Online Verdict Review – Is This Website Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Online Verdict review.

What is the Online Verdict? Is this website legit? Can you make money with this site? Should you join? Most importantly, is Online Verdict Review a scam or legit?

Well, you’re in the right place to learn more!

While searching for how to make money online to earn extra income, I bumped into the Online Verdict website.

However, the main problem with these sites on the internet today is that we don’t know whether Online Verdict is legit or not.

I should know this because I have tried and tested more than 600 courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

That said, the same question applies today: Is Online Verdict a legit website or just another scam?

This review will take an in-depth look at the specs of the Online Verdict platform.

I will help you to learn whether it is a legitimate site or another online scam.

Throughout my Online Verdict review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

Shall we get rolling

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Online Verdict Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Online Verdict
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended?: Read my Online Verdict review and find out

Overview: A group of experienced trial consultants formed the business known as Online Verdict.

In a case venue setting, they aimed to give attorneys high-quality case criticism from qualified jurors.

For each case handled, Online Verdict specializes in online jury focus groups that compile quick and very affordable live jury research.

However, the question is, is this website legit? Or is it just another scam? Let’s find out!

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What Is Online Verdict?

An online jury platform called Online Verdict was established in February 2004.

They offer a national recruiting service for live mock trials and have an estimated 800,000 participants.

Independent contractors and freelancers serve as jurors, and individual attorneys and law firms are their clients.

Reviewing court cases in your county or jurisdiction and expressing your opinions on legal issues are part of your duties as a juror.

Your feedback is used by attorneys and law firms to analyze the merits and drawbacks of their cases.

The way they manage their cases going forward is also influenced by your viewpoint.

The framework used by Online Verdict, like that of other websites that simulate juries, such as eJury, is designed to assist clients in making more informed judgments on their pending court cases.

They’ll be able to handle foreseeable arguments and objections better with your honest opinion as an online juror since they’ve already passed a mock jury.

Of course, there are benefits for freelancers and independent contractors who work as jurors on Online Verdict.

You will work from home, for starters (or anywhere convenient to you).

The pay is likewise decent, but I’ll go into more detail regarding their pay rates and the workings of Online Verdict.

Let’s first determine whether Online Verdict is trustworthy or a scam.

Who Is The Owner Of Online Verdict?

Online Verdict Review Owner

Upon my search, I found out the owner of Online Verdict is Arienne LeFevre, and not just that she is also the owner of LeFevre Trial Consulting (LTC), which has been around since 2002.

A few of the services they offer are witness protection, jury selection, post-trial interviews, opening and closing remarks, focus groups, mock trials, and jury selection, to mention a few.

How Does Online Verdict Work?

Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is sign up.

Singing up is free, and all you need to do is put in your username and password.

To use their services, you’ll also need to fill out your profile information. Remember that they require your demographic information just like websites conducting market research.

Here is some information they need from you:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Birthdate
  • Marital status
  • Ethnicity
  • Employment status

Once you put that information on your profile, you will be qualified for legal cases in your county or federal district.

Wait for Cases and Assignments

If you meet the requirements for cases in their database, Online Verdict will notify you by email.

You will be able to accept or decline any invitations to evaluate cases that are sent to you.

If you intend to accept the case or assignment, keep in mind that they are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Only 25 to 50 jurors are accepted per case, so the openings might fill up rapidly.

Accept a Case

You need to accept their confidentiality policy to take a case or assignment.

Since this is a legal matter, privacy is crucial.

Reviewing the case’s supporting documentation is necessary before accepting the case.

They typically include a questionnaire (it goes without saying you should answer these questions honestly).

There are no right or wrong responses because you are a jury; they merely need your sincere opinion.

How Much Does Online Verdict Pay?

Online Verdict only pays once a month.

Once you submit the complete case, they will send you a check, which will arrive in your email within 1 to 2 weeks.

According to their website, the pay is around $20 to $60 for 20 to 60 minutes of work.

The amount paid will depend on the difficulty of the case.

Online Verdict Requirements

Online Verdict has 2 basic requirements:

  1. You must be a United States citizen.
  2. You must be over the age of 18.

The reason why Online Verdict pays only by check is to make sure you’re using a real US address.

