My Traffic Business Review (2022) – Is It A Legit Program Or A Scam?

Welcome to my My Traffic Business review.

Many people right now, especially you, are searching for how to make money online. Upon your search, you found a program called My Traffic Business.

But the question is, what is My Traffic Business? Is it a scam or legit?

On their website, it claims that you can earn $500 every day! Now that sounds too good to be true, right?

So can you really make that kind of amount? Or is this another false claim that will scam you?

Just like you, I’m always interested in new ways to make money online. I’m also an avid student of the make-money-online industry because it helps me to take my business to the next level.

That said, I have reviewed 500+ schemes and scams to find the best way to make money online. In other words, I’m passionate about affiliate marketing and helping you to follow in my footsteps!

Throughout My Traffic Business review, there will be no affiliate link to this program. This is because I don’t promote products that I don’t recommend.

So you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

In this review, I will answer all your questions.

This should give you a clear understanding of My Traffic Business and see whether this is worth your money.

My Traffic Business Review


My Traffic Business – Overview

  • Product Type: My Traffic Business
  • Owner: James Wendell
  • Price: $47
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: The My Traffic Business system claims that you can earn $500 every single day just by sending a few emails.

It also claims that once you’re set-up, it only takes about 30 minutes per day to manage, and this will work for anyone even if you don’t have skills or experience.

Not just that, it also claims that with this program, you will bank up to at least $10,000 in as little as 30 days.

Sounds good, right?

I have heard and reviewed many online biz opps like this before, and the result was not good because they were a scam in 9 out of 10 cases.

For example, the Affiliate Millionaire Club was an outright scam as well as Click Wealth System too. Both scams use the same tricks that you can see in this product review!

Now, is My Traffic Business is one of the scams?

Unfortunately, yes. It is a scam that tricks people into joining an empty program and promoting the same scam to other people on the internet.

The creator of this scam uses fake testimonials, stock photos, misleading claims, and many other tricks to scam you into spending money on this program.

Worst of all, there’s no training inside the dashboard!

Make sure to keep reading the rest of My Traffic Business review to see them all!

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What Is My Traffic Business?

With My Traffic Business, all you need to do is start making money by following the 4 simple steps.

However, this claim is misleading that will trick you into signing up with his program that doesn’t work as advertised.

You see, once you sign up, you will be left out and find out that it is a scam the hard way, and you will see that things are not that easy as you think.

The worst thing is that there’s no training, and no way to earn money, as they claim.

In my experience, earning that amount takes a lot of time and hard work, not by using a system that only fives you false claims.

You can leverage proven programs such as Wealthy Affiliate or even Commission Hero to learn the methods. But you need to invest a lot of time, effort, and some money into your success.

Programs like My Traffic Business are nothing but scams that waste your time and money.

How Does My Traffic Business Work?

The whole concept of making money with My Traffic Business is through email marketing.

With My Traffic Business, they promise to teach you how to create an email list, and then you will become an affiliate of the My Traffic Business.

Your job here is to drive traffic to the page and get other people to sign up.

If those people you refer didn’t buy in right away, their email would be added to your email list, and your task is to follow up with them and convince them to sign up.

That is why they claim that it is easy to use this system, but the truth is, it is not.

As I said earlier, the quality of the training is not that good, and if you are new to all of this, you will be struggling to set everything up.

Not just that, the program doesn’t teach you how to drive traffic which is the most important part of the business because, without traffic, you won’t make any money.

This is why I don’t like this program because of false claims and not just those who think that they earn money from this program are not true.

And I will show you why in the next section of my Traffic Business review.



My Traffic Business Red Flags

Here I will show you the red flags I found in this program, and these are the reasons why I don’t recommend this.

Fake Testimonials

In the video, you will see people talking about My Traffic Business and how this program turn their lives and makes them money.

However, the truth is those people that you saw are paid actors from Fiverr.

Yes, you heard that right.

These people didn’t earn anything from this program, and they only earned by paying the actors to these fake testimonials.

See the image below:

Fiverr actors

As you can see in the image above, those people are actors and not just those two but all of them.

