Is Pampered Chef a Pyramid Scheme? – MLM Exposed in My Review!

Pampered Chef MLM Review

Welcome to my Pampered Chef pyramid scheme review.

Pampered Chef sells cooking items and offers an MLM program where you can earn by selling their products and inviting others to join.

If you are curious to know:

  • Is Pampered Chef a pyramid scheme
  • Is Pampered Chef legit
  • How it really works
  • The real cost to start
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I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing the Pampered Chef program, taking notes, uncovering dirty info, and thoroughly going over the program so that I can provide you with the most helpful Pampered Chef MLM review.


Kitchen items/MLM company.


$79, $159 or $1000 for different size starter kits.


Well-established company. You get discounts on their products. Some people are doing very well selling their products. 30-day money-back guarantee. No monthly recurring costs or stocking products. 


Poor product quality. Lots of customer complaints. Pricey products. Focused on door-to-door selling and recruiting. Extremely low success rate. Monthly targets to stay active. 

⚠️ Verdict

Pampered Chef is one of those MLMs that looks and sounds great at first, but in the end, it's just another risky low-success-rate biz opp.

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What Is Pampered Chef?

The Pampered Chef business was founded by Doris Christopher as an MLM business. Since the 1990s, it has been taking the marketplace by storm.

Doris Christopher has a background in business economics, so it’s not all that shocking that her company has been monetarily successful.

Pampered Chef

You have probably heard about Pampered Chef events, right? Maybe that’s how you got interested in this company.

Pampered Chef Events are network marketing events where people get together to offer cooking items. There are some neat items, some average products, and also some items that you can discover for low cost at Walmart on clearance racks.

With over 40 years in business, I can claim that this company is not some new network marketing scam that seeks to make some fast bucks. Instead, it is a well-reputed company.

But because of their MLM structure, lots of people are questioning; Is Pampered Chef a pyramid scheme or a scam? Let’s focus on that in the next part of this review…

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Is Pampered Chef a Pyramid Scheme?

The Pampered Chef is not a pyramid scheme per se. You can buy and sell genuine products. Therefore, Pampered Chef is a legitimate service. You can earn money legitimately without getting caught up in a pyramid scheme.

But why do some people still doubt this? Well, let’s first answer what a pyramid scheme is…

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?

According to Wikipedia, “A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members by promising payments or services in exchange for enrolling new members into the scheme, rather than providing investments or product sales”.

You can check out a short video below to learn more…

So why do so many people assume that Pampered Chef is a pyramid scheme?

It’s because you can make cash by hiring a lot of individuals right into the multi-level advertising and marketing plan.

That’s the most significant reason some individuals call it a pyramid scheme in disguise …

Is Pampered Chef a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

As I said in my review so far, Pampered Chef is not a scam pyramid scheme. They promise you commissions based on the sales made by you and others you register.

And since there are no straight repayments just for getting them to sign up, there is no shady activity. That said, Pampered Chef, once more, is not a pyramid scheme.

To put it simply, the company sells real items for people to consume.

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Is Pampered Chef a Scam or Legit MLM?

Is Pampered Chef a Scam

Pampered Chef MLM is not a scam in my review. However, I do not recommend Pampered Chef MLM if your goal is to make a full-time income.

Most individuals who sign up with Pampered Chef MLM do so primarily to get kitchenware and a variety of other products at a lower cost than a regular customer would certainly.

As you’re about to see in this review, The Pampered Chef payment plan could seem attractive. However, you’ll only have the ability to optimize it if you have an effective sales process.

Like any other network marketing business or MLM company, most individuals will only be able to sell to friends and family.

You might only break even if you attract enough sales.

Even though the Pampered Chef MLM might seem like a scam, it’s simply a situation of people not understanding exactly how it works and how to make it prominent.

There are some high-earning professionals in the firm and they will tell you that it is not a scam which can work for you if you have a good sales procedure and can connect properly with prospects.

The business’s commission rate is in line with the majority of other network marketing programs, which adds to the legitimacy of the company.

However, you will understand the quantity of effort combined with the financial return is never going to be worth it due to the multi-level marketing nature.

What Products Does Pampered Chef Offer?

Pampered Chef is known for offering a large range of products. They are things like recipe books, kitchen items, tools, as well as much more.

Multi-use tools are among the kinds of products Pampered Chef deals with the most.

