The Authority Site System Review – Pros, Cons & My Results

Hey there and welcome to my Authority Site System review! What is TASS exactly about? What can you learn from it? Is it worth it? Is it the right one for you? Above all, is it a scam?

Simply put, TASS is about building authority websites, ranking them on Google, and earning revenue online.

However, building an authoritative website is one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing for an online marketer to do.

Firstly, it takes a lot of time. Secondly, it takes a lot of effort. Lastly, building an authority site takes a lot of specialized knowledge that will make sure that you don’t waste too much of the first two.

Now, there are very few courses that could help you to get this specialized knowledge and one of them is called the Authority Site System.

Authority Site System is a course created by Mark Webster and Gael Breton, the same two guys who are behind the Authority Hacker website.

If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, building websites, content creation, backlinks, and all other stuff, then you have probably not heard of these guys.

But if you are a seasoned marketer, then you know who these guys are.

Are you ready to learn more about The Authority Site System in my review?

I joined the TASS in December 2022. I watched all the video lessons, implemented the steps, and even got results to share with you.

To learn more about Mark Webster’s and Gael Breton’s training program, keep reading my Authority Site System review.

The Authority Site System Review

What Is The Authority Site System?

The Authority Site System is a complete step-by-step affiliate marketing course. It’s designed to lead you through the process of building and ranking an affiliate and authority site.

It basically covers everything from market research to website setup, content creation, and finally, making money.

If you’ve been in this business for a while, then you know how hard it is and how long it takes to build an authoritative website.

Not so long ago, the process was much faster. However, today we have much more competition so it’s critical to invest a lot more work and effort into your authority website.

Mark Webster and Gael Breton are two guys who know a thing or two about building authority sites.

In this Authority Site System review, I will be sharing what you can learn from them and how you can benefit from this course.

The course itself contains 15 training modules where Mark and Geal explain the following:

  • Market research
  • Keyword research
  • Teach site setup
  • Design & Branding
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Hiring & Outsourcing
  • Monetization
  • Analytics & Tracking

So what exactly it be that you will be doing if you join The Authority Site System?

In simple words, you will learn how to build a brand-new website from the ground. The main idea is to choose a niche and write high-quality content to become an authority in your niche.

But that’s not all, Mark and Gael will also show you how to monetize your website and even hire freelance copywriters to automate the workflow and put your site on autopilot.

All of that will be covered in the next sections of my Authority Site System review. Let’s meet the brains behind this course first.

Who Are Mark Webster and Gael Breton?

As I was saying, unless you’re a newbie, you must have heard of Mark Webster and Gael Brenton.

These two guys are also behind the super-popular website called, which is one of the top resources for many bloggers, SEOs, affiliate marketers, etc.

Mark and Gael have started this joint venture back in 2013 and since then, they have created several authority websites that have earned them millions over the last years.

Today, they share all their knowledge and expertise in The Authority Site System course.

Gael Brenton Mark Webster

About Gael Berton

Gael Breton is the co-founder and editor-in-chief. In other words, Gael is the person who is in charge of creating content, designing brands, creating courses, and doing other creative work.

About Mark Webster

Mark Webster is the second co-founder and system expert. Mark’s share of business involves building sites, creating backlinks, outsourcing, support, and other, more technical parts of their business.

All in all, Mark and Gael are indeed two expertise in the field of affiliate marketing and authority websites.

I’ve learned so many great things from their blogs over the past few years that I really can’t say anything bad about these two guys.

They are a true inspiration and great role models in my work.

That said, let’s check out the next section of the Authority Site System review to break down what you too can learn from these two marketing experts.

What Is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker is a website that educates people about the world of online marketing. Also, it is a podcast, blog, and successful YouTube channel.

You’ll find numerous big names within the digital marketing world applauding and advising Authority Hacker. Gael and Mark have also been invited numerous times to speak on the happenings inside the IM world.


Authority Hacker Blog

The Authority Hacker guys are constantly constructing and running high-level authority websites, and are quite transparent about their results.

As Mark says in TASS, “We’re just teaching you tactics which we in fact utilize ourselves.”

It’s clear that these people do not build sites just to make a quick dollar. They make every effort to create white-hat, value-adding sites they can be happy with, which are likely to be rewarding for a long time.

Authority Hacker guys are exceptional at determining step-by-step processes and discovering ways to simplify them. You’ll see lots of examples of this in their Authority Site System training.