If you look at their eyes, they are like reading a script, and it is so obvious that they are just following what the owner wants them to say about this program.

Now, I don’t blame the actors because they are just doing their job and paid to do it.

They make these video testimonials to make you believe that they earn money which they don’t, so they will lure you into buying this program.

That is why I want you to stay away from this program and find a much better one to make real money.

No information about the owner

This one is the biggest red flag because there is no information on who James Wendell is.

On the sales video, yes, you heard the voice of James Wendell, but the question is, is it really him the one talking?

Well, just like the fake testimonial, the person talking is not him.

It is another paid actor he hired on Fiverr to do the voice for him.

There’s a lot of James Wendell in the world. Even if you go search on Google, you will see a lot of them.

But the “James Wendell” of this program, I don’t think he’s a real person.

In fact, just take a look at the image below. As you can see, the creator of My Traffic Business uses stock images from the internet to mask up his true identity.

My Traffic Business Review Scam

I guess that he just stole this name pretend to be James Wendell to launch this product.

If you go to the website, you won’t see and real images or videos of him, and the only people you see are fake testimonials, so how can we tell if he’s a real person.

False claims

As you already know, the program claims that you can $500 per day and not just that it also claims that you can earn $10000 by using this program.

These claims that he said to you are just hyped-up claims to make you believe that you can earn that kind of money and lure you in to buy the program that doesn’t work.

Not just that, it also says that with this program, it will only take you about 37 minutes per day to earn that kind of money.

I really don’t believe that you can earn that kind of amount in just 37 minutes.

This is just another false claim to make you believe he really averaged this out.

Like I said earlier, he mentions the 10K but goes on to say that “You’re going to make money with me, no matter what.” And that “You cannot lose.”

Let me tell you the truth, you won’t earn anything from this program, and that is it.

No training inside the dashboard

Now I have said earlier that this program doesn’t offer training, which is a BIG RED FLAG.

My Traffic Business Scam

If you are new to this, the result is you will be struggling, and that is not good.

Another bad about this program is that there is no traffic training, so how can you make money if there is no traffic which is the most important part of the business.

This scheme reminds me of 24/7 Wealth Club and Easy Retired Millionaire. Both scams trick you into buying low-quality or even non-existent courses like this.

How Much Is My Traffic Business Cost? 

My Traffic Business cost a $47 one-time fee.

Does the program offer a money-back guarantee? Yes, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is the good thing about this program.

However, even though it offers a money-back guarantee, I still don’t recommend this because of a lot of red flags that this program has.

There’s no training inside!

Can You Make Money With My Traffic Business?

Like I said in the red flag section, you won’t earn anything with My Traffic Business. Why?

Because usually, these kinds of schemes are only created for the owners to fool people and make a quick buck, and they don’t care what happens to you if you make money or not. What’s important for him is that he earn.

I have reviewed a lot of scam programs like this that don’t show who they really are because they know reviews like this are going to pop up.

Therefore, they are going to get exposed.

Imagine if they showed their real faces, people would always avoid them.

That is why they prefer not to show who they really are, and they want to stay anonymous so that they can create another scam program like this where they can trick more people and make more money.

That is why My Traffic Business is not the right place for you to make money online.

If you want a second opinion, please, watch this quick video below:

Is My Traffic Business A Scam?

To answer that question, Yes, My Traffic Business is a scam, and you should stay away.

This program doesn’t even offer the training inside the dashboard, which makes it an outright scam. Those claims that he shows you are just rubbish, and the sales page is totally misleading.

Also, rather than being geared towards you to help you make money as it claims, but the truth is it is just geared you towards making the creator rich at your expense instead.

Claiming that you can make $500 per day or $10,000 in just 37 minutes of work sounds too good to be true.

Not just that, to make you believe they hire actors from Fiverr to make you believe that those “members” make money, but the truth is they don’t.

Those actors only make money by paying them to do what the clients want them to do the same goes with the voice actor of this program.

Like I said earlier, they prefer not to show themselves, and they want to stay anonymous so that they can create another scam program like this and trick more people, and make more money.

