Super Affiliate Network Review – Scam or Legit Affiliate Course?

Welcome to Super Affiliate Network Review. Who is Misha Wilson? Can this course help you to start with affiliate marketing? Or…is Misha’s SAN a scam?

Misha’s affiliate marketing training program is one of the most popular in this industry.

With this course, Misha Wilson helps newbies to understand and master the basics of affiliate marketing, build their own businesses, and earn money promoting other people’s products.

But is Super Affiliate Network a scam? Should you go for it?

It’s great to see you here because I have actually joined the program a while ago. I spent hours and hours going through the material and in this review, I share my conclusions.

But first, who am I?

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a growing online business.

To put it simply, I love earning an income online as well as helping you to discover legitimate means to do so!

That said, the purpose of this review is to help you find out the truth about Super Affiliate Network and help you to make a well-informed decision.

Within this Super Affiliate Network review, you’ll learn what Misha Wilson’s program is all about. Also, you’ll learn how the whole thing works and get some critical information about the price of this affiliate scheme.

Lastly, I will share with you my unique opinion about whether the SAN is a scam or a legit way to get make money online.

And by the way, congratulations on doing your own research first! That’s how you avoid scams and stay safe online.

Shall we begin?

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Is It a Scam or Legit


Super Affiliate Network Review – Overview

  • Product: The Super Affiliate Network
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Product Owner: Misha Wilson
  • Price: Free (Limited Access) + $7 + $$$ for upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Varying refund policies
  • My Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended?: Yes

Overview: Super Affiliate Network program is about teaching you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. The main goal of the training is to teach you how to promote other people’s products to earn commissions.

Since its beginning, this course has actually got a lot of different testimonials from individuals as well as review sites. So it’s hard to claim whether it is a great opportunity or otherwise right away.

That is the reason why I joined Misha’s training course and also have spent hours examining the material, reviews, sales pages, company background, as well as much more!

So is the Super Affiliate Network a scam or legit? Right here’s my personal review.

✅ Super Affiliate Network PROS

The good thing concerning Super Affiliate Network is the reality that the initial program is free and beginner-friendly.

This is excellent because you don’t wish to spend lots of cash on a questionable course or a scam. You can join it completely free before you are asked to pay $100s for additional courses.

That said, the Super Affiliate Network product contains a number of training courses where you can learn how to discover your niche, select products, develop sales funnels, attract website traffic, and generate income.

In other words, the details inside are 100% legit as well as based upon workable techniques.

Another point that I like concerning Super Affiliate Network is that Misha Wilson (the developer) is a specialist in affiliate marketing. This is great because you have to learn from a person who’s been there and not a phoney expert.

Misha Wilson is a professional. In other words, there’s a great deal of knowledge to pick up from him.

An additional good thing to see is that Super Affiliate Network programs are covered with a 30-day money-back warranty. In case you change your mind, you can get a complete reimbursement.

🛑 Super Affiliate Network Cons

The negative thing is that you can’t really make money with a basic training course, which suggests that you will need to acquire costly upgrades. Those upsell add a whole lot to the final price of the Super Affiliate Network.

That said, I would certainly favour it if Misha would place them all in one training course and request a fixed fee or regular monthly membership as opposed to drawing your nose with hidden upsells

One of the things that I really do not like is the main website traffic approach instructed with the Super Affiliate Network.

It’s called Solo Advertisements and it is a paid web traffic technique that needs a great deal of the initial investment (more money to invest!).

I’m not against paid traffic approaches. However, I do think that they are not the very best solution for newbies.

You could end up wasting 100s and even 1000s of dollars to learn the right way to drive traffic and make sales even with the best courses out there.

Also, there are no tools included in the subscription, which implies even more costs later on.

Moreover, while I was doing my very own research for this Super Affiliate Network review, I discovered a couple of adverse reviews from other users, which is one of the main reasons why I’m not a big fan of this program.