As I said in the previous section of the review, the site was launched in 2013. Today, it is recognized as one of the top go-to websites when it comes to launching authority sites.

Is The Authority Site System Different From Authority Hacker?

Essentially, yes, The Authority Site System is a separate course. However, it is a part of the Authority Hacker brand. The difference is that TASS is a training course, while AH is a website, YouTube channel, community, etc.

For example, you can leverage the Authority Hacker website and YT channel to learn stuff for free. It will be less organized and not as comprehensive. But at least it is free.

In case you like the stuff offered by Authority Hacker guys, you can jump into their comprehensive course to keep learning how to create authority sites.

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How Does The Authority Site System Work?

The Authority Site System training was designed to show you how to start an affiliate marketing site and eventually, become an authority in your selected niche.

Easy peasy, right? Well, it’s not, really.

But the good thing about the Authority Site System is that you get access to over-the-shoulder video lessons and step-by-step training where you can learn how to build your own niche authority site.

As I said, building and growing an authoritative website is not an easy thing to do, but with the right set of instructions and a lot of work and effort, everything is possible.

The Authority Site System Review - Content


Inside the training program, you can find 15 in-depth training modules that contain about 180 over-the-shoulder videos.

Most importantly, the entire course is based on case studies so that you can see the live example of everything that you will be taught with The Authority Site System.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the course curriculum:

  1. Internet Marketing 101
  2. Brainstorming Niches
  3. Qualifying Niches
  4. Planning Your Site
  5. Setting Up Your Site
  6. Branding Your Site
  7. Setting Up Posts & Pages
  8. Preparing Info Content
  9. Writing Content
  10. Uploading & Optimising Content
  11. Initial Link Building
  12. Affiliate Monetisation Set-Up
  13. Commercial Content
  14. Advanced Tactics
  15. Becoming An Authority

Now, let me walk you through each module to show you what you can learn from Mark and Gael.

Internet Marketing 101

So the first module inside the Authority Sites System explains how the concept of authority sites works. It goes to show you a few live examples of authority sites and how they were built, how they make money, get traffic, and more.

One of the topics in this module is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the key to the success of all authority sites.

Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy that yields the best results.

Brainstorming Niches

Another key element to the success of every authority site is the right niche choice. It’s critical to choose a niche that you have a high interest in and would like to work on for a long period.

Otherwise, you may crash and burn fast.

So in this module inside Authority Site System, you will be learning how to brainstorm niche ideas.

Then, guys will show you what makes a good niche for you so that you can shorten your list and focus only on those niches that you’re actually passionate about.

A few more lessons include information about website marketplaces, content marketplaces, affiliate programs, and other things that are also critical for your decision.

Qualifying Niches

The third module inside The Authority Site System is where you will have to make a decision.

A previous module helped you to do market research. This one is going to help you to pick the right niche for your authority website.

This is an in-depth module that is focused on more research and refining your niche to make sure that you really pick the one that is most suitable to you and that has the most potential in terms of traffic and income.

Planning Your Site

Once you’ve done with the last module, in this one, you will start planning your future authority website using keywords to plan your content structure and sitemap.

More specifically, Gael will show you how to plan your content using your competition as an example.

He will show you how and why it is important to have pillar content and how to create categories that you will build your authority site upon.

So as you can see by now, The Authority Site System is indeed an in-depth system. Gale and Mark take care they leave no stone unturned and you start your website on the right foot by choosing the best niche for you.

Setting Up Your Site

As they say, good preparation is half of the success or something like that. The previous modules were all about preparation for success. This module is all about building a website from the ground up.

In this module, Gael and Mark show how to buy and set up a domain and hosting.

Then, they will lead you through the basic WordPress setup, email setup, theme set-up, and all other techy things.

Branding Your Site

Branding is what this module of The Authority Site System is all about. It’s important that your site stands out in the market and this is achieved through a carefully designed brand that will catch the attention of people in your niche.

Some of the things that you can learn in this training module are stuff like creating your logo and images, choosing colours and fonts, and more.

Setting Up Posts & Pages

Now it is time to start planning and crafting content for your website. This module is the first of four training modules where guys will teach you how to carefully create all the content that you will need on your website.

In this particular module of the Authority Site System, they will talk about building your site structure and creating your important pages (home, about, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.).

Also, you will learn the difference between these pages and blog posts that will actually bring you traffic to your site.

Preparing Info Content

What is info content exactly? Info content is the foundation for your authority.

