SEMrush Review 2019 – Plus SEMrush Best Free Alternative

After some time flirting with SEMrush keyword research tool, it was time for me to take it out on the road and see what’s the noise for real! I’m more than happy to bring you my SEMrush review. After all, this tool has a big reputation. It’s my honor to give an opinion.

If you are here because you’ve found SEMrush to be a bit pricy, I have a great free alternative in mind which I’m going to share with you by the end of this review. 

You and every other person who is interested in some serious keyword research should at least try SEMrush for free!

When it comes to online marketing, this excellent tool can offer you a lot of various services. I’ve found it to be one of the best places for building your online empire.

In my review, I’ll keep the focus on Keyword Analytics tool mostly. I presume that’s what you’re looking for in SEMrush and I’ll deliver the best service. Also, I’ll do my best and e