Shaw Academy Reviews (2022) – Is Shaw Academy Legit or Scam?

Hi there, and welcome to the Shaw Academy review. So is it a legit website? Can you really make a career or a business here? Is Shaw Academy a scam or a real deal? Let’s find out.

Shaw Academy is among the many on the internet learning platforms around, allowing you to boost your skills in business-related subjects like digital advertising from home.

Before we get into this review, let me congratulate you on doing your own research first!

That’s how you avoid getting scammed and find the best way to make money from home without any skills or experience.

To learn more about this opportunity, keep reading my Shaw Academy review where I’m going to show you what this company is about.

Also, I show you how it works, and I share my opinion about whether Shaw Academy is a scam or a legit learn-from-home opportunity.

Shaw Academy Review


Shaw Academy Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Shaw Academy
  • Owner: Stephen Murphy
  • Price: $69.99/month
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Shaw Academy is an online learning platform that helps you develop and learn new skills.

The program has catered 100+ courses to over 12 million students. They offer certifications in various fields, including marketing, technology, and language. 

Furthermore, the portal offers a wide range of training programs that span multiple topics. You will get access to live training classes and video tutorials. 

The program offers 4 weeks trial when you sign up. You’ll also get an option to receive diploma certification once you have completed the program. 

That said, Shaw Academy is not a scam. However, I recommend reading the rest of my Shaw Academy review to learn more about the pros and cons before you go any further.

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What is Shaw Academy?

Shaw Academy is an online learning school that was launched in 2013 by Adrian Murphy.

While a lot of the courses at Shaw Academy centre around business-specific niches. There’s a wide array of internet programs you can pursue right here.

These cover everything from fitness and health to sporting activities nutrition, social networks advertising and marketing to shows.

Shaw Academy courses are made for active learners that need an adaptable research study setting.

The huge bulk of courses on this system is arranged per hour rather than offered live. This is to make sure that you can select a course time that benefits you, reschedule if life hinders, or see replays of online videos in the future.

Courses at Shaw Academy are acknowledged all over the world, consisting of nations like the USA and Australia.

Unlike lots of various other online learning systems in which you’ll take courses that can essentially be educated by anyone, training courses at Shaw Academy are frequently and constantly vetted to make certain you get reliable results.

Shaw Academy also has a Facebook page that has over a million likes and followers, which shows that it’s hard to believe that Shaw Academy is a scam or some sort of fraud.

You can see the short video below to learn more about the opportunity…

How Does Shaw Academy Work?

If you plan to join this program, you need first to sign up and pay. For first-time members, you will be offered 4 weeks of free courses. 

As you can see on their website, there are many courses in the program. And you can pick which course you like. It says that you have to attend 2 classes per week, complete the required tests and exams, and get your certificate.

So, how do the courses run?

As you can see from my review, Shaw Academy offers courses that are organized into different categories:

Shaw Academy Popular Categories

And here is the full breakdown of categories:

  • Photography: video editing and production, iPhone and Android production, Adobe lightroom, wedding photography, online photoshop
  • Marketing: digital marketing, social media marketing, creative writing, SEO & digital marketing, blogging, content marketing & vlogging, viral marketing
  • Design: graphic design, fashion design, interior design, online photoshop, web design, budget graphic design
  • Business and Analytics: Excel, leadership and management, project management courses, data analytics, bookkeeping and accounting, sales and business development, how to start a business, organizational psychology
  • Finance: financial trading an investment, gold trading, commodities trading, how to trade stocks, property investment, shares trading, cryptocurrency, financial planning
  • Health and Wellness: personal trainer, early childhood development, coaching, alternative therapies, mindfulness and meditation, meal planning & food science, sports nutrition, human nutrition
  • Technology: web design, coding & computer science, web development, advanced Microsoft Excel, computer science, data analytics, game development, database development
  • Arts and Hobbies: crystal healing, floral design, acting and theatre, wine appreciation, dog care, grooming & nutrition, knitting, cooking and baking, painting
  • Beauty: beauty therapy, makeup, nails, and beauty, image consultancy
  • Music: practical guitar, music theory, sound engineering
  • Language: English and IELTS readiness

Shaw Academy Courses

They keep their courses updated and add new courses all the time. 

If you want to learn how to become a photographer or how to trade on the stock market or learn how to design or develop your skills, this program has all of it.

