Smash My Campaigns Review – Is It a Smashing Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Smash My Campaigns review

The sales page for Smash My Campaigns is perfectly designed for newbies that have no idea about affiliate marketing.

I mean, when you bump onto a page that promises quick and easy money for little to no work, you want it, right?

But then again, you’re smart enough to know that affiliate marketing doesn’t work like that.

You see, all these gurus like Brendan and his team are great at one thing. That is creating overhyped sales pages and systems that attract beginners like a moth to a flame.

They give them cool names, put a lot of dollar signs on them, tell you it works in only three steps, and other BS.

So is Smash My Campaigns a scam or legit?

That question is answered here as well.

By the way, congratulations on researching yourself! Quick research saves you time and your hard-earned money. ? It shows that you are serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

Within this Smash My Campaigns review, I’ll show you what it is about. I’m not associated with this offer, so you don’t need to worry, I’m not promoting it to make money.

I just want to show you what to expect from the training and give my honest opinion about whether it is a scam or a legitimate way of making money.

Shall we begin?

Smash My Campaigns Review


Smash My Campaigns Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong
  • Price: $12,95 + UPSELLS
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended?: No

Quick Summary: Just like many other get-rich-quick schemes that don’t work as promised, Smash My Campaigns has disappointed in many ways.

Yes, for thirteen dollars, you get DFY campaigns. Yes, you don’t have to create them.

But then what? The training is missing to show you how to get traffic. And without the lifeblood of every business, you can’t make any money.

What’s the worth of campaigns if no one can see them?

Just like with many other offers from these guys, they will upsell you 100’s in upgrades. Two of them could make it work, if you are lucky, and have enough cash for advertisement.

Not recommended, especially not for beginners.

In my opinion, Smash My Campaigns is overhyped and a quite misleading program designed to make creators even richer.

It’s not an outright scam, but it’s close to being one.


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What is Smash My Campaigns?

Smash My Campaigns is an affiliate marketing system created by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong. This system contains 15 DFY marketing campaigns that are, allegedly, making them a couple of 1000’s per month.

In more detail, you’ll get:

  • fifteen campaigns
  • bonus and thank you pages for each campaign
  • email swipes, case studies
  • and a few bonuses

These guys have included ALMOST everything you need to start with affiliate marketing into Smash My Campaigns. Remember the word almost.

Now imagine this.

You can work from wherever you want and whenever you want. You can connect with millions of customers all over the world without having to rent an office.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Awesome, right? You see, affiliate marketing is a perfect business opportunity.

And then, when two guys appear and give you a DFY system that takes only three steps to work, you get ecstatic.

But, you’re are smart enough, so you want the truth before you give them your hard-earned money.

Smash My Campaigns - Get Rich Quick BS

I know that Smash My Campaigns sounds like a perfect deal, but you need to see the rest of this review. Some people would say that it’s a scam too.

Remember the adage. If it sounds too good to be the truth, it probably is.

Who are the Owners?

Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong are two successful affiliate marketers and serial product creators. They’ve created Smash My Campaigns as well as a ton of similar systems. Some of the examples are below.

Smash My Campaigns - Owners

There is one thing that all these systems share in common. Three actually. First of all, Jono & Brendan are excellent at creating hype that attracts newbies. Secondly, all these systems take simple three steps to work. Lastly, all of them are missing a critical component.

Without it, all these systems, including Smash My Campaigns, are obsolete. Let me show you what I mean.

How Does Smash My Campaigns Work?

According to the owners, all you need to do is log into the Smash My Campaigns system and add a PayPal account. Then, you need to send traffic to your campaigns.

Now, all you need to do is relax, have a cup of Joe, and watch the money roll in.

What a wonderful world. It would be even better if these steps would work. If you are a beginner, you need to know one little thing that these guys are not telling you.

This is critical, guys!

Inside they will show you how to use Smash My Campaigns. It’s a simple system, and everything is explained during the training.

In a nutshell, you get 15 DFY campaigns that you can use as you own. Those campaigns are designed to sell questionable products such as this one.

However, the traffic method they teach inside is worthless.

