7 Ways to Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Fast

So, your affiliate business is getting you profits. That’s great! Naturally, now, you what to scale your affiliate marketing campaigns to earn more income for your business. That’s even better! In this post, I share 7 proven strategies you can start using today.

Here is what worked well for me in my business, and I believe you can use too:

  • Funnel More Capital In Your Ads
  • Run More Than One Ad and Split Test
  • Hire Ad Managers To Inspect Your Ads
  • Retarget Your Current Visitors
  • Promote More Than One Product
  • Start Promoting Untapped Offers
  • Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Obviously, the strategies are going to be different depending on if you’re doing Facebook ads or a different traffic source. But in general, all these strategies are proven to work. All you need is one to scale your affiliate marketing campaigns, so let’s get started.

How To Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns


Funnel More Capital In Your Ads

You can scale your affiliate marketing campaigns by increasing the financing on your social media platforms with small dosages of fresh cash. There is no need to go wild; a small injection is all your campaign needs to level up.

After the very first bump, wait a few days at a minimum and evaluate your performance. If you have done well and your earnings have increased, feel free to duplicate this procedure.

Knowing your numbers is the best thing you can do before scaling up your marketing campaign.

When you understand how much your average cost per click is, and know your typical value of a client, you’re in a much better position to begin increasing your spending plan, knowing how rewarding you are and will be.

Keep in mind that this technique just works if your campaign is already profitable. No amount of cash will all of sudden make a distinction and turn a lousy campaign around.

A substantial part of your success is being honest about your campaigns’ health and basing your decisions on previous successes and errors.

Run More Than One Ad and Split Test

Scaling up your affiliate marketing campaigns should not be an abrupt relocation. Instead, start with enhancing. It consists of minor modifications that enhance different aspects of your campaign.

Think about conceptualizing a brand name and new advertising campaign for social networks and testing it out on Instagram to see the reaction it will get.

Talk with your copywriting team and see what they can do in regard to new material, along with headlines. Most importantly, double-check that your webpage looks great on mobile phones after all those modifications.

You should likewise be screening and measuring your landing pages and e-mail follow-up to get your numbers. With a low opt-in rate on a landing page, you’ll spend more per opt-in.

Getting these numbers down is a great place to begin before scaling. This means cross-testing different landing pages, audiences, and email follow-ups to find the lowest-cost consumers.

Split Test Your Ads

Hire Ad Managers To Inspect Your Ads

If you are already doing PPC, you know that an important part of PPC marketing management involves measuring results.

Reporting can be a time-intensive procedure, though, especially if it requires integrating information from numerous platforms and sources, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and CRMs.

This is where employing a digital marketing agency can help you to scale your affiliate marketing campaigns.

In addition to ad-level metrics like impressions and clicks, agencies can establish extensive conversion tracking to provide your organization with a more comprehensive photo of consumer engagement.

Utilizing tools like Google Tag Manager, firms can track conversions and occasions on your site, consisting of button clicks, downloads, form submissions, and more.

In addition to creating reports, agencies have the competence to evaluate them. They can take the information and communicate what it means for your company.

The very best companies will have the ability to communicate complex insights in a simplified manner that makes sense to you.

Ideally, companies will share data-driven insights and recommendations with you and invite your input. They will keep your company’s objectives as the driving force behind their strategy and tactics.

Retarget Your Current Visitors

Among the most efficient scaling strategies is retargeting. Retargeting is getting increasingly more attention nowadays, which is among the most popular affiliate marketing strategies.

The chances that a person will react to your ad when he sees it for the first time is quite low. But once he sees it for the 2nd time he may react more actively to it.

There are 2 primary kinds of retargeting: pixel-based and list-based. The method each works is somewhat different, and each has different advantages based upon your project objectives.

Nonetheless, retargeting is an excellent way to remain in front of your prospects and keep them knowledgeable about your affiliate marketing campaign.

Even if they do not convert right away, your name will be on top of their mind when they choose to buy. Awareness can be huge for business development and retargeting assists you get exposure from the best potential customers.

Scale Your Campaigns With New Traffic Sources

Don’t rely solely on Google or social media to drive traffic to your affiliate campaigns. Diversify your traffic portfolio to ensure that you enjoy a steady stream of traffic, no matter what happens with one platform or another.

For example, while organic traffic is critical, relying solely on visitors from search engines like Google is dangerous. Moreover, some traffic platforms convert visitors into customers much better than others.

So if you are only using Facebook to target new customers, you might discover that Google ads or even YouTube organic traffic might be doing a much better job of getting you more leads.

Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns With New Traffic

Promote More Than One Product

While it is best to promote one product at the start of your affiliate marketing campaigns, it’s a good idea to scale with more products if you reach the top of your current campaign.

For example, you might be in the dog space, and your main promotion now is a dog training digital program.

Let’s assume that you have a profitable ad set on this promotion. You can scale your affiliate marketing campaign by finding more niche-related products and creating ads for them using the same blueprint as for your first campaign.

Start Promoting Untapped Offers

Well, let’s start off with Clickbank, the leading retailer of digital products, and one of the most popular affiliate networks (programs).

It’s no secret that most ClickBank products have incredibly intense competitors, but because they offer so numerous products there are still some very lucrative opportunities.

For example, a lot of individuals naturally go directly to the best-selling products in each category to find products to promote.

While it’s a natural assumption to make that all the best items on Clickbank are the most significant sellers, you will frequently find some surprise gems that haven’t yet taken off for whatever reason.

And this is your opportunity!

That’s one way of making money from Clickbank items. An even much better method is to discover brand-new products and promote them as quickly as they go on sale, particularly the quality products that have strong sales pages.

This can be extremely profitable and is now extremely easy to do because there are expert sites that will permit you to constantly scan for any brand-new items that have just gone into the marketplace.


It’s easy to conclude that the fastest way to scale an affiliate marketing campaign is through paid marketing. Simply increase your marketing budget on a campaign that is already profitable.

However, this might not work for all, so make sure to test the other 6 suggestions from this post.

In my experience, untapped affiliate offers usually do the trick. Also, diversifying your traffic sources will help you reach more people, and this will result in more sales and income.

What is your top strategy for scaling your business? Feel free to share your experiences below!

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