The Lockdown Formula Review – A Scam or Legit?

Welcome to The Lockdown Formula review.

The world is currently in a crisis mode and most of us would like to earn some fast money.

I bumped into this brand-new product a few weeks ago that promises quick cash, and today, I want to share my review of The Lockdown Formula with you.

In my review, I will talk about:

  • What is Lockdown Formula exactly about?
  • How does it really work?
  • How much money could this business cost you?
  • Is The Lockdown Formula a scam or legit affiliate course?

And let me congratulate you first.

You’re one of the rare who searches for review before handing over your hard-earned cash.

It shows that you don’t fall easily on the sales pages, and are intensively looking to start a legitimate online business.

So is the Lockdown Formula a scam?

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m an affiliate marketer who went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online with my affiliate marketing business!

Moreover, I have also reviewed 500+ schemes and scams to find the best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about earning money online and assisting you to follow in my footsteps!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the Lockdown Formula review to show you what this system is about, how it works, and what you get inside, as well as the price inside of the sales funnel.

And lastly, we’re going to see whether the Lockdown Formula is a scam or a legit way to start an online business while in crisis mode.

Shall we?

The Lockdown Formula Review - Scam Or Legit


The Lockdown Formula Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Owners: Jono Armstrong
  • Price: $9.97 + OTO’s
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Recommended?: No really…

Quick Summary: The Lockdown Formula is an affiliate marketing system where you can learn how to find products and create affiliate campaigns.

However, this offer is highly misleading and lacks transparency. Moreover, the training inside is not 100% complete.

In other words, you will have to buy upsells (OTOs) to complete the system.

Long story short, The Lockdown Formula is not a recommended product and is very close to being called a scam.

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What Is The Lockdown Formula?

Unfortunately, there’s very little, almost zero information about what this offer is about. All we know is that it takes a few simple steps, no experience, and it could start producing a passive income in a matter of a few days.

Is it true or a scam?

Just like every other time, and believe me, there are many products like this on the market, Jono Armstrong has created a product where he promises incredible things and asks money upfront, but gives zero information in return.

The Lockdown Formula Review Sales Page

In my book, that is how the scam usually starts.

So what is it about? Is the lockdown formula a scam or legit?

In a nutshell, The Lockdown Formula is an affiliate marketing system. The training inside the program shows how to start making money online by promoting products online to people who are looking for the same.

In other words, it teaches about legitimate methods for making money online.

But trust me when I say that the sales page for this offer does not reveal the true nature of affiliate marketing.

Jono Armstrong Is a Serial Product Vendor

See, Jono Armstrong has dozens of these offers behind him.

For example, the Ministry of Freedom and The Awakening are just a few that are designed in the same way as the product in this review.

And each time he releases the new product, he does it under a veil of mystery.

The Lockdown Formula Is Full Of Fake Hype

Every time he releases a new system, it’s always about earning money fast through some secret method that doesn’t require any skills or experience.

In other words, it’s always full of hype and the same is with the lockdown formula.

The Lockdown Formula Review Hype

So let’s break down the mystery then, shall we?

With The Lockdown Formula, you get access to a basic video training where Jono is going to show how to find offers from main affiliate networks as well as how to create sales funnels.

The key to success is getting traffic, of course.

How will you be getting traffic? I’m glad you asked.

See, for $10, you will get this short and basic training that explains what is it about and shows how to get started with affiliate marketing.

And if you want to learn how to send traffic to your offers and earn commissions, you’ll have to upgrade the product with a few hidden upsells.

In other words, the traffic training is included but not final, which means you’ll have to pay more to get the full training.

However, more about this is in the following sections of the Lockdown Formula review.

Let me show you how this offer works and what can you learn from Jono Armstrong first. Then, we’ll talk about hidden parts of the system and whether or not The Lockdown Formula is a scam.

How Does The Lockdown Formula Work?

The main idea behind this system is to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

With the Lockdown Formula training, you can learn how to find a legitimate and hot product from major affiliate marketplaces such as ClickBank and WarriorPlus. This is a very easy and straightforward process.

Moreover, they will show you how to get approved products every time (this is needed only when applying for WarriorPlus products).

The next step within the system is to create squeeze pages. These pages will serve basically as the front of the store.

Here’s what the recommended page looks like.

