Speed Wealth Review – Is It a SCAM or Legit Way to $10K per Month?

Welcome to this Speed Wealth Review. Is it true that you can plug into a system to make money? Matthew Neer claims that it is possible. I researched to see if he’s telling you the truth. If you want to know more, you are welcomed to stay.

You see, Speed Wealthy system claims that all you need to do to make money is pay the fee, log in to your account, connect your link, select your traffic source, point traffic to your link, and sit back and make a commission.

It’s called affiliate marketing, and in reality, it NEVER works as Mathew has described it. And in this case, the model is supposed to be 100% ‘done-for-you’ which means that everything is automated, but I doubt that as well.

One of the first signs that Speed Wealth could be a scam is the annoying fact that Matthew Neer makes it look too easy.

And do you know what the older people say?

‘If it looks too good to be the truth…’

Is Speed Wealth a scam designed to put its hand into your wallet, or is there something useful here? If you are looking to get an unbiased perspective into this system, then keep reading. I’m not associated with this product, and I give my honest opinion.

Let’s dive into this Speed Wealth review to find out whether it is another outright scam or legit system for making money online!

Speed Wealth Review - a Scam?


Speed Wealth Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Matthew Neer
  • Price: $27 one time then $19,95/monthly + UPSELLS
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60-Days
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Recommended?: Not really…

Quick Summary: Speed Wealth claims to be a 100% DFY system for making money online created by Matthew Neer. However, there’s no such thing as 100% DFY so take his claims with a grain of salt.

In a nutshell, he will give you access to DFY landing pages, email swipes and traffic resources. You will have to put these together using the instructions from this program and if it works, you could earn commissions.

So the bottom line is, Speed Wealth is a legitimate affiliate marketing system. The program is affordable, and it comes with basic instructions and DFY campaigns.

However, it also comes with a set of expensive upgrades, which, in my opinion, are necessary to make the most out of this system. But it’s god to know that you’re covered with ClickBank 60-days money-back guarantee if you decide to give it a shot.


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Who is Matthew Neer?

This guy appears to be the real deal. You see, I review online courses daily. Most of them are scams that use fake actors to pretend to be owners of the course. However, here is not the case.

Matthew Neer Speed Wealth Owner

Matthew Neer is a creator and owner of the Speed Wealth system. He is a professional marketer who claims that he’s been secretly making killing profits on the Internet until now.

It’s good to see that the owner of the system is a real person.

What is Speed Wealth?

As I’ve said in the intro, according to Matthew Neer, Speed Wealth is 100% ‘done-for-you’ affiliate marketing system. This system should allow you to minimize the amount of work it usually takes to create this kind of system and make money.

The whole model is based on affiliate marketing, which is a legit way to make money online. In a nutshell, the affiliate marketer’s job is to connect the customer with a service or product by using an affiliate link. There are many ways to do so, and this program uses one of them.

According to Matthew, this is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It has nothing to do with selling, Facebook, MLM, blogging, SEO, or CPA. He’s designed this system over the years to work on the automated principle. Therefore, he claims that you don’t need any previous marketing experience or computer skills.

In other words, all you need is a pile of cash. I’ll explain what I mean in a second.

Speed Wealth system gives you access to a set of high converting landing pages, also known as marketing funnels. The system works on highly targeted and converting Internet traffic. In the world of digital marketing, the system Matthew is using is also known as ‘pay to play.’

Marketing Sales Funnel Model

A side note before we move on. To make the system work and to make commissions, you’ll have to prepare a substantial amount of cash to pay for Internet traffic.

Matthew claims that the funnels are real, designed, and tested to earn you a commission up to $1000 a day. To prove to you that he’s not lying, he shows a few videos and screenshots of his earnings over time.

However, understand that he is a professional marketer with years of experience.

Can you replicate his success? Or maybe this whole Speed Wealth is only a scam?

Keep reading to learn more.


How Speed Wealth Works?

Speed Wealth system works on a marketing principle of ascending sales funnel. In other words, a sales funnel is a set of steps a visitor needs to go through before they reach the conversion.

According to the sales page, there are five simple steps to make it work.

  1. Log In to Your Account to Get Access to DFY Funnels
  2. Connect Your Commission Link
  3. Select Your Traffic Source
  4. Point Traffic to Your Commission Link
  5. Sit Back, Relax, & Make Commissions

Speed Wealth System

What’s Inside Speed Wealth system?

Once you pay the price, which I’ll discuss more in under the next headline (make sure you read!), you’ll get access to the main dashboard of the Speed Wealth system. There you can find the following material.

  • automated sales funnel system competed with marketing
  • landing page templates
  • video training
  • traffic sources

According to Matthew, everything is done-for-you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about setting up the system yourself. All you need to do is send the traffic to your funnel and make money. At least that’s what Matthew claims.

Bonus Material

  • Advanced List Building Secrets Video
  • 5 Powerful Traffic Strategies
  • 10/K a Month Webinar

Speed Wealth Price

To get access to Matthew’s Speed Wealth system, you’ll have to pay a $27 one time fee.

Furthermore, to keep access to the program, you need to pay an additional $19.95 monthly.

Before you rush off and start with this system, I need to tell you that programs like this are not fully transparent when it comes to price. You see, Matthew tries to get you in with a seemingly low price. But once you are in, you’ll soon discover that that’s not all.

