One Minute Traffic Review – A Scam or Secret To Free Traffic To Your Site?

Welcome to my One Minute Traffic review.

Right from the start, the owners of this offer, promise they will give you access to “free set-and-forget traffic source that attracts 1000’s of red-hot buyers on autopilot.”

They claim that this is something you’ve been waiting for because it works even if you’re a complete newbie.

And I know what you’re thinking…

Is this system really going to bring tons of traffic to my site?

Have Matt and John Rhodes really stumbled across some secret traffic source?

What is this traffic source, and why don’t they reveal it?

Is One Minute Traffic a scam or legit?

Should I join this system or not?

In this One Minute Traffic review, we’re going to get answers to all those questions. I’m going to be showing you everything you need to know about this secret traffic source.

And most importantly, we’re going to see whether One Minute Traffic is a scam or something that you should pursue. Let’s go!

One Minute Traffic Review Scam


One Minute Traffic Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Free Traffic Source
  • Owner: Matt and John Rhodes
  • Price: $9 + 2 Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Recommended?: No

Quick Summary: One Minute Traffic has been advertised as some secret “flip the switch” system that will get you tons of free red-hot traffic on autopilot. It’s so awesome that it takes only one minute to get access to millions of visitors.

First of all, this is a marketing scam designed to sell you a short training for getting traffic using Quora. There’s nothing inside like you’ve been told.

Basically, you’ve been told a bunch of lies to make you believe that you can “flip the switch” to get tons of visitors.

Moreover, this is not going to work as they say it would.

One Minute Traffic is an outdated method that rarely works anymore. See, it’s based on answering the questions on Quora to get traffic to your site.

But as you’re about to see in my review, this method will not make you money because Quora will suspend accounts that use affiliate links to market products.

The bottom line is, this product is not recommended! Scam alert!

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What Is One Minute Traffic?

Wouldn’t be awesome if you could just flip the switch and get tons of free traffic to your website? Well, apparently, that’s what One Minute Traffic is all about. It reveals some secret switch that you can just flip and lo and behold!

Free traffic comes to your website in gigantic quantity!

One Minute Traffic Review - Claims

Truth be told, the sales page for this offer is extremely misleading. It says that you can get free set and forget traffic that will attract 1000’s hungry buyers to your business.

But in reality, it’s nothing like you’ve been told.

You’re lead to think that this is some secret system. The owners are so secretive about this traffic source and never reveal a single thing about it as well.

Why is that so? Well, they want you to pay the price and see it for yourself.

They also claim that One Minute Traffic works lightning-fast even if you’re a complete beginner.

Of course, only beginners will believe this nonsense.

One Minute Traffic Review - Promises

Here’s what else they have to say about this secret traffic source:

  • Get FREE Traffic in ANY Niche, Market, or Industry…
  • NO Website Needed…
  • NO E-Mail List Needed…
  • NO Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Other Social Media Needed…
  • NO Experience Needed… (Absolutely Perfect for Beginners!)
  • NO Video Production Needed…
  • NO Technical Setup Required…
  • NO Unethical or “Black Hat” Methods (100% White Hat!)…
  • 100% Set-and-Forget: Do It Once To Get FREE Traffic For Years…
  • Rinse-and-Repeat System – Do It Again… and Again… and Again…
  • Fully Scaleable: NO LIMIT To The FREE Traffic You Can Get…
  • Ultra-Targeted Free Traffic That Is PROVEN To Buy From You…
  • Sell ANYTHING: Infoproducts, Books, eCom Products, Services…
  • This Has Worked For Over 10 Years, Will Work Decades Longer…
  • Works ANYWHERE Worldwide With International Languages…
  • Takes Less Than 1 MINUTE To set up Your Free Traffic Machines!

To be honest, this is just one long list of BS. It seems like you don’t need anything to make this free traffic work for you. All you have to do is, once again, flip the switch and it will flood your business with hungry buyers.

One Minute Traffic Review - Hype

Yeah right!

I’ve seen a lot of overhyped sales pages so far. However, One Minute Traffic is seriously crossing fine lines between a scam and something that you could call a legitimate offer. This offer reminds me of Free Traffic Mastery as well as the 10 Minute Traffic scam.

They want you to believe that this secret traffic source is so powerful that it works on autopilot and check this out, it takes less than one minute to set it up! That’s why they call it one-minute traffic.

