Social Bounty Review – Earn $500 Today or a BIG SCAM?

Welcome to my Social Bounty review.

So you’ve heard something about an opportunity to earn $500 per day with the world’s #1 influencer network, but you’re not sure whether it is a scam or legit.

If that’s you, then you are in the right place.

Social Bounty is, unfortunately, a scam, and if you don’t believe me yet, you will by the end of this review.

By the way, I must congratulate you for researching before jumping into the trap.

That’s how you stay safe online, and it shows me that you’re serious about finding the best way to make money online.

Within this Social Bounty review, I’m going to back up my claims with a bunch of evidence that should give you a much better picture to play with.

So without any further ado, let’s see what’s going on there.

Social Bounty Review - Scam Alert!


Social Bounty Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Make Money Online
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: Free + $20 Bonus
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No
  • Recommended?: No! SCAM!

Quick Summary: Just like many other sites today, Social Bounty seems to be a completely legitimate place to start an income online.

But the looks aren’t everything, and this website has a perfect facade, but the interior is garbage.

Just like you, I was interested in earning $500 per day with this site, but I also knew that it is most likely another scam in a row.

As you are about to see through this Social Bounty review, I’ve gathered a lot of evidence to back up my claims.

The site is using fake testimonials, fake addresses, fake owners, fake dates, and a lot more phony stuff to trick you into starting a business with them.

But you don’t want to do this, trust me.

This site could cost you a lot of time, money, and the damage does not stop there.

My best advice is to forget about those promises about making $500 per day and check out the rest of my Social Bounty review.

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What Is Social Bounty About?

Social Bounty is a #1 influencer network and a place where you can earn $500 today and every day.

Allegedly, since 2018, Social Bounty has paid over $12 million in cash to its members for simple tasks such as:

  • installing mobile apps
  • playing games
  • reading articles
  • listening to music
  • watching YouTube
  • answering surveys
  • inviting friends to join the community

Moreover, you can get a $25 bonus for signing up.

Social Bounty Review - Home Page

This is, of course, the official information for the website. However those claims have nothing to do with real life, you see.

These claims are designed to play on the part of your nature that is lazy and wants to earn easy and fast money.

But the truth is, making money online is not an easy process, and $500 on your first day is not going to happen, especially not if you join Social Bounty.

The website is just one massive scam. Don’t believe me? Well, keep reading this review.

Is Social Bounty Legit?

See, Social Bounty is a part of a large network of scams where they trick you to sign up by offering fast earnings.

They say how all you have to do is join, which is going to be free, and you’ll even get some money for joining. They will give you a $20 bonus.

Then, you will have to start doing small tasks like filling out surveys, watching videos, and sharing links on social media to start earning an income with Social Bounty.

Up to this point, it all sounds good, even too good to be true.

And that’s exactly what these scams want you to think. They will use you to do the work, but they will never pay you out!

To show you how it works in more detail, please, read the rest of my Social Bounty review.

How Does Social Bounty Work?

According to the official info from the Social Bounty website, you can start earning $500 per day in four simple steps.

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up
  2. Share
  3. Complete Tasks
  4. Cash Out

You’ll even receive a $20 bonus for starting. But that’s fake money, and you’ll never be going to be able to pull it out because this site is full of false promises.

Don’t believe me? Well, let me show you how these four steps really work.

Social Bounty Scam

Let’s say you join, however, and you claim your bonus.

Now, you have to get your unique link and share it with others on the internet via social media to earn easy money.

Each time a person on the net clicks on your link and joins Social Bounty, you earn another $10.

And the fun does not stop there!

You see, you can even download games on your phone, or complete other tasks, such as watching videos, to earn an extra $10-$50 per assignment.

And once you earn enough money, the last step is withdrawing your earnings.

Problem! Social Bounty Does Pay Its Members!

But unfortunately, this is not going to happen that easily and this is the moment where you’re going to realize that Social Bounty is a scam after all.

Even if you manage to complete these tasks successfully, they won’t pay you a cent!