👎👍 Scam or Legit? – Verdict

The bottom line is that The Super Affiliate Network is a legitimate affiliate marketing course. I didn’t find any major red flags that could indicate that it’s a scam.

With this course, you get a chance to learn how to promote the same business (or any others that you choose) to other people using sales funnels and solo ads.

The method is 100% legitimate and most importantly, it works. But only under the condition that you invest plenty of time, effort, and money into your business.

Keep on reading my Super Affiliate Network to learn more.

What is Super Affiliate Network?

Created and owned by already mentioned, Misha Wilson, Super Affiliate Network, or SAN is a training company that’s focused on teaching how to make money with affiliate marketing.

The company provides detailed training on email marketing, traffic generation, conversions, and more.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Official Website

In more detail, Misha Willson’s Super Affiliate Network teaches how to:

  • create a sales funnel
  • attract potential customers
  • collect leads using Solo ads
  • promote products
  • earn commissions
  • and more

Also, with this course, you will learn how to run an effective email marketing campaign to convert leads into customers, and ultimately, make money off your efforts.

The Super Affiliate Network reminds me of Invincible Marketer, one of the best courses about affiliate marketing today.

One of the things I liked from the start is that affiliate marketing is a legitimate method for making money online and the fact that this course shows how to get started was a great sign.

In addition to training, with the Super Affiliate Network, you get a personal mentor and access to a live Facebook community, which is good as well.

Although keep in mind that the personal mentor will just try to convince you to upgrade your membership.

Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam? 

No, The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam in my review. You get complete access to a step-by-step course for building a legitimate affiliate marketing business.

The affiliate marketing model that Micha Wilson is teaching has made many people wealthy, including Micha himself.

Marketing funnels and solo ads are good combinations for success in affiliate marketing.

When it’s done the right way, that is, when you have the proper guidance and resources, the end product is a commission-generating funnel.

Micha offers a set of training and resources that could help you to get started.

For only $7, you can get access to The super Affiliate core training program called Profit Boosting Bootcamp where you can learn how to start making money online.

But keep in mind that you need to pay extra money for advanced traffic courses (more about this later in my Super Affiliate Network review).

With these courses, Misha is teaching how to get traffic to your sites, which is the key element of every legitimate affiliate course.

In addition to the training, you get access to support and a private group where you can ask questions.

There are no guarantees that this is going to work for you, but at least you’re covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The fact that you can get your money back is another reason to say that The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam.

Another good thing about the Super Affiliate Network is the fact that the platform is regularly updated. It seems like Misha cares a lot about everything and aims for perfection.

When someone is treating his business like that, you know it’s legit.

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Who Is Misha Wilson?

Misha Wilson is a super successful online entrepreneur. He started his online journey at the age of 22.

Four years later, he was counting his first million. An impressive feat, right?

In 2016, after seeing how many people fail miserably because of the lack of proper education, he decided to create The Super Affiliate Network.

About The Company Behind the SAN

The company behind the Super Affiliate Network offers all sorts of help necessary to create a lifestyle of freedom and abundance.

Being a personal development fan myself, I need to say that SAN’s about me page sounds great.

They even have a section where they describe their perfect candidate.

A person who reads and resonates with their standards can expect to make something out of the training. On the other hand, if you don’t fit the description, you should walk away.

Fair play. But more about this later in the review as well.

The Super Affiliate Network has been in business since 2016 and it’s also been accredited by BBB.

Better Bussiness Bureau gives this company an A+ rating, which is a great sign that Mish Wilson and his team are doing a good job with this business.

All in all, SAN is a respected training company that can help you to understand and apply the affiliate marketing business model.

Let’s continue with this Super Affiliate Network Review to meet the person behind this program.

Misha Wilson

This guy has a reputation for being one of the best traffic and conversion experts online. Or at least, that’s what he claims LOL.

Anyways, we all know that people who know the secrets of online business quickly create a big following. It’s the same case with Misha Wilson.

You can follow Misha on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to see that he is a real person with real business.

