Lead Vakuum Review – Get Thousands of Leads Easily!

Welcome to my Lead Vacuum review.

Lead generation is one of the most challenging things a marketer can stumble across. If you have tried getting people to opt-in and sign up to your list, you’ll know what I’m talking about. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Lead Vaccum is a brand new system that shows how to legally “vacuum” thousands of leads off your site and pages to your list without them buying anything, submitting a form or having to take any action what so ever. According to the creators, this system could get you 200+ leads per day on 100% free traffic.

In this detailed review, we’re going to see whether those claims are going to live up or this system is a scam. Also, I give you a sneak peek into features of the product as well as the sales funnel with all OTOs revealed, and more!

Lead Vacuum Review


Lead Vacuum Review – Overview

Show me a digital marketer, and I’ll show you a person who is always looking for more traffic, leads, and sales. That is the mission of every marketer and online business owner out there. We all want to show our business to more people to help them with our products and services.

But unfortunately, we’re getting bombarded with programs, tools, and system that promise wonderful results every single day. Some of them even promise impossible things. And a large portion of those products is a scam.

So congratulations on researching before getting into another shady, too-good-to-be-true program.

I’ve got an email today to try out this new way of lead generation. After taking a closer look, I decided to write this Lead Vacuum review to help you see it through my eyes and make a well-informed decision.

The product promises to:

  • Increase your conversions for 50%
  • Get you 15%-50% more leads
  • Increase your results on all levels
  • and more!

Let’s see whether those claims are valid or this WarriorPlus product is a scam.

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What is Lead Vacuum?

Lead Vacuum is a new system for generating leads to your email list that shows how to get tons of buyer traffic for a minimal investment. The system creators promise this method is going to lead to 15% or more increase of subscribers to your list without them having to opt-in or do anything.

Moreover, this 3 part training is going to show you how to make money without a website, list, products, or anything for that matter. All you need is an internet connection and 15-20 minutes per day.

Are you wondering how is that possible? Keep reading my Lead Vacuum review because I’m about to reveal everything you need to know about this system in just a few moments.

What You Get With Lead Vacuum

First of all, I have to say that Lead Vacuum is a very odd training course. You see, you don’t get too much training material, which is disappointing, and the course is in PDF format. Then, inside of PDFs, you’ll find links to YouTube where you can watch the lesson. Quite a strange, wouldn’t you agree?

Lead Vacuum Training Area

In any case, the course is focused on lead generation and here’s what you get with this training program:

Fast Implementation Case Study

The first thing you’ll stumble across within this course are two case studies:

  • Case Study #1 – Showing you the way to boatloads of leads from people that have visited your site, but haven’t opted-in to your email list.
  • Case Study #2 – Showing you how to leverage Solo Ads from Facebook to grow your list even more.

The first strategy is something that I haven’t seen yet. The fact is that about 60%-80% of your visitors don’t take any action with your site. Therefore, they are going to show you how to use this one website to get emails from people who didn’t take any action on your site.

The second strategy is nothing new to me. They say it is unique, but trust me, it isn’t. It’s showing you how to get more leads through Facebook groups where you can buy solo ads for cheap.

Walkthrough Course

As I said earlier, you get a PDF guide that contains links to YouTube videos that are going to walk you through the process of setting up Lead Vacuum method. This is no software or anything like that. You get practical steps to implement the same techniques, and tools owners are using to get more leads.

How Does Lead Vacuum Work?

Now, in this section of Lead Vacuum review, you can learn how this system works. So, without beating around the bush too much, the method works by leveraging this site called GetEmails to increase your subscription rates by 15%-50%.

So how does it do so? Well, GetEmail is a PAID website that monitors your traffic and collects emails from people based on their IP address and other data recorded by your browser. Then, it gathers email addresses and sends them to your designated autoresponder.

Lead Vacuum Get Emails

You’ll have to subscribe to one of the plans to start using this site:

  • Basic Plan – $14 per month
  • Essential – $19 per monht
  • Premium – $24 per monht

Is this legal? Well, I was surprised to learn that this method is 100% legal. But there’s a trick, you see. This method won’t work if you don’t have any traffic flowing to your site. You must grow your traffic first before you can start using GetEmails to collect leads and increase your email list.

Do they teach how to get traffic with this course? Yes, they do. There’s a training module where guys will show you how to leverage a few Facebook groups to find high-quality Solo Ads providers. Then, they show you how to purchase traffic from these providers to get traffic.

