Jon Mac Store Formula Review – Is It Worth $997 or a SCAM?

Welcome to my Jon Mack Store Formula review.

Earning a passive income online is possible. And you are here because you want to know whether Store Formula is a scam or a legit program for earning a passive income, right?

Congratulations on doing your own research first.

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m a successful blogger and affiliate marketer. I went from serving tables in a restaurant to earning a five-figure revenue online from affiliate marketing!

On this blog, I have reviewed over 500 courses, programs, scams, and schemes. My mission was and still is to find the best way for making money online.

So is Jon Mack’s Store Formula one of them? Is it worth it?

In this review, I will reveal everything about this training course. I will explain what it is, how it works, whether Store Formula is a scam or legit, and more!

Store Formula Review


Store Formula Review – Overview

  • Product: Store Formula
  • Type: Dropshipping Course
  • Owner: Jon Mac
  • Price: $997
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Recommended?: Not

Overview: Store Formula is a basic dropshipping course that in my opinion, is not worth the price tag. It was designed to promote Jon Mac’s CommerceHQ platform mostly.

Alternative: My #1 recommendation is an affordable and newbie-friendly affiliate marketing course that helps to build a successful online business from scratch! I used this exact system to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day! Learn more below!




Who Is Jon Mac?

Like other gurus, Jon Mac declares that he has the winning formula of eCommerce to show you. Is that a real deal or a scam by Jon?

Jon Mac is an on the internet marketing expert who has created different internet training courses, platforms as well as publications, which include Freedom Formula, CommerceHQ, and Store Formula.

Jon Mac Store Formula

He asserts his passion and drive originate from in fact altering his trainees’ lives. However, that’s possibly simply a sales speak to bring-in individuals to purchase his programs.

Like other dropshipping gurus, Jon Mac does have a lot of clients and fans on social networks like Facebook, which is a pretty good thing to see. Just on Facebook, he has over 30K followers.

Moreover, Jon runs a successful YouTube channel with 20K subscribers too.

What Is Store Formula?

Store Formula is an eCommerce course that teaches you exactly how to do dropshipping.

It incorporates Dropshipping and CommerceHQ platform. CommerceHQ is also developed by Jon Mac, which is different from the popular eCommerce system Shopify.

But truth be told, Store Formula isn’t as different from the majority of dropshipping programs. Based on my evaluation, there are even better courses like 100K Blueprint or Ecommerce Empire Builders.

Jon’s advertising makes some difference from the various other dropshipping gurus. However, at the end of the day, no miracle drug overcomes the large challenges of this company design.

So is it a scam? Or legit? Is it worth it? I will reveal everything that you need to know in my Store Formula review so make sure to read until the end.

How Does Store Formula Work?

Store Formula, or likewise called Store Formula 3, is an on the internet training course that utilizes drop shipping to make money with an online shop.

As I said, you will be learning how to create a store using Jon’s CommerceHQ platform. Jon Mac, with his Commerce HQ system, is basically attempting to take on Shopify.

Store Formula CommerceHQ

The training course is executed in numerous formats: Ultra HD video clips, webinars, mp3 recordings, and records. There are 53 tutorials with a length of approximately 9 hrs and 17 mins.

Here’s an overview of the modules included in the 4-week training course:

Week 1: Build 

The first week focuses on how to set up your store, which is done on CommerceHQ instead of Shopify. Basically, you will be learning how to start from scratch.

Week 2: Select 

The second week’s lessons will reveal to you exactly how to discover and choose items for dropshipping. In other words, this is where you will be filling up your store with products.

Week 3: Launch 

In the third week, Jon will educate you just how to set up Facebook ads to drive web traffic. The goal is to teach you how to get customers to your store.

Week 4: Outsource

The last week of the course has to do with outsourcing your job to online assistants. This is useful just when your shop becomes effective.

In my opinion, the course material is fairly brief although the price is costly. It only concentrates on Facebook advertisements. So you will not learn various other cost-free web traffic approaches in this program.

And in the next sections of my Store Formula review, I will talk about whether or not this course is worth it, its pros, and cons, and more!