Each course comes with live webinars with questions and answer sessions, interactive quizzes, video walkthroughs, and optional assignments.

Also, each course has a number of modules and lessons.

However, you cannot rewind the video while playing since it is life. So if you miss something in the lesson, you have to wait until you finish the entire course then you can go back and rewatch the live video again.

If you have any questions during class, other students and an AI bot will answer your questions. 

You’ll also have weekly assessments as well as an exam at the end of the course.

It is up to you to decide if you want to work your way through the training and develop your skills in the course you have chosen or pay an additional fee to take the formal assessment.

Upon my research for this review, Shaw Academy is accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which unfortunately is not very well known or recognized. 

Shaw Academy Features

Real-time Modules

The online course modules are provided using an interactive webinar-style at scheduled times. These are usually held twice a week and also you can join just at the scheduled times.

It can be a little bit complex to handle the timing of these foundation courses, specifically if you do not stay in the UK.

Fortunately, you’ll obtain an e-mail tip in your local time to assist you to stay clear of complications. It’s important to always inspect the moment zone prior to you begin the class, however.

Advanced programs last much longer than structured programs, usually running for 12 weeks and consisting of 24 hr of coursework. These include use as well as academic aspects.

Weekly Assignments

You’ll have the ability to complete once a week assignments that will certainly test your understanding of the content. These typically occur after every second lesson and also are optional. You do not need to complete them in order to get a diploma.

Most tasks remain in the type of a multiple-choice set of questions, with an End of Component Task offered at the end of each module, as well.

If you finish all four component tasks as well as the complete course, you will certainly receive an electronic diploma. You can also purchase a paper copy of your diploma if you select, also.

Unrestricted Program

With Shaw Academy, you can enrol in as lots of subjects as you would like.

Unlike various other platforms that either need you to pay per course or have a collection number of internet classes, you can take, Shaw Academy does not do this.

Vouchers and Discounts

Along with the totally free trial program promoted by Shaw Academy, this system likewise has coupons and also discounts readily available periodically.

To retrieve a coupon, you’ll just need to log in and afterwards click the “attempting to register or redeem a coupon” web link.

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Are Shaw Academy Courses Accredited?

Courses from Shaw Academy are recognized around the world in countries such as the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and India.

The programs are approved by the International Accreditation Company, the International Council of Specialized Online Certifications, and also the Continuing Specialist Growth organization.

Shaw Academy is additionally on the European Certifications Structure, suggesting that the diploma courses are comparable to 10 credit devices that you would certainly attain via similar qualifications, like Diploma of College, structure level, Greater National Diploma, and associate degree.

Is Shaw Academy Certificate Legit?

Is the certificate legit? Are Shaw Academy diplomas recognized in the USA? Shaw Academy is recognized in the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and India. 

But the question is, are the courses accredited?

Upon my research in 2019, Shaw Academy lost its accreditation with ENU (Edinburgh Napier University), which is one of the major points of legitimacy.

Right now, they have been accredited by Austin Peay State University and CPD, which are legitimate enough. But the loss of their accreditation with ENU is still unconfirmed.

Shaw Academy may have been accredited, but it doesn’t mean that it is ok to join in.

Also, there are some complaints that I saw while searching for Shaw Academy reviews that I would share with you later on.

Who is Shaw Academy For?

Shaw Academy is for everyone who wants to develop their skills in a certain area.

The academy will teach you everything as the training will give you a well-defined, focused, and structured learning program to follow.

However, this doesn’t mean that this academy is worth it to join. That’s because certain allegations about them make you think about their legitimacy.

Also, there are hidden fees inside the course that they didn’t show to you at the start.

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How Much Does Shaw Academy Cost?

Shaw Academy costs $69 as of writing this review, and you will get a 4 week’s free trial for starters. As for the payment, they only accept credit cards.

However, there are hidden fees inside the course that they don’t show to you.

The hidden fees only affect when your 4 weeks are up, and you need to pay for the next period.

I found out that they often charge you for the next month before the 4 weeks trials are up. 

Not just that, they don’t even send you a reminder either. And if they do, it’s already been reported to happen a few hours before your subscription expires.

This happens even if you have them set on. So it seems there is an issue with the system in sending reminders on time, or so they say.