The Lockdown Formula Squeeze Page

The Lockdown Formula Squeeze Page 1

In other words, these pages give some information about the product you’re promoting and are designed to collect emails as well.

See, once you find a product that you would like to promote and you create squeeze pages and the whole shebang, you have got to drive traffic to your pages to make sales and commissions.

With The Lockdown Formula, you’ll learn a few simple and very basic methods such as YouTube videos and solo ads.

But I must say that these methods are pretty basic and I’m afraid that they will not do the trick.

And this is where the problem lies with Jono Armstrong’s products.

See, you were sucked in with promises about fast and easy cash. On top of that, he claims that all this is going to cost you only $10 one time.

However, once you get inside, and finish the training, you’ll realize that you will not make money with this as Jono promised.

So how to make it work?

See, before you even enter the member’s area, Jono will offer you a few upsells. One of which is about traffic.

And then, if you decline them, you’ll have the option inside of the dashboard to upgrade when it suits you.

So to make something out of the Lockdown Formula, you’ll probably have to reach out to upgrades.

And this is the reason why I tend to say that product like the Lockdown Formula is a scam. In other words, you’ve been manipulated whole the time to buy expensive upsells, which is the major goal of this offer.

Sure, if you do invest all the money and a lot of effort, the system could actually work.

That said, let’s hold off the verdict until the end, and let’s focus on the next section of the Lockdown Formula review where I’m going to reveal all the hidden tricks related to the price and the sales funnel.

Inside The Lockdown Formula Course

The course itself is not too long and does not cover these topics in-depth as I would expect.

You will get a set of 10 videos that talk about affiliate marketing and links to relevant software, tools, and other resources that are needed for putting this affiliate system together.

Here’s the course breakdown.


The Lockdown Formula Welcome

The first section is just a welcome video where you can listen to some more crap about this system and why it was a “great” decision to get inside.


The second part of The Lockdown Formula contains also just one short video where Jono talks about the overview of the entire system.

Main Training

This is the main section of the Lockdown Formula course where you will find seven lessons with which you can learn how to set this method up.

The Lockdown Formula Training

Here are the lessons inside:

  • Introduction
  • What is affiliate marketing
  • The main affiliate networks
  • How to find offers and get approved
  • The Lockdown Formula Method Part 1
  • The Lockdown Formula Method Part 2
  • The Lockdown Formula Method Part 3

In a nutshell, these few videos are basically a very short training where Jono talks about finding affiliate products and briefly explains getting traffic.

I have no idea how anyone will ever make money with this training.


In this section, you will find some extra resources for your sales funnels such as traffic and more.

The Lockdown Formula Resources

The traffic section is actually a link to Tigers Traffic. It’s another low-quality WarriorPlus product that shows very briefly how to get traffic online.

It’s practically a collection of short videos where they show how traffic works.


This is just a short video where Jono concludes this little overhyped course.


There’s also a section with some bonuses from the owner. Nothing too valuable here.

It seems to me that The Lockdown Formula was designed, like every other Jono’s course, to get you to spend money on upsells.

Here’s what I mean…

The Lockdown Formula Sales Funnel 

As noted previously in this review, you’ll have to pay $10 to get access to the Lockdown Formula.

The Lockdown Formula Price

In other words, you’ll get access to 10 video lessons, links to tools and resources (these are going to cost extra!!!), and a few bonuses as well.

Beware Of The Fake Refund Policy!

According to the sales page, your purchase is covered with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

However, I must give you a warning about the guarantee.

See, Jono Armstrong could ignore your request. It has happened to me and many others before.

In other words, he gives false money-back guarantees just to push you into signing up for his system, which is the reason why many people say that his offers are a scam.

Questionable Money-Back Guarantee

Would you call the Lockdown Formula a scam if this happened to you?

To me, this alone could be a major reason to say that this offer is a scam. It fits in perfectly. You are tricked into spending your hard-earned money and then the owner refuses to give it back.

It’s a textbook scam!

Why is he not giving refunds?

Well, he has to cover the expense of the advertising campaign. Those $10 basically cover for ads that pulled you to check The Lockdown Formula.

The real money is made with upsells.

The Lockdown Formula OTOs Galore!

Speaking of which, let me show you how they really make money with this offer.