How is that possible?

Well, if you read their Terms & Conditions page carefully, you’ll notice that you must be 99 of age to participate in their activities.

This also means that they won’t give you your money once you ask for it!

Funny, right?

But that’s not the worst part about the Social Bounty scam!

All those tasks you complete on third-party sites are legit, and the money is real.

However, you’re going to be just a tool, and the person (or the gang) behind the Social Bounty site is going to collect the cream.

Is this enough to conclude this Social Bounty review?

I don’t think so!

Let me show you how this site is scamming people all over the world into wasting time online using fake testimonials, fake owners, fake dates, and more!

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Social Bounty Scam Signs

As I said earlier in this Social Bounty review, the site looks entirely legitimate at first glance.

But once you scratch underneath the surface, the dirt starts to pour out and in this section of my review, I want to show you a set of fake stuff that I discovered about this site.

Fake Testimonials

Once you land on the official site, you see a few testimonials that appear to be quite genuine.

Those testimonials are designed to make you think that you’ve stumbled across something real and how this might be a legitimate place to earn $500 per day.

But if you run those images through Google image search, the results will come back negative.

In other words, those images are random pictures pulled out of the net!

As you can see from the picture below, the guy who claims that he’s been using this site for two years to earn online is a criminal!

Social Bounty Review - Fake Testimonial

If you do the same with other images, you’ll get the same results.

All of those testimonials are fake!

I can’t stop wondering, why would you use fake testimonials if your site is the #1 influencer network in the world that has helped 1000’s to earn online?

I mean, if this were a real opportunity, there would be genuine testimonials, right?

Fake Founding Date

The next thing that I wanted to show you with my Social Bounty review is the fake founding date.

According to the official website, the platform was founded back in 2012 and since then has grown into a #1 influencer network.

But that’s also a lie!

Social Bounty Review - Fake Founding Date

As you can see from the image above, was registered in December 2019, which makes it only six months old by the time of writing this review.

In other words, this just shows you that the site is fake!

Fake Founders

Another thing from the About Us page that caught my eye was the group of founders.

If you do the same Google image search as we did with testimonials, you get the same negative and confusing results.

Their pictures are widely used for a multitude of different purposes and websites online.

Social Bounty Review - Fake Founders

The group of women who are allegedly founder members of Social Bounty is featured on the About Us page on many other sites across the internet.

And if you Google the name, Kiya Kramaric, as well as the rest of the team, you get a lot of confusing results too.

None of them seems to be real people.

The point is, those images, and names are all fake too!

Does this make it a scam? Well, let’s see some more evidence.

Fake Payment Proofs

To make you believe that you’re safe and sure to win, the unknown owners of the site show a few payments proof.

But those payments are also fake!

If you take a look at the image below, you can see that the date of payment is February 2019, right?

Social Bounty Review - Fake Payouts

Now, if you go back a few lines above, you can see that the domain was registered in December 2019!

What does this mean?

It means that they are lying about paying money to people and the payment proof is not real!

This is one of the most common tactics used to scam people.

Fake Terms & Conditions

And even if you, let’s say, make some money with Social Bounty, you will not be able to withdraw your money, and your effort will be lost.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the Terms & Conditions page is fake as well.

Social Bounty Review - Fake Terms

As you can see from the image above, you must be 99 of age or older to participate.

This also means that if you join the scheme and start acting on those tasks and even earn some money, you’ll be declined by the time you decide to cash out.

And even if you complain about it, you are not going to win because you’re not 99 years of age.

This is now becoming rather sad than funny, right?

Fake Big Brand Endorsements

Another fake thing on the Social Bounty page is endorsements and claims that they work with big brands like Netflix, WallMart, McDonald’s, Apple, etc.

Social Bounty Review - Fake Big Brand Endorsements

Those big brands have nothing to do with this scam.

It’s just another dirty trick the unknown creators of Social Bounty play on you to get you to sign up for this scheme.

Only 4 TrustPilot Reviews (All 100% Negative)

On the official website, Social Bounty boasts with TrustPilot reviews and BBB accreditation.

