Movie Review Profits Review (2022) – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed!

Welcome to my Movie Review Profits review.

If you wonder what it is or maybe you’re worried that Movie Review Profits might be a scam, stick with me, and I’ll explain everything. There are too many warning signs that you need to see!

See, Movie Review Profits is not the worst thing that I’ve seen so far, and it could actually make you some profits.

The whole thing comes down to watching movies and submitting your reviews to sites that will pay you cash. Sounds easy, right? However, this website is full of scam warning signs, and that’s what I want to point out here.

The method might be legitimate, but what Jeff is not telling you is that this system is not a walk-in-a-park. But lucky for you, I share the full truth.

Hi, I’m Ivan! I’m an affiliate marketer who went from waiting tables to earning a five-figure income online with my affiliate marketing business!

Moreover, I have also reviewed 500+ schemes and scams to find the best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about earning money online and assisting you to follow in my footsteps!

So without any further ado, let’s dive into this Movie Review Profits review.

I show you what this program is all about, how it works, how much could it cost you to if you join. Also, I’ll show you six warning signs that prove my claims from the bottom of this page.

Movie Review Profits Review


Movie Review Profits Review – Overview

  • Product Name: Movies Review Profits
  • Product Type: Get Paid to Watch Movies
  • Owner: Jeff (probably a fake name)
  • Price: $37 + UPSELLS
  • Recommended?: Not Really…

Quick Summary: Movie Review Profits is an opportunity to learn how to make money online reviewing, well, movies. It’s simple. Watch a movie, write your review, and submit it to sites that then pay you a fee for your work.

The idea is very similar to websites like Write App Reviews for example.

However, the problem is, Movie Review Profits is promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme, just like the example earlier.  They literally say that you can make money in just a few clicks, and become rich fast and easy.

Moreover, that’s not the only red flag!

While making my review, I couldn’t find the information about the owner. Also, there are no testimonials that could prove that Movie Review Profits works, which is a pretty serious warning sign.

The bottom line is, Movie Review Profits could be a scam!

People who have created it don’t shy away from hyped-up claims to make you buy this seemingly legitimate training. The method might be reasonable, but the Movie Review Profits is, in my opinion, a scam.

I do not recommend this, for there are too many warning signs. Save your money and steer clear.

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What is Movie Review Profits?

The name of this site is pretty self-explanatory. Movie Review Profits is a website that can teach you how to get paid for watching movies and submitting your reviews to various sites.

The owner, Jeff, claims that he can show you how to earn a lot of money by doing very little in your spare time.

However, I beg to differ. You see, the method he talks about is a legitimate way to earn some cash. But do not let them make you believe that you can do it as easily as he points it out.

Movie Review Profits Scam Signal

Jeff claims that Movie Review Profits is a program that will teach you a lot of different ways how to make money online by watching movies.

The idea behind the course is to watch movies, submit your review to sites that will pay you for doing so, and collect your paycheck. Quite straightforward, right?

Inside Movie Review Profits training, Jeff focuses on two methods, which I’ll explain soon. He says that all this can be done in a few clicks of a mouse too.

Only a few? Wow!

So Right From The Start, It Sounds Like a Scam

I cannot but notice that the sales pitch is way overhyped compared to the reality of things. See, you can really get paid to review movies, no doubt.

However, Jeff is making it sound way too easy. Trust me. This is not how this line of online business works.

Also, before we move on, Jeff is not showing his real face, which is a scam sign in my book.

Movie Review Profits Review - Fake Jeff

If Movie Review Profits were really something that could help you to make money, he would show his real face, instead of a cartoon, wouldn’t you agree?

See, the fake owner is a trick that I find in almost every ClickBank scam. I don’t understand why someone who claims that he has something awesome for you can’t show his face.

How about you?

For example, you can see the same tricks in 3 Step Method, or AZ Millionaire scams.

And as you’re about to see in the next few sections of my Movie Review Profits review, this offer is not far different from other ClickBank scams that trick you into signing up in exchange for getting rich quickly.

Like that’s going to happen…

How Does Movie Review Profits Work?

Movie Review Profits works in two ways. However, both ways come down to getting paid for watching the movies and then writing your review of the same.