Those are the types of blog posts that are giving away valuable information that helps your users to solve problems, learn new things that they are interested in, and more.

So in this module of The Authority Site System, you will be learning how to find ideas for your info posts, create lists so that you never run short of ideas, and more.

Writing Content

Everything up till this module was about preparation and laying the foundation. Now it is time to start writing content that will get you the status of the authority website.

This module of the Authority Site System is a practical training module where you will be learning how to do the research for your post using free resources such as YouTube and SERP.

Then, you will learn how to outline the post and ultimately, how to craft a high-quality blog post.

If you’re not aware of it yet, content is KING and this module is, in my opinion, the one that is worth watching over and over until it all sinks in properly.

Uploading & Optimising Content

Once you are done writing your post, you will have to optimize it for search engines. Otherwise, all your hard work could go unnoticed, which is something that you really don’t want to happen, right?

So how do you optimize your posts for SEO? It’s not rocket science, really.

It’s a process that takes some practice and it involves optimizing for keywords, optimizing your title, tags, and URL. Moreover, it includes uploading images, writing a meta description, adding internal and external links, and more.

Once you go over all of these things, the last thing you need to do is upload your piece and index your site.

Initial Link Building

Have you heard of the term backlink? It comes down to getting other authority websites to link back to your site.

This action will increase the authority of your site and help you to increase and speed up your chances for success. It’s a topic that very few courses will discuss.

Luckily, this module of The Authority Site System covers link building in-depth. This is by far the most comprehensive training module. Moreover, this particular lesson could be worth its weight in gold.

Affiliate Monetisation Set-Up

As you may have noticed, there was not a single word about making money online so far.

That’s because Gael and Mark know that before you can make money, you have to master a lot of things that will lead to making money.

However, once you reach this module, you will learn how to find and apply for affiliate programs, pick products, use affiliate links, manage your links, and more!

The main focus is on the Amazon Associates program.

Commercial Content

What is commercial content? Commercial content is a piece of content where you will actually recommend products and services to your visitors to earn an income from your site and it comes after info content.

For example, commercial content is product reviews, product comparison articles, best-of lists, and more.

And in this comprehensive module of the Authority Site System, you will learn all about creating, uploading, and publishing your commercial content.

Advanced Tactics

Advanced tactics include getting better and all those things that you’ve been taught so far.

Then, the main idea is to outsource content creation and focus your attention on conversions, sales, and other, technical parts of your website.

In this module, you will learn how to hire, outsource and manage copywriters, promote high-paying affiliate offers, and more.

Becoming An Authority

And that is it! This is the last module of the Authority Site System course where you will round up everything you have learned so far and carefully prepare yourself for the next few months ahead of you.

Remember, it will take a lot more work, time, and effort to become the authority in your niche. The Authority Site System course is just the beginning.

But overall, I like the content. It’s 100% legit.

In other words, if you decide to take action, you should lock yourself into this material, follow everything to the letter, do your stuff, and the results will follow!

And in the next few sections of my Authority Site Builder review, I will talk about other things related to this course.

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How Long Does It Take To Become Authority in Your Niche?

Every person will answer this slightly differently. See, not all niches are created equally. Therefore, you can break through pretty quickly in a less competitive niche and vice versa.

However, I’m sure that everyone will agree that it takes between 6-12 months to gain authority in any niche. Between months 12 and 24, you should be already established.

The bottom line is, that the Authority Site System takes a lot of time and effort. If you pick the right niche (less competitive) and invest all your energy in the instructions from the course, you could break through pretty quickly.

But once again, don’t expect instant results.

What Is My Experience With the Authority Site System?

As I mentioned at the beginning of my Authority Site System review, I joined the program in December 2022. It took me about 3 months to go through all videos and build my authority site.

Before I share a snapshot of my results, I just want to say that I enjoyed the training. My overall experience was great!

The thing that I like the most about this course is the fact that Mark and Gael really know their stuff. They share case studies and even build a site in front of you during the course.

What I also like is that they don’t promote get rich quick mentality. Instead, they are focused on teaching you how to build a real, long-term affiliate authority website in a niche of your choice.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done!

I picked espresso machines as my niche. I spent the last 3 months writing about 30 articles so far and generating backlinks using recommended techniques from the Autorhory Site System. Here are my results.

The Authority Site System Review - My Results

As you can see, the course works. But it also goes without saying that it takes a lot of work to finish the training and get results.