You see, they’ll show you how to share your campaigns on social media.

But let me ask you this. How many followers do you have on FB, Instagram, or YouTube?

You see, Brendan Mace brags with 45,000 followers on YouTube. So for him, it’s easy to share these campaigns via social media and bank commissions.

He’s worked for years and years to gather such a huge following. Making money this way is easy for him.

But I’m guessing that you’re a beginner. So if you don’t have a large enough fan base, how would you get traffic to your campaigns?

Very hard. Trust me.

Because the training is incomplete, you can seriously start questioning whether Smash My Campaigns is a scam or legit.

I mean, they are not honest. The fact is that the training is not going to work for 99% of the users.

Will It Make You Any Money?

With the methods inside, I’m afraid that you won’t make any money with Smash My Campaigns.

Unless you have thousands and thousands of social media followers that are interested in making money online.

In that case, you could make it work.

Smash My Campaigns - Earnings Example

You see, the only people that are going to make serious money here Brendan and Jono.

They have created another product that sounds too good to be true to attract as many newbies as possible. They’ve put an affordable price tag on it to make as many sales as possible.

There’s another way how you could make money with this system, but it costs more money.

It’s actually the whole essence of this offer.

Smash My Campaigns Price & Upsells

So the front-end price is of Smash My Campaigns is only $12,95. Pretty cheap and almost everyone can afford it, right?

On top of that, they tell you that you’re going to make tons of cash to fire you up.

They say it works only in three steps. It’s perfect for newbies, and you don’t need any skills. It makes money while you sleep!

And then, you get inside and discover that $12,95 is a lot more!


  1. Traffic Training – $37
  2. Lifetime Campaigns – $197 (downsell $4.95 – 14 Day Trial Then $37/Month)
  3. The Ultimate Traffic Package – $197 – PAID ADS
  4. Easiest System Ever – $157
  5. License Rights – $167

If you go back to Smash My Campaigns, you won’t find these anywhere. All that you can see is that you’re buying a DFY system, which is going to make you money in simple three steps even while you sleep.

Basically, you are lead to believe that for $12,95, you’re going to get a fool-proof system.

And then, they’ll serve you tons of upsells, which clearly say, “You need these sucker because it won’t work otherwise.”

Meaning, the traffic methods they’ll show you inside of Smash My Campaigns training are not going to work for newbies.

It means that you need to take upsells if you want to give it a shot.

Keep in mind that paid ads, well, they cost money.

And they are never guaranteed to work and bring you a positive ROI.




Who Is Smash My Campaigns Best For?

This product is the best for its creators. As you can see from the previous sections of the review, it’s designed to make money off you.

The system inside will hardly work without traffic and those high-ticket upsells.

Honestly, after reviewing 400+ products, I don’t see any value in Smash My Campaigns.

What I Like About Smash My Campaigns

My objective with this review is to give you an unbiased opinion about Smash My Campaigns.

So even though I personally don’t like anything about it, there are a few things that are worthy of mentioning.

  1. 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee – They promise to give you your money back within the first 30-days. It’s a good option to have in case this system fails to deliver its promises.
  2. 15 DFY Campaigns – For less than thirteen dollars, you get 15 campaigns that are set up are ready for traffic. Plus, you get a short training that shows how to use them.

What I Don’t Like About It 

Just like many other offers that come from WarriorPlus, Smash My Campaigns has many scam warnings and red flags, which I want to point out in this section.

  1. Misleading Sales Page – According to the sales page, you can do this in simple three steps. All you need is to copy and paste to make it work. All these claims are not accurate and designed to lead you to believe that making money online is effortless.
  2. Overhpeyd Earning Claims – The owners say that you can make quick and easy profits and unlimited amounts of money with this system. They even show you their professional earning and tell you that you can expect the same. That’s not going to happen.
  3. Incomplete Training – The info inside of the training is not going to teach you how to get traffic to your campaigns. All they do is talk about sharing your links on social media and give you some case studies to fire you up for the following.
  4. Expensive Upsells – This is where the real money is. The Smash My Campaigns system has been chopped into pieces instead of being served as a whole. The worst thing about it is that the owners don’t disclose upsells before you get inside.