In theory, it sounds easy, but I believe there’s a lot of work here.

Method #1 Submit Your Reviews to 3rd Party Sites

Once you get inside of the Movie Review Profits member’s area, you’ll get a short training where Jeff shares his “secrets.” They are divided into a few videos and that’s basically it.


Movie Review Profits Review - Training Area

The first method is to get paid by submitting your review to the movie review sites. It merely comes down to this. Watch a movie of your choice.

Then, write a review a send it to a third-party website. These sites will pay you for each survey you submit.

Method #2 Create Your Own Movie Review Site

The second method is based on affiliate marketing, which is also a legitimate way to make money online.

To make this method work, first, you need to build a website. Unfortunately, Movie Review Profits is not going to supply you with one.

This means that you need to spend more money on outsourcing.

Once you have a website up and running, you can start writing reviews for yourself. However, this is going to take a lot of work before you can get paid.

In a nutshell, you need to write enough reviews to get traffic to your site from search engines. Then, you can monetize the site with affiliate marketing or ads to make money.

Do Movie Review Profits Methods Work?

So to be honest, Movie Review Profits is not an outright scam since it really shows how to make money watching movies and writing reviews.

I would recommend the second method if you ever decide to pursue this course. Both could work!

But in my opinion, you’re going to do much better if you join a free course like Wealthy Affiliate, for example. These guys will show you everything about making money with affiliate marketing and more!

Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that with both methods taught by Movie Review Profits, you are up to a lot of work, so don’t be fooled that it’s as easy as it sounds.

The first method might help you to make some gas money.

The second is going to take you a lot of time before you can even hope to make profits.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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Can You Make Money With Movie Review Profits?

Jeff claims that you can get paid $500 per week with his Movie Review Profits Method. While that might be the truth, once again, Jeff is missing to share one critical notice.

To get paid $500 a week, you’ll have to turn it into a full-time job. This means that you’ll need to spend at least 8 hours each day writing reviews and watching movies.

Just watching a movie will last a few hours. And then there’s writing a review. If you are lucky to get paid, you might earn a few dollars here and there. But do you have that much time to make it a full-time income?

This is silly if you ask me. Sounds cool, but I think that Movie Review Profits is blown out of proportion.

I reviewed a few similar programs that were promising too much too soon. One is called Paid Social Media Jobs. The second one is named Click Earners.

Both of them are very similar to this one and have many negative reviews, just as this one has too.

What’s the Price of Movie Review Profits?

The front-end price is $37, but if you try to close the window, you might get a discount.

Also, it’s going to cost you $17 per month to keep access to the course. But before you can get your hands on the training material, Jeff is going to offer you another course.

This time is about music. It’s called Extreme Music Profits. The price is the same.

However, this course is the owner’s weak attempt to make more money off you, and I advise you to decline it if you ever get into this.

What I Like About Movie Review Profits

This offer is not the best method for making money online or offline. Take it how you want it.

However, there are a few things that I liked about it.

Movie Review Profits Method is Legitimate

Indeed, you can get paid for watching the movies and for writing reviews. There’s nothing new about it. Some sites might pay you $20 on average if you can offer a useful review.

So the method that Jeff promotes with his program is legitimate.

There’s Some Training Inside

Unlike many scams out there, Movie Review Profits will not leave you on dry land once you purchase the program.

If you ever buy this gimmick, you’re going to get training in video format where Jeff shares his “secrets” for making money by watching movies.

Movie Review Profits Product

Money-Back Guarantee

The product is covered by a 60-days money-back guarantee. So if for any reason you are not satisfied with the content of the Moview Review Profits program or the results, you can get a refund.

What I Don’t Like About Movie Review Profits

Now, I wouldn’t call Movie Review Profits a scam per se, but there are a few things that leave an impression that it might be.

Overhyped Earning Claims

Jeff, or whoever he is, claims that you can get paid between $20-$30 per hour with Movie Review Profits method!

That’s not only too much but also, it’s nearly impossible. It’s going to take you at least a few hours just to finish one movie. Then, there are writing tasks.

Also, he claims that you can make $500 per week, which is too much to expect with this method.