But why so secretive? Why don’t they reveal at least one detail about it?

See, it’s because they really want you to say goodbye to your cash. That’s why!

So what is this secret traffic source?

It’s Quora! A popular Q&A platform where people gather to ask questions and ask for answers and opinions of others.

And apparently, there’s some secret switch that you can flip inside of Quora to get free traffic on demand LOL.

I’m sure that you’re aware of the irony in the last sentence.

See, getting free traffic from Quora is nothing like you’ve been told by the One Minute Traffic sales page. Moreover, this method requires some serious effort and a lot of time to work!

Follow me in the next section of my One Minute Traffic review where I’m going to reveal how this system works and show you what you can expect from it without feeding you with BS sales hype.

How Does One Minute Traffic Work?

I could say right now that One Minute Traffic is not going to work at all. The way they have described this system, and the reality of things are not even close to one another.

But for the sake of this review, let me lead you through the training and show you what you can learn inside.

First of all, you’re NOT going to get access to some secret switch that will cause people to run toward your business and give you their money just like that.

I believe you’re already aware that this is not how One Minute Traffic works.

Secondly, you will get access to a set of training videos where creators of One Minute Traffic will show you how you can leverage Quora to get traffic to your site. That’s all there is, my friend. One very short and messy video training.

So here’s how it works in a nutshell.

  • Lesson 1 – The OMFT Mindset
  • Lesson 2 – The OMFT System Explained
  • Lesson 3 – Where Does the OMFT Speed Come From?
  • Lesson 4 – SECRET #1: Writing a Letter To A Friend
  • Lesson 5 – SECRET #2: How To Write 150 Words Per Minute
  • Lesson 6 – Why is this Traffic FREE?
  • Lesson 7 – What Is This Almost Magical Platform?
  • Lesson 8 – How To Signup For Your Own Quora Account
  • Lesson 9 – SECRET #3: How To Maximize Your Quora Profile
  • Lesson 10 – Following the Right Q Topics
  • Lesson 11 – What Questions To Answer For Maximum Traffic and Value
  • Lesson 12 – SECRET #4: How To Create Real Value At Insanely Fast Speeds
  • Lesson 13 – SECRET #5: The “Best Of” Top Secret
  • Lesson 14 – How To Sell On Quora (Without Really “Selling”)
  • Lesson 15 – What To Sell On Quora (Even If You Have No Product)
  • Lesson 16 – SECRET #6: The Quick Affiliate System
  • Lesson 17 – Quick Affiliate System Case Study Example
  • Lesson 18 – 3x Fast Fortune Leverage System
  • Lesson 19 – SECRET #8: 3x Fast Content Freedom
  • Lesson 20 – One Minute List Secret: The “Lazy Q Lander”
  • Lesson 21 – Finally – It’s “Q-Time!”
  • Lesson 22 – Your OMFT BREAKTHROUGH!

Your first task with One Minute Traffic will be to open a free Quora account. You can even use your Google account to get access to Quora as well. No need to complicate things.

Then, they will show you how to personalize your account and connect your social media as well so that your account appears more professional.

By the way, all this can be done in a few minutes, and yet, they will drag these topics inside until you die from boredom.

Your second task will be to find the right topics and select those that have the biggest traffic potential. You can do this easily by running questions through keyword tools to get data about the topic.

Now, the essence of the One Minute Traffic system is to provide in-depth answers to those hot questions within Quora by providing value with your answer.

This means that you’ll have to study the topic first and do some research as well.

Then you’ll have to write your answer, which means manual work.

So what about those claims from the One Minute Traffic sales page then? Flip the switch my ass! It looks like those claims were just a bunch of lies…

Why am I not surprised? Oh yeah! It’s because I’m used to seeing this BS every day!

On the bright side, they will show you how to write quickly using speech-to-text software.

I’m guessing that’s the secret behind this lousy system.

Lastly, to make some money with the One Minute Traffic system, you will have to find related products to those topics and insert your affiliate link at the end of your answer.

This way, the person who asked the question gets an answer and the solution to the problem.

That’s the theory behind how One Minute Traffic works. But here’s the problem…

Quora Could Suspend Your Account If You Use This Method

However, you will have to bear in mind that Quora will suspend your account as soon as they find out that you’re using affiliate links. They are strictly against any form of advertising via their platform.