Is Smash My Campaigns a Scam or Legit?

This is really hard to answer. On the one hand, you can say that Smash My Campaigns is a scam.

They are not completely honest with the offer. They push expensive upsells out of nowhere as soon as you get in.

And the training is not going to teach you how to get real traffic that converts visitors into buyers unless you pay for upgrades.

All these red flags are a close indication of a scam in progress.

But on the other hand, you’ll get 15 DFY campaigns that are proven to convert. That is, they convert if you know how to get buyer traffic.

Also, this offer comes with a 30-days risk-free guarantee, which is a sign of a legitimate offer.

The bottom line is that Smash My Campaigns is not a scam.

In technical terms, it’s a legitimate system for making money with affiliate marketing.

Do I Recommend Smash My Campaigns?

I wouldn’t recommend this system.

You need to know that systems like Smash My Campaigns are usually a one-way ticket to failure.

In my opinion, the only people who are guaranteed to make cash with it are Jono and Brendan.

Smash My Campaigns - Not Recommended

The #1 reason why I don’t recommend it is because of the training. In reality, there’s no training at all.

Those videos just explain how it works and how to share your affiliate links. You won’t learn anything there and will be left out on your own with 15 campaigns in your hand and a thousand questions above your head.

Also, I hate that Smash My Campaigns comes with hidden upsells. That’s a clear sign that this offer is not to be trusted from the top.

As I’ve said, it’s not a scam. But I would never recommend it.

How to Make Money Online

Thanks for reading my Smash My Campaigns review. I hope I have helped you to learn more about what it is and how does it work and to answer your question, whether it is a scam or legit.

If you have any questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

Before I let you go, let me show you how I make money online by helping people just like you to find legitimate ways to make money online.

The training program that I recommend has everything you need to get started online and nothing to do with getting rich by tomorrow.

The best thing is, it’s entirely safe and free to joinNo BS, no upsells, no push-button software, no scams.


This exact system enabled me to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing. It’s a 100% LEGITIMATE program that simply works!




12 thoughts on “Smash My Campaigns Review – Is It a Smashing Scam or Legit?”

  1. I really appreciate all the detail that you put into your reviews – it’s so helpful to get this information from a trusted source. 

    I come across a lot of offers that sound too good to be true, and once in a while, one sounds tempting enough to try, even though I find the claims somewhat dubious. Very helpful to know that the Smash My Campaigns traffic method they are selling is worthless. Hard pass for me! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Smash My Campaign.

    it is just the same as all the others, all hype, bluster and no substance.  I am so fed up with these types of businesses.  And they really are ruining people’s lives.  Well, maybe that is a bit excessive, but they certainly are putting a lot of people off starting their own online journey.

    At least you are keeping everyone right!

  3. Hi Ivan

    I really enjoyed your post. This type of content really interests me. I enjoyed the fact you put what you dont like as well as what you do like therefore giving the reader a very transparent review.

  4. I’ve never even heard of them before. I’m glad you were able to do a review on this that I could read, so that if I do see it, I will NOT join it.

    You’re right… if you don’t know how to get traffic, or have to PAY for training this isn’t worth a plumb nickel. I’ve been with programs like that, so it’s painful in the end when you think you’re getting an amazing deal… it really isn’t.

    I’m going to save this page in case someone asks me about it. I’ll tell them to read the review. Thanks!

    • Hi Sylvia, thanks for leaving your comment here. Smash My Campaigns is not my honest recommendation.

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve fallen to ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes before. I guess it’s a natural part of the learning process.


  5. I’ve seen very similar offers in my inbox on almost a daily basis! Cheap front end products with well written sales copy and colourful, eye popping graphics always work. Smash my campaigns is probably going to make Brendan and Jono very wealthy. I can imagine very few buyers making it work for them, and even putting them off affiliate marketing altogether! The program you recommend is far better and very professional.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for leaving your comment here 🙂 It’s good to see doing the research before getting into offers like this.

      Yes, they look mighty convincing and attractive, but the reality is something else. My inbox is full of them too. Spam mail full of scams everywhere.



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