Don’t get me wrong. You can make money with this, but it will take a LOT of time, effort, sweat and tears to reach the level that Jeff is talking about.

I wouldn’t take these claims too seriously.

Movie Review Profits is Not as Easy as It Sounds

Just like every other ‘make-money-online opportunity, Movie Reviews Profits makes it sound like it’s something that you can do hands-free.

While in reality, you are going to have to do a lot of work to see a profit, if any. Just to establish a website in a competitive niche like this is going to take a few months.

Don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing works, but it’s not a get-rich-quick with little to no work scheme, that’s all.

They Use Dirty Marketing Methods

One of the worst things about Movie Review Profits is the story they share during the video. They are playing on your financial situation to make you think that this is your ultimate solution to all your money worries.

You see, there are two kinds of marketing, right and wrong. This one is playing it wrong.

Also, they use fake scarcity to make you buy this without a second thought, which is, well, fake.

Movie Review Profits Scam

They Push Upsells After the Purchase

As soon as you confirm your order, they will try to make even more money from you. To me, those upsells are another dirty trick played by the owner of Movie Review Profits.

Also, it shows how little he thinks about his super money-making method.

No Info About Jeff – the Owner

Jeff has been talking about himself without giving away anything that could prove that he’s who he claims to be.

I’ve watched the entire Movie Review Profits promo video and did not catch a glimpse of Jeff’s face. Also, I did my best to find at least a social media profile so that I can contact Jeff and see that he’s a real person.

I mean, you would want to give your money to someone who’s using a cartoon to talk about himself, right?

Nonetheless, it seems that Jeff is a cartoon after all.

Based on my experience, legitimate programs that are really helping people to make money, are always transparent and honest. With Movie Review Profits that is not the case.

No Testimonials From Users

Lastly, Movie Review Profits does not offer you any proof that this training is working for other people. There are zero proofs, none!

Legitimate training platforms and programs always have tons of happy faces to prove that their system is making them money.

This one, unfortunately, cannot offer you the same assurance.

But if you need some reinforcement to my claims here, below is another helpful Movie Review Profits review.

Is Movie Review Profits a Scam or Legit?

Now, Movie Review Profits is a two-way street. It’s a scam and it’s a legit offer.

Let me say why I think it’s a scam first.

Based on my research and the lack of evidence that this program is helping people to make money, I can say that Movie Review Profits is a scam.

That’s not the only problem with this offer. The owner is being highly mysterious, which is not a good sign as well.

Jeff, of whoever he is, talks about this method as if it’s something that will make you money fast and solve your financial situation forever.

On top of that, the sales pitch is unethical. They use dirty tricks to make you buy this program.

On the other hand, you are going to get some sort of training inside. Therefore, you can say that Movie Review Profits is not a scam but a legitimate training course.

However, this course is nothing special. Moreover, you can find a ton of videos like this all over YouTube for free.

So the question is not whether Movie Review Profits is a scam or legit, but do I recommend it?

Honestly, I don’t recommend Movie Review Profits to my readers. I’ve seen a lot of these ClickBank offers that sound and look exactly the same to know better than that.

To me, it sounds too good to be the truth. And you know what they say. If it sounds too good to be the truth, it is.

Make sure to watch your back out there and avoid these sites too:

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How To Make Dollars Instead of Pennies Online?

Thanks for reading my Movie Review Profits review. I hope that you have gotten all you were looking for.

If you have any questions about this program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

Before I let you go, let me show you one of the best ways to make money online with affiliate marketing with the help of a REAL program.

The program that I recommend over scam sites like Movie Review Profits has nothing to do with getting rich quickly. That’s not how making money works.

However, the point that I want to stress out is that it could work if you know how and where to start.

How To Start Successful Online Business

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After evaluating over 500 programs on the web, my conclusion is easy. This is the best method to make money online.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

27 thoughts on “Movie Review Profits Review (2022) – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed!”

  1. I’m glad I read this review, because it saved me a lot of time and a bit of money.  Far worse than spending money on that “course” would be wasting many hours that I could’ve been using productively.