Shaw Academy Reviews from Users

Upon searching, there are 2 reviews websites that I found where people share their experiences with Shaw Academy.

The first website that I will show you is TrustpilotHere they got 4 out of 5-star ratings out of a total of 61,803 reviews. 70% of them are happy with the academy, and 30% are not.

Shaw Academy Trustpilot

Upon checking on their Shaw Academy reviews, they are mixed. Some say that it is a scam because he/she was charged for Premium membership in 6 months with 179.95 Eur, which he/she never knows.

See the image here so that you’ll know the story of his complaint.

Trustpilot Complaints

The second review website that we are going to take a look at is BBB( Better Business Bureau)

Shaw Academy is not accredited by Better Business Bureau. But they still gave them a B- and a 3.75 out of 5 out of 807 customer reviews.

Shaw Academy BBB

Here’s a complaint that some of them were charged even though he cancelled the subscription.

BBB Complaints

As you can see, the reason why their cancellation process is very hard is that customers often find out after a 4-week free trial, that they have been charged without prior notice. 

Even though there is negative feedback, there is still positive feedback on the content itself. But the cancellation issues make using Shaw Academy quite a negative experience.

So is it a scam or legit? Let’s answer that question in the next section of my Shaw Academy review.

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Is Shaw Academy A Scam?

Shaw Academy is not a scam in my review. It is a legit online learning platform. However, I’m not confident about it through.

There are many complaints about the charges and their subscription even though some of them have been resolved. But having this issue makes you wonder why it always happens.

The worst part is that you will be charged without prior notice.

Not just that, once the 4-weeks trial is over, you will be charged with a hidden cost that they don’t tell you from the start, which means you will be spending another money for that course.

That is why I can’t say if Shaw Academy is a scam or not. But this issue can break trust, and this can cause some people to call them a scam after being charged unexpectedly.

It would be better for the members and themselves if they do the right thing and put all the prices on their main page so that people will know exactly what they are going to get.

Overall the training is very well thought through and they offer good value for learners to develop their skills in a particular area.

Also, the 4 weeks trial allows you to look into the courses and test out the platform with no money down.

But again, I can’t recommend this to you.

Many programs on the web or on Youtube also teach you like this where you don’t have to spend money and have no hidden costs.

The bottom line is that Shaw Academy is legit. However, there are better places to learn online.

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Shaw Academy Review – Pros

Good Quality Training

The training courses are good, and the trainers have made extra effort to make the lessons as interactive and practical as possible.

4 Weeks Free Trial

The free trial allows you to take a look inside the course, and you can browse the training area and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Wide Range of Courses

Shaw Academy has a wide range of courses to choose from, and each of them has full coverage and plenty of modules to help you understand everything on the subject.

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Shaw Academy Review – Cons

It Comes With Hidden Charges

There are hidden charges here that they don’t tell you about from the start.

Also, as you can see from the complaints on Trustpilot and BBB, all of the complaints are billing issues.

Some of them were charged even though they cancelled their subscription, but how should they know if they have been changed without prior notice.

Shaw Academy Lack Support

Upon searching on their website and seeing if they have chat support, I found out they don’t have one. They only have an Email Support Team where that will reply to you within 48 hours and there is sure if they respond right away.

Shaw Academy is Expensive

Some of you might say that it is not that expensive, but for me, it is because of the hidden charges of this academy.

But that depends on what you want to achieve, and your prices will be different. 

It also depends on the skills you choose, and some add-ons can be as expensive as three months of your standard subscription.

Cancelling Subscription Issues

There are many issues about their subscription that even though they cancelled it, they still get charged for it.

They have had this issue for a very long time now to this day, it is still the same, and I don’t understand why they don’t fix this.

Unlike social media and other websites, deactivating and deleting your account is no more than a click away, but with Shaw Academy, you have to confirm your cancellation multiple times.

Shaw Academy Reviews – Conclusion

Now you know that Shaw Academy is not a scam. Shaw Academy is a legitimate online learning platform.

The good thing about them is that they have a lot of courses to choose from, but yet again the downside is that it is expensive for beginners and there are many complaints about the charges and cancellation of the subscription.

Also, I don’t like them because they don’t display the whole price information upfront to the website visitors. 

This will improve their website’s trust and help visitors stay on the same page so they won’t call Shaw Academy a scam.

