Passive Profile Profits Review – A SCAM or Four-Figure Paydays?

Hello, and welcome to my Passive Profile Profits review.

Making money from home, especially in these uncertain times is a dream for a lot of people out there. Since you’re here, I’m sure you’re looking to earn an income from the comfort of your home as well.

Passive Profile Profits system is designed to show you how to leverage a simple step-by-step method from home, which is allegedly proven to work and 100% beginner-friendly, according to the creator, Jonny Rose.

Could this be your solution to earning an income from home?

Moreover, what is it about? How does it work?

And above all, is Passive Profile Profit a scam or legit system for making four-figures in passive profits?

In this review, I’m going to share all that you need to know before buying. I’ve seen a ton of shady course that promise fast earnings without “lifting a finger” and most of them were scams designed to rob you blindly.

Follow me in this Passive Profile Profit review to see the truth behind this offer.

Passive Profile Profits Review


Passive Profile Profits Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Owner: Jonny Rose
  • Product Price: $9.91 + Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days (questionable)
  • Recommended?: Not really…

Quick Summary: Passive Profile Profits is a short training course about setting up and optimizing a LinkedIn account for making money. However, to learn how to actually make money, you will have to buy hidden OTOS.

And even if you accept to buy all the OTOS, which is something I don’t recommend, the success is not guaranteed.

See, there are absolutely zero testimonials that could confirm that Passive Profile Profits work as advertised, which is one of the reasons why I DON’T RECOMMEND this course to my readers.

I wouldn’t call this offer a scam, per see, but it’s not something I wouldn’t recommend either.

If you’re looking to make money online, the best way to go is affiliate marketing! Click below to learn more.

My #1 recommendation is a legit course that made me go from $0 to earning $100’s per day as my own boss!




What is Passive Profile Profits?

Passive Profile Profits is a method for making money using the LinkedIn network.

The idea was created by Jonny Rose and he claims that this is a simple set-and-forget method that requires only a few minutes to set it up which makes him a four-figure income per day.

Passive Profile Profits Review - Sales Page

Now, the latter section of the sentence above is the reason why I’m inclined to say right from the start that Passive Profile Profit is a scam.

Wouldn’t you agree with me?

However, when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s a legitimate platform anyone can leverage to create a profile, reach potential buyers, and make money.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, which means there’s a huge audience there.

So basically there is some truth in those claims that we get from Jonny Rose. But how much? Is he a trusted guy?

Passive Profile Profits Review - Claims

Jonny claims that Passive Profile Profits is a simple step-by-step method that requires no skills, no email list, no paid traffic, etc.

But from me to you, those claims are overhyped. Every system requires some degree of skills, traffic, and a lot of hustle.

Truth be told, the lessons inside this video are step-by-step and easy to follow. However, this is not an in-depth course for making money with LinkedIn.

Basically, with Passive Profile Profits, you will learn how to get traffic from LinkedIn.

In my opinion, this course needs a lot more proof. From the start, it sounds like a scam to me.

Who Is Jonny Rose?

I know Jonny from the Commission Ignition system. It was a so-so course about getting free traffic from Quora.

Today, he has come out with another one called Passive Profile Profits where he and his business partner Sasha Ilic share their secrets to passive income with LinkedIn.

If you’re not familiar with Jonny Rose, he’s an online marketer and a serial product vendor. Passive Profile Profits and Commission Ignition are just a few of his creations.

Passive Profile Profits Review - Jonny Rose

There are also Blabbermouth Bucks and Echo Profits.

In other words, you can find a ton of Jonny’s products on the WarriorPlus marketplace. I would dare to say that most of these products are rehashed versions of one another.

That’s how Jonny is making money online.

Speaking of which, let’s see how this system works in the next section of my Passive Profile Profits review.

How Does Passive Profile Profits Work?

Passive Profile Profits is a 21-lessons long training course for setting up your LinkedIn profile. Yup!

You get a set of training videos divided into two modules where Jonny will show you how to set up and optimize your LinkedIn profile for search terms and conversions.

Passive Profile Profits Review Scam

The main idea is to rank your profile for a specific search term and get traffic for each time someone searches for your profile.

For example, if you optimize your profile for the term “affiliate marketing” whenever someone uses LinkedIn to search for affiliate marketing, your profile could come up and you can get free traffic to your business.