Based on my own experience, it may take about 6 months to finish the TASS training and build the foundation for your site. Then, it may take another 6 months to start getting results and earn income.

Who Is Authority Site System For?

Honestly, the Authority Site System is NOT for everyone.

First of all, it is for those individuals that understand that building an authority site from the ground up takes a lot of hard work, time, and effort. Secondly, it’s for people who are interested in long-term success.

As you could have seen in the previous section of this Authority Site System review, Gael and Mark have prepared over 180 lessons that will take you from A to Z.

This means that you will have to invest a few weeks, if not even months into learning about the ins and outs of the process.

Then, it will take a few more months, even up to a whole year to master these methods and get your first results in terms of traffic and sales.

And lastly, you will have to rinse and repeat the process for a few more months to reach the status of the authority website in search engines and among your users as well.

So it is safe to say that the Authority Site System is ONLY for those of you who are genuinely interested in building websites.

Moreover, it is for the individuals who have financial means to follow through with this course because as you’re about to see in the next section of the Authority Site System review, this course is not cheap.

I would also add that both beginners and advanced marketers could use this course. So to recap this section of the authority site system review, this course could be for:

  • serious individuals
  • hard workers
  • affiliate marketers
  • content creators
  • SEOs
  • bloggers
  • website owners

Who Is Authority Site System Not For?

There are two types of individuals in the world. One person is ready to work for success in any field. Another will be looking for shortcuts all the time and thus, never achieving success.

The Authority Site System is not for the latter type of person. In other words, it is not for people who are not ready to invest a lot of time and work into their websites.

moreover, it is not for people who don’t like the idea of building authority sites, writing content, ranking it in search engines, helping people to solve problems, etc.

How Much Does Authority Site System Cost?

If you’re interested in investing in this course, you will have to pay $599 (plus VAT) to get access to those 15 training modules and other features of the Authority Site System.

Authority Site System Pricing

If you don’t want to pay all at once, you can choose another option of six monthly payments of $149.

This option will cost you more but at least it allows you to swallow the costs easily.

Also, there is a special offer on the checkout page. Guys from the Authority Site System offer to do niche research for you for only $199 one time.

This OTO includes a pack of 25 profitable vetted niches with high-paying offers, beatable competitors, low-competition keywords, and link opportunities.

It’s an optional but recommended upgrade in case you would like to speed things up.

The good news is that there are no other upsells once you get inside! However, there will be some extra costs that you will have to take care of once you start building your site.

TASS Extra Costs

For example, you will have to pay for:

  • hosting
  • domain
  • tools
  • outsourcing

You should prepare at least $500 extra for all those things. Unfortunately, guys will not provide you with any tools.

TASS Refund Policy

If you visit the Authority Hacker and The Authority Site System pages, you will notice that guys give 30 days to test this course. So yes, there is a refund policy in place.

The good news is that the refund is issued with no strings attached. In other words, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your money back.

Just make sure to reach out in time and that’s it!

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Is Authority Site System Worth Time and Money?

Absolutely yes! The Authority Site System is a super-valuable digital marketing course. As you’re about to see in the next section of my review, Gael and Marc bring a lot of value to the table.

Most importantly, the students of TASS 3.0 are getting results.

The training is well structured and comprehensive. Gael and Marc have decided to create a course where they leave no stone unturned when it comes to building authority websites.

I know that the price is not affordable to everyone, but the investment could pay off in less than one year if you take The Authority Site System 3.0 seriously from the beginning.

What Do You Get With Authority Site System?

$599 is a lot of money for any course. So when you pay that much money, you expect to get a lot of content in return, right?

Luckily, The Authority Site System brings a lot of value to the table.

Here’s a brief breakdown of everything that you will get access to if you buy this course:

  • 180+ step-by-step video lessons
  • Real-life Case studies
  • Content Templates
  • To-Do Checklists
  • Authority Hacker Facebook community
  • Live Q&A sessions

Is Authority Site System A Scam?

The Authority Site System is not a scam. I’ve seen a lot of scams and schemes so far so believe me, TASS is definitely not one of them.

It’s a comprehensive system for learning how to build authority sites created by two experts in this field.

Most importantly, people are getting results with the program, which just shows that Authority Site System is 100% legit.

Authority Site System Scam or Legit

I personally don’t see any red flags related to this course.

