Starting From Zero By Fred Lam Review – A SCAM?

You saw Fred Lam’s advertisement on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram or maybe on ClickBank, and now, you wonder if Starting From Zero is a scam or legit. You can rest assured after you read this Starting From Zero Review. Fred Lam got me interested the same as you. It’s time to see is he a real deal or possibly another scam.

I remember seeing this guy for the first time in one of his ads on Facebook. He was promoting the first volume of his successful book. The first thing that got my attention was mentioning the name of Robert Kiyosaki. The second thing was Fred’s story, a classic rags to riches Cinderella man tale.

Now today, I’m going to take my time to sit back and check out what is Starting From Zero all about.

Official Website:

Starting From Zero Official Website

This affiliate marketing program can help you to replicate Fred’s success in no time. The guy spent time and time making it work for him, and now, he wants to teach you the same. He promises that you don’t have to know anything about computers or have a bag full of money to start an online business. Hence the name.

However, before we dive into this review, I want to say that you should take his promises with a grain of salt.

You see, marketing is a powerful medium with a sole purpose. That is to influence your mind and plant a seed of desire to buy the product. Many people online use this power to sell you crap. Some people, on the other hand, are genuine and they want to help you.

Our man from the story, Fred Lam is a marketing genius. It’s time to start this Starting From Zero Review and discover to which group of marketers he belongs.

Before we begin, I would like to show you the place where I run my online business. If you are not sure about the program within this review but you still want to start a successful online marketing career, I want to invite you to click the link below. It will take you to another page where I openly promote an authority company (15 years in business!) that can help you indeed to start from zero. It’s free to join and test it out!


What is Starting From Zero?

Starting From Zero is an ebook that Fred Lam sells online for $1,99. Before I start about the book, I want to say something about the zero in the title. He should rename it to Starting From Two Bucks. Pay attention now because this is one of those innocent marketing tricks that are used by intelligent marketers to get you in.

This little ebook is a composite of Fred’s knowledge and experience on how to start a successful e-Commerce business. He wants to show you how he has begun his multimillion business operation from his kitchen table and with zero investment!

Unlike Fred, you’ll have to start from $1,99.

Starting From Zero eBook

The ebook is an initial stage of Fred’s funnel where he invites you to join him in creating a hub and community of people who want to take control over their financial destiny. You get the ebook in two formats, audio and downloadable PDF. Inside of the script, you’ll find a blueprint for building your online empire based on Lam’s model.

One might say it’s a sure shoot for only two bucks!

However, mark the word funnel.

Starting From Zero is more than an ebook. It’s like I said already an initial stage of the buying funnel. After you take the book, you’ll discover what I’m talking about. Along with a book, you’ll get an invitation to join a webinar where Fred is going to demonstrate the knowledge from the book. After you get hooked, you’ll be asked to start working with Fred Lam for only $49 per month. Then, you can expect a few more upsalles which complete the program that is worth around $400 in the real world, Alice!

That’s something he’s not going to tell you right from the start. You may consider yourself to be informed right now.

You see, I believe that this kind of marketing is the reason why people like to say that something or someone is a scam. In this case, we can say easily that Fred Lam’s Starting From Zero is a scam. However, we’ve just started this review so let’s hold the verdict. I have a hunch that this guy is a real deal after all.

Who is Starting From Zero for?

Here is a cut from Fred Lam’s official website.

We truly believe in every single person who takes our education seriously. We know that anyone can build an online business and embrace financial freedom even if you are starting from zero.

Mark the last word from the first sentence. It’s for people who take education seriously.

You see, I believe that programs like Starting From Zero work. However, the problem is in the fact that people are not working the material. People like to expect that courses like this one will solve their financial problems overnight. The fault is partially in owners of the content as well. They sell you a dream for $2 but, they withhold the real truth which causes the people to back away blaming the owners to be a scam.

It’s a funny world.

If you are looking to start an online business by selling random stuff online via Shopify store then Starting From Zero is for you.

Moreover, if you fit into the description of a person who is serious about starting and finishing this program then go for it.

Remember that you’ll have to invest more than two bucks if you want to make Fred’s system work for you as well.

