My Super Affiliate Mentor Review – Is It a Scam?

Do you want to buy My Super Affiliate Mentor? Don’t please, not before you read my review. You see, there is a big red light above this affiliate marketing training and I want to show you what’s the catch. I believe that this program is huge scam. Or not. Let’s see!

Check this out.

Imagine you wake up one day, and you find $100.000 sitting on your bank account, sitting and waiting for you.

All you did is spent 90 days working 2 hours per days and bam! You’re rich.

Does it sound like a scam?

I think that even Miss Alice wasn’t so naive when she went to Wonderland. The guys from My Super Affiliate Mentor program will try to fill you up with a lot of hype while telling you little or nothing about the product itself.

This program reminds me of a couple of courses that I’ve reviewed earlier. They apply the same tactics to get you in.

Let’s dive into My Super Affiliate Mentor Review to uncover the truth behind this offer.

Official Website:

My Super Affiliate Home Page

Anyway, I realized that a lot of those courses online are nothing but impressive marketing campaigns. The owners are people that know how to play on your psychology and make you buy. People from My Super Affiliate Mentor are also very good at it.

You see, they will make you buy or at least leave you with a desire to buy.

If you are the one who fits the description, throw it off and focus on this text. You don’t have to pay a ton of cash to someone to be successful in the affiliate marketing business. That’s not how it works!

To become a successful online entrepreneur, you have to find a course that will show you how to do so with minimal monetary investment and with a lot of effort on your part. That’s the only formula for success in affiliate marketing.

I’m more than happy to show you the legit way to make money online. Note that I’m a member of the program that I recommend and I’ll earn money if you join us. However, you’ll get the opportunity and the training to do the same.


What is My Super Affiliate Mentor?

I’ve reviewed some similar training courses out there that do business in the same way as My Super Affiliate Mentor. Many people think of their business model as a pyramid scheme, which is not far away from the truth. You can witness how AWOL Academy or John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System work on the same fuel.

What do you think so far, is My Super Affiliate Mentor a scam or is it a legit training program?

If you still don’t know, keep reading.

If you compare this program with AWOL Academy, for example, you’ll see that there is not much difference between them. Both of the courses are designed to teach you how to make money online by selling the very same training to other people. That explains why many people say that this program is a scam.

This following paragraph explains how it works in a nutshell.

After you go through the sales funnel and join the initial program, you’ll start your training. These companies have a specific training structure. They will show you how to sell online, but every once in a while they will leave you empty-handed making you buy another product from the company. Eventually, you’ll realize that the only purpose of the training is to teach you how to sell the product you purchased.

You can see why people like to think that it’s a pyramid scheme.

My Super Affiliate System is a doorway to the marketing program The Super Affiliate Network created and owned by Misha Wilson.

My Super Affiliate Mentor Product Image

On the other hand, even though the company deals business in an unethical way, I still can’t say that it’s a scam. You see, you can make money by promoting the course. The only reason why I believe it might represent a scammy business is that because they don’t teach you how to sell anything else.

I think you can make money with My Super Affiliate Mentor if you commit yourself to learn and apply the training by the letter. But once again, only by selling the product you’ve purchased, which is the training course itself. If you are not going to pay attention to the training, they’ll still take your money, and you won’t earn a dime.

That’s how it goes in the world of business. Every training, every course, every pyramid scheme requires a lot of effort on your part. Keep that in your mind.

While writing My Super Affiliate Mantor Review, I’ve realized how opinions about his course are divided. One half say it’s a pure scam, while the other half talks like me.

It’s a funny world.

Who is My Super Affiliate Mentor for?

Courses and programs like My Super Affiliate Mentor are for people who want to earn money strictly. It’s for the people that don’t care about what will they sell as long as it’s sellable. One could even say that the program is for people with low moral grounds.

I’ve talked about how opinions about this course are divided.

You see, there are two kinds of people in the business. The first one is people who want to make money while doing something they love to do. And the second kind is people who want to make money doing anything that makes cash.

Those who fit in the first group will claim that My Super Affiliate Mentor is a scam. The second party will try it, make some money and prove that it works.