Scams usually use fake information about the owner (owners), fake testimonials, and tons of other dirty tricks to get you scammed for your money.

And some of these internet opportunities are scams in disguise.

In other words, all the information seems legit, but once you reach the training area, you realize that you have paid X amount of dollars for a crappy eBook or a few lousy training videos.

Some examples are Click Wealth System and Perpetual income 365.

While writing this review of the Authority Site System, I didn’t find any of those signs that could lead me to say that this course is a scam.

Even if you get inside this course, and for many reasons feel like you’ve been scammed, Gael and Mark will be happy to issue a refund if you ask for it during the first 30 days.

In other words, you’re 100% safe from a scam.

Is Authority Site System Recommended?

Yes. I would gladly recommend the Authority Site System to anyone interested in learning how to build a successful website from the ground up.

But once again, I only recommend this course if you’re willing to invest a lot of time, work, and money into this business.

Building an authoritative website is not as easy as it was before 10 years.

An authority site has to “prove” to Google and other search engines that it is serious about the business by providing tons of high-quality and SEO-optimized content.

I would say that the Authority Site System is best for people who like blogging, and writing, and would like to turn their passions into profits through affiliate marketing.

Newbies might find it a bit overwhelming in some areas.

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What I Like About Authority Site System

I’ve seen, participated in, and reviewed a lot of affiliate marketing training courses so far. TASS goes somewhere at the top of my list of recommended courses and here are the reasons why.

You Get 15 Comprehensive Training Modules

The Authority Site System contains 15 training modules. Each module is comprehensive and goes into depth about each aspect of building an authority website from the scratch.

There are over 180 step-by-step video lessons that explain everything from choosing your niche to making money.

Moreover, Gael and Mark are dedicated to updating the course frequently to add to it more value and the most recent strategies. For example, they have updated the entire course in 2020 and promise to do so every once in a while.

Access to Authority Hacker Facebook Community is Included

When I was getting started with affiliate marketing, I quickly learned the value of having access to a community of like-minded individuals.

Without this feature, the success of your business is doomed to failure in 99% of the cases.

The Authority Site System Review Pro 2

By the time of writing this Authority Site System review, their Facebook group counts about 4,000 active members.

The group allows only customers inside and will be valuable in times when you have questions or need help with the course.

Tons of Templates and Resources Also Included

Since the Authority Site System is quite expensive, Gael and Mark made sure to include a lot of value in it. For example, you will get a boatload of templates, resources, and other bonuses.

And don’t make any mistakes. These are really valuable and can help you to advance faster.

Mark and Gael are Well-Know Experts In This Field

I really like the work of Mark Webster and Gael Brenton. I’ve been following their website and reading their content for over three years now.

In fact, when I was starting my own authority site, these guys were one of my top resources and go-to persons.

The entire Authority Site System course was based on their experience after building multiple authority sites in several niches. They really know what it means and takes to build a brand new site and rank it on top of the SERP.

The Authority Site System Is One Of The Top Rated Courses

While I was crafting this Authority Site System review, I learned that a lot of marketers and bloggers rate this course highly. In other words, most of the “best off courses” lists in this industry rank Mark’s and Gael’s courses on top of their lists, more or less.

The Authority Site System Expert Recommendations

Moreover, there are plenty of reviews and user testimonials available in the public domain that testify to the quality of the Authority Site System, which is an awesome thing to see!

Case Studies Are Included So You Can See How It Works

In addition to 180+ video lessons, you get access to the Authority Site System case studies with which Mark and Gael demonstrate everything they teach about during the course.

In other words, instead of following some boring instructions via slides and presentations, you will learn by example.

Everything that Gael and Mark teach during the course is explained with real-life examples to help you to see and understand the process properly.

The Authority Site System Works For Some People

The fact is that TASS is a legit course. It is based on workable methods. However, the reason why I say that it works for some people is that not all people are not ready to finish and apply the information from the course.

The Authority Site System Review Pro 4

If you search the net for The Authority Site System Reviews, you will notice a lot of positive testimonials. Notice also that those sites are authorities in their niches.

This is good proof that this course really works for its users. But only for those who work on it.

The Authority Site System Refund Policy

I’m a fan of free trials and refund policies. Why? Well, it’s hard to pay $997 just like that without getting any guarantees in return or at least a chance to take it out for a test drive, wouldn’t you agree?

So what I like about the Authority Site System is the fact that Mark and Gael offer 30 days to test drive their course and if not happy, ask for a refund.

