Profits Engine Review – Passive Profits With Free Traffic!

Welcome to my Profits Engine review.

Guy Potok has just released a brand new method you’ve never seen before that doesn’t need email list or software to work, is 100% newbie-friendly and helps to create a steady stream of income that you can scale as high as you want!

And now, you’re wondering what exactly Profits Engine is about, right? Is it going to work like that? Or is this just another overhyped product that is going to bellyflop as soon as you turn it on?

No need to worry. You’ve come to the right place. I know you’re trying to make money online. And I’m pretty sure you’ve come across these passive income systems already that didn’t work as promised.

So, in this review, I’m going to help you to learn more about Profits Engine and to discover everything you need to know before you decide what to do next. I’m not selling this software, so my review is unbiased.

Profits Engine Review


Profits Engine Review – Overview

Have you thought about starting a passive income? But somehow all those programs were too complicated for you? And now, you have found another one that promises to be 100% newbie-friendly, works on free traffic that comes fast and makes money even faster.

Sound like another scam?

Well, it does sound like a one, but it’s not. Profits Engine is a legitimate training course for making money with affiliate marketing. It’s focused on free traffic from Facebook. And, the whole system should work ultimately (more about this later).

But is this for you?

You see, Guy Potok promises fast and results with this method, which is not going to happen. He’s overhyped this product to make more sales, that’s all. You see, it’s never as easy as these “gurus” say it is.

Therefore, the system and the training inside is not my honest recommendation for newbies. If you want to learn more about this offer, make sure to read the rest of my Profits Engine review.

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What Is Profits Engine About?

Profits Engine is an online training course that explains how to start with affiliate marketing business to start earning consistent passive income from the internet. The program is created by Guy Potok.

The method boils down to these few components.

  • Get targeted traffic from Facebook by creating posts and giving away free stuff to attract more people (this is a complicated method that takes a lot of time, you can’t expect fast results).
  • Create a landing page and an opt-in page so that you can start collecting leads (this is a necessary procedure that is explained during the training.)
  • Stay in touch with your leads by sending emails and offering them products and services (Guy says that this has nothing to do with sending emails, but I’m guessing he was just joking just to get you in, right?)

This method is called affiliate marketing, and I’ll go into more details of Profits Engine method a bit later in this review. Right now, let’s take a look at what you get inside of this product for making money online with affiliate marketing.

What’s Included In Profits Engine

Guy Potok includes a step-by-step training and a couple of more resources in Profits Engine to help you to get started with his method as soon as possible. Here’s the list of the features you’ll find inside.

  • Profits Engine Core Training
  • “Fast Profits” Cheat Cheat
  • Real-Life Case Study
  • Bonus #1 – Over the Shoulder Setup
  • Bonus #2 – DFY Funnel Giveaway
  • Bonus #3 – $27K In 90 Days Cheatsheet

That’s it about the features of this offer. Let’s take a look at the core training now.

Profits Engine Training Section

Here is how this affiliate marketing training looks like from the inside.

Profits Engine Members Area

  • Thank You & Welcome Video
  • Get Fuel For Your Engine
  • Setup Your Engine
  • Turn On Your Engine Keys
  • Boost Your Engine
  • Give Away “Profits Engine”
  • Recap And Case Study (Proof)
  • Advanced Marketing

You’ll get a fair amount of information with this training where, more or less, all you need to know about affiliate marketing has been explained. All you have to do is take action with the system and hope for the best.

How Does Profits Engine Work?

Despite the info from the sales page, you will find out that this method is not going to work in three steps as described below.

  1. Follow the training to get Profits Engine set up.
  2. Activate your free traffic.
  3. Make money while you sleep.

Profits Engine Steps

As I said earlier in this Profits Engine review, the program is designed to show you how to make money online with affiliate marketing by getting free traffic from Facebook, collecting leads, and activating autoresponder to send automatic offer to your subscribers.

Moreover, it’s going to take some time and a LOT OF HARD WORK to make money with affiliate marketing. Guy Potok is telling you that you can make fast profits with this, but that’s a lie, really.

On the other hand, this system is legitimate, and if you put yourself into mastering these steps, eventually, you could start earning a passive income. Just don’t expect quick and easy profits. Those things do not exist.

Profits Engine Price and OTOs

Now, in this section of my Profits Engine review, I want to show you everything about the price and funnel. You need to know what to expect if you ever get into this program and here’s the look behind the scenes.