The course itself is not expensive, to begin with. However, after you get in, you’ll have spit a couple of thousands to get access to everything necessary for making the system work for you. As I’ve said, many others do the business the same way which is considered to be completely legit.

Therefore, this program is also for people with deep pocket. You see, these kinds of schemes are not cheap.

If you take it, don’t think that because you pay more for the advanced training that you’ll succeed in the course. It only means that you have to keep on working and follow the superior level of training to make some money.

Misha Wilson is a well know traffic and conversion expert. He can teach anyone how to master the most difficult skills in affiliate marketing. So if you struggle with getting traffic to your website, or converting people to buy from you, Misha might be your mentor.

However, once again, My Super Affiliate Mentor is going to cost you a lot to make it work. Expect to spend around $10K to complete the training that is if you ever decide to join which I don’t recommend.

There is a much better solution for making money online which leaves you with a choice. You can start working on a brand you like and promote anything you want through any affiliate network you prefer. And, you can choose to recruit people to join the same training you’re going through.

They give you two free websites so you can work both ways!

Check it out before you continue with this My Super Affiliate Mentor Review.


How My Super Affiliate Mentor Works? 

How do you feel so far about My Super Affiliate Mentor? Do you think it’s a scam?

Let’s break it down into more details to get a better picture.

My Super Affiliate System Offer

My Super Affiliate Mentor is nothing but an affiliate offer. Some might say it’s a scam. However, it’s nothing but a part of the sales funnel. Someone who has completed the course within The Super Affiliate Network is now offering you to join the same training.

If you want to see another example of an affiliate using the same method, you can read the Super Affiliate Success System Review.

After the sales presentations which are hyped with a lot of positive thoughts and claims, you’ll be redirected to the official The Super Affiliate Network website where you can start your training. The initial course is only  $37 per month.

After you get in, this is the moment where you have to open your eyes.

The sales video will probably make you buy the initial course. However, the chances that you’ll learn the money-making secrets are very slim. The whole point of the funnel is to hypnotize you until you buy the initial course which has zero or no value.

That’s the moment where you start waking up from the dream, and question marks start to pop over your head.

To become a super affiliate as My Super Affiliate Mentor promises, you’ll have to accept more expensive training offers that you’ll be provided. The company serves you with advanced pieces of training that will help you erase those question marks above your thinker.

Here is where you realize the whole point of the system.

The advanced training will drill you to become an affiliate for The Super Affiliate Network. It is a profitable network with which you can make money. However, keep in mind that the price of advanced pieces of training is going to skyrocket in the meantime. You’ll end up paying a lot more than $37 per month.

Some say that the cost of the training goes up to $12K!

Moreover, you’ll have to put in the work to make it work! You see, many people expect that affiliate marketing business is like an ATM, you say the number, and it appears in front of you. Understand that it requires a lot of work on your part, so you better expect the work is coming to your way for all that money.

In the end, if you follow through My Super Affiliate Mentor offer and start and finish your training with Misha Willson, you can probably expect a solid ROI.

If you don’t have or you don’t want to spend all that cash on questionable affiliate marketing training, then I invite you one more time to check out my #1 recommendation among all courses of the kind. The company I recommend is free to join. Moreover, it’s free to stay like that. You’ll get those two free websites that I’ve mentioned earlier. If you want the advanced training, the price is only $49 per month and not a penny more!


Is My Super Affiliate Mentor a Scam or Legit?

I’ll repeat my judgment one more time before I disclose why I don’t recommend this program to you or anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing.

My Super Affiliate Mentor is not a scam. It’s a funnel which drives traffic to The Super Affiliate Network which is, on the other hand, a legit affiliate marketing network owned my Misha Wilson.

There is a couple of reasons why I don’t recommend you to start working with this company.

First and foremost, I care about your pocket. To recommend spending thousands of buck on the possibility of massive failure is not the right thing to do. The sales video will promise you Wonderland, but it is far away from the truth. Unfortunately, companies like this one use manipulation techniques to make you spend more because they know you will if you let them catch you. If you love your money, you’ll think twice before joining My Super Affiliate Mentor aka The Super Affiliate Network.