All in all, Misha has earned my respect over the years although I’m not 100% on the same page as he is when it comes to promoting the Super Affiliate Network.

See, he, or his students, create overhyped funnels like My Super Affiliate Mentor to get visitors.

There’s nothing wrong with the method itself, but there are a lot of things wrong with the way they are doing it.

But all that on the side, Misha Wilson is one of the top-rated experts in the affiliate marketing industry, which speaks a lot about him and his course.

Furthermore, you can follow him on YouTube where he shares helpful videos about online marketing, wealth mindset, and more!

Unlike other affiliate coaches, Misha doesn’t share too many educational videos, which is a shame. I’m not his biggest fan, but I believe he can give more to his audience.

At the moment of writing my review, his channel has got about 12,000 subscribers, which is not a lot, but still admirable.

Alright, let’s continue this Super Affiliate Network review to see what else is there.

Read on!

What Do You Get With Super Affiliate Network?

As I’ve said, The Super Affiliate Network provides a set of training courses for learning basic as well as more advanced affiliate marketing.

Mischa Willson and his associates offer a step-by-step training system. They have created a system that teaches newbies how to start earning online by promoting other people’s products.

Here’s what you get inside the Super Affiliate Network if you decide to join after reading my review.

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp ($7)

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp is a 15-module step-by-step training for learning the digital marketing tactics and strategies to start an online affiliate marketing business.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Profit Boosting Bootcamp

According to the sales page, 90% of everything involved in setting up an online business is done for you.

You can learn how to build your own sales funnel, get traffic, convert leads, make sales, and scale your business with advanced systems.

In a nutshell, The Profit Boosting Bootcamp is The Super Affiliate Network starter package.

Here’s what is covered:

  • how to create your breakthrough online with affiliate marketing in record time and without overwhelm
  • Build a business that gives you not only financial freedom but also time freedom
  • Work from anywhere, any time, with nothing but your cellphone and wifi connection
  • Discover how to get traffic, convert leads, make sales, and scale your business with advanced systems

The Solo Ad Sucess Formula ($297)

The Solo Ad Success Formula is an 11-module step-by-step home study course for learning how to generate leads using Solo Ad Marketing.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Solo Ad Success Formula

In more detail, this advanced and more expensive training shows how to tap into the power of e-mail marketing to get targeted traffic that converts into sales.

Also, guys will share their simple 3-step process for writing ad copy that converts.

And lastly, the training teaches how to sort through Solo Ad Vendors to find which ones will send high-quality traffic and which ones will sell garbage.

This is basically the core of The Super Affiliate Network.

You can learn:

  • How to tap into the power of e-mail marketing to get red hot traffic that converts into SALES.
  • The simple 3-step process for writing ad copy that converts
  • How to sort through Solo Ad Vendors to find which ones will send high-quality traffic and which ones will send garbage
  • Discover the secrets of advanced tracking to amplify your profits

The IM Profit Formula (Free Plus $7 Shipping)

The IM Profit Formula is a book where Mischa Wilson, the owner of The Super Affiliate Network, outlines the exact formula he used to generate millions in sales.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - IM Profit Formula

Also, the package contains the first six modules of The Super Affiliate Profit Boosting Bootcamp, and a 2-hour Accelerate to Profit” training webinar.

Furthermore, you’ll get three tested and proven done for your traffic sources as well as three consult calls with a business enrolment advisor.

Here’s what is covered inside:

  • ​How to “hack” the strict rules on popular ad platforms to get countless website visitors, WITHOUT overwhelm
  • The simple way to add 200-300 new leads to your list per day leveraging a brain-dead simple two-step “Bridge Funnel”.
  • How to exponentially increase your profits selling high ticket $2,000+ products, without being a high-pressure boiler room salesman.
  • ​The simple model to use to apply maximum leverage when first getting started, even if you don’t have your own product.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle ($297)

This package gives 12-month access to The Profit Boosting Bootcamp and advisor, as well as immediate access to the Solo Ad Sucess Formula 2.0 home study course.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Inner Circle

In a nutshell, it gives full access to The Super Affiliate Network training, corporate team members and coaches, and more.