Before you go, please, stay here and finish this review to learn what’s waiting for you if you do start. And also, once again, if you are looking to start from the REAL ZERO, I invite you to check out my recommendation down below. Unlike Fred Lam, Kyle and Carson are asking only your email address to get started. Moreover, they don’t do business in a scammy way. They offer free membership so you can check out the platform, and premium if you decide to start working with them which I highly recommend once you get confident enough.


Who is Fred Lam?

This kid is an extraordinary story. I like to see how people from the bottom of life rise and make something out of themselves. What gets me the most is to see that people like our man, Fred Lam, are happy to give back and pull a few more souls into financial freedom.

A few years ago, Fred Lam was a dishwasher. Today, he’s a super successful entrepreneur.

Fred Lam

This guy started from the very bottom. Working from his kitchen table with nothing but a laptop and a will to succeed, he managed to create an e-Commerce business that has generated him millions over time. Fred claims that he started his business literally with zero investment.

It’s hard to believe in the last fact, but hey, it’s marketing. You see, stories like Fred’s sell like crazy!

Anyway, Fred Lam is a guy who can show you the secrets of paid traffic. He claims that he’s an expert when it comes to buying clicks that convert. Once he shows you how to set up an online store, select a niche, find products, he’s going the teach you those traffic buying secrets that have made him millions.

He’s also a successful writer, multiple business owner, and a young visionary that like to empower other individuals to take the same path as he did.

Now as we know much more about this young man, it’s too hard even to think that Fred Lam is a scam. However, there’s a lot more to cover with this Starting From Zero Review before I make my decision. Let’s move on, shall we?

Starting From Zero Overview

The following text is the part of my review where I’m going to take a 30,000ft overlook of the whole system before we go into more details about the course. I do this to show you how products like Starting From Zero work.

In other words, I like to disclose the funnel that’s waiting for you. Here’s a bird’s eye view of this one

  1. Ebook – Starting From Zero
  2. Webinar With Fred Lam
  3. The Initial Course – B.S. Framework
  4. Upsell 1 – eComprenuer
  5. Upsell 2 – Influencer Masterclass

Fred claims that there’s a zero catch but, I claim there’s a big catch. Here’s a picture that I took from the official site.

Starting From Zero Sales Page

Let’s see what’s the catch.

As you know already, Fred is going to invite you to buy his audio book where he gives you the exact blueprint of his success. The book itself is not going to be enough to build anything. However, it’s a neat way of collecting leads and future customers.

The next step that comes naturally after an ebook is a webinar. It’s the same case with Fred. He’s going to run a probably prerecorded webinar where he’s going to talk a lot about nothing. Online marketers like him use this opportunity to excite you even more. By the end of the video, he’s going to invite you to start working with him.

Now, you can forget about the title of his book. The game is moving from zero to a lot more. It’s time to invest some real money, learn from the course, apply the knowledge and hopefully, reap what you sow. Moreover, be prepared to spend a couple of hundreds on a paid advertisement online as well.

Fred Lam is teaching people how to start an e-Com business in five steps. No, the steps are not the one from the above. That’s only the funnel. I’ll explain his five-step method for starting an online store under the next headline of this Starting From Zero Review.

Before you start working with Fred, you’re entitled to know the real price of his courses which are probably going to be necessary if you want to make his five-step system work for you.

Here are the real numbers.

  • eBook $1,99
  • B.S. Framework $47 one time payment
  • eComprenuer $147 for three months; $49 per month afterward
  • Influencer Masterclass $197 one time payment

Grand Total: $393 in cash followed by $49 per month!

You’re not starting from zero after all.

I told you on the beginning to mark the word funnel. I bet it’s not funny anymore. However, that’s how internet marketing works. You should always remember to inspect the exciting product like this one before you decide to buy.

I still hold on to my belief that Fred Lam might not be a scam. Yes, it’s true that he’s applying misleading tactics to get you in but, this guy has a strong reputation which leaves little room for doubt about the quality of the course itself.

Now when you know the real truth behind the funnel, it’s time to inspect Starting From Zero course in more details.