However, if you go to TrustPilot and read those reviews, you will see that all of them are negative.

Social Bounty Review - TrustPilot Reviews

Just like I’m saying here in this review, other users of Social Bounty say that this platform is an outright scam that is not paying its users.

Also, BBB hasn’t accredited the platform.

Those are just a few tricks they use to make you believe that it is a legit place to make money.

No Social Media

Another scam sign, which is a quite obvious one really, is the lack of social media influence.

Social Bounty claims to be the #1 influencer network in the world and brags with its accomplishments using social media.

However, this platform is practically a ghost on social media.

Think about this lie for a moment, will you?

Is Social Bounty a Scam?

Let’s summarize, shall we?

  • Fake testimonials
  • Phony founding date
  • Fake founders
  • Fabricated payment proof
  • Fake Terms & Conditions
  • Fake Big Brand Endorsements
  • Only 4 TrustPilot Reviews (All Negative)
  • No Social Media

So is Social Bounty a scam?

My answer is, yes, Social Bounty is a big scam that’s good for no one except an unknown group of people who are behind the scenes.

You see, this website is not the only one on the internet that claims to be the #1 influencer network and a place where you can earn $500 today.

You should also keep your distance from Tap2Earn, KashTree, Use2Earn, CashGem, and PlentyBread scams as well.

All these scams are copy-pasted versions of one another. They all use the same fake tricks and lies to get you to sign up and start “earning” an income online.

However, the scam is in the fact that they will not pay you out your rightful earnings!

Social Bounty uses hidden tricks to stop you from asking for a withdrawal, and for that reason, it is a big scam.

As you’ve had a chance to see, they are even willing to lie about testimonials. They use fake owners, fake founding dates, and a whole array of tricks to scam you.

It’s rather sad to see this site still active online.

Whoever has created it, should be even prosecuted for scamming innocent people to work for free.

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Social Bounty Review – Conclusion

You may be thinking that wasting time on these scams is going to be the worst thing that could happen to you, but it’s not.

You see, sites like Social Bounty are dangerous in more than one way.

These scams are after your personal information too.

In other words, if you ever join the platform, your email address and other details are falling into the hands of the wrong people.

They will send you more scams, almost daily.

Also, they will have access to your email, and if you use the same address on other accounts on the internet, they could hack into them too.

You see, not only that they won’t pay you a dime, but they will do a lot more damage than you might think off.

So do yourself a favor and avoid all those sites that promise easy $500 per day and other BS!

Thanks for reading my Social Bounty review.

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4 thoughts on “Social Bounty Review – Earn $500 Today or a BIG SCAM?”

  1. I cannot tell you enough how helpful your reviews of online marketing products and services are for me. It is so frustrating to hear something overhyped in a sales funnel that seems determined to hide the truth of what they actually provide. How on earth could a company make people be 99 years old to cash out? What a crock! Thanks for letting people know the truth behind Social Bounty and avoid it!

    • Hi Aly, good to see you again. As you can see, Social Bounty is a dirty scam. Keep your distance from these #1 social network influencer sites that give $25 signup gifts and promises of earning $500 a day!


  2. hey, 

    I was gonna invest my money is social bounty but I just thought why not research about it once and I came across this site which helped me know how different people can scam you, and I am really thankful to this site for saving me from getting my money wasted like that.



    • Hi Aparna, thanks for reaching out. My best advice is to stay away from Social Bounty. The whole website is fake and it could cost you a lot of time and work to find out the truth. As you can see, they use fake testimonials, fake address, and even fake names to sell you this scam. And this is not the only one. Watch out for sites that look similar and promise $500 per day.

      IF you want to make money online, my advice is to start with something legitimate, like Wealthy Affiliate, for example. These guys are a real-deal. You can join for free to test drive it. Then if you like the training, tools, and support system, you can upgrade to Premium to build a successful online business.

      Scams like Social Bounty and others won’t do you any good, trust me.



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