As I said, you’ll get 21 video lessons within the Passive Profile Profits training area that will lead you step-by-step through the process of setting up and optimizing your profile on LinkedIn.

Section 1: Optimize Your Profile To Be FOUND By Buyers

  • Introduction To Being Found On LinkedIn
  • Research and Select your Buyer Keyword
  • Put Your Buyer Keyword 20+ Times On Your Profile
  • Change Your LinkedIn URL
  • Complete Your Profile
  • Get Your Buyer Keyword in Recommendations
  • Increase Your Endorsements – Relevant Skills Only

Section 2: Optimizing Your Profile For Sales/Conversions

  • Introduction: They’ve landed on your page – now what?
  • Think Like A Buyer (Get Them To Know, Like, Trust You)
  • Optimizing Your Header Photo
  • Develop a compelling one-sentence pitch
  • Use a Good Headshot (People Judge Visually)
  • Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Sales Letter
  • Endorsements & Recommendations For Social Proof

Now, I have to agree that this is a legitimate method. You can set up a LinkedIn profile in any niche and optimize it to get traffic from search. However, I don’t agree with Jonny that it takes only three steps to execute this.

Passive Profile Profits Review - Hype

If you remember the Passive Profile Profits sales page, Jonny said that you have to do is:

  1. Watch the videos inside
  2. Create your profile
  3. Start collecting payments

To me, those three steps sound like a classic get-rich-quick scam.

As I said, I believe in this method as I too own a LinkedIn profile. However, I’m 100% sure that Passive Profile Profits is not going to work as Jonny claims.

Is Passive Profile Profits a Scam?

Well, no. Passive Profile Profits is not a scam since the course includes video training where you can learn how to leverage LinkedIn to make money.

But the course is full of unrealistic income claims, misleading promises, and is designed using a lot of tricks to squeeze more and more cash from you, and therefore, is on very thin ice.

The Course is Very Short

First of all, the very course inside is short.

You get only 21 lessons that are between 2 and 10 minutes (mostly 3 mins) long. In other words, it’s a crash-course on LinkedIn marketing. It’s nothing special that will make you rich as Jonny and Sasha told you.

See, it may take you a few minutes, but you could find the same stuff on YouTube for free.

Passive Profile Profits Comes With Hidden Upsells

Secondly, I’m sure that Jonny and Sasha are making money with LinkedIn. But they will not share this information with you for only $9. See, there are a few upsells waiting for you as soon as you buy a Passive Profile Profits course.

In other words, they will sell you a generic course for small money.

And then, they will ask you to pay $100’s to learn how to actually make money with it although they haven’t said a thing about upsells before joining.

That is called playing you around and is one of the major reasons why I usually call courses like Passive Profile Profits a scam!

I’ve had a chance to participate in and review a ton of courses like this one.

For example, you can take a look at my review of Fast Cash 5. Or you can see the same thing happening with Internet Retirement App as well.

All these “courses” have been designed to charge you tons of cash once you get inside of the sales funnel.

I Don’t Fancy an Overhyped Sales Page 

Another small issue and a possible sign of a scam is the sales page. It’s packed with overhyped claims, income proof, and misleading information.

I’m not shocked by this because I’ve seen a ton of these products so far.

If making money with Passive Profile Profits was that easy, then everyone in the world would have heard about it and would have used it to make money online, wouldn’t you agree?

In my opinion, the entire thing was designed to make money off you.

Speaking of which, let’s see the section about the price.

Passive Profile Profits Price and Hidden Upsells

It will cost you only $9.91 to get access to 21 video lessons where you can learn how to set up and optimize a LinkedIn profile for affiliate marketing and sales.

Passive Profile Profits Review - Price

The course is selling via the WarriorPlus marketplace and is backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, keep in mind, if you ever buy this course, Jonny and other guys from WarriorPlus don’t like to give refunds. They will rather ignore you for 30 days!

I’ve lost a ton of money just by being a sucker and buying these overhyped crash courses.

In addition to Passive Profile Profits training, you get a few bonuses as well.

Passive Profile Profits Review - Bonuses

But to get access to advanced information (remember, the course is basic), you will have to spend a lot more than just $10 or so.

As per usual, Passive Profile Profits follows the unpopular trend.

Want To Learn More? Buy Upsells, Please

So basically, you’ve been told that for $9 you will get access to a set-and-forget method that will help you to start earning four-figure income per day while relaxing on your couch.