  • Profits Engine $12.95
  • OTO #1 – DFY Campaigns $27.00
  • OTO #2 – 2X Profit Booster $67.00
  • OTO #3 – Ultimate Traffic $197.00
  • OTO #4 – Mastermind Coaching $197.00
  • OTO #5 – License Rights $147.00

As you can see, Guy Potok sells the main course for as little as $12.95. However, in my opinion, the training inside is not good enough to help you to succeed with affiliate marketing, which explains the low price. That’s why you can find help in upsells.

So the real price of Profits Engines affiliate marketing system is somewhere between $12.95 and $650!

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What I Like About Profits Engine

  • You Get Step-By-Step Video Training
  • Affiliate Marketing is a Proven Method For Making Money Online
  • The Price is Fairy Reasonable
  • Your Purchase is Covered With 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You Get Step-By-Step Video Training

The Profits Engine training section contains a fair amount of information that Guy Potok is using to make money online with affiliate marketing. The training is in a step-by-step format, and it’s legitimate.

Affiliate Marketing is a Proven Method For Making Money Online

This product teaches how to make money with affiliate marketing. This method is 100% legitimate. It boils down to promoting other people’s products and services through your own marketing efforts.

The Price is Fairy Reasonable

You can get basic training for little less than $13 one time. I consider this to be a fair price give the amount of training that you get in return for your investment.

Your Purchase is Covered With 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you think that Guy Potok’s training course is not for you, you can get in touch with Guy and ask for a refund. He promises to give you your money back if you contact him during the first 30 days.

Now, let’s head over to the section of the Profits Engine review where I’m going to tell you what is wrong with this product. You should read this section carefully as well.

What I Don’t Like About Profits Engine

  • Guy Potok Promises Fast and Easy Results
  • It Takes More Than 3 Steps to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • The Funnel Contains a Lot Of Expensive Upsells

Guy Potok Promises Fast and Easy Results

On the sales page, you can hear Guy telling you how you can activate this system to get fast traffic and easy results. However, that is not how affiliate marketing works. It’s a process that takes time.

Profits Engine Fake Claims

And don’t ever get words fast and easy with traffic! Free traffic is not fast and easy in nature and it takes a lot of work. That’s why it’s free, you see. If you ever get into this training program, you’ll understand what I mean.

It Takes More Than 3 Steps to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Another thing that I saw on the sales page, which I don’t like to see is the claim that it takes only three steps to make money. Even worse, these steps are not explained. How can you trust this information then? In my opinion, these claims are for dummies.

The Funnel Contains a Lot Of Expensive Upsells

I don’t like overhyped and expensive marketing funnels. And that is precisely what Profits Engine is, really. As you have had a chance to see in this review, this training could cost you over $600!

How do you feel after knowing this now? Do you think this is too much? And do you think that this info should’ve been disclosed on the sales page? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Profits Engine Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, and based on my own experience, affiliate marketing is not a quick way of making money. Instead, it’s a process that only about 2% of people who give it a try manage to master.

So when I hear people promising fast, easy, and automated profits that take only three simple steps to activate, I don’t have too many good things to say about their training program.

But when I draw the line, I conclude that Profits Engine is a legitimate training course for learning affiliate marketing methods. The product contains a fair amount of information that is on point and should work if you know what you’re doing.

However, Guy’s training program is not my honest recommendation. I’m sure that this is a B grade platform for learning affiliate marketing.

That said, thanks for sticking with my Profits Engine review. I hope this article is going to help you to make a smart decision regarding this offer. And as always, feel free to reach out with your questions.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

4 thoughts on “Profits Engine Review – Passive Profits With Free Traffic!”

  1. Great article on profits engine. I really like using Facebook so I will be using these tips for my business.

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I was surprised that only 2% can master the skills.

    • Hi Alyse, you’re welcome. Thanks for reaching out. I hope this review was really helpful. Yes, those are the statistics. Only about 2% achieve real success in terms of income. Others either fall off too soon or dabble forever without achieving any significant results. Good luck with your business!


  2. Too many training platforms promise unrealistic expectations and this one sounds no different. You are so right that all those expensive upsells should have been mentioned on the sales page. I think Profits engine would bring results in time. However, most newbies would give up after failing to get quick free traffic!

    • Hi Kathy, Profits Engine is legitimate, but promises too much too fast. Words fast and free traffic don’t go together. As you can see, those are make-believe stories for newbies designed to sell more copies of this product. Reality tells a different story. Thanks for your comment!



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