Before we do so, I want to invite you once again to check out the link below. Fred’s course will cost you over $1K in one year, no doubt. The one that I recommend to everyone is 100% free to start. Moreover, it’s based on leveraging free traffic from search engines. It means that you won’t have to invest anything except time and work to make money online.


Starting From Zero Review

Alright! It’s time to take a look at what you can learn from our man Fred Lam. He’s teaching people his five-step system for making money online while starting from zero investment. In a nutshell, he can show you how to start an eCommerce store from scratch.

The course itself has a few upsells along the way as you know already so be prepared if you want to follow this system till the end. Starting From Zero is simply a marketing trick.

Fred claims that his system has earned to his students over $32.3 million over time. A few of them went hardcore with this system and became millionaires. Some of the students make a six-figure income by applying Fred’s method. Many have become five-figure earners, and the numbers are still rising.

You and I will take a look behind the curtains to see what’s the noise.

As you can see on the image below, the five steps are:

Starting From Zero Five Step System

#1 Instant Online Presence

Everyone can start an online store today. It takes only a few minutes and a couple of clicks to have a website up and running.

In the first of five steps, Fred is going to show you how to do so with minimal investment.

#2 Inventory Arbitrage

After you have an online store set, you’ll have to select a niche and fill the stock. In the real world, you would have to buy and stock tons of products.

However, the advantage of the online store is that you don’t have ever to see the product you sell. Today it’s possible to sell millions of products without the need to stock or ship any of them.

#3 Fast & Targeted Traffic

Fast and targeted traffic is every online marketer dream. Fred claims that he has a super simple method that can help you to get an incredible amount of traffic to your site.

He’s teaching people how to use Facebook ads to get strictly targeted visitors.

#4 Profit Multiplier

In step number four of Lam’s Starting From Zero course, he’s going to show you how to sell more. Every business owner wants to get the most out of his customers. It’s the key to more profit.

Here you’ll learn Fred’s secrets to asking customers to spend more while giving them maximum value in return and without annoying them.

#5 Rinse & Repeat

The last step of the five-step system is where you’ll learn how to repeat the process over and over. It’s time to put the current store on autopilot, rinse and repeat the process as many times you wish.

At least that’s what Fred claims.

Is Fred Lam a Scam?

The fact is that Starting From Zero works. I’ve seen many positive reviews and testimonials so far. Some reviewers are critical on Fred because of his selling methodology but not me. If you believe in the title of his system, it means that you are new in the online business world. Therefore, you’re a perfect customer to guys like Fred.

Many people will say that it’s how scams work. The owners of the program make you believe in unbelievable. Then they make you buy the product. I’m guilty of believing once in a similar story myself. I spent a couple of hundreds on the Internet Jetset affiliate program just because I fell on the story of getting rich quick.

Today, I’m a bit wiser than before. All I can see in this case is very well worked out funnel by a guy who has a strong online reputation. Moreover, the system is making money for some people. You can see a lot of real testimonials proving the fact that Starting From Zero works.

Here are a few snapshots proving the legitimacy of the course.

Starting From Zero Case Study One

Starting From Zero Case Study Two

The creator and owner of the program, Fred Lam, is a well-known name in the world of online marketing. He’s not just another show-off. Instead, he’s a man with a mission to help people live the life they want to live.

My verdict is that Fred Lam is not a scam. Starting From Zero is a legit training course that can make you money if you work on the program.

Do I Recommend Starting From Zero To Newbies? 

Now, if you are new in the world of online business and you’re looking to start from the real zero, then I don’t recommend Fred Lam’s course.

The reason why I don’t recommend Starting From Zero to beginners is that you’ll have to invest money in this program to make it work. Around $400 plus advertisement costs are going to be necessary to make it work which is far away from zero. Don’t ever buy into those stories how you can make money online with little or no investment. That’s all marketing, nothing else. The real truth is always different.

Fred’s system works. However, he’s not completely honest with his offer. That’s why I don’t recommend it. You can end up spending a lot of money. For someone new in the world of online business, that’s a lot of money that can find a much better use.

