Print Monkey Review (2022) – Is It a Scam? The Truth EXPOSED!

Welcome to my Print Monkey review. Is it a scam or a legit online business opportunity? Should you join or not? 

Print Monkey is a done-for-you system that promises you can make $1,000 per day.

Now the question is, are those claims true? Can you really make $1,000 per day? Or is it just another product that doesn’t work that only wants your money and runs away?

Let’s find out!

Before we get into this review, let me congratulate you on doing your own research first.

That’s how you avoid getting scammed and find the best way to make money from home without any skills or experience.

Throughout my Print Monkey review, there will be no affiliate link to it. That’s because I do not promote products that I don’t recommend. So you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

In this review, I will answer all your questions. This post should give you a clear understanding of My Super Affiliate Builder and see if it’s worth your money.

Print Monkey Review

Print Monkey Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Print Monkey
  • Owner: Brendan Mace
  • Price: $13.03
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: Print Monkey is a done-for-you system that says you can make thousands of dollars per day.

The software allows you to build reviews, and bonus pages and promote the vendor’s products, but those products are low-quality.

However, there is no traffic solution which means no one will visit those pages. 

If you look at their sales page, it shows you many unrealistic income claims to make you think that you can make that money if you use their system.

Therefore, lots of people say that Print Monkey is a scam!

If you want to know about Print Monkey, read the rest of the review. I managed to dig out some information that you should see before making your decision

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What Is Print Monkey?

The Print Monkey is an automatic done-for-you system that promotes vendors’ old programs that he already released and promoted.

It is a system that claims that you can make thousands of dollars every day.

Print Monkey Scam

The product was launched by Brendan Mace in June of 2020 and promoted by Jono Armstrong, his partner in other systems he made in the past.

Don’t think that this is a brand new product because it isn’t. This is a rehashed product that he made that he just added something new to it to make it look like it is new.

I’m used to reviewing their products and most of them are marketing scams.

They say a lot of fake things to sell you their system, but in the end, they turn out to be a scam. So is Print Monkey a scam too? Keep reading my review or watch the video below…

Who is Brendan Mace?

As you already know, Brendan Mace is the creator of Print Monkey together with his partner Jono Amstrong. 

Brendan has been in this field for more than ten years, and he has released many products in those years.

However, there is something that you need to know more about Brendan.

You see, Brendan uses his skills and resources to build the best money-making systems and has been known for creating programs like this one.

However, the products he made are just the same that’s not far off from what he’s made before, and it is just the same old gimmick-covered program ready to trick innocent ones.

Examples are High Ticket Siphon and Beast Funnels products.

Now, as for this program, you think that you can make a lot of money from this, but the truth is you won’t because the only person who’s making money here is Brandon Mace.

So you’re thinking, how does he do this?

Well, I have seen many products like this, especially if it is an automated system or done for you, showing you some unrealistic claims and making you believe you can make big money in those programs.

But you won’t, and they’re the ones who are making money.

So don’t be fooled by those claims that you saw, and always do research first before you buy or join in.

How Does Print Monkey Work?

First, you need to sign up and pay $13.03, and once you’re in, you can start sending out DFY campaigns and start earning commissions.

Sounds easy, right?

Mace said that he used this system to earn money, and he is sharing it with you so that you can also make money from this. 

But the question is, does it work?

Before we get started on how it works, let us see what you will get inside this program.

Here’s what you will get inside Print Monkey:

Inside Print Monkey

  • 30 Of My BEST Campaigns That Are Proven To Make Money
  • Easy, Newbie-Friendly Setup Instructions Here, you will follow step-by-step instructions that say that you’ll get your first campaign up and ready and make money in less than 10 minutes.
  • Proven-To-Convert Bonus Pages Complete With Bonuses offers bonuses that say it is one of the big keys to making big money with affiliate marketing. He said that he invested a lot of money here, having each bonus page created. It also said that you’d get a top-quality bonus page including bonuses so that you can make more money.
  • Profit-Boosting Email Swipes – Each campaign includes professionally written email swipes that are battle-tested and proven to boost every campaign’s profits. With my email swipes, you’ll be able to set up a campaign and make money while you sleep.
  • Everything Hosted For You – Nothing To Install – Everything here is done for you, so you don’t have to worry about buying a domain, hosting, or anything else, and all you have to do is enter a few details, and everything is 100% done for you.