    I have to say, the idea of getting paid to review movies is very appealing.  But it turns out that with this business model (if we can call it that), it’s either do a reasonable amount of work to make a bit of money or work very hard to EVENTUALLY and MAYBE make some decent money.

    I checked out the alternative you mention, and it does look like a great one.  I like that you do what “Jeff” doesn’t, which is to show your face and show proof.  Night and day when comparing the movie review scam and the legitimate Wealthy Affiliate program.

    I’m going to be checking out Wealthy Affiliate.  In your opinion, how sure can I be that the training will help me identify a niche that’s right for me?

  2. I love watching movies and was wondering whether or not there is a way how to make money by doing reviews. 

    A few days ago I stumbled upon this system called movie review profits but was not entirely sure that this was a legit one. 
    From what I have read in your review, I see that it is not a scam, which is a good thing. 

    At the same time, my understanding is that this is just another “one-of-those” Clickbank digital product that overpromises and underdelivers. 

    It would be much better to learn how to create a simple website and write the reviews directly there… so one is his or her own boss, so to speak. 
    Sure it might take a bit longer, but I believe the method you recommend, teaches also SEO skills, where it is possible to learn how to drive free traffic. 
    And once this skill is mastered, the sky is the limit, when it comes to earning potential. 

  3. Thanks once again Ivan for sharing an accurate review to keep many safe from another scam from the internet, as I learned more about Movie Review Profits review, it’s clear many will be looking for an easy way to make money on the internet, after reading your article, it’s clear for me that working on it will require spending lots of time watching movies, and this is not working to build up your own business, whether is a scam or not, my goal is to build up my own business that will time will grow and it will make money for me, this is why I’m also a member at Wealthy Affiliate and I love how it works, today my website is doing better and it’s starting to work great for me!

    • Hi Alejandra, thanks for your comment. I’m glad it was helpful. Stick to Wealthy Affiliate! They really know how to help you to build a lucrative business. Glad to hear that things are going well for you. Best of luck down the road!


  4. It’s incredible how these mystery men/women trick and entice people into finally giving in to their not-quite-scams by offering them discounts before the X out of the window.  They’re clever people, that’s for sure.  It sounds like there are a couple nice parts of this program but overall it just does not seem worth it.  You’re better off with a different program with a good reputation.

    • Hi Max, thanks for your comment. I agree. Movie REview Profits has some nice parts, but overall, I don’t think this is it.


  5. I came across Movie Review Profit the other day and I just have to find out if it is worth my time or not. Earning a side income is always welcome in my books. I think the punch line here is that we all love watching movies so why don’t we get paid for it, that is basically my dream job. Jeff can do better than this, at least show us his face! Or use some actors on fivrr. It is just not sustainable to be spending all day watching movies and hope to the gods that we will get paid a couple bucks. This is basically a subscription that will make Jeff rich. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, I’m glad to see you doing the research before giving your hard-earned cash to random programs on the internet. Watching the movie for profits is possible, but it’s not sustainable in the and I doubt that you can earn a living. Maybe a small side income, but that’s all. In any case, not recommended product.


  6. I agree with you 100% that this is a scam. I can’t believe whoever Jeff may be expects us to fall for this, but like you say, he uses dirty tactics and plays on people’s emotions to make them forget the logical warnings. I find that these types of deals are always about the up-sells and “making money fast with minimal work”. The real world just doesn’t work (no pun intended) that way. Thanks for pointing this out and helping us to stay away from this. 

  7. I almost imagined how I can lay down on my couch, watch TV all day and get a decent pay check at the end of the month. Everything that is advertised the way this is, by making you think that you’ll get easy money, you have to know that you better stay away, even if it’s legit and you CAN make money, it’s going to be a long way from a decent paycheck and being easy. 

    Check out his recommendation, if you really want to learn how to make money online, you woln’t regret.

    • Hi Victor, I could imagine that too! But it takes a lot of work and some luck to pull it off. It’s never like these guys claim. Thanks for leaving your comment. Here’s more details about my recommendation.


  8. I’ll like to thank you for a very thorough review of a scam that as probably caught a lot of hard working people out. MRP does sound good! But when i read your review I realised that there was no truth to it.  I also find the cost of this get rich scheme to be a total rip off!