And that’s it! Lead Vacuum is going to teach you how to increase your subscriptions and leads by 15%-50% by capturing email addresses of all your visitors using GetEmail service. And to help you get more visitors, they will show you how to buy traffic online.

Lead Vacuum

Who is Lead Vacuum For?

Lead Vacuum is a cheap training course for those looking to get more leads and grow their emails lists. The training comes with simple instructions on how to use GetEmails website and solo ads to accomplish this.

I would also say that this method is more inclined toward advanced marketers. I’m sure newbies will be able to follow this too, but I don’t agree with the owners that Lead Vacuum is for newbies. Beginners should first learn the basics of online marketing before they get into sketchy methods like this one.

In any case, I believe these groups of people could benefit from this program:

  • Website owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Content marketers
  • eCom owners
  • Social media marketers
  • Bloggers

Lead Vacuum Price and OTOs

If you’re interested in Lead Vacuum, you’ll have to pay $11.11 one time. This is a reasonable price for a course of this kind. The training is not in-depth and comprehensive, and the method is more like an add-on to an existing business, then it is a step-by-step training for building a business online, so it’s a fair price.

The good thing about this program is that the 30-days money-back guarantee backs your purchase. So basically, there’s nothing to worry about here. If you don’t achieve any results with this program during the first month, send them an email and ask for a refund.

But before you get into this program, read the following section of my Lead Vacuum review to learn more about upsells (OTOs) that the owners have prepared for you.


  • Lead Vakuum Upgrade 1 ($29)
  • Lead Vakuum Upgrade 2 ($29)
  • Lead Vakuum Upgrade 3 ($17)
  • Lead Vakuum Upgrade 4 ($197)
  • Lead Vakuum Upgrade 5 ($997)

I want to add a side note before we continue with the review. You’re not required to purchase these upsells. You can say no to these offers by clicking on the “no, thanks” button at the bottom of the upsell page. In most cases, you’ll find these within the members’ area once you get inside.

So, my advice is to try the front-end product first and see how it works. Then, if you want, you can upgrade later.

What I Like About Lead Vacuum

  • Interesting Method For Getting More Leads
  • Step-By-Step Training Tutorials
  • Low Front-End Price
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

What I Don’t Like About Lead Vacuum

  • Overhyped Sales Material
  • Poorly Designed Members’ Area
  • Ethically of This Method is Questionable
  • You Need to Pay More For Tools
  • Overhyped and Expensive Upsells
  • There Are No Guarantees This Will Work

Is Lead Vacuum a Scam or Legit?

I’ve seen a lot of crooked training programs that promise 1000’s of subscribers and leads in a matter of minutes in just a few clicks, etc. However, 99% of those programs are scams that are designed to rip you off as you’ve never been ripped off before.

Now, this one might be different. After taking some time to gather and analyze all the information, I conclude that Lead Vacuum is legit, it’s not a scam. This training program could help you to get more leads to your business. And even if you don’t own a website or have traffic, there are some valuable information inside.

However, I also have to say that this system is not going to be a quick fix or a shortcut to making money online. Owners are experienced marketers, so those examples from the sales page shouldn’t be taken as a measure of success of this program.

What are your thoughts? Is Lead Vacuum a scam or legit? Do you have any experience to share? Did you like my Lead Vacuum review? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments sections below.

Lead Vacuum Review – Conclusion

As online marketers and business owners, we always want to find ways and means to increase our stats. Some are looking for more traffic. Some want to increase sales, some are after more leads and so on.

And today, there are a lot of tools, programs, and methods that could help you to increase one or all aspects of your business. Lead Vacuum could help to get more leads. So if that is your objective, I would recommend trying this product.

And even if you don’t like it, or feel like it is a scam or simply not worth time and money, you can get a refund during the first 30 days. Thanks for reading my Lead Vacuum review!

Better Way to Get Free Leads and Make Money Online

On the other hand, if you don’t feel that Lead Vacuum is a product for you, you should see the rest of this page and click the button below to discover the incredible information on the next few pages.

You see, I have discovered this cool way of getting leads to your website and making money using 100% free traffic.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

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  1. Hi Ivan,
    When I started to read, I was thinking on register with this product, but the more I was reading, the more it was not very optimistic for me. I feel like you will need to paid more fees to get that free traffic. Some even give you the first 100 emails and need to upgrade for more fees to get more and more!!!

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Line, thanks for reaching out! As it’s usual with training programs these days, you always have to pay more to get the advanced features, and it’s the same with Lead Vakuum as well.



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