Review – PlentyBread is a SCAM! See This!

Welcome to my PlentyBread review! So you want to know whether it is a scam or legit?

First of all, congratulations on being a smart person and for doing your own research first. is a site that claims to be the #1 influencer network in the world. And being such a popular site, it guarantees that you can earn $500 per day doing almost nothing.

Tempting, right? So what do you have to do to make $500 per day or $182.500 per year?

Well, there are a few tasks such as sharing links, survey, watching videos, and such. But I’m afraid it’s not going to work like you’ve been told. I can tell you right away and thus, save you from going through this PlentyBread review. is a scam, and you don’t want to have anything with that site. And this is not the only site of this sort that is going to scam you. There are tons of clones out there, which are all exposed on this blog.

If you are really interested in making money online, I suggest learning more about the best way to make money online instead of wasting your time and money on scams.

So without further ado, let’s crank this PlentyBread review to show you how I know that PletnyBread is a scam and most definitely not a legitimate site!

PlentyBread Review - Scam or Legitimate?


PlentyBread Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Email Marketing
  • Product Owner: Shawn Josiah
  • Product Price: $9 for 14 days, then $47 per month+ Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days
  • Recommended?: Yes, but not for beginners

Quick Summary:  The first time you land on the site, you get an impression that it might be something legitimate.

There are no usual scam warning signs except one claim that poked my eye.

“Make $500 Today!”

Right of that bat, I knew that those claims are ridiculous and in 99.9% of the cases, those sites end up on my scam list.

However, the site looks pretty good, and you can never be sure today.

So to save you time and money, I started to dig deep and deeper to find out what it is all about.

And as you are about to see in the rest of this PlentyBread review, the scam signs were popping one after another like mushrooms after the rain.

Let me show you what you need to know.

IF you’0re in the hurry, I can save your time and say that PlentyBread is an outright scam.

It’s a fake website that was designed to make you believe that you can make money instantly just to get your confidence so that you can work for free.

You could earn some imaginary money, but they will never pay it out to you.

Once again, PlentyBread is a scam! See the rest of my review to see all the red flags.

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What is

PlentyBread is allegedly a #1 influencer network where social media influencers gather together to promote various companies such as this one.

How do they do so?

You can join this network for free to earn $500 per day sharing links, completing tasks, uploading videos, and basically, promoting this site to other “influencers.”

And they say it has taken them less than ten years, five to be precise, to become the #1 network.

Since they boast about their results so much, I wanted to find out more, so I went on my social media to connect with PlentyBread.

However, all results came back empty.

In other words, I haven’t managed to find this #1 social media influencer on any of the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Weird ha? #1 social influencer is nowhere to be found.

Well, as I’ve told you earlier in this review, these scam signs started to show one after another.

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How Does PlentyBread Work?

According to the official website, PlentyBread strives to provide straight transparency to its members.

By inviting friends, you are building traffic to the PlentyBread site and increasing ad revenue.

You are also increasing exposure to their sponsors’ products, ultimately, increasing sponsor relations across their network.

Here are a few tasks that you have to complete to get paid with PlentyBread as well as the earning potential of each job.

  • Refer a Friend – $20 per invite
  • Get Clicks – $2 per click
  • Complete Surveys – up to $50 per survey
  • Create YouTube Videos – up to $50 per video
  • Download Apps – up to $35 per app

I was pretty much convinced of this model once I opened my account and saw the thing from the inside.

It looks legitimate, right?

Share your links with friends and get paid.

Watch YouTube Videos and get paid.

All these tasks sound effortless, and the earning potential with PlentyBread seems incredible!

And then I wanted to know how to get paid after you complete these tasks, so the next section of this Plenty Bread review is all about that.

After this, I’ll show you a bunch of hard-core scam signs that I’ve managed to dig out.

How Does PlentyBread Pay Its Members?

So when you are ready to get paid, you simply need to request your payment in the members’ area.

PlentyBread pays members through PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin, and mailed checks.

And as much as these methods of payouts sound legitimate, the one thing that worried me was the next sentence from their site.

Usually, payments are sent instantly when scheduled. However, in rare cases, some problems may arise.

What freaking problems?

So basically, they’re telling you that in case you don’t receive your payment, you are probably screwed.

And since there is no further explanation regarding these “problems” with payouts, I started to search for answers.

I mean, it’s your rightfully earned money, and you want to know what freaking problems might occur, right?

And you want to know how to get your freaking money after a hard day of work, right?

The next section of this PlentyBread review shows what I found while looking for the truth.



PlentyBread Scam Signs

I mentioned earlier in this review a few scam signs, that caused me to doubt PlentyBread.

The first scam sign was the claims about making $500 today.

In other words, that translated to “we’re a get-rich-quick-today-scam-site, and we want you to become greedy so that we can f*** you up easily.”

Making $500 per day means that you could earn approx $182.500 per year!

It makes me wonder now, why haven’t I heard of this site from, I don’t know, every person who managed to do so!?!?