The good news is that you will get a refund without any questions asked! In other words, it’s unconditional.

Course Is Constantly Updated – Current Version 3.0

I have said this already at the top of the Authority Site System review, but I will repeat it. The good thing about this course is that it is always updated.

Mark and Gael take care that the course brings fresh and correct information to the table.

That’s why the current version is TAAS 3.0 and we can expect new updates in the upcoming months.

This is great because you don’t want to learn from an outdated course. The affiliate marketing industry changes all the time so it’s important to keep up the pace.

No-BS Approach To Affiliate Marketing

One of the things that I like about The Authority Site System is the fact that it is hype-free- In other words, Mark and Gael don’t throw dust in your face to make you buy this course.

Instead, they are very clean and open about the opportunity. If you search their site, podcast, or YouTube channel, you will not find overhyped and misleading claims that are common in online scams.

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What I Don’t Like About The Authority Site System

As I said earlier, the Authority Site System is not for everyone and it certainly is not without flaws. So in this section of my review, I want to point out these drawbacks.

Although It’s A High-Quality Course, It’s Expensive

I understand that Gael and Mark have a full right to put any price on their knowledge. And I certainly can’t argue with the fact that they bring a ton of value to the table with The Authority Site System.

The Authority Site System Review Price

However, $599 is a lot of money for a lot of people out there.

I do appreciate the fact that at least, you can get your money back during the first 30 days. It shows that Mark and Gael understand and are willing to refund your investment in case you change your mind.

The Authority Site System Does Not Include Tools

Another thing that I don’t really like about the Authority Site System is the lack of tools.

Don’t get me wrong. You do get access to the tools but you will have to shell out more money and actually buy those tools before you can use them.

This naturally, adds more to the overall cost of this course.

Relies on Expensive Tools Like Elementor 

One of the tools that The Authority Site System forces during the training, without which success with this course is not possible, is the Elementor site builder.

The Authority Site System Elementor

This means that you don’t have too much legroom. If you don’t like Elementor and wish to use some other tool, you will not be able to follow the training course.

Moreover, Elementor is notorious for slowing sites and being a complicated tool that just confuses beginners. In my experience, I had Elementor on this site and it crashed in a matter of seconds. I almost lost two years of work because of it.

The Authority Site System Lacks Free Trial

I like the fact that you get a money-back guarantee. However, I was disappointed with the fact that the Authority Site System doesn’t come with a free trial.

After all, $599 is a lot of money. And before you shell out this kind of cash, you would want to have a free sample, right?

That is how you can make sure that the course is really for you without having to risk your hard-earned money.

So in the future, I would like to see at least seven days of a free trial. This will help to build trust between the customers and the Authority Site System course.

There is, however, free training available. But that’s a different thing.

Building Authority Sites Is Not For Everyone

The last thing that I want to mention in this section of the review is that The Authority Site System is REALLY not for everyone out there.

I know that the idea sounds appealing, but very few people have what it takes and can take it all until they reach success with this system.

In other words, building authority sites and affiliate marketing is not a fast way to make money online.

If you’re looking for faster ways to earn income online, you should check out courses that focus on paid ads such as Super Affiliate System or Commission Hero.

But keep in mind that these courses are equally expensive and require a substantial ad budget.

The Authority Site System Takes a Long Time To See Results

As  I said previously, building authority sites is not for everyone. Everyone who has ever tried something similar knows that it may take ages to establish authority status in your niche.

My personal experience with this system is that it takes at least a year to get results.

Moreover, you can build an authority site in your spare time (unless you outsource work). Building these types of websites is a time-consuming process.


TASS Takes Time

An authority site is an internet site that has a great deal of material. So you can imagine how much initiative time you need to create a post.

That said, you could not have the ability to make a dime from your supposed authority website after working for a year.

Developing an authoritative website resembles competing with the big brand names, which you can never win as a private with little resources. Huge businesses have a group of material makers.

Everyone just has 24 hr a day, so no matter how hard you function, it’s not likely to win the huge competitors.

TAAS Could Be Overwhelming To Beginners

As I said earlier in the Authority Site System review, the course contains beginner-friendly information. However, the amount of information could be overwhelming to beginners.

There are fourteen modules where that go over every single detail of building an authority site.

In my experience, this will be too much to swallow for people who are just diving into affiliate marketing.

If you’re a beginner with no skills and previous knowledge, I would recommend watching free YouTube videos to understand the whole picture first.