Here’s what is included:

  • Access to the Inner Circle Coaching calls, where you can discover the secrets of the highest-earning students
  • Monthly Immersion Coaching with one of the SAN corporate team members
  • Immediate access to the Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0 home study course

All in all The Super Affiliate Network products bring a lot to the table.

Just keep in mind that you will probably have to buy most of them if not all to get a complete education.

The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator 

The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator gives years of online execution coaching, in addition to the finest of the most effective online educational program created to get you right into outcomes as promptly as humanly possible.

Affiliate Mastery Accelerator

Here are some of the features of Affiliate Mastery Accelerator:

  • Access to the online educational program, where you discover all of Misha’s secrets to producing large success online.
  • Twice month-to-month Immersion Coaching with one of the SAN company employees.
  • Immediate access to the mastermind, where you can obtain straight and personal aid from a million-dollar group.

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How Much Does Super Affiliate Network Cost?

The Super Affiliate Network is free to join, and you get free access to the initial course. However, to gain further access to the program, you will have to invest more money.

Here’s the breakdown of the price:

  • The Profit Boosting Bootcamp ($7)
  • The Solo Ad Sucess Formula ($297)
  • The IM Profit Formula (Free Plus $7 Shipping)
  • The Super Affiliate Inner Circle ($297)
  • The Affiliate Mastery Accelerator ($9,997)

The thing is, Profit Boosting Bootcamp will teach you how to set up your business. But you will have to invest in Solo Ad Success Formula to learn how to drive traffic to your business.

IM Profit Formula is just an eBook so you can skip that.

And if you want to get everything that you need including Profit Boosting Bootcamp and Solo Ad Success Formula courses, you need to buy The Super Affiliate Inner Circle.

And that’s not it…

You will have to invest more money in tools and solo ads. The latter is quite an expensive feat.

The tools and ads could cost you $500-$1000 in your first month.

All in all, The Super Affiliate Network is not as cheap as it might look at the very beginning of the ride, am I right?

How Does Super Affiliate Network Work?

In this section of The Super Affiliate Network review, I will explain how it works in more detail so that if you ever join the SAN, you can be prepared.

The base premise of this program is affiliate marketing, which comes down to promoting other people’s products.

This program is designed to teach you how to create sales funnels and how to drive paid traffic to your offers using Solo Ads.

And what do you get when you get traffic to your funnels?

Affiliate commissions, of course.

Super Affiliate Network Step-By-Step

Here’s the breakdown of the process of making money with the Super Affiliate Network:

  1. Choose a niche and products
  2. Create websites and funnels
  3. Get traffic to your sites
  4. Earn commissions after the sale

A great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create products in order to make money.

The coolest thing is that you can pick any products online that have an affiliate program, take your affiliate link and send people to it to make commissions.

This is why affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money online.

In case you don’t have an idea about what products to promote, you can also become The Super Affiliate Network affiliate partner and promote the platform itself.

Each time someone joins SAN via your links, you make money.

Some Previous Examples

That’s how it works in the simplest words and here’s one of the examples of these funnels called Home Cashflow Shortcut. Another example is IM Profit Multiplier.

These funnels are not the most honest way to get customers, by the way.

See, people who promote The Super Affiliate Network create these videos that are full of overhyped and misleading claims, fake testimonials, etc.

I don’t see what they have to do this way if the company is legit, right?

For example, see the testimonials in the video below and be the judge.

I mean, just throw in some real testimonials, share what the platform is about, offer your personal help and coaching and that’s it!

That’s how I would promote The Super Affiliate Network.

Now, let’s continue and explain the critical aspect of the system – getting traffic.

What is Solo Ad Marketing?

Before I show you how to join The Super Affiliate Network, let’s stop the review to explain what solo ads are.

That way, you can learn more before you decide if this training is for you or not.