    I have always known deep down that, there’s no such thing as a get rich scheme but thanks for confirming it! 

    • Hi Derek, you’re welcome. I’m glad to hear that my review of Movie Review Profits was helpful. You’re right, there’s no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme.


  9. Hi Ivan, I am happy to see people like you out here helping people become aware of scammers. I never knew much about Movie Review Profits but I am thankful you just taught me all about who they actually are. One thing I have learned out here is that if something seems too good to be true or it sounds too easy then it is no good and most likely a scam! Keep up the good work Ivan!

    • Hi Nice Gal Nikki, I’m happy to help you. Most of online course are scams, but there are a few legit ones. Make sure to keep your eyes open.


  10. Nice and very relevant post for all of us to read. A lot of people now resort to movie reviews, but the question is what is the main intention behind. Thanks for the nice review about this topic. I also solemnly agree with some previous comments that Movie Review Profits sounds like such a fun way to earn a living if you can handle watching whatever types of movies are available. Surely this might not be a full-blown scam, but it’s definitely shady! Very interesting topic for all of us to know. Thanks for bringing it forward to the limelight. 

    • Hi, I agree too, it does sound like a fun way to make money, but it’s not going to be as promised by this program. Those claims they make are nothing but marketing hype. I hope this review was helpful.


  11. I have seen some of hese ads for Movie review and Paid social media jobs you are adressing in your article. I Think your review really give some good points why to avoid them Who wants to use so many hours watching films and then write reviews  for pennies when there are better alternatives as you mention? I agree they should show their face and stop being so secretive and mysterious. As you say smiling and happy people are the best proof of a legit business. Good job you did here. I think you did a good research on this and your article will be very helpful to those who read it. 

    • Hi Hilde, I agree with you. The best ad is happy and smiled faces and this program lack in this aspect. I’m glad if this article was useful to you. Good to see you doing the research first.


  12. Hi, Ivan,

    You know what they say when something is too good to be true. I love movies and I could bingewatch them from time to time. But people don’t realize about all the hard work that has to be put in. Maybe it pays more than let’s say online surveys, but it’s still not worth it.

    Upsales can be annoying, but to be fair, many companies, including legitimate ones do it. What really bothers me is their use of fake scarcity like you said. Their playing with your financial situation is not cool. It’s all a psychological game.

    Thanks for writing this up. It really explains a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Enrique, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      I’ve seen too many red flags concerning Movie Review Profits. I agree with you, it takes a lot of time and hard work to start making money with any method, not just this one. The method is legitimate, but, in my opinion, this program is not so much. I hope you’ve gotten all you were looking for.


  13. Yes, too many red flags that make this program an obvious scam. Unfortunately, I fell for these kind of scams before and I feel so sad to see there are still people making these kind of products without any consequences. You are doing a great job by helping others do not make the same mistake I made and most of the beginners in the online world did.

    Lovely website by the way.

    • Hi Strahinja, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      Indeed, an obvious scam it is. I recommend keeping your distance from sites like Movie Review Profits. I hope I’ve helped you to get better informed before going any further.


  14. Wow, Ivan! The world really does need you! Movie Review Profits sounds like such a fun way to earn a living if you can handle watching whatever types of movies are available. It would be great if I could get paid for all the horror movies I watch! However, this program just screams with red flags. It might not be a full-blown scam, but it’s definitely shady! Thank you for your research!

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      Yes, you can get paid for writing reviews for movies, no doubt. There’s even some kind of training available with Movie Review Profits, but I do not recommend it for several reasons. This program promotes it as a way to get rich quick, which is simply not possible. I advise caution.


  15. There are so many scams online trying to grab a couple of newbies that it frustrates me! I had never heard of this company before but I’m glad you made a nice and clear review of them because clearly many people need to read this! I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can definitely say it is the best program to learn how to make money. Wish you great success.

    • Hi Audrey, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      There are two ways to promote your program, and Movie Review Profits is doing it wrong. This is not the best thing that you can find out there. On the other hand, it’s great to see another Wealthy Affiliate doing research. WA is one of the best make-money-online programs and my best recommendation. Much success to you too.



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