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Store Formula Price – Is It Worth It?

Jon Mac Store Formula is valued at $997. I personally assume it is overpriced because the program content is not extensive whatsoever. It just covers the basics of dropshipping.

With this price, you would anticipate a lot more comprehensive program. Yet the Store Formula cannot meet up this sensible assumption.

On the other hand, according to some testimonials you find on Jon’s website, it seems that some people say differently.

But all of us know that we can’t be totally certain concerning these reviews. See, there is no way to validate if they have actually been successful or just paid to leave good reviews.

I’ve seen fake testimonials numerous times in scams like Website ATM and Second Income Center. It’s too easy to hire Fiverr actors to give you a great review.

Even if the reviews are real, I do not think that the content deserves the spicy price tag.

So in my opinion, it is really up to you to decide. Jon’s course is based on legit methods. And as you can see from my Store Formula review, there is some value for $997.

Is Jon Mack Store Formula a Scam?

Jon Mac Store Formula is not a scam. The offer is legit as he does provide some value in his programs such as training and the CommerceHQ tool.

But is it actually worth the price? To be honest, the course material is not good enough to assist you to develop a successful dropshipping company.

Additionally, Jon has a tendency to persuade you to utilize his very own platform CommerceHQ. However, CommerceHQ is not like Shopify, and that might be a problem.

Lots of individuals in dropshipping are making use of Shopify. CommerceHQ is still new and you cannot get great feedback from users. On Trustpilot, you can discover 4 testimonials with a ranking of an average of 3 stars.

The truth is, you can generate income with dropshipping. However, it’s absolutely not as easy as Jon Mac makes it sound. And that is another problem.

There’s a ton of work to be done ahead of time. Therefore, there is no real guarantee of success. Most importantly, you need to do a lot of volumes in sales to make any real money.

For example, if you’re grinding it out for three months, and invest $3-5k in advertisements, and after that, your profit is 15% on a $12 product, it’s not really worth it.

So the bottom line is, Store Formula is not a scam. However, the very business model it promotes is risky and highly not recommended for newbies.

Therefore, there are much better ways to make money online.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Do I Recommend Store Formula?

Dropshipping business has actually come to be progressively tough. If you want to create a dropshipping business, you need to hustle, and you need to hustle hard!

Below are a couple of reasons why you should probably stay away from dropshipping:

Dropshipping Requires Big Investment

Your dropshipping shop will not make any sales if you do not market your products. And to do so, you need to invest a lot of money upfront into Facebook ads.

However, Facebook ads costs are increasing and will certainly eat away at your profits. You might require weeks and even months to just adjust the cost, prior to seeing any type of revenue.

Therefore, you need to take a massive financial risk to succeed. And only a few do.

Facebook ads are Expensive and Tough

After observing most drop shippers and their results, at best, the complete Facebook ad cost will make up at the very least 30% of your overall sales.

However, Facebook advertisements rarely stay reliable for too long.

As soon as your advertisement has actually worn down the target market, it becomes inadequate. Your complete revenue will certainly be a lot reduced and also lead to net loss.

Even worse, the learning curve of Facebook ads is quite steep because Facebook changes its formula regularly. You need to spend a great deal of time and money in knowing as well as testing Facebook Ads.

And who can afford that?

So if you run Facebook advertisements without any experience, your advertisement account will be prohibited for breaking their rigorous policies.

You Need to Act as Consumer Support

In dropshipping, you have to invest a great deal of time communicating with vendors and also handling customer service.

If your consumer has any concerns with the item, you have to wait for your vendor to assist you. If your distributor is not in any way helpful, you have to birth the loss yourself.

For that reason, lots of dropshipping shops have bad customer testimonials. And this could, therefore, lead to lots and lots of refunds, which could kill your store.

Product Research Takes Time and Effort

For your store to maintain generating income, you constantly need to discover a product that has the energy to go viral so that the ads’ expenses can be covered.

In dropshipping, the majority of products reach their optimal in 1-2 months and even weeks. This is because many rivals will take your product and produce a better advertisement. Or boost their budgets on Facebook advertisements to outbid you.

