Launch Your Blog Biz Review – Can You Really Make $1,000 a Month?

Hi, and welcome to my Launch Your Blog Biz review.

Blogging is a legit business model because that is where you connect your business, get potential customers, and make money.

But that depends on what kind of niche you’re looking for, so if you plan to make a blog, you have to find the right niche for you.

Now, as for Launch Your Blog Biz, it claims that your solution is to start, launch, and grow your own blog business to $1,000/month from scratch!

But the question is, will you be able to earn that kind of amount if you buy this course?

Let’s find out!

Throughout my Launch Your Blog Biz review, you can rest assured of getting an honest and unbiased review from me.

In this review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Launch Your Blog Biz and see if it is worth your money.

Launch Your Blog Biz Review


Launch Your Blog Biz – Overview

  • Product Type: Launch Your Blog Biz
  • Owner: Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus
  • Price: $297
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Launch Your Blog Biz is an online course that teaches you how to earn money by creating your own blog from scratch.

It is a beginner-friendly blogging course that will help you how to start and grow your blog and earn over $1000 a month.

It is possible that you will earn that kind of amount but not right away as you to some trials and errors before you make that kind of money.

The good thing about this course is that it will help and teach you how to do it the right way.

Before you jump into this course, let us take a deep look at what you will learn and get from this course and see if this is the course for you.


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What is Launch Your Blog Biz?

Launch Your Blog Biz is one of the four online blogging courses of Create and Go.

Launch Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus created your Blog Biz, and they are founders of Create and Go.

They created this course to help you create your own blog and make money online.

The course has a wide range of lessons on building a blog, installing WordPress, setting up an email sales funnel, and more, everything that you need to know about blogging.

The course is for everyone, especially those who are new and want to learn more about blogging.

The Founders Of Launch Your Blog Biz?

Launch Your Blog Biz Review Alex and Lauren

As I mentioned earlier, Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus are the founders of Create and Go and Launch Your Blog Biz.

Alex was a personal trainer, and Lauren was an accountant.

They both found their lives somewhat dull, and that is where they decided to pursue a lifestyle where they could travel the world while making passive income, and that is where they made their first blog.

However, the blog was going nowhere, but that didn’t stop them.

Because of the failure of their first blog, they made a second blog, but this time they applied all the learnings from the previous mistakes, and this is where they started making money.

Now, because of the experience they have learned from their blogging experiences, they decided to create a website to share the same success they have experienced, and that website is Create and Go.

How Does Your Blog Biz Work?

The course is composed of videos and text files.

All the videos are PowerPoint presentations with recorded audio.

You will be learning through those materials when you enroll in this course.

The way it works is the same as other online courses.

Inside Launch Your Blog Biz

Inside this course, there are a total of 17 modules.

Here you will learn how to create your blog and get started.

Module 1 – Introduction and Course Objectives

This module will guide you on what you need to follow upon taking the course.

Inside this module includes the course strategy, objectives, expectations, navigating the course, the support group, checklists, and other resources.

Module 2 – Getting Started: Hosting, WordPress, and Initial Setup

This module is all about setting up your blog, hosting account, WordPress, plugins, domain emails, and more.

If you don’t know how to set up your website, this module is good for you as it will help you do it.

Module 3 – Blog Themes and Design

This module is about WordPress themes such as Divi theme, Flash theme, and how to design your blogging website.

Module 4 – Blog Content Strategy – How to Create Amazing Content People Love and Share

This module will teach you how to create content that attracts and secures readers.

This means that your blog content must be something they will love and share.

This one is important because this is how you will monetize your blog.

Module 5 – Email Marketing Basics

This module will teach you why email marketing is important to your blogging business and build your email list.

Module 6 – Setting Up Your Email Campaign and Strategy

Creating your email marketing strategy is important to ensure that people subscribe to your newsletter.

Module 7 – Ads and Sponsored Posts

Ads are also a very important part of your business because this is one of the sources where you can have a passive income.

They will teach you the basics of ad revenues and show you the advantages and disadvantages.

Module 8 – Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing makes the highest income for many bloggers, especially when you first start.

This module will teach the basics of affiliate marketing and the strategies to start earning from your blog.