Well, my friend, it’s because those claims, as well as the PlentyBread site, are fake and scam!

Let me show you the rest of the warning signs now.

No Info About Owner 

So one of the first things that I always look at in these scam sites is the ownership.

And in this case, there are no details about the person or a company that owners

The only thing that shows that this might be something real is the address in NYC.

PlentyBread Review Scam

But once I ran this address through Google Maps and saw that the address is fake, I knew that this is most likely another scam in a row.

You see, trust is everything these days, and this site is not trying at all.

I don’t want to give my trust, and most importantly, my money to sites that can’t tell me more about themselves or the person who owns the site.

PlentyBread fails in every conceivable way to verify its ownership and thus gets big fat zero on the trust meter.

And there’s more!

No Legal Pages on The Main Webpage

If you remember my point from the “How it Works” section of PlentyBread review, I wanted to know how am I going to be paid if I complete these tasks.

And this information is usually located within legal pages such as Privacy Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, and such.

So I started to click around the PlentyBread website to find these pages to get my answers.

But unfortunately, there are no such pages anywhere on the main website.

This might be the most crucial scam sign of them all, guys.

However, my hawk eye managed to catch them at one small point in time where you’re blinded by some other stuff.

They display these briefly while you’re filling out the registration form.

But they professionally distract you from reading these with “$30 sign-up bonus” and such things.

And then the worst thing happened.

You Must be 99 Years or Older to Get Paid!!!

This deserves one huge LOL, guys!

So as I was scanning through the PlentyBread well-hidden Terms of Use page, I noticed a weird sentence.

Below is the screenshot to see it for yourself.

PlentyBread Review Scam

This means that if you’re not 99 years or older, you can’t use the PlentyBread website and its services.

And also, even if you do so, and manage to earn an income, you can’t get paid if you’re not 99 years or older.

So basically, they’re using a dirty trick to screw you over once you decide to pull out your earnings.

If you apply for payout, they’ll ask you for details, and when they see that you’re not a 99-year-old man or a woman, they’ll pull out this paper and say “sorry, but you didn’t read our Terms obviously, and we can’t pay you.”

If this is not enough to be 100% sure that PlentyBread is a scam, let’s discuss a thing that got me to wonder about this in the first place.

No Social Media Presence

You can test this one by yourself now.

Go to your Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media profile and type PlentyBread in the search bar.

You’ll be surprised to see that this site is a ghost on social media.

This made me very confused and doubtful immediately.

How can they say that they are the #1 influencer network or whatever, and yet they are freaking ghosts on every major social media platform?

It doesn’t add up.

In other words, the lack of social media presence is a significant scam warning!

And there’s more.

Fake About Us Page

Once you click on the About Us page, you’ll get a pretty convincing story about the beginnings of the PlentyBread website.

They say they started way back in 2015 intending to make a network where influencers could promote for advertisers.

PlentyBread Review - Fake Date

And as the years went by, the site grew more significant, and so they became the #1 influencer network in the world.

Since I was curious to see whether this is true or not, I ran the domain through WHOIS to see if the dates match up.

PlentyBread Review Scam - Domain

And the results came back negative once again. domain was registered and created on the 14th of April 2020.

This means that the About Us page is fake and like many of these scam sites, PlentyBread is selling you a false story.

Clone of Use2Earn & Tap2Earn

As the last scam sign in this PlentyBread review, I want to show you two almost identical clone sites.

Both and use the same design, the same model, and the same tricks to get you started.

PlentyBread Review Scam

PlentyBread Review Clone Site

PlentyBread Review Scam Clone Site

As you can see from the images above, all three sites are identical!

How can there be three #1 influencer earning networks out there?

The problem is, these sites come and go as soon as negative scam reviews start to pop up.

And all they do is change the name and the domain to keep running the same scam once again.

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Is PlentyBread a Scam?

So without a single grain of doubt, you can be sure that PlentyBread is a scam site.

Just like many other sites of this format, promises $500 per day, and even today, doing some simple tasks that require no skills or effort.

But they just play on your desire to earn money online effortlessly.

This is a popular trick these sites use to drag in as many gullible newbies as possible.

They’ll give you a few tasks to do, and you might even end up making some money completing these tasks.

However, if you want to withdraw your earnings, you’ll get a painful slap in your face, and you’ll have to wait until you’re 99 years of age to get your money.

This is not a joke.

They’ve clearly stated in their Terms of Use that you have to be at 99 years of age to use this site and thus, to claim the benefits that come from it.

But as my research has shown, this is not the only clear sign that PlentyBread is a scam.

Their About Us page is fake too, and their social media presence is non-existent.

The address is real but this company does not exist on this address, and so on.

In other words, the whole company is fake and probably going to disappear from the map as soon as the domain registration expires.

So do yourself a favor and read the rest of this post.

Legitimate Way To Earn Online

First of all, thanks for reading my PlentyBread review. I hope it was helpful.

Secondly, if you don’t want to waste your time on scam sites no longer, let me show you a way to something legitimate.