And those Shaw Academy reviews are not encouraging either. I would personally recommend starting with free YouTube videos instead of this platform.

Hopefully, you found my Shaw Academy review helpful, and it gave you a good insight into how it all really works.

If you have any questions about this program, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. What do you think? Is Shaw Academy a scam or legit?

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16 thoughts on “Shaw Academy Reviews (2022) – Is Shaw Academy Legit or Scam?”

  1. Hi Alex,
    thank you for posting this review and for trying to be as objective as possible. What I get is that Shaw Academy offers good online training, which is arrayed in the same academic outlay i.e., finish and get a certificate, which you can show to look for employment, if you so wish. If this is the approach then, having all their courses accredited is not ab option but mandatory. For one should not spend his/her money and have his/her certificate tossed into the bin because of accreditation issues. Even Shaw Academy should be accredited. It is good you say that it is not a scam, yet issues pertaining to obtaining one’s credit card information before deciding to fully opt for the program, send mixed feelings, especially when one’s credit card is debited before the expiry of the 4 weeks, which are meant to be free!! If indeed this is the case, then many will categorize it as a scam, and eventually, they will struggle to clear themselves of this dirt. Otherwise, thank you, Ivan, for this review, which is timely.

  2. This is a very comprehensive review about Shaw academy and I have heard about them and seen them advertise. I always thought they were kind of expensive for an online educator.  Although I did not know they were live sessions.

    In short though I am a bit dubious about using these people for the reasons you mentioned. Namely being charged when they shouldn’t have been and possibly not having any form of accreditation. Or at least the concern that they have no accreditation.

    I’m not sure where the hidden fees come in and I don’t aim to find out. For something I was a bit dubious about at the beginning, I now feel like I should stay well clear of it.

    I think there are probably other more cost effective courses out there, rather than use anything to do with the Shaw academy.

    Thanks for the review.


  3. This is a very helpful review of Shaw Academy. It is interesting to see that they offer much more than just business courses, but also courses like health and fitness, and that the courses are acknowledged in the USA and Australia. 

    It is a pity that one can not rewind the videos to re-watch while working through the courses, as I often find that very useful. With a monthly cost of nearly $70, some might find this too much. 

    So how does Shaw Academy compare with Udimy for quality of courses and costs? I am concerned with the negative reviews and additional costs. Thank you

  4. Thank you for informing us about Shaw Academy. It’s thorough, and readers can receive what they need from it. It appears to provide solid training courses for certain competence, as well as supplementary events to assist you to advance to the next level. People are still charged even if they cancel their membership. This is common in online scams since so much information can be found on the internet. And individuals like assisting others. In my perspective, this program appears to be a scam. 

  5. Thanks for such an insightful article. You see I’m always on the hunt for programs that will help me learn and grow. Better yet make money. However if it’s something I have to pay for monthly for training I’m not interested. So much can be looked up on the internet. And people love helping others out. However this program sounds maybe like a scam but I’m not sure. 

  6. Hi Ivan,

    Thank you, for such a detailed review of Shaw Academy. It is great that they offer many subjects such as Finance, Photography, and Health. and that you could do this online and get an accreditation certificate on completion.

    However, I must admit the cons of Shaw Academy don´t sit well with me. The hidden fees, charging accounts before the 4-week free trial, and poor customer support are definitely red flags.

    I hope they can improve on managerial problems and find other ways to improve their programs.

  7. Whoa, anything that says academy and then has a monthly fee of $70 already has me running even before I read what is included, etc.  I don’t like paying for training.  I feel that I can look a lot of stuff up on the internet, and I retain it a lot better as well.  I really cannot tell either if Shaw Academy is a scam, but based on the price and questioning it, seems like it might be.

  8. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for sharing with us about Shaw Academy. It’s comprehensive, and people can get what they want from this article. It seems like it offers good training courses for some expertise with extra events to help you move up to the next level.

    However, I am wary about some letdowns you listed out here. For example, people still get charged even though they cancel the subscription. This is often seen in online scams, so I hope they can solve this issue as soon as possible to avoid further complaints on BBB or Trustpilot. This might help to enhance its online credibility and reputation.


    • Hi Matt, thanks for your comment on the review of Shaw Academy. I too am concerned about those complaints, which is one of the main reasons why I’m not recommending this program. It’s one of the legit ones, but there is a much better way to make money online.



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