A B Cs of Affiliate Marketing

Secondly, the company leaves you with no choices. They will show you how to sell the courses they host only, and nothing else. They will teach you how to use a working system to sell their course. Therefore, the system they apply is questionable, and it’s not sure that it can work on other products that you may want to sell outside of this company.

Lastly, the sales method they use is not ethical. The only reason why I can say this is because they won’t tell you anything about the course itself during the sales presentation. Instead, the guys will pump you up with unrealistic earning claims, and a lot of fake stuff while hiding the truth. This fact opens a lot of questions in my mind. It’s a clear indication that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

I want to give you some advice.

Understand that the success rate in affiliate marketing is low. People like to think that it’s an overnight success when it’s opposite. It takes a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears to understand and apply the model successfully. Guys like Misha have spent years trying to make it work. Don’t believe them when they tell you tomorrow you could wake up as a millionaire if you follow them.

I have one more thing to say before I conclude this My Super Affiliate Mentor Review.

What Do I Recommend Instead of My Super Affiliate Mentor?

If you are a beginner at affiliate marketing and you have a desire to start, learn and advance in this line of work, you’ll have to find a beginner-friendly training program that can help you to achieve your desire.

Unfortunately, courses such as reviewed don’t fit everyone. They are designed for a small group of people who want to achieve success overnight. Moreover, they are expensive and have low moral values.

Many people that I know and work with who have succeeded in affiliate marketing are all agreed around one point. It takes time to build a successful and long term affiliate marketing business. You’ll have to try and fail a couple of times before making it work.

I know because I’ve failed a lot before I came to this point. My experience is telling me that My Super Affiliate Mentor is nothing but another failure.

It leads me to my final recommendation.

You want to start with affiliate marketing. Moreover, I know that you want to succeed as well.

To help you with your mission, I have an excellent recommendation.

Before I’ve joined Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate, I had to go through a few scams to find the best affiliate marketing training today.

They teach affiliate marketing every single day for the last 15 years!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Online marketing training university called Wealthy Affiliate has helped me, and many others to build success online.

They can help you as well.

It’s the largest online community where thousands join every day to learn affiliate marketing from the best people in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification course will help you to understand the business model in simple words. Kyle and Carson will show you how to build your first website. Moreover, they’ll give you two sites for free together with free hosting!

During the next 50 video lessons, you’ll learn everything there is about how to start building your affiliate marketing tower. After you build a solid foundation, you can continue to grow by joining the guys at Affiliate Bootcamp. That’s the advanced training where you’ll get the opportunity to make money in one of the most profitable niches.

My Super Affiliate Mentor is a program that teaches more or less the same. However, the difference between those two training programs is unimaginable!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how to do the job correctly. The guys will give you the best training together with free tools that will help you to start making money online. No one can match their offer.

How Long Does It Take To Succeed?

Arm yourself with a lot of patience because this is going to take a while. If you follow the training by the letter, you can expect to start making money by the end of the first year.  That’s how long it’ll take you to learn the business about which you don’t know anything, apply the very same knowledge, create a foundation and make your first sales.

After one year of serious dedication to finish what you’ve started, you’ll be ready to go on your own.

After that, the sky is the limit.

My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile


I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


  • Hi Ivan,

    This was a really engaging and insightful read.
    I’ve never heard of this affiliate program but I know that it’s legit and I can try it.
    However, being part of Wealthy Affiliate just like you I know that this online university is unparalleled. I also highly recommend it.

    • Hi Asen, thanks for landing on my review. My Super Affiliate Mentor aka The Super Affiliate Network is a legit business opportunity, but I strongly don’t recommend you to go with it if you don’t have at least $15K to spend on multiple upsalles that will happen along the way.

      I’m happy to hear that you are a part of a great project like Wealthy Affiliate as well. It’s the best affiliate marketing program that you’ll find online no doubt. I wish you much success in your online business.


  • Hi Ivan!

    Thank you for this post! I had never heard of My Super Affiliate, but I am glad I read this. Before starting my online business I knew I wanted to succeed, so I shopped around to find the best program and ended up finding this post. I am glad I didn’t go with My Super Affiliate Mentor and that I chose Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been so happy with my results from Wealthy Affiliate, you truly can’t beat it. They are personal, informative, and help you with any question or problem you encounter along the way. You can’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate!