Here is How Print Monkey Really Works

You see, the Print Monkey system is a done-for-you product that promotes old programs that he already released and promoted.

Print Monkey Scam

Brendan will teach you how to get traffic by posting small ads on social media platforms linked to the product sales page.

That means you will get free traffic and make commissions from these WarriorPlus high-ticket affiliate’ offers that cost a lot of money to purchase.

While other traffic strategies are included within the Print Monkey upsells, like advanced training for paid ads and the front-end product relies on cold traffic.

This means that you hope for people to click on your social media links without knowing or trusting you.

People nowadays are much more knowledgeable, and they need to be entertained until they become loyal and trust you on what you are saying and promoting.

But before you buy this product, there is something that I need to show you.

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Can You Really Trust Brendan?

You see, Mace said the 30 DFY campaigns that he shows you are proof that you will make money with Print Monkey.

However, the only proof that he’s given to you is a bunch of income photos that can be easily edited using some photo editing tools. 

Also, if those claims are true, he should show his real income proof in a video with his name on it, not images that it is hard to believe that those incomes are his.

And this is not his first time… As you can hear in the video below, Mace is known for creating these overhyped products…

He also said that he made the right pages and the right offers that work for everybody. 

If he did, there wouldn’t be a single critic to stand in his way, and everybody would praise him.

But, he didn’t have to repackage old systems if they worked.

Will these campaigns become saturated? Yes, you see, if you fool enough people to buy on this system, you will have many people using the same campaign to drive traffic, and trust me, it won’t convert into sales.

People are looking for a good value to convince them to buy something, and only high-quality content does that, not some reused campaign. 

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Can You Make Money With Print Monkey?

There are many products out there that promise you that they can bring free traffic to make sales products online.

Unfortunately, only a few are worth looking at, and most ‘Make Money’ online that we have reviewed are low-quality products.

Print Monkey’s done-for-you program is most likely here to support their luxury lifestyles and not help you learn how to make money online.

With Print Monkey, they introduce you to their upsells that will cost you more money.

I always say in my reviews that you always do your research first before you buy or join so that you know if that program is legit or not.

When you start an online business, it is important to get traffic because that is where you promote your products and make money, and without traffic, your business will fail.

So for your question, can you really make money with this program? No, nothing works here, and the only person who’s making money here is Mace.

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How Much Does Print Monkey Cost?

At the moment of writing this Print Monkey review, the front-end costs $13.03, and you’ll get basic software and training.

However, there are five upsells inside this program that will cost you more money. Here are the upsells that Print Monkey introduces you to that complete the whole system.

Upsell 1: Print Monkey Traffic Training ($37)

This will give you access to training on how to get traffic to the done-for-you campaigns.

Upsell 2: Print Monkey Lifetime Campaigns ($197)

This one will give you access to new monthly campaigns that Brendan releases for life.

Upsell 3: Print Monkey Easiest System Ever ($157)

This one is where everything is set up for you and makes the system good to go for easy profits.

Upsell 4: Print Monkey Limitless Traffic ($197)

This upsell lets the first 100 people that purchase this upgrade siphon traffic directly from their sales page.

It also includes 7 hours of Advanced training with YouTube, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. 

Upsell 5: Print Monkey License Rights ($167)

This one includes the same funnel as the sales page to sell this software as your product to keep 100% of the profits throughout the entire Upsell funnel.

It also includes sales materials and customer support structures.

As you can see, with Print Monkey and its upsells, it will cost you over $601 to start, and there is no guarantee that you will make any money with this system.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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The Red Flags Of The Print Monkey System

In this part of my honest Print Monkey review, I will show you the red flags that I found in this program.


As you already know, the first red flag in this program is their upsells.

They did this to lure you in by showing you the low price of the product, but once you are inside, you’ll be forced to buy their upsells so that you can make full use of the system.