  • Upsell #1: Pro version – $42 
  • Upsell #2: 6x Super Solos pack – $67 
  • Upsell #3: Quadruple Reseller Rights – $67 
  • Upsell #4: DFY Set up & Coaching – $197 

If you remember, I said that the basic ($10) training will not show you how to get traffic properly. That’s why you will have to buy at least upsell #2 that contains instructions on how to buy traffic with Solo Ads.

And if you’re going to have problems and questions about The Lockdown Formula, you’ll have to buy the upsell #4 to get access to coaching and help with the system.

Interesting stuff, isn’t it? A scam? Probably.

The bottom line is, The Lockdown Formula is a misleading system that is probably not going to work if you don’t buy upsells. In other words, this product is not what they say on the sales page.

It’s full of false advertising, misleading claims, marketing (dirty) tricks, hidden upsells, and generally speaking, could easily be called a scam as well.

What I Like About This Offer

  • Cheap Basic Affiliate Training
  • Information Within The Training Is Valid
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee (Questionable!!!)

What I Don’t Like About This Offer

  • Total Lack Of Transparency
  • Misleading Claims (Make Money Instantly, etc.)
  • Basic Training Is Not Complete
  • You Need Upgrades To Finish The System
  • Owner Might Ignore Your Refund Request
  • No REAL User Testimonials

Is The Lockdown Formula A Scam?

Now the big question. Is it a scam or legit?

My verdict is, and keep in mind that I’m 100% unbiased, The Lockdown Formula is not a scam.

For $10, you will get some training and resources in return, which technically speaking, makes it a legit offer.


Despite the fact, I’m very, very, very close to saying that this offer is a scam, no matter what!

See, Jono Armstrong is using a lot of tricks to get you interested in The Lockdown Formula and to sign up for the product.

However, what you don’t know is that you’re signing up for just 1/3 of the system.

The other 2/3 are hidden in upsells which you must buy to succeed with this system.

And if you don’t take upsells, this product will basically be useless to you. I mean, it’s simple, no traffic, no commissions.

The Lockdown Formula is like this, no upsells no traffic, and no traffic, no commissions.

Get it? I know you do.

Now, if you don’t want to buy upsells, and decide to ask for a refund because you were promised one, you might reach the conclusion that The Lockdown Formula is a scam yourself.

See, Jono will in 99%, if not even in 100% of the cases ignore refund requests.

In other words, he needs your $10 to cover the expenses of creating and advertising this product. And he counts on upsells because that’s where the profits are made.

Would you call it a scam if he ignores your requests? Let me know in the comments section below.

In any case, The Lockdown Formula is technically legitimate because it contains all the parts needed for starting an affiliate marketing business and making money online.

But it’s also a marketing scam because the owner is not 100% honest and transparent about his offer.

I highly recommend seeing this tutorial to understand what I’m talking about.

The Lockdown Formula Review – Conclusion

I personally don’t want to have anything to do with The Lockdown Formula. Moreover, if you’re serious about making money with affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend it to you either.

In my opinion, this offer is just one out of many marketing scams that could be found online.

For example, you can see how the same tricks have been used in offers such as:

All these products lead you in with overhyped sales pages that never reveal the real deal topped off with a low-entry fee inside of an expensive funnel.

The bottom line is, The Lockdown Formula is not my honest recommendation, especially not to beginners. That said, thanks for reading The Lockdown Formula review.

If you have questions or just want to share your reviews, feel free to do so using the comments section below!

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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14 thoughts on “The Lockdown Formula Review – A Scam or Legit?”

  1. Those sequential item merchants don’t know when to quit concocting better approaches to exhaust individuals’ wallets, isn’t that right? Also, upsells covered up upsells, which makes me run the alternate way, quick! This stage rings a few alerts, deceiving claims, bogus guarantees, and the phony unconditional promise is another? Anyway, nobody has gotten a discount up until this point or a super couple of individuals?

    It irritates me to discover that there are still countless tricks on the web, continually attempting to hoodwink individuals who are possibly urgent to bring in some cash during circumstances such as the present, prying on their circumstance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though it’s steadily going to stop … which is the reason it’s nice to discover surveys like these, to be cautioned.

  2. Those serial product vendors just don’t know when to stop coming up with new ways to empty people’s wallets, do they? And upsells, hidden upsells, that makes me run the other way, fast! This platform rings several alarm bells, misleading claims, false promises, and the fake money-back guarantee is another one? So, no one has gotten a refund so far or just very few people? 