They do allow links to websites though.

But this means that you’ll have to build a website before. So what about those claims from the top of the One Minute Traffic review about not needing a site, email, or practically anything to make this work?

I guess they were lying to you all the time…

All in all, I’m not a big fan of this offer. If you could see the training inside, you would see why I’m so skeptical.

In fact, when I compare the training inside with the sales page, I’m on a verge of saying that One Minute Traffic is a scam!

I mean, how can you say to people that all they have to do is flip a switch to get free traffic?

Is One Minute Traffic A Scam?

Let’s be fair here and say that One Minute Traffic is a marketing scam. Everything that you’ve read from the sales page is a bunch of lies.

There’s no secret switch inside. It’s not going to work lightning-fast. And this method requires a lot of manual work.

The truth is, yes, you can really get free traffic from Quora to any web property you want.

However, this method takes work, effort, research, and a lot of time before it can actually take off and bring you benefits in terms of traffic and income.

With the One Minute Traffic scam, you’re lead to believe that this is going to work on a flip of the switch!

I mean, isn’t that exactly the definition of a scam!? A scam is an attempt to trick an individual or a group of people to take specific action by stealing their confidence.

One Minute Traffic scam reminds me of Commission Ignition. It’s another low-quality offer that promotes easy and free traffic that is also using a ton of misleading and overhyped claims to get you to sign up.

In this case, they use these “flip the switch” and “set-and-forget” terms to accomplish the feat.

The only reason to call this offer legitimate is that they will give you some training inside. You can watch a set of 22 very short training videos where half of the time they just talk BS.

See, it takes them seven videos of BS-in you to finally reveal the Quora!

In other words, the training is pretty lame. I mean, it costs $9 for Pete’s sake! At least they were realistic when it comes to putting a value on their training.

You can get this for free on YouTube!

One Minute Traffic Sales Funnel Revealed

See the idea behind the overhyped sales page and $9 price tag is to scam you into signing up for the One Minute Traffic offer. Then, once you’re inside, they will use the opportunity to sell you some more “magic” tricks.

In other words, you’ll enter a sales funnel with two more offers!

  • Upsell #1 – One Minute Buyer Clicks ($70.96)
  • Upsell #2 – Resale Rights ($76.16) 

My question is this. Why do you need the first upsell if you have just bought a “flip the switch” system that gets tons of red-hot traffic on autopilot for only $9?


It makes no sense to me…

If the front-end product is so powerful and allows you to enjoy free buyer traffic on demand, then why do they have a $70 offer that promises the same benefits?

I hope that you can now see that One Minute Traffic is a scam.

What I Like About One Minute Traffic

  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • You Get Some Lousy Training For $9
  • Quora is Legit Place To Get Free Traffic

What I Don’t Like About One Minute Traffic

  • The Promise It Works on a Flip Of The Switch
  • It’s Supposed To Get You Traffic On Autopilot
  • The Promise It Works As Fast As Lightning
  • It’s Supposed To Work In Less Than One Minute
  • One Minute Traffic Training Is Short and Messy
  • The Secret Is In The Sales Funnel
  • Quora Could Ban Your Account Easily

Final Words and Recommendation

All in all, I will not recommend the One Minute Traffic system, for, in my opinion, it’s a scam designed to trick beginners into thinking that somehow they could get traffic using some secret switches and whatnot.

In my opinion, this is a highly unethical offer. There are absolutely no ways how this system could work the way they’ve described it on the sales page.

In fact, this is not going to work for most people.

See, to get free traffic from Quora, you’ll have to do a lot of research first. Then, you need to prepare the answers, which requires some more work.

And finally, no one can guarantee that your answer will be valued by the person who asked the question.

In theory, you would have to post tons of answers per day to get traffic from Quora. So I don’t really understand the name, One Minute Traffic, nor any of those claims from the sales page.

If you want to learn how to leverage this method, read this post about how to attract visitors from Quora.

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  1. I just knew this would be a “not recommended.”  Even the name one-minute traffic is way too sketchy.  And if you do go through the whole thing, there is a possibility that Quora will suspend your account.  LOL.  It saddens me that they are taking advantage of beginners who want to try something new.  Can’t believe they’re even getting away with this.


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