Lesson 1 – Building Your Affiliate Website



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16 thoughts on “Lesson 1 – Building Your Affiliate Website”

  1. Hi Ivan
    So i want to know that at what estimated range or number of people will my free domain reach to people and can i ear a lot on free domains or it’s better when i have paid?

    • Hey Fizzy, free domains have no value in terms of organic reach in search engines. Google doesn’t value these domains as it values premium or privately owned domains. That being said, you can’t really earn anything with a free domain. Their purpose is to help you practice and gain confidence before you acquire your own domain. I highly recommend getting your own domain as soon as possible because it will give you a big headstart in search engines. Now as for the estimated number of people your paid domain will reach, that depends on the amount of work, in other words, content, you put into your domain. The more content you create and publish using the instructions from this training, the more people you will reach eventually. It’ll start with a few 100 people a month, but the number of people you can reach is unlimited.

    • Hey Chris. Of course. You can register a free domain now, and once you are ready to dive in with both feet, simply purchase your own domain. Feel free to reach out if you need a hand with the process.

    • Hey Tarisai. Yes, they do. You can choose between a 3-year plan, a 1-year plan, or a 1-month plan. The 3-year plan saves a lot of money in the long run! And their monthly plan is by far the cheapest monthly plan in the industry.

  2. I just made my first website! I don’t know why I was so scared of it 🙂 Thanks Ivan, for creating this training and sharing it with me.


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