There is nothing more to say about this program, and that is why you should stay away from it.

There is nothing good here with My Traffic Business, and I don’t believe you’ll find any value from it whatsoever.

Yes, the program is affordable but is it worth it? No! You’ll just find yourself disappointed if you buy this program.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




What I Like About My Traffic Business 

  • Price is affordable
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About My Traffic Business 

  • No training inside the dashboard
  • Fake testimonials
  • No information about the owner
  • Scam in disguise
  • Hype claims
  • Misleading

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know about My Traffic Business and why you should stay away from this program.

Nothing good will happen to you with this program, and all those claims that he said won’t happen.

There is nothing more to say about My Traffic Business as I have shown you all the red flags.

That is why you should stay away from this program and find better alternatives to make money online.

I always say to my readers that before you buy a program or product, you should always do your research first to see if those are legit or not.

For example, the My Traffic Business is cheap and affordable, but it is not worth it because it is a scam program.

That is why it is important to do research first.

No matter how cheap or affordable they are, it is important to know if those programs or products are legit and see if they are worth it.

I’m saying this because I don’t want you to waste your money on a program or product that doesn’t work.

Thank you for taking the time to read the My Traffic Business review.

I hope my review here helped you save your hard-earned money, and I hope that it gave you a good insight into how the system works.

Want to share your experience and reviews of My Traffic Business?

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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20 thoughts on “My Traffic Business Review (2022) – Is It A Legit Program Or A Scam?”

  1. When a website has low quality training, I don’t consider joining it. That’s why I research about a site before joining it, to read reviews about their training. But if besides that, the site has claims that you can earn $10,000 by using the program, and it’s completely false, that’s a huge red flag for me. I give it a pass.

    • Hi Abel, thanks for your comment on our review. It’s great to see you doing your own research first! As you can see, there are too many red flags around this one.


  2. Hello Ivan, a great review and a marvelous job in exposing this fake stuff. Wow, I cannot imagine that people would go to such an extent in faking their testimonials and IDs as well. Unbelievable but true. Thanks to you, people are warned now. I am so glad that I came across this review so that I know what to watch out for!! Thanks a ton

    • Hi Augustine, thanks for your comment. Sad but true. That’s why you should always read a few reviews before handing over your money to schemes like My Traffic Business. I’m glad to see you doing exactly that!


  3. Wow Ivan, what a horrible company. I guess we should all be looking for the red flags that seem to be the pointers for these scam companies. It is always a good idea to do your own research anyway and I look for clues as to the organizer. If they are transparent about themselves then I will still look further. Claims of easy money every day are usually a dead giveaway and it’s a shame that the people who get caught usually can’t afford the $47 as they were looking to make money quickly to pay their bills.

    Thanks for exposing this company, great review.

  4. I came across an advertisement for My Traffic Business, so I am very pleased to read your review and to see that you expose the program as a scam. As you say, there are just too many red flags, that it should be a big warning for those looking at the program. But unfortunately many people will fall for the scam and lose money, and those are normally the ones that cannot afford to lose the money. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Hi LineCowley, thanks for your comment on our review. I’m glad to hear it was helpful. As you can see, there are too many red flags about My Trafic Business, which leads us not to recommend it.


  5. Hi, Alex

    Man, this is another one of those, no product, no training, where all the initial monies flow up to the owners. This is a basic Ponzi Scheme.  Unfortunately, people are still falling for the Full Time pay for Part Time Hours, or in this case….full time pay for part time hour.  It simply can’t be done.  I also like the picture of the couple basking in the light of their earned riches through this program.  It would probably be more entertaining to light your $47 on fire.  Thanks for the heads up.

    • Hi Warren, thanks for your comment on this review. I would agree with you completely. This is a scam and all evidence in this review supports the claim. I’m glad you can see through My Traffic Business.


  6. The My Traffic Business review was very thorough and detailed. The information provided has definitely left me wondering about the business ethics of the owner and the website. Just goes to show that we can fall victim at any time to the crooks  on the internet. I appreciate the unveiling of another unscrupulous actor.