    Thanks Mandy

    • Hi Mandy, I’m happy to hear that you didn’t go with My Super Affiliate Mentor program. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, is a wise choice if you want to create a stable and long-term business online. As you can see there are millions of happy members of WA all over the world. That proves the point that they are indeed the best service online.


  • If you join the My Super Affiliate Mentor, do you have to finish the whole course and pay $10K before you can start promoting them (and maybe make some money)?

    I got the idea you are promoting the Wealthy Affiliate, which you recommend. How long do you need to be a member there before you can start promoting them? Is Wealthy Affiliate also designed mainly to recruit people to promote them? Or is it more like just one option, and you can promote anything you want?

    Wealthy Affiliate is much cheaper than My Super Affiliate Mentor, that´s for sure. I could never afford to pay $10K for a training.

    • Hi Kristi, My Super Affiliate System is a part of the funnel which ends at The Super Affiliate Network where you can start training. The Super Affiliate Network, as far as I know, doesn’t teach broad affiliate marketing but only the system that is designed to show you how to promote the same network. Many people claim that it’s a ‘pay to play’ method which requires the purchase of the full set if you want to make money. So, I believe as well that you have to pay the total price before you can start making money with them.

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate has two sets of courses. One is designed to teach you how to start a profitable website in any niche on the internet. The second one explains how to make money in ‘make money online’ niche where you can use Wealthy Affiliate as your main promotion. You can start with both the same moment you turn to Premium member.

      If you are interested in learning about Wealthy Affiliate in more details, please, visit my Wealthy Affiliate Review where you can find almost everything about the program.


      • OK, thanks, that makes sense to me. That´s not very cool, if you have to pay the whole (big) price to be able to start making any money in the My Super Affiliate System. The Wealthy Affiliate system seems more fair to me.

        • Your welcome. I’m happy to help you make your decision.


  • This is great Ivan. I will be bookmarking your post for reference and when I’m at stage to join you affiliate business I will be in touch. Over and out.


    • Hi Habib, that’s great! Thanks for your visit. Feel free to contact me anytime. I’ll be more than happy to help you get started. 🙂 Cheers!


  • Hi Ivan,
    My Super Affiliate System doesn’t appear to be a scam, but at the same time, I would have many questions around the increased monthly fees later down the road. I’m thankful I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and their affordable, straight-forward training, which has already been beneficial.


    • Hi Isaiah, it’s my pleasure to help. Unfortunately, those increased monthly fees aren’t something which you can hear during the sales cycle. I too don’t like it. It breaks the focus and concentration. Moreover, it’s not a way to do the business (in my mind).

      I’m happy to hear that you’ve found WA’s training platform. They truly are the best in the affiliate marketing training industry. By the way, I’m an active member of the community there. If you ever need a hand or help with something, I’d be happy to show you the way.


  • Nice write-up Ivan, I was involved with a similar program years ago and got my fingers burnt. I won’t fall for anything like that again that’s for sure. I’m glad you have warned people away from My Super Affiliate Mentor, the one you recommend is a good place for people to learn all about affiliate marketing without the big price.
    Thanks for the info,

    • Hi Frank, your welcome. I hope that you understand everything about My Super Affiliate Mentor funnel.

      On the other hand, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 place to learn everything about affiliate marketing. You can start for free. No credit card required. Only your email. If you are happy with the training and everything you can get with WA, I recommend starting your Premium account which unlocks all features of the platform. It is without a doubt, the best deal on the internet.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to help.


  • Great review Ivan, thanks for sharing this. We need more honest reviews these days with so many scammers out there who just want our money so they can tell us how successful they are (or not).

    Please keep posting these informative articles, everybody needs to know about this.


    • Hi Matt, your welcome. I’m happy to help. No worries, I’ll keep delivering. 🙂


  • I Ivan
    Iwould like to thank you for your honest review. There are many scams and sales funnels these days. Some being everywhere, but thank goodness there are people like you that save people like me. Keep up the good work and keep sharing good, honest and transparent information with us!

    • Hi Junaid, your welcome. Thanks for landing to my site and leaving your comment. 🙂 Talk to you again.



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