I don’t like this because not having a full list of upsells on the sales page can mislead people into making an indecisive decision without knowing the full cost of a program.

Misleading Information

As you can see, the information you see is misleading, and it makes you think that the product is beginner-friendly when in fact, it isn’t.

You already saw it on their sales page that it says:

  • Quick and easy
  • No more stress
  • No more worrying about bills
  • Freedom to travel
  • Impossible for you to fail
  • Proven to make money
  • Real results

You see, this information that you saw is just hyping you up to make you believe that it is easy and make you think that you can make money right away, which it doesn’t.

Successful marketers start with a blog website to gain experience and learn organic traffic, just like many of these Gurus have done to start their online careers.

Legit programs always tell you what you’re in for right from the start what you are in for and always include free step-by-step training programs

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Is Print Monkey A Scam?

Print Monkey is not a scam in my review. It’s because Brendan offers a product for the initial amount of money paid to get the front-end software and some training included in the bonuses.

However, the 17 campaigns that you will be promoting are from the older systems that Brendan already released and promoted.

That means he is reselling you his older products which is a win for him but not for the one that is promoting them.

Also, the social media traffic strategies that he shows you are not that easy as it takes years to build up a social media following to make anywhere near to the figures that he has shown you on the sales page.

Not just that, the problem with doing-for-you is that you’re not going to be owning anything as they have full control of it.

When you do not own anything, and if they get away one day, you’ll lose everything that you have built up.

I have seen systems like this, and believe me, almost all of them will not run for long.

That is why I don’t recommend this product to you, and I suggest that you find a much better alternative to make money online.

The bottom line is that Print Monkey is not a scam, but it’s not recommended…

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Print Monkey Review – Pros

  • Software and training 
  • Not so expensive
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.

Print Monkey Review – Cons

  • Upsells
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Poor traffic solutions
  • Misleading Sales Page 
  • Promoting old products
  • NO guarantee success

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know about Print Monkey and why I don’t recommend this program.

I have reviewed and seen this kind of product claiming that it is easy and you can earn easy money, but you’re not earning anything in the end.

Also, not showing you how much the full cost is the biggest red flag because it just shows you that you’re luring them into making them believe that they will get all the system at that cost.

But in the end, you have to buy those upsells to fully use the system.

I really don’t like programs like this showing you unrealistic claims and misleading information just to make money out of you.

Most of them are scams and Print Monkey is very close to being called a scam too!

The good part is that you read my Print Money review so that you’ll know what you’ll get from this program.

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And don’t forget to share this Print Monkey review with your friends and family!

All the best, Alex. contributor

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10 thoughts on “Print Monkey Review (2022) – Is It a Scam? The Truth EXPOSED!”

  1. For a second there I thought this was a bran new POD program, but after reading your review it is nothing compared. It doesn’t really seem like a done-it-for you because you’re just paying to promote someone else’s product, that on top of all that the product is not even what it claims, you’re basically filling this person’s bank account and putting your marketing and personal integrity at risk. We don’t want to be known as people who scam others. Wouldn’t even dare to try this program. 

  2. I believe I haven’t heard of this man Mace before. But I came to your assessment without any preconceived notions about him. However, after reading your message, I will exercise care whenever I see his name on a product. If all he does is restore things, his stock will be obsolete and inoperable!

    It is clear from his upsells that if you do not go for the upsell, it will require considerably more work to create results. Thank you for your review and keep it up friend.

  3. Products that are over hyped with unrealistic promises are well known to fail. Thank you for point out this with print monkey. A promise of cashing out $1,000 with a base investment of $13 is too outrageous. It is obvious in his up sells that it will take much more effort to generate results if you do not go for the upsell. 

  4. I think I have heard about this guy Mace before. And I came to your review, not having a biased opinion about him. But after reading your post, I will be cautions every time I see his name on a product. If all he does is refurbish products, then his stuff is outdated and won’t work!

    • Hi Paolo, thanks for your comment on my review of Print Monkey! Beware, Brendan’s courses are what we call shiny objects in this industry. They are overhyped, misleading, and jam-packed with hidden upsells. The quality of those courses is highly questionable!



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