The initial low price will give you access to the system but not to all of it. Moreover, you’ll have to pay for the traffic from your pocket. Consequently, the traffic cost adds up a few hundred to the original price.

Speed Wealth Upsells

You see, Speed Wealth system comes in pieces also know as upsells. To make the system work, you’ll probably be required to take the following more expensive parts of the program. Otherwise, you will not be able to leverage the content of the program.

  • Landing Pages – $97
  • Campaigns (email swipes, PPC Ads, Classified Ads, Banner Ads) – $199
  • Digital Millionaire University (advanced training) – $197

Speed Wealth Upsells

Is There a Refund?

Speed Wealth is a ClickBank product. ClickBank is a highly secure marketplace where you can browse and buy various digital products. All ClickBank products come with 60-days money-back guarantee, which includes this one too.

Matthew gives you a chance to test this product for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with it or you haven’t achieved the desired outcome, you can get a refund.




Is Speed Wealth a Scam?

Based on everything you have had a chance to read in this review, Speed Wealth is not a scam. Sales funnels are the top trending way to make money online today. Expert level affiliates are making a lot of money online with marketing funnels.

Therefore, the system is legit. Matthew seems to be a legit online marketer.

But I want you to be careful.

Though the systems like Matthew’s might work, if you have enough money to play, they leave an impression of ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Understand that affiliate marketing doesn’t work that easy. If you are an experienced marketer, then maybe you can leverage this system. But if you are a newbie who has no clue what you’re doing, the methods like this can fool you easily.

The sales page is designed for people who are looking to ‘get rich quick’ without any effort or work. Therefore, the primary purpose of the sales page is, of course, to get you in so that the owner can make a sale as quickly as possible. Matthew is a pro who’s been doing affiliate marketing for years.

Can You Make Money With Speed Wealth?

Matthew claims that you can make $1000 in commissions daily with his Speed Affiliate system. But there are always two sides to the story.

I believe that yes, it’s possible to make that amount of money. However, no matter what Matthew claims, the positive outcome is never guaranteed.

If you are a beginner, then you should know that making money online comes as a result of work and effort. And not overnight as some might claim.

Moreover, you’ll need a substantial amount of cash prepared for the investment. Paying for traffic, also known as PPC marketing, is not cheap, and it’s not always 100% reliable.

Also, to make it work, in other words, to make money, you’ll need to purchase the full set of upsells which complete the system. Matthew has chopped the system into a few pieces. The total price is almost $300, not counting the Digital Millionaire University.

Do I Recommend Speed Wealth?

As I final matter to this review, I want to advise you to think trice before getting into something like this. I do not recommend to my readers anything that comes in done-for-you format.

DFY’s are not focused on teaching you affiliate marketing in its pure form. Done-for-you is a sort of MLM or multi-level marketing. It means that the only purpose of the system is to get you in so you can start promoting the system itself to other interested individuals.

Moreover, my experience has taught me that systems like Speed Wealth are not reliable for many reasons.

The main reason is that there is no training on how to build an affiliate marketing business which will be in your full control.

In other words, when you own your affiliate marketing business it’s your decision which product or products you want to promote, you build your website, you choose traffic sources (free or paid), and you have full responsibility for your business.

In my experience, that is the only way to build financial success in the long run. Everything else is ‘get-rich-quick’ BS.

And once again, do you know what the older people say?

‘What comes fast goes away even faster.’

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6 thoughts on “Speed Wealth Review – Is It a SCAM or Legit Way to $10K per Month?”

  1. Hello Ivan,
    yes indeed it looks too good to be true! Just the name ‘speed’ sounds like a scam to me because it intends that you can make money very fast and that is simply not true at all! Thanks for the review and info. That is very helpful for anyone like me that is interesting in affiliate marketing! I almost joined a program that was not as good as the one I chose when I came across a post similar to yours!

    • Hi Anne-Caroline, majority of names for these programs are trying to imply on getting rich quick. Most of them even openly claim that you can make money literally overnight. I’m happy to see that you are doing your research before trusting your money to someone who claims that he can make you rich that fast. In reality, there’s no such thing. I personally, do not recommend Speed Wealth.

      Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online.

  2. OMG, I had once come across this product but decided to do more research before diving in, and luckily enough for me, I stumbled upon your post. Though I was ready to buy the course, I still had a little doubt about the price, wondering about upsells and thank God you answered all that in this post.
    Gush, the upsells are too much. I just can’t at the moment,
    Thank you for saving my time and my money.
    I think your recommendation could be a good choice but what about upsells as well, are there any?
    Let me know cause I’m really looking for something good to improve my business;
    Thank you.

    • Hi Eric, your welcome. Congratulation on doing your research before rushing into things. Yes, there are a few upsells if you start with Speed Wealth system. Unfortunately, that’s how the creator of the system has decided to do business.

      On the other hand, the program that I recommend is 100% free to join. There’s premium membership for $49 per month and that’s it, no upsells. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to assist.


  3. Wow — thanks for thoroughly researching Speedwealth. It sounds like it’s a good potential option for making money, but it also sounds like it is overselling how easy (and how much) you can make. I appreciate how detailed you were with this review.

    • Hi Jen, your welcome. It’s not a scam, though it’s not the surest way to make money online. I’m happy to help you make a wise decision. IF you have questions, feel free to ask.



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