But unfortunately, that’s not right.

Passive Profile Profits is designed in a way to attract newbies with promises about making easy cash. They put a small price tag on in to make it look like an irresistible deal.

However, as soon as you get inside, you discover that this is not how it is going to work.

The Passive Profile Profits system is chopped into pieces. Moreover, you will have to buy one piece at the time to get the full picture and hopefully make some money using this system.

But by the time you realize this, it is probably going to be too late.

That said, let take a look at those upsells in the following section of my Passive Profit Profits review.

Upsells (OTOs)

Upsell (OTO) #1 – Passive Profile Profits Pro Million Dollar Masterclass ($27)

This OTO is allegedly designed to accelerate your Passive Profile Profits with this “Million Dollar Masterclass” and learn how Jonny used the profile optimization strategy to help build a 7-figure software business.

Upsell (OTO) #2 – Passive Profile Profits Done-For-You Service ($147)

With this OTO, Jonny will create and optimize a profile that gets traffic and conversions for you if you purchase this. This saves you the effort of doing the initial setup yourself.

Upsell (OTO) #3 – Passive Profile Profits An Hour With Jonny Rose ($157)

An hour of 1-2-1 coaching, conversation, and collaboration where you can get your profiles reviewed by Jonny, discuss any stumbling blocks you’re having with the product, or just ask anything you want about internet marketing.

Upsell (OTO) #4 – Passive Profile Profits Resell Rights ($97)

Keep 100% of the profits when you re-sell Passive Profile Profits to friends, family, and email list or social media audience.

So as you can see, if you want to learn how to use LinkedIn to make money, you need OTO #1. If you want to get it done-for-you, you need OTO #2. The third one is necessary if you want help and support.




What I Like About Passive Profile Profits

Honestly, I’m not a fan of this offer. I like the idea of using LinkedIn to get more traffic and buyers to your business. However, this program seems like just another scam from WarriorPlus.

Objectively speaking, I like that you get training videos where you can learn how to set up and optimize a LinkedIn account. In other words, the content is legit and barely worth $9.

If you don’t like content inside Passive Profile Profits, you can ask Jonny to give you your money back during the first 30 days after the purchase.

However, keep in mind that getting a refund from WarriorPlus is almost a mission impossible.

  • Includes training videos
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (questionable)

What I Don’t Like About This Offer

First thing I really don’t like about Passive Profile Profits is those claims about making 1000’s of dollars per day using this method. See, it’s not how making money online works. It’s never a set-and-forget method.

And if you haven’t learn that by now, here’s your chance to stop listening to those overhyped promises.

Secondly, I don’t like the length of the course. Each video is only a few minutes long and only shows how to set up and optimize your LinkedIn page. You will not learn how to make money with Passive Profile Profits.

Correction, you will not make money with this course unless you buy hidden upsells (OTOs) where Jonny and Sacha share extra lessons that explain how to combine this method with affiliate marketing.

Another thing that bothers me about Passive Profile Profits is the complete lack of testimonials.

What can you make of this fact?

In my mind, it shows that this course is not working as advertised. It shows that people are buying it, but are not achieving any results. It tells me that this is the best for the owners and not for users.

And lastly, I don’t like the fact that you must buy OTO to get help and coaching from Passive Profile Profits.

  • It’s not as easy as presented on the sales page
  • The course is short and does not show how to make money
  • You must buy hidden OTOs to learn how to earn money
  • No testimonials from previous users
  • No private coaching unless you buy OTO

Is Passive Profile Profits Recommended?

I personally don’t recommend this offer. In my opinion, LinkedIn marketing is a great idea. However, Passive Profile Profits is just a crash-course on this topic that could cost you $100’s and $100’s in OTOs and for that reason, is the best for its owners.

Maybe I would recommend this course if there would be a few user testimonials from real people, not fake ones that we can often see in online marketing scams.

If you want to make money on LinkedIn whether with Passive Profile Profits or any other course out there, you will have to invest a lot more into creating a full-scale online business first.

You can’t just buy a $9 course and expect to earn $1000’s just because the guy on the sales page said so.

These guys will say ANYTHING just to get you inside and make you buy all those OTOs.

So once again, no, I don’t recommend Passive Profile Profits. In my opinion, it’s not worth time and money.