Module 9 – Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Aside from email marketing strategy, you’ll also need to create your affiliate marketing strategy.

This module will show you where to find good affiliate products you can promote.

Module 10 – Finding and Selling Affiliate Products

This module will show you how to become an affiliate with Amazon.

As we all know, Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces in the online business.

You will also get a list of affiliate programs and marketplaces.

Module 11 – Blog Traffic Basics

Like paid ads, having traffic is important in the business because that is also where you will earn money.

This module will teach you how to attract and gain traffic to your website.

Module 12 – Pinterest

Pinterest is a well-known social media website, especially for bloggers.

Alex and Lauren will teach you how and make sure that you know the what’s and how’s of Pinterest.

Module 13 – YouTube

Youtube is another way to drive traffic to your website.

This module will show you how to set up your Youtube channel and optimize the Youtube search engine.

Module 14 – Google

Just like Youtube, Google is also another way to drive traffic, but on this one, it will take time to rank up your website.

In this module, you will learn the basics and the ways of optimizing your content for Google search.

Module 15 – Facebook Groups

Like Google and Youtube, Facebook is also another source to drive traffic, and this module will teach you how to do it.

Module 16 – Skills, Hacks, and Other Blogging Resources

As the title suggests, you will get useful hacks and tips about business structure, finances, and taxes.

Plus, how to use freelance writing as a side hustle and start your Instagram account.

Module 17 – Bonus

In this module, you will get bonuses, and here’s what you will get

  • Affiliate Programs and Marketplace Round UP
  • Email Trust Funnel Templates
  • Access to the private FaceBook group

The course is updated regularly, which means you have lifetime access to the course with the latest updates.

How Much Does Your Blog Biz Cost?

Launch Your Blog Biz Review Price

Launch Your Blog Biz costs $297, and as you can see, it is pretty expensive.

However, the amount of information that you will get from this course for its price is quite fair, to be honest.

The good thing about this course is that it has no monthly fees.

However, there will be some extra costs that you need to pay for.

For example, software that can help you with your email marketing or plugin software.

Not just that, keep in mind, the course does not include blogging tools like Keyword Searching and Web Hosting, where both of them will cost you more than $100.

You have no choice but to buy them if you want to utilize the course fully.

The other good thing about this course is that they offer a 30 days money-back guarantee.

So, if you are not happy or feel that this course is not for you, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Who Is Launch Your Blog Biz For?

The course is for everyone especially those who are new to blogging and want to learn how to create a blogging business.

This course is aimed at those people who want to make passive income through blogging.

However, not all can afford the price and also as I mentioned earlier you will be spending more money on this course.

Like you see above in the costs section, you will be spending more money on tools and software.

So if you plan to take this course, make sure you got a budget to spend.

Is Your Blog Biz A Scam?

No, Your Blog Biz is not a scam. It is a legit course that Alex and Lauren created.

Also, both Alex and Lauren know what they are doing as they have experienced this business for a long time, and that is why it is their turn to teach you how to do it from start to finish.

Whether you are new to the online business or don’t know how to get started, this course will help you do everything from choosing your idea, getting a domain name, setting up your website, creating content, building your first email list, driving traffic, and more.

However, my only concern here is the price. Yes, the course is for beginners, but not all beginners can afford that kind of price.

Not just that, you will be spending more money on tools and software because this course doesn’t provide it.

So again, if you plan to join this course, make sure that you have a budget to spend.

What I Like About Your Blog Biz

  • The course is meant for beginners
  • The content is very comprehensive.
  • Easy to follow
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About Your Blog Biz

  • The course is expensive for beginners
  • No free trial
  • The course does not include blogging tools
  • Not for advanced bloggers
  • Insufficient plugin training

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know what Launch Your Blog Biz is and what you will get from this course.

The course is nice, and you will learn a lot about blogging.

Again, as you already know, the course is not that cheap so if you plan to join make sure that you have a budget to spend not only on this course but also on the tools you have to spend.

Make sure that you make the right decision if you want this course, but if you think this is not meant for you, I suggest finding another alternative for you to make money online.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Launch Your Blog Biz review.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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