Pampered Chef Products

These items interest someone who wants an all-in-one kitchen area tool. They provide a full 1-year service warranty on all their items as well.

Pampered Chef’s most popular products include the following:

  • Stoneware Bakeware
  • Teak Wooden Spoon
  • Cut-N-Seal Maker Tart
  • Pizza and Crust Cutter
  • Mini Tart Shaper
  • beer bread mix
  • gardening tools
  • kitchen tools
  • food products

Pampered Chef’s brochures and food selections provide as much info as you need to make an educated decision. Nevertheless, a few of the rates for these cooking items are rather unreasonable from my viewpoint.

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How Does Pampered Chef MLM Work?

Pampered Chef makes the majority of its money by having its experts offer their products straight to their family and friends.

Pampered  Chef also makes some cash from showing up on TV shows. They demonstrated the usefulness of their products throughout Pampered Chef parties or TV appearances.

When experts on television in food preparation are demonstrating their products, it tells a lot about the quality.

So it is a good thing to know that Pampered Chef products are legit and recommended. But that might be only an endorsement.

See, there are a lot of complaints about their program and products as you’re about to see in the next sections of my Pampered Chef MLM review.

The bottom line is that you can recruit new specialists to work under you and earn much more based on the sales they make.

Below is a super-helpful insider video that’ll help you to learn more about the company’s MLM business…

How Much Does It Cost To Join Pampered Chef?

You have to buy a Pampered Chef starter kit if wish to become a specialist as well as begin earning money.

Depending upon your degree of expertise as well as enthusiasm for selling kitchen products, you can pick amongst three major packages.

The following are several of the various Pampered Chef starter kits:

Pampered Chef Starter Kits

Starter kit

The set costs $79 and consists of over $400 in items. Starting with a starter set is a good way to learn about the product.

Deluxe kit

The set costs $159 and includes $700 worth of items. With the deluxe set, you can market even more products and also consequently make even more money, than with the starter kit.

Ultimate package

There is $1000 well worth of items in this set, which costs $2790.

The main aim of this business is to make individuals understand how nice it is to have Pampered Chef products in their cooking areas. By giving you accessibility to items, these packages will assist you in making even more money.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about how you can do so in the next part of my Pampered Chef MLM review…

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How To Make Money With Pampered Chef MLM?

There are two major ways to make money with Pampered Chef:

  1. Selling products
  2. Recruiting members

If you are aiming to place up to start gaining some benefits, you will be required to develop your downline. Or you can simply sell products.

But the second approach is what works better.

The more participants you have in your downline, the more cash you make. This is because you will be making payments from their sales.

Pampered Chef Pyramid Scheme

Can you see why multi-level marketing companies like Pampered Chef are being called pyramid schemes?

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What Is Pampered Chef’s Compensation Plan?

Pampered Chef’s payment strategy shows up extremely complex. One point you must keep in mind here is the payments you will get when you reach a certain month-to-month sales volume.

Here are the details of it:

  • $1 to $749 in monthly sales will make you 20% commissions.
  • $750 to $1249 in monthly sales will help you make 22% commissions.
  • $1250 to $2500 in monthly sales and get 23% commissions
  • $2500 to $4000 in monthly sales will get you 24% commissions.
  • $4000+ will get you to 25%.

Consultants make approximately $20, which is very low compared to the sector standard.

Below are a few of the bonuses companies offer.

  • Earn a 3% commission on every sale by recruiting people under you.
  • Kits with special discounts
  • Points and free products
  • The commissions can increase to 3% if you hit $15000 in sales.

The following video explains their compensation plan in detail:

Can You Make Money With Pampered Chef?

Yes, it is possible to make money with Pampered Chef.

However, I found that Pampered Chef did not divulge any kind of profits. There are 2 possible reasons for this.

The first is that they do not wish to divulge exactly how low their consultants’ revenues are. The 2nd is that people are not making sufficient cash from them.

This is an indicator that their MLM is not generating revenue for most people. And that’s not a surprise in this industry…

How Much Can You Make Selling Pampered Chef?

Technically, you can start making money with Pampered Chef. But you will have to invest a lot of it into a house party where you will be promoting their items to others.

For this house party, you will certainly need to invest $300 or more.

In most cases, people discover it difficult to recover their investment in these house parties.

By gathering your friends and family, you might be able to hold a few events and earn some cash. The trouble is that as soon as that audience dries up, you’ll need to find a wider audience, and searching for that audience will not be easy.