Solo ads are a form of PPC advertising.

But instead of paying Google or Facebook to run your ads on their platform, you are ‘renting’ an exciting email list from someone else who has lots of subscribers.

In other words, you can pay someone who owns an email list to send your offer to his existing subscribers. It’s an effective way of driving traffic to your marketing funnel by buying clicks.

Every time someone clicks on your Ad, you’ll pay an average price between $0.30 to $1 per click.

This is something Misha claims to be an expert on.

Who is Super Affiliate Network for?

Before I share a description of The Super Affiliate Network’s perfect candidate, you need to understand that affiliate marketing is not for everyone.

Many people think that it’s easy to get rich by following a good leader and his program.

However, the truth is far away from that.

A person who wants to succeed in the world of online marketing has to approach programs like The SAN with the most serious attention.

Generally speaking, The Super Affiliate Network is for people who have the desire to master email marketing, solo ads, and learn traffic and conversion secrets.

Misha Wilson and his company describe the perfect candidate as someone who is a go-getter!

Therefore, this is for people who know pretty well what it takes to make it work.

By that, I mean that a perfect candidate could be someone who has enough time and patience to learn the system before expecting results.

I would say that this course is for:

  • affiliate marketers
  • email marketers
  • social media marketers
  • funnel experts
  • beginner marketers
  • advanced marketers
  • people with a strong work ethic
  • anyone who is looking to make money

With that being said, let’s continue with The Super Affiliate Network review, and let’s see how you can join this program, in case you decide to do so, of course.

How To Join Super Affiliate Network?

On the official website, you’re led to believe that The Super Affiliate Network is free to join – and it is, partially.

You Have to Subscribe to SAN for Free First

See, you can only register for free, which is a quite normal thing. It’s like subscribing to Misha’s email list.

All you have to do is enter your name, last name, and email address and click the button to join as shown in the image below.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Signup Page

As I said, this is a completely free step. But it will not be free for long. As you can see from my review, there is a lot of extra cost coming your way.

Second, Watch Misha Wilson’s Video Message

Once you subscribe, you will be taken to a video welcome page that looks like this.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Video Welcome Page

On this page, you will have a chance to hear Misha Wilson talk about The Super Affiliate Network, congratulate you for taking action, tell you about the platform, and more.

It’s basically a short welcome video.

Then, Start With Profit Boosting Bootcamp Free Training

Then, you will get an email with a link to the Profit Boosting Bootcamp course where you will have limited access to the platform.

The below screenshot is taken from the inside.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Free Course

But the free version of The Super Affiliate Network allows you free access to the first phase of the course only.

This means that the other lessons inside this course will be out of your reach unless…

Lastly, Pay $7 To Unlock the Entire Course

You will have to pay $7 to get unlimited access to the Profit Boosting Bootcamp.

The Super Affiliate Network Review - Purchase Page

And if you pay the price, you will get access to step-by-step training where you can learn how to start making money with affiliate marketing.

Keep in mind that, along the way, you will be offered to purchase those other products from the list.

That said, let’s slowly conclude this Super Affiliate Network review with some pros and cons.

Super Affiliate Network Pros

1.) Beginner-Friendly Training Course 

The Super Affiliate Network training videos are easy to follow and understand. There’s no fluff and Micha keeps everything on the point.

In other words, it’s beginner-friendly, which is very important today as more and more people are getting interested in affiliate marketing and solo ads.

It reminds me of Wealthy Affiliate and Commission Academy courses. Both are free to join and are teaching legitimate methods for making money online suitable for beginners.

2.) The Super Affiliate Network 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The set of training courses offered by The Super Affiliate Network comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

According to the official website, the refunds are issued with no questions asked.

Therefore, if you don’t like the content or find it lacking in any way, you can contact The Super Affiliate Network customer support.

Hopefully, you’ll get your money back.

3.) Micha Wilson Has Legitimate Background

The Super Affiliate Network is created and founded by Micha Wilson. He’s been in this business for years and is a trustworthy person.