  7. I am a sucker – fell for this, but when they wanted to “remote access” my computer, my gut told me “no, no, no..” The supervisor then took over the conversation and he was condescending. Very much doubt that my refund will come in, but at least my dignity is still intact. Should have done my research. =\

  8. Pathetic scammers
    Would love to meet these clowns on the street ….
    They are cowards so they would probably go hide in a corner, curl up in a ball, cry and whine for mommy!!
    Simply pathetic

  9. Just sooooo glad there’s still legit real men who are still around to take action & do the right thing to set up pages like these to CALL OUT these evil DESPICABLE PATHETIC MORALESS BOTTOM FEEDING LOW LIVES & Help the general public reduce the amount of victims created from leeches who sold their soul & will say anything to gain a penny & have no heart or remorse for executing something sooooo muthaf__kin goddam foul that this p.o.s. don’t deserve life itself. Anyone who puts this cockaroach in a body bag should never see a judge or a day in jail with a handsome cash reward for a much needed disposal of scum so his soulless soul group up with other scum in hell. It really hits when the scam video uses people’s dire situations N desperation n use it for profit even to the pennies. 1 of the best and truest form of BEING DESPICABLE SO GREAT that a normal person with a heart can’t fanthom doing. I have no doubt every 1 to 2 out of 10 victims maybe spending their last 27 or 47 doing the wrong thing taking the risk but still do because of how this story resonates with the destitute & out of desperation takes the gamble forfeits their last dollar or meal because hope was falsely presented and sold. The general public owes gratitude to people like you who don’t have to do this but still do exposing scumbags like this. Keep up the good work!

  10. I am not sure how old this article is or if this comment will reach the author but if sp I would really truly appreciate it if you would get a hold of me if I leave my email address. I have alot of information about this company alot of information you can’t get unless you give these scum bags an opportunity to try to scam you. It didn’t take me very long to figure out that there was a good chance it was a scam as soon I the person I spoke to on the phone said they don’t work with everyone and I basically needed to sell myself to them and make them want to take me on as a student. I let this company believe that they were playing me because I knew that was the only way I was going to get all of the information. I do not like the scheme these people have create to try to get what they want from you which is money of course. When you call the number my traffic business tells you to call before doing anything else you think you are talking to someone who is helping you something that comes with the program you purchased. Wrong wrong wrong that number you are calling the people that work there should be ashamed of themselves and have a hard time sleeping at night. Lucky I am no fool and let them think I was eating out of there hands but they were actually eating out of mine and I told them everything g they want to hear to get all rhe info and when I learned there scheme I felt like I have to figure out a way to get the word out so they can’t scam people who may noe realize what they are doing. You seriously would not believe what they did, what they wanted and how they go about it js sick. I am a nobody so there is no way I could get the word out, nobody is going to read anything I wrote so I really need someone people do listen to, to get the word out and warn them about my traffic business, clicking the weather, and above all else elevated marketing solutions. Do not listen to anything any of these companies sY please. I get very angry when I see people like this trying to make themselves rich my taking people’s hard earned money, money they have set aside because they are truly interested in starting a business or whatever. Taking advantage of people and in the end if they listen to you they get you to give them all your money set aside for your business and you get nothing in return but your dreams or plans flushed down the drain. I don’t know how these people can live with themselves and need this story I will share with you to reach as ma y people as possible. My Ema address is if anyone else reads this and wants more info please email me and I will tell you everything but it’s far too much to type if I don’t know it’s going to reach many people.

    • Hey Noel, thanks for sharing your experience with this scam. I hope you will find justice and I’m sure your comment will help many people who are searching for the truth about My Traffic Business. All the best!

  11. I just called that number on their website and they want Ed to know my email and said that James would get in touch with me, but he hasn’t and they couldn’t give me an actual website for me to go to and start this traffic funnel or whatever they want to call it. I almost gave them my money but I goofed it and found you .so thank you very much I was going to use the money I had left to make it thru the month and give it over to them and I’m on a fixed income so thank you again.
    Leylonne martin this is my name even tho a little odd


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