If you are a newbie on the internet, the best way to get started is small.

You can join survey sites to get a feeling of how it works and to gain confidence online.

However, these sites are not recommended since the pay is tiny and you’re practically going to bust your but whole day for a few bucks here and there.

In other words, they’re not worth it either.

That’s why my best recommendation is to start with a business model called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing comes down to promoting other people’s products and services.

You don’t have to own any products.

You don’t have to have any skills or experience to do this.

You work only with legitimate, trusted, and verified sites like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc.

You’re responsible for your own paycheck.

You can work from your laptop whenever and wherever you want.

And more!

However, you have to know that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and you won’t succeed overnight.

But if you are willing to learn a few new skills and want to make some honest money online, make sure to check out the button below.

Or you can risk with PlentyBread and other sites and then come back here.




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

12 thoughts on “ Review – PlentyBread is a SCAM! See This!”

  1. I have not heard of PlentyBread before, so found this review to be very informative and helpful. I had to start laughing when I read that the fact that you have to be 99 years old or older to be paid by PlentyBread. This company is obviously a complete joke, and thank you for the warning that they are a total fraud and scam. 

    • Hi LineCowley, thanks for your comment. I’m happy to hear that my review was helpful. Now you know that PlentyBread is not a trusted website. They use ton of tricks like “must be 99 years or older to participate” to scam you into working for free.


  2. Thanks a lot for the review. As I’ve been scammed a couple of times so I could almost tell that plenty bread is a scam. I mean the plain sign is there $500. That’s easy money. A couple of times back I’d have fell for it and so will anyone and that’s why it’s far better to start anything with a research 

    • Hi Age, thanks for sharing your comment on my review. We all learn from our mistakes. I’m glad that you’re now a lot wiser than before. I admit, a few years ago, I would have felt on scams like PlentyBread.

      Oh, yeah, and be careful out there. This scam is not the only one of this kind. Watch out for Social Bounty, Tap2Earn, Use2Earn, KashTree and many others that promote $500 per day and call themselves #1 network influencer. It’s just a bunch of clone scams tricking people into working for free.


  3. Thanks for this review article on PlentyBread. The fact that you exclaimed that this program or scheme is a scam gave me an impression of what this article has to say about PlentyBread and created the mindset to avoid anything that has to do with PlentyBread. Making $500 a day is a get rich quick approach and hence, not credible to invest in or recommend.

    • Hi Nelson, thanks for reaching out. As you can see from all the evidence in my review, PlentyBread is a scam. Even if you somehow manage to earn any money within the platform, they will not be going to pay you out.


  4. Hi Ivan, nice review you have there. A friend of mine has been introducing this platform to me for sometime, I haven’t given it a yes because, I am not done on a research pertaining it’s legitimacy. However, having stumbled into this concise review, my research is over and I can conclude from the Cons highlighted in this review that Plenty bread is not legitimate and I am glad not to have invested my time in such an unprofitable platform. Keep the good work, warm regards

    • Hi edahnewton1, your conclusion is right. PlentyBread is a scam and I recommend staying ways form such platforms that promise fast as soon as today in return for little to no work. In ten cases out of then, it’s a scam in question. Let me know if you have questions and stay safe.


  5. Yeah, that $500 a day definitely sounds too good to be true. But I had to get someone else’s thoughts on this as well. Thank you, Ivan. I absolutely loved how you picked it apart.

    I initially thought that the best bit was going to be the fact that they are actually not on social media. I mean, wow. Not being on social media while claiming to be the No. 1 influencer network – WOW. Haha, I loved that. 

    But then that aspect of having to be at least 99 years of age to get paid came up. And I laughed so damn hard my wife asked me what was it about. And when I told her, she couldn’t stop LOLing either.

    I mean, that’s a true, proper LOL. I mean, does it ever get scammier than that? The sad thing is probably, I bet quite many people fall for it though. As far as I can tell, they’ve concealed it pretty nicely. So, when you don’t get paid, it’s not like you can sue them to get your money. Bastards.

    • Hi Matiss, you’re welcome mate. Yes, it’s weird, right? #1 influencer network in the world does not own a social media profile LOL. And as you can see, the rest of these signs are pretty much clear indication that PlentyBread is a scam site. I’m glad to see you researching first before trusting shady sites that promise fast cash. Let me know if you have a question.


  6. OH Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you, for getting right to the point in this review of Plenty Bread. Looking for the right way to make money online and doing my own research I come to find out that I am spending more time realizing I was “taken” again and wasted time . I am so glad to have found your site and bookmarked it since you are saving me from having to dig thru the Clutter of Scams. Wealthy Affiliates are truly the best ever and you never stop learning as you go . the nice thing is that you can proceed at your own pace and the money will come . No “get rich quick” promises only the truth with Support all the way. 

    • Hi Andrea, you’re welcome and thanks for your comment. I do not recommend PlentyBread for many reasons stated in this review. In my opinion, it’s a time and money waster and a scam. Let me know if you have any questions and yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform, it’s the best way to make money online.



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