    It angers me to learn that there are still so many scams on the internet, always trying to dupe people who are maybe desperate to make some money in these times, prying on their situation. It doesn’t look like it’s ever going to stop … which is why it’s good to find reviews like these, to be warned.

    • Hi Christine, thanks for your comment. It seems like they don’t. As you can see, there are tons of courses like the lockdown formula that are basically designed to make money for the vendors. They usually don’t issue refunds although they say they do. I lost $100’s paying for these courses and my refund requests were always ignored. I remember sending email after email to Brendan Mace with no answer!


  3. Thank you for your honest review on The Lockdown Formula. I wish more people did proper research before diving into something that is not legit. You review is very detailed and comprehensive. I have done my research before starting and that’s how I have found WA. I also agree with your #1 recommendation. WA has been wonderful to me as well. the training is amazing and the community very supportive. 

    • Hi Anna, thanks for your comment on my lockdown formula review. Glad it was helpful. Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best course to build your own online business. It’s affordable, it’s got all the tools, the training, and you get access to an amazing community too! It’s my #1 recommendation for a reason.


  4. The Lockdown Formula does not look like something I want to invest in.  They seem to provide a lot of misleading information.  I know when I first started affiliate marketing, I was scammed plenty of times because I was so hopeful and needing to make money.  They will take money from whoever, the scam sites don’t care.  Nice to have sites like yours, where you can be informed on different programs out there.

    • Hi Leahrae, thanks for your comment on my review of the lockdown formula. I would not suggest investing in this either. In my opinion, this is just a basic course that is not going to help you to make money the way it was advertised. Jono is known for creating these get-rich-quick schemes. HE even once admitted that he makes money by scamming newbies!


  5. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for exposing another product from Jono, which seems like bad news that we need to purchase all the upsells to complete the training. In my opinion, any making-money-online programs that claim fast and easy money turn out to be low-quality training or scams in the end.

    Jono himself seems to launch new products every couple of weeks with the same marketing tactics to lure people to join the affordable front-end and convince them to purchase the upsells…This one is no exception, so it’s better we stay away from it.

    On the other hand, your recommendation is a much better approach to learn affiliate marketing, and I will take a closer look soon.

    Thanks for the sharing today,

    • Hi Matt Lin, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with your judgement. Jono is a serial product creator, so to speak. Sadly, most of his courses are designed to trick newbies into believing in getting rich quickly.


  6. I took a look at the Lockdown formula sales page and it’s full of hype! Any poor unsuspecting newbie will have a hard time resisting the copy and the false promises. I must have bought plenty of similar systems in the past before finding WA. Some were ok but most of the training thin and incomplete. I can see the same probably applies to Lockdown formula. Even if buyers pay for set up and coaching I very much doubt they’ll make it work. Most give up after realising “get rich quick” doesn’t exist! I hope others find your review before parting with their money:)

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your comment. I’m glad my review was helpful. You’re totally right about the lockdown formula, it is a trap for newbies who have to learn that making money fast and easy with affiliate marketing is hardly ever going to happen.


  7. Hi Ivan,

    I think for once I might ever so slightly disagree with you (I know that never happens, LOL).

    But only very slightly, I promise.

    However, I of course base my opinion on your review, as I always do – but, if Jono doesn’t honour any refund requests (or ignores them 95% of the time), irrespective of whether there is some decent training material, then this in my mind is a scam.

    What makes this even more so in my mind is that he is literally funding his “actual” campaign (the advertising for the numerous upsells) by collecting $10 at a time and keeping hold of that money.

    As for your review in general, I find it extremely informative as I always do, and I’m sure you know that I’m not a fan of these overhyped claims with little substance.

    It still surprises me that even in this day-and-age that people choose to market products in this way, plus that they’re allowed to get away with it.

    Based on what you’ve said here Ivan, I’m definitely with you, I won’t be going anywhere near the Lockdown Formula.

    As always though, your honesty and in-depth reviews are always appreciated.


    • Hi Partha, thanks for your comment on my review of the Lockdown Formula. I agree with your disagreeing 🙂 If someone is ignoring refund requests but gives that under the promise that they are unconditional, it could be enough to call it a scam.



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