If you are looking to start for FREE and keep it like that until you understand the business and gather requisite knowledge and confidence to dive in for real, I invite you one more time to click the link below. You’ll find that the program I recommend is suitable for everyone — no need for previous technical knowledge or marketing skills. Moreover, you’ll have enough time to learn before you decide to invest some money and start for real. 

Affiliate Marketing Steps


I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


  • I hate it when companies say “it´s free”, when it´s actually not. I like it that you listed the steps of up-sales you need to take in Starting From Zero, because I´m sure they do n´t tell you those in advance. Because Fred Lam is lying about his marketing course, I wonder if even his rags-to-riches story is true. I´m sure he knows that kind of stories sell, so maybe he just made it up he was a dishwasher. Who knows? I just get really suspicious, if someone is lying about a product they sell. It makes me wonder what else are they lying about.

    • Hi Kristi, you have a point. You see, some people say it’s not telling the truth while others will say it’s only marketing. The one thing I care about the most is the product. All I can say about Fred Lam’s Starting From Zero is that it is a legit system.


  • Great review Ivan, thanks for that. I am in the market for good quality targeted Paid traffic training. I am not quite getting Fred Lam’s USP – so he is good at FB ads. What makes his FB ads better than others who claim to an expert in this field – what make his training stand out ahead of others?

    • Hi Derek, your welcome. I guess nothing much. He’s teaching the same FB ads strategies as everyone else. This knowledge is general, he’s just very good at selling it. If you are looking for the quality targeted paid FB traffic training, then Fred Lam’s course might turn the trick or you can take a look at what Crestani has to offer with his Super Affiliate System. But if you are interested in paid traffic from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) I suggest you check out the training at Wealthy Affiliate. Follow this link for the training on Bing and Yahoo. For training on Google PPC campaigns, visit this link. I hope this helps.


  • Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for this review and sharing a brief story of Fred Lam. I would have been more likely to follow his training if not because of the cunning way, I think, of taking $400 off people.
    The Kyle and Carson programme seems more legit. That one worth trying out.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Stephen, unfortunately, that’s how internet marketing works today. The people who own products have exceptional knowledge and they are well aware of the fact. They don’t want to give it just like that for a fixed price. Honors to exceptions like Franklin Hatchett and his Savage Affiliates or Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate. Guys like Fred Lam don’t understand that people hate the sales principle they apply. I believe that they could get much more customers which would turn into success stories if they were offering the knowledge for a fixed price so that we can learn in peace without worrying about paying more after every two or three steps.

      If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing in peace without annoying upsells and from the top experts in the industry, I highly recommend you to check out the Wealthy Affiliate University.


  • Hi Ivan,
    Well what shall I say about this type of marketing and sales?
    There are many sites that use the same strategy. Nobody gets forced to get involved, just tempted…..
    I guess this guy is tempting his audience to buy that e-book for just 1.99….and once the buyer gets more interested…then surprise, surprise…there is more to buy! A lot of apps work the same way…
    Personally I hate it when things seem to be “for free” and after you’ve signed up you find out that you to pay to continue. I like things to be simple and clear from the beginning. No misleadings or surprises on costs.

    Thank you for sharing this post! Looking forward to your next!

    • Hi Angelique, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my review. I too don’t like to be pulled by my nose, in fact, no one does. I hope this review has helped you to find what you were looking for.


  • This is a very interesting post! I simply love the way you presented the ”manipulating” system of this lad.
    In my opinion this is a scam because has hidden path, the way to success is not entirely revealed from the beginning.
    I agree it could work, but everything works if you work hard for it…
    I am more with the WA way to success, as they are a community – a lot of support in there

    • Hi Marian, thanks for coming by and leaving your comment. I’ve tried to work with people who are applying the same model as Fred Lam and it didn’t work. Those upsells are annoying. In the end, I left empty-handed because of the way they sell the course. Instead of the small price advertised, I was supposed to pay a lot more as I was moving forward with my education. It was discouraging and I decided to quit.

      I do not recommend it if you are serious about starting your affiliate marketing business. At WA things are dealt with in a different way, a much better way. Try it!



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