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How I Make Money Online

Thanks for reading my Passive Profile Profits review. I hope my article was helpful. And I hope that you can now make a wise decision about this offer.

If you want to share your review, or ask questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

And while you’re here…

If you’re serious about making money online, my only recommendation is the affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is great because it’s easy to get started. You don’t need to own any products, stock them, ship, or deal with returns and customer support.

All you have to do is recommend a product to a person who is looking for it and make commissions for doing so!

Moreover, you don’t need any special skills or tech experience to master affiliate marketing.

All you need is the proper training and mentor. Click the button below to get both!




8 thoughts on “Passive Profile Profits Review – A SCAM or Four-Figure Paydays?”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this article. it was a pleasure to read it.

    Yes, I would love to work from home in the near future without having to go to my day job, so it was great finding your article. I also read your other articles and loved them. You have a great website.

    From what I read I found that even though passive profile profits is not a scam and offers educative videos, it still is full of distractions. Thanks for letting us know.

    The web is full of people praising programs like this, it is  a relief that someone gets to list the pros and the cons in one article, it’s great that someone (you) speaks their true opinion.

    • Hi Dominique, thanks for your comment on my review of Passive Profile Profits and your comments on my site. I appreciate it! Unfortunately, the net is full of sites like Passive Profile Profits. I don’t recommend sites with so many hidden upsells and weak training.


  2. Hi Ivan,

    Great work exposing Passive Profile Profits for the peddling unrealistic expectations. It is a shame that these kinds of offerings are littered all over the Web, misleading the unsuspecting and often desperate individuals who are in search for promising prospects.

    All they do is produce a lot of hurt and mistrust, making it difficult for folks to believe even when there is good opportunity in front of them.

    It’s just another shiny outfit.


    • Hi Femi, thanks for your comment on my review. Unfortunately, you’re right, these schemes are all over the net. Passive Profile Profits is just one of many courses that aim at beginners who have no idea what it really takes to make money online whether with LinkedIn or any other platform.

      I’m glad to see that you’re seeing things as they are. Let me know if you have any questions.


  3. We thank you again, for these helpful and inspiring reviews with Passive Profile profits is not a scam. But indeed an up-sale that you will have to get and they don’t even tell you we are glad that we have been using the WA platform. Making money through Affiliate Marketing is profitable. Ivan can tell you what you need to if you listen and follow key steps.
    There is more than enough to go around and make a profit not with up-sales but with provided sources for your success.


    • Hi Matthew/Deloris, thanks for your comment on my review. I’m glad to help you once again. Passive Profile Profits is not a scam per see, but as you can see, they use a lot of tricks, upsells, and other things, well, to trick you into spending money.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re achieving success with my recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. It’s indeed the best place to start with the affiliate marketing business. Let me know if you guys have questions and best of luck!


  4. Hi Ivan,

    As usual, I’m in complete agreement with you.

    Firstly, for me, Linkedin is an untapped market – I have a profile, I share my content there, but nothing more.

    So, obviously I’ve never received any traffic from Linkedin. I guess this has to do with my lack of interaction on the platform, and now as I’ve learned from your review here, a lack of optimizing my profile.

    I didn’t even realise that was “a thing”.

    So, I’ve definitely learned something from Passive Profile Profits.

    As for whether Passive Profile Profits is a scam, I’m still in two minds myself.

    I agree that any social network, including Linkedin, is a legitimate way of doing business, getting traffic, and making sales.

    However, much like you, I’m not impressed that you are literally sold the dream, but the “success material” is severely lacking unless you purchase various upsells.

    To me, it’s once again a way of tapping into people’s psyche, by making everything sound ever so simple, when in fact there is a lot more work (and expense) involved.

    As always Ivan, an outstanding review, and based on your review, this isn’t one for me.


    • Hi Partha, thank you for your comment on my review of Passive Profile Profits system.

      Yeah, LinkedIn could bring some traffic to your site if you optimize your profile for search and niche. So yeah, there’s something useful inside the training course.

      But I agree with you, they are selling a dream about making $1000’s per day with this method packed in a very basic course on LinkedIn optimization. Moreover, they don’t disclose that the part of the training where you learn how to “make money” with this method is going to be extra.

      The bottom line is, I’m not fascinated with this course either and I’m not going to be recommending it.

      Thanks again for stopping by!



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