must collapse. It is easy to fall for shiny claims made by the iThrive, but joining them would be a mistake, in my opinion. As you can see from the previous example of iPro Network, your money is not safe with iThrive Network either.

That said, I don’t recommend this website. You don’t want to get caught up in a pyramid scheme.

iThrive Network Review – Final Words

As a conclusion to my iThirve Network review, I want to show you a better way to start making money online. The best way to do so is by building your own online business. And luckily there are still a few places where you can do so entirely legitimately.

When you build your own business from scratch, you’re making sure that you’re in full control of your business. You get to chose what products to promote, what companies to work with, etc.

This way, you’re safe from falling into pyramid schemes and other types of scams that are designed to make rip you off. Thanks for reading my iThrive Network review!

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

4 thoughts on “iThrive Network Review – What Is It About? A Scam or Legit?”

  1. I love reading these types of reviews. There are just so many scams around that it’s important for people to do their own due diligence and check out many opinions. You can normally tell when somebody is promoting the program. I really don’t like MLM’s they always give me a bad feeling. I had not heard of this company before and now I know to stay away from it. Thank you for everything you do to help people to stay on the right path.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment on my review of iThrive Network. It’s good to see you doing your own research before signing up for schemes like this. This company is not my recommendation.


  2. Thanks for the review, it’s an interesting post. So how does this network encourage people to sign up in the first place? Do they offer any good incentives or freebies? I didn’t realise that pyramid schemes were illegal and they were differentiated from MLMs by not having products. So for a company to be considered an MLM it just has to have products, is that right? Do they have to be physical products or can they get away with offering digital stuff? Thanks for the info, I learned a lot.

    • Hi Debbie, you’re welcome. Thank you for your comment here. There’s no incentive or freebies. They lure you in with shiny sales page where you leave your details so that they could contact you again and again. Regarding your MLM vs pyramid scheme questions, yes, you’re sort of right. Having a product line is what usually operates MLM from a pyramid scheme. Both schemes are focused on multi-level recruiting. And no, it doesn’t have to be a physical product. As you can see iThrive offers digital products. However, iThrive is focused mostly on recruiting which puts them closer to being a pyramid scheme. Thanks again for your comment.



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