So how much can you earn with Pampered Chef then?

Visualize you’re a superstar who sells all the components of your starter package at a celebration. The retail value is $400. The payment is 20%, which means you have made $80.00.

Let’s say you obtained a $25 discount rate on your starter kit for hosting, which means you paid just $74 for it.

That said, you have made $105 in compensation.

But do not forget the cost of food and also various other things you put into organizing this party. This is possibly around $50.00 to $300 per party.

With all your time, initiative, and energy, you’ve now earned $55.00 or none.

Is Pampered Chef MLM Worth It?

There is absolutely nothing one-of-a-kind about Pampered Chef. To start with, it is an extremely pricey company to sign up with.

Besides that, the failure rate is very high (approx 98%).

These factors make Pampered Chef one of the most hated MLMs in the household niche.

I highly prevent people from signing up with multilevel marketing after assessing most MLM businesses. The only individuals who generate income from MLMs are their proprietors.

So yeah, you can make money with Pampered Chef. It’s not a scam. But I don’t see how this MLM is worth time, energy, and money…

Pampered Chef Reviews and Complaints

One of the best ways to learn whether Pampered Chef is a scam or legit is to read some testimonials online. Most Pampered Chef reviews online are directed toward their products and are generally positive.

For example, on TrustPilot, the company has got a “Poor” rating with over 50% of reviews saying that Pampered Chef products are bad! (examples below).

Pampered Chef Reviews

On SiteJabber, they got similar reviews. Most people aren’t happy with the website, products, or delivery. They got 2 stars out of a possible five, which is a disappointing result.

Common Positive Reviews

  • Awesome products! They last for years. They also offer replacement parts for their products. I like how their website is easy to navigate. They also do a great job helping those who need extra income by offering positions of consultants. You can call the pampered chef and the customer service reps can answer all your questions.
  • Love Pampered Chef. We have been using their products for over 25 years and have no problems with anything. The pizza stones are especially nice and durable. Makes great pizzas and cookies every time. The ice cream scoop is the best. Every item we have purchased has lasted and has not been replaced due to wearing out! That’s amazing to me and worth the slight premium you pay for their product.

Common Negative Reviews

  • The worst Internet shop within the last 10 years. We never will buy anything again. You can ask the service what you want and you will never get an answerback, only respond by preparing standard text which has nothing to do with the question. No mail address will be given and no delivery date is mentioned (only a month is indicated)
  • I placed an order on 9/16/21. According to their website on 9/23/21, they were shipping orders placed on 9/17/21. When I inquired as to why my order had not shipped, I was provided with a generic response. When I followed up, a different customer service rep said it was in the queue and would be processed soon. No one would answer why orders placed after mine were moving ahead in the queue. Then a different Customer Service rep(Gigi) said they were processing orders placed on 9/18/21. No one will answer my question.

That said, the company has got some issues (like they all do). But this doesn’t mean that Pampered Chef is a scam.

However, I don’t like the MLM part. As you can see from the above sections of my review, making money through selling these products or recruiting in a scheme is extremely hard.

So before I conclude, here are some of the pros and cons of Pampered Chef MLM in my review…

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Pampered Chef MLM Review – Pros

Pampered Chef is a Well-Established Company

The Pampered Chef has been around since 1980. Very few MLM firms endure that long. Most of them just last for 2 to 3 years before they fall short.

Pampered Chef, nonetheless, is not one of them.

It is to show that the business is here to stay. The business is additionally among the first multi-level marketing companies in the kitchen area tools sector, which brought about the establishment of a lot more businesses.

You Get a Discount on Products

This network marketing business offers unique discount rates to those who join it, which is a good idea. Whether you like your kitchenware or otherwise, you can get discounts of 20% to 50% on all items.

You Can Earn Selling Pampered Chef

The pampered chef does offer the opportunity to make money. Some individuals generate income from the business.

Pampered Chef Offers Refunds

Pampered Chef will withdraw items that don’t work and refund a customer. They recalled 2 items on their website because they were malfunctioning in some way.

30-day Product Warranty

The 30-day warranty is one more terrific marketing factor for your clients. Not all product assurances are the same. Keep in mind that it covers only defective items.

You Don’t Have to Stock Pampered Chef Products

You are not required to keep anything other than your starter set. In other words, you will get everything you need to start your MLM business straight from the company.