What I Like About Online Verdict

It’s free to join

There are a lot of scams out there that don’t ask for money but will get your data instead.

Not asking for money is a good start, as you don’t have to pay anything to become a juror. They pay you.

Legit Facebook

Online Verdict Review Facebook Page

Now there are a lot of scams out there that won’t last long because some of them never pay their members.

As for Online Verdict’s Facebook page, they don’t have a lot of activity, but as you can see, they have been around since June 2017 and they are still active to this day. At the time of this review, they have over 700 followers.

However, just because something has a Facebook profile doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.

Online Verdict is legit if it’s been operating for at least a year, is generally active, and doesn’t have a ton of negative feedback or comments.

My only concern is the lack of followers and activity.

The good thing about making money online with companies like Online Verdict is that you are not limited to just one.

They’ve Been Around For A Long Time

Online Verdict Review LinkedIn

So let’s dive a little deeper before we say anything about their legitimacy, so you’ll have all the information you need.

The first thing I checked was Adrienne LeFevre’s LinkedIn profile image to make sure it wasn’t found on dozens of other sites.

You see, I have been caught by this before, thinking that someone is legit, and then I find out that the image that they used was a stock image, which is not good.

But in the case of Online Verdict, and upon my research, they are approaching 17 years in business and their site’s registration date also goes back as far as 2004.

Online Verdict Red Flags

I want to make it clear that these red flags here are not to question Online Verdict’s legitimacy.

Being a real company doesn’t mean it’s a good company or at least one you can earn a considerable amount of money with.

The term “red flag” is an overstatement here, but I wasn’t sure what to call them.

A few juror reviews would indicate that Online Verdict is a company that you should not get involved with, but that means there aren’t many sung its recognition either.

Social media presence

Online Verdict’s social media presence seems to show its legitimacy, which is true.

However, there isn’t a lot of activity for a user-based type of company.

You see, on their Facebook page, they have more than 700 followers, which to me is relatively small for a company that has been around since 2004.

It’s not just that their LinkedIn Account currently only shows 90 followers, which tells me there are few people aware of Online Verdict.

My thoughts about Online Verdict is that they may not have a lot of clients, which is fine. It just means there aren’t many trials for you to review either.

A Few Online Verdict Reviews

Even though there doesn’t seem to be much activity, Online Verdict may not be an issue. It’s just that they might not do much work, is all.

Also, I’m not sure if there’s a lot of demand for online jurors.

You see, on their Facebook page they currently only have 2 ratings.

Now some people say that they seem to have gotten security warnings when they tried to open or sign up for the site.

I don’t know if it’s true or not. Maybe it’s probably more to do with technical issues with their website than it is to do with actual security issues.

Is Online Verdict A Scam?

Online Verdict does not have any sole proprietorship scams. This is a helpful service that can be very beneficial to both experienced lawyers and legal professionals.

This website is not intended to replace a focus group or real trial with one that takes place in real life more effectively.

In order to help you make decisions before conducting a further study, it is here to be used to gather crucial case data, gain early feedback, and influence decision-making.

What I Like About Online Verdict 

  • Educational
  • Compensation Is Okay
  • Opportunity To Help Legal Professionals

What I Don’t Like About Online Verdict 

  • They Pay You Through A Check
  • Cases Are Not Always Available
  • Irregular Earning Opportunity
  • Only Available In The US


Online Verdict is a legit website where you can earn some money.

However, it’s not a constant source of income you can count on.

My concern is their lack of activity, which when I researched them suggested they may not have a lot of work available.

Also, it is only available in the US, which isn’t helpful for those who don’t live in the US.

If you qualify, I recommend looking into them further.

If not, or if you find out that they don’t have many cases to review, there are other ways to make money online.

You might be a student or a single parent at home.

You may have challenges that make regular work difficult, or maybe you don’t like your job and you’re desperate for a way out.

Then I recommend you check my number 1 recommendation there. You might find what you’re looking for.

This concludes my Online Verdict review. I hope that I have answered all your questions about this website.

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