As a result, you need to constantly discover brand-new replacements to maintain generating capital.

With all that being said, dropshipping is not as passive as you assume.

The majority of successful drop-shippers are doing it full time since it requires you to maintain finding brand-new items, developing new stores, evaluating brand-new ads, and trying to find new distributors to make your earnings stable.

And that is the main reason why I don’t recommend Store Formula. In my Store Formula review, Jon Mac has done a fair job with this course. In other words, Store Formula is not a scam. It’s legit.

However, the business model it teaches is risky, expensive, and not beginner-friendly.

What I Like About Store Formula

  • Jon Mac updates the course (Store Formula 3 is out now)
  • Includes one year of hosting of 6 stores on CommerceHQ
  • You get a decent training course on dropshipping
  • Store Formula is not a scam

What I Don’t Like About Store Formula

  • Jon Mac only teaches Facebook ads, which is very expensive for newbies
  • No alternative traffic solutions for your online store
  • Store Formula is not a comprehensive training course
  • The price is too expensive and the course is not worth it
  • Most of the lessons are basic and are available for free on YouTube
  • CommerceHQ is not as good as Shopify

Final Words and Honest Recommendation

At the end of my Store Formula review, I want to say that dropshipping is not the most beginner-friendlies way of making money online. Definitely, it is one of the least recommended for beginners.

In my opinion, beginners should AVOID it at all costs. The reason why is obviously the large financial burden it brings with it.

And even if you are financially ready and have some previous experience, I don’t recommend Store Formula because it is basic and in my opinion, designed to promote the CommerceHQ platform.

You could find much better courses to start with dropshipping.

For example, you can dive into relatively affordable and yet comprehensive courses like Ecomm Clubhouse or even Ecom Beast 2.0 to learn how to set up your own online store from scratch.

But as I said in my Store Formula review, dropshipping is risky and I don’t recommend it at all. It takes up a lot of your free time. And most importantly, it is not newbie friendly business.

So in my opinion, there are much better, and less risky business models out there. For example, below is my #1 business model that is suitable even for complete beginners on a budget!

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Right now, I am making money online through an affiliate marketing business. Thanks to this newbie-friendly method, I even managed to quit my old job and go full-time online!

So how does it work?

It’s easy. All you need to do is create a blog (website), find the items that you like, sign up with affiliate programs, take your affiliate link, drive some traffic to your site, and recommend the very same products to individuals on the internet.

Each time you make a sale, you receive a part of the earnings. And you can do this in any niche!

A couple of years ago, I learned about affiliate marketing through my # 1 recommended program, decided to go all-in, and today, I earn constant passive earnings online.

Among the best features of my # 1 ranked course is that you can join for totally free. You will get one complimentary site and access to the very first ten lessons from the course to try things out.

Furthermore, this program is in fact all-in-one. You get everything that you need to make money online with affiliate marketing.

This consists of detailed training, all the very best tools, hosting and websites, live assistance, community aid, technical assistance, one-on-one training, and so much more!

After evaluating over 500 programs on the web, my conclusion is easy. This is the best method to make money online.

And if you’re looking for the very same, click the button below to access a legitimate system for making money online!




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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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  1. I agree with your assessment on Drop shipping. I was almost inspired to start a drop shipping business, but after seeing everything that goes into it I was literally just like Holy S— No Thank you!

    Affiliate Marketing is much more viable, it’s low cost and low risk with high rewards. I just could not justify the risk of paying for all of those google ads especially considering the fact that no one knew who I was or what my business is. When you are that early into the game, you just can’t really begin to predict/scale a high-risk drop shipping business!

  2. Which business is more lucrative, an e-commerce business or an affiliate program business? I was thinking of branching out to the e-commerce world but I first want to know if I will make money and how long would it take me to start making money. If it is lucrative, what program would you recommend that I join? 

  3. I found your review of Jon Mac Store very useful. This service could be of use for anyone wanting to start a drop-shipping business with no internet experience at all. Personally, I would not pay for the service as there are so many free guides online about dropshipping that truly help someone start a successful dropshipping business. Hope your review finds many people and helps them make a sound decision on whether to use it or not. 


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