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Pampered Chef MLM Review – Cons

Pampered Chef Product Quality is Poor

The top quality of Pampered Chef products has been slammed online a whole lot (examples in the previous parts of my Pampered Chef MLM review).

Several review sites have published unfavourable testimonials concerning the quality of their products.

The Price is Not That Great Either

When you compare the Pampered Chef items to their equivalents, you will certainly see that they are fairly pricey.

This is bad for you if you want to sell them. It might be tough to sell costly products. Why would people buy an expensive product, when they can get the same on Amazon for 50% less money?

You Have To Host a Lot of Live Pampered Chef Events

It holds that occasionally hosting these events can be enjoyable. However, individuals eventually get tired as well as bored of them. Doing events is an actual pain in the ass.

It’s likewise an obsolete concept for building an MLM business.

You will need to spend cash on these celebrations. Food, travelling time, gas as well as various other incidentals need to be thought about for your demonstrations.

Before your very first successful sale, you’re already spending cash.

It’s Hard To Earn a Decent Income

By signing up with Pampered Chef, it is challenging to earn a living.

Poor reviews can hurt your sales. As time passes, an increasing number of individuals are becoming wise when purchasing new products.

If they discover the products are poor quality, regardless of exactly how great the bargain could be, they could skip it regardless of just how great the offer is.

Lots of Negative Pampered Chef Reviews

According to review sites online, there are plenty of unhappy consumers. Poor customer service, damaged or faulty items, as well as insufficient reimbursements, are the most common problems.

Favourably, Pampered Chef has resolved these issues.

You Need To Hit Monthly Targets to Stay Active

Lots of people are unaware that Pampered Chef has a sales allocation of 150 PV.

This means that to stay active, you should market $150 worth of products every month. PV represents personal volume.

You will not have the ability to earn any cash if you do not hit this mark.

Nonetheless, there is a way to do this, and that is by purchasing the items on your own. That just beats the purpose of why you want to generate income.

Low Success Rate and Saturated Market

Pampered Chef is indeed coming to be more saturated day by day, which means there are more competitors for you.

According to the majority of research studies, people who sign up with Multi-level marketing to generate income end up losing the cash they invest.

The failure proportion is very high in Network marketing, at approximately 99%.

Pampered Chef is a “Pyramid Scheme in Disguise”

It’s challenging for anybody to make a respectable living just by marketing the Pampered Chef products. So you need to put together a team, which indicates hiring people.

You will need to convince people every single day that you have a great opportunity. In addition to attempting to offer items, you will need to recruit individuals right into your business at these house parties.

That’s why people say that Pampered Chef is just another “pyramid scheme” in disguise.

Pampered Chef is Missing Income Disclosure

My search for income disclosure statements for consultants with Pampered Chef did not produce outcomes. I believe this increases some severe red flags.

If you offer an excellent business opportunity and tell people they will have the ability to make a good living as a Pampered Chef specialist, why not share their earnings with them?

My only guess is that people aren’t making any money so they don’t want you to know this!

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Pampered Chef MLM Review – Conclusion

As I said in my review, Pampered Chef MLM is not a pyramid scheme or a nasty scam. Technically, it is a legit way to start an online business and make some money.

But generally, I do not advise signing up with Pampered Chef multi-level marketing. Why sign up with such a company when there are better, scalable, sustainable, and lasting alternatives?

See, MLMs are doomed to fail. It is the worst service version that you can join.

It is just the owner who earns money from it. Most people who sign up with Pampered Chef to generate income wind up losing their money, which leads to the company’s revenue.

In other words, MLM companies earn money from selling starter kits and dream of running a business.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are skilled and passionate about it, you can make some money with Pampered Chef MLM. But the chances of doing great are very low…

Thanks for reading my Pampered Chef MLM review. What is your opinion? Is Pampered Chef a pyramid scheme/scam? Were you a part of or maybe still are a member of this business?

Feel free to leave your reviews at the end of this page!

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Kitchen items/MLM company.


$79, $159 or $1000 for different size starter kits.


Well-established company. You get discounts on their products. Some people are doing very well selling their products. 30-day money-back guarantee. No monthly recurring costs or stocking products. 


Poor product quality. Lots of customer complaints. Pricey products. Focused on door-to-door selling and recruiting. Extremely low success rate. Monthly targets to stay active. 

⚠️ Verdict

Pampered Chef is one of those MLMs that looks and sounds great at first, but in the end, it's just another risky low-success-rate biz opp.

 Rating

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