Micha seems very friendly, explains everything very well, and is a person to follow.

You can even watch his videos on YouTube or follow him on Facebook.

4.) The Super Affiliate Network is Teaching Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online and The Super Affiliate Network follows the trend.

You can learn how to create affiliate funnels to promote various products, including The Super Affiliate Network to other people within the niche.

Also, you can learn how to use Solo Ads to drive traffic.

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Super Affiliate Network Cons

1.) The Super Affiliate Network is Not Really Free

Though The Super Affiliate Network is not the most expensive affiliate marketing training I’ve had a chance to review, the price seems to be a bit pricy, especially for beginners.

The price range for this training varies between $7 and $297, depending on which one you wish to purchase.

But the fact is, you will probably have to purchase them all to get access to the entire Super Affiliate Network program for making money online.

The same business model is applied to programs like Now Lifestyle and Fullstaq Marketer where you need to buy expensive packages to get the full education.

2.) Buying Solo Ads is an Additional Expense

In addition to the price of the material, the buyer will have to spend more money on Solo Ads.

That’s a fact that is not disclosed on The Super Affiliate Network sales page, but it sounds. It’s quite essential to know that there are additional costs down the road.

Determined by the size of your campaign, the cost of Solo Ads could be a couple of hundred for starters.

3.) Extra Costs Down the Road

In addition to expensive upsells and Solo Ads, you will have to invest more money into affiliate tools, websites, hosting, etc.

This could cost you a few more $100’s just to get started.

I would prefer if the Super Affiliate Network includes at least some basic tools like hosting and keyword research tools.

4.) The Super Affiliate Network Is Focused On Promoting Itself

I’m not saying that The Super Affiliate Network is a scam or a pyramid scheme. However, the fact is that a lot of it is focused on self-promotion.

In other words, it seems that the main idea behind this course is to teach you how to promote the same thing to others.

Some people will go as far as to say that this is exactly a pyramid scheme. But I won’t.

I’ve seen, joined, and reviewed a lot of programs that work the same way. Perpetual Income 365 and Click Wealth System are both using the same scheme to make money online.

5.) Overhyped Promotional Material

One of the ways how you can get the invitation to join the Super Affiliate Network is through overhyped sales funnels like those mentioned earlier in this review.

Those promo materials have been created by people who agreed to promote Misha Wilson’s scheme.

And just by looking at the work, they’ve done, I don’t feel like it is a 100% legit way to promote a company or a service these days.

In fact, I have gone so far as to call some of those funnels a scam!

6.) The Super Affiliate Network Has Got a Lot of Negative Reviews

As I said at the top of The Super Affiliate Network review, this company has got a lot of colorful reviews, most of them being negative.

This is a serious warning sign that something is not right.

However, I received an email from Micha Willson a few months ago to correct my review since it wasn’t giving the correct information.

This means that Micha cares about his company and tries to do things the right way.

Is Super Affiliate Network a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it’s not. But I’ve seen some reviews where people claim that the Super Affiliate Network is a pyramid scheme.

I understand why someone might think so. It’s because one of the ways to make money with this course is by promoting the same course to others.

And people who do so, do it very unethically, which causes lots of negative reviews and accusations that The Super Affiliate Network might be a pyramid scheme.

On the other hand, if you join the course, you will see that it’s not true.

See, a pyramid scheme is designed to ask you for money and build a downline where you keep asking others to pay the price, without any exchange of products or services.

The Super Affiliate Network has got a set of products and courses that are actually useful.

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Is Super Affiliate Network Worth It?

You see, I did my best to discover as many details as possible about the training platform and everything that awaits those who decide to join.

As I’ve pointed out in my Super Affiliate Network review, this is a legitimate training course created by an experienced online marketer, Micha Wilson.

However, I still have a feeling that there’s more to it than I was able to discover.

You see, the cost of making this system work is not final.

To be able to create marketing funnels, you’ll need tools such as ClickFunnels, which roughly cost $100 per month. Also, you’ll need at least a few more hundred to pay for Solo Ads.

On top of it, you need to buy advanced courses from the SAN product line.

But if you have the ability to invest all the time, money, and work into this course, it could pay off.

In other words, I do believe that the Super Affiliate Network is worth it.

I personally didn’t follow this course because I have found a lot better way to make money with affiliate marketing that doesn’t cost as much as Misha Wilson’s program!

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

I know how hard it is to trust websites these days.

There are too many scams out there, especially in the make-money-online world.

I know, because I reviewed over 700+ sites so far!

Why did I review so many sites? Well, I wanted to find the best (and cost-effective) way for a beginner to start income online.

While searching for this information, I bumped into affiliate marketing.

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And today, I like helping people as you follow in my footsteps,

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How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

I earn online by creating simple affiliate websites that I use to connect people with products they are already looking for.

It requires no special skills or previous experience, which makes it the best way to start online.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it is passive in terms of results and income.

In other words, you could be earning an income from your affiliate website for years and years to come, even when you sleep.

If you want to learn more about how you can start making money online with affiliate marketing, click the button below!

After evaluating over 700+ programs on the web, my conclusion is straightforward. This is the best way to start earning passive income online.

And if you’re looking for the very same, I’ll see you on the next page…




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And feel free to share this Super Affiliate Network review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

4 thoughts on “Super Affiliate Network Review – Scam or Legit Affiliate Course?”

  1. Stay clear. The Mastery Institute is a shameful scam, taking advantage of those most vulnerable and inexperienced with simple clickbank and affiliate marketing schemes. Your hard earned money is best spent elsewhere. It is also a constant money grab. Your ‘advisor’ aka sales agent is there to make sure to entice you / pressure you into upgrading and purchasing more product. Then… there’s the unethical, deceptive practice(s) within the purchase system. Luckily my bank stopped the purchase. I clicked to ‘learn more’ but the button was geared to automatically ‘process payment’ when I had NO IDEA what the cost of that product was going to be. $273. You think you would require informed consent before simply charging my credit card. SHAME on you Misha Wilson. For such deceptive practices. If your ad shows 20M$ in sales, why the need to go through such extreme lengths to steal. Your studio setup certainly does not resemble that of a millionaire. More LIES.

  2. I joined SAN and was totally disappointed, near $2500. I am a NEWBY (told the advisor and coach) explained to my business advisor I needed to make money now while still employed full time and after retirement 2023. I am in the US, I got assigned a coach in the UK. Before joining we could start the business modules but on the first call with the business advisor, he told us to ignore them, Then before the first call with the coach I was to complete modules 1-7. The modules where repetitivef a lot of rah rah, no explanation what affiliate marketing is. First zoom with coach he was 20 minutes late, he told me I would do one module a day, module 8 more rah rah, “you must buy advertising, free is not good” buy that time I realize this was not going to be for me. I tried to reach the refund number within 3 days even sent advisor an email to get a refund. Second zoom call coach was 10 minutes late. That was it for me. I wasted probably 3 hours not knowing what it was I would be doing. Then then advisor stated I needed to email for a refund, what is the point of having a tefund customer service. These guys didn’t understand I wanted an extra income I was not looking to be a multimillionaire. Annnnnd the do talk abou having teams so I figured Pyramid. I want to do something on my own, not worry about a team. One of the bonus modules was over 30 minutes long and all the woman talked abou was how great this was, big cheerleading speech, she even addressed her squad. Misha Wilson repeats his story soooo many times in the span of modules 1-7,. Misha talks about being broke at the start but then proceeds to state he spent thousands, $10000 or more on advertising. Module 8 features a couple who had already owned a business, lost all in 2008 even stated that when they started this they had the base to go after. My coach stated my business plan was not even going to be in place for a minimum of 15 days. All the modules 1-8 could have been put into 1 session. I was extremely disappointed in how this was set up.


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