See, if you jump straight into The Authority Site System without any preparation, I’m afraid that you will quit too soon.

No Technical Support System

In the earlier section of the Authority Site System review, I said that you will learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch, and that’s true.

However, the problem with this program is that they will just show you how it’s done. You will have to take care of the expenses and handle the problems in the future.

And trust me, there will be many issues with your site!

So when that happens, you want to have access to a super-helpful Site Support team. In other words, you need someone to take care of these problems so that you can focus on building your content.

The Authority Site System is a good course overall, but more support would be better.

Positive Reviews are Published by Authority Site System Affiliates

This is not essentially a bad thing, but you may have noticed that almost all Authority Site System reviews have affiliate links in them. And all of them promote this course to you.

But the problem is that most of them hide the ugly things about this course.

For example, they will hide the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort. They will not say that it is confusing for beginners. Furthermore, they will hide the fact that you need to spend a lot more money on this course.

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The Authority Site System Alternatives

In case the Authority Site System is not your cup of tea, here are some alternative courses.

Invincible Marketer

A great alternative to the Authority Site System is a brand-new affiliate marketing course called Invincible Marketer. It might be the best solution if you are aiming to get faster results using legit methods.

Affiliate Lab

Similar to The Authority Site System, the Affiliate Lab course teaches how to rank sites on Google, and earn through affiliate marketing. However, the Affiliate Lab takes it one step further and shows how to sell these sites for 40x profits.

Wealthy Affiliate

In contrast to TASS, Wealthy Affiliate offers all the tools and private coaching that you need without spending extra money, Moreover, WA is far less expensive and maybe even a better course in terms of the quality of the information.

You can even join WA for free and it is going to cost you only $49 to get access to training, tools, and support!

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is for those who like the idea of the MMO niche and would like to make money promoting high-ticket items. It’s not focused on slow success and is a high-quality course.

The Super Affiliate Network

If you would like to learn how to create simple websites also known as sales funnels, The Super Affiliate Network is a good alternative to The Authority Site System. Keep in mind that it requires a lot of extra investment too.

But at least it offers a free trial. It’s a less-risky option.

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is for people who would like to learn how to make money with ClickBank. It is a course created by one of the top CB affiliates and is packed with a lot of value.

The only problem with this course is the high price that is followed by paid ads (more costs).

The Authority Site System Review – Conclusion

That is my review guys. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the Authority Site System and everything that comes with it. It’s indeed one of the best affiliate marketing and SEO-based courses on the market today.

The price might be high for some people, but if you’re ready to pay for it, I would recommend Gael’s and Mark’s courses.

If you need more time and resources to make your decision, you could follow their blog, Authority Hacker, listen to their podcast, etc.

Furthermore, join a free webinar where they will be explaining everything you need to know before joining the Authority Site System.

Keep in mind that it takes A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT to succeed with this course. If you are not ready to wait for a year or two to get results, don’t even bother joining this course.

Thanks for reading my review! What do you think about it? Do you have experience with The Authority Site System? Have you been a member of the program?

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section of this review!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Authority Site System Worth $997?

In my opinion, the course is overpriced. On the bright side, you get lots of useful and workable information. If you use it and succeed, the initial investment would pay off.

Do I Have to Buy Tools?

You have to spend more money on tools such as websites, hosting, keyword research tool, etc. This will add a few $ 100s to the total price of the course right off the bat.

Can I Get a Refund If I Change My Mind?

Yes. You have 30 days to inspect the course and apply for a refund in case you change your mind. Keep in mind that tools and extra costs might not be refundable.

What Will I Learn from The Authority Site System?

You will learn how to build an authority niche website, drive organic traffic from Search Engines, apply for affiliate programs, and make money with affiliate marketing.

Are Gael Breton and Mark Webster Experts?

Although some people trash-talk Gael and Mart, I genuinely believe that these guys are true experts. They might not be Neil Patel, but they certainly know how authority sites work.

Is the Authority Site System a Scam?

No. This is not a scam, pyramid scheme, MLM, or get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a 100% legitimate course for building affiliate websites based on workable methods.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

The Authority Site System might take up to a year to get results. The very process is slow by nature and requires a lot of time and effort. But 6-12 months would be a realistic expectation.

Are People Getting Results With The Authority Site System?

Yes. Users are getting results with this course. There are many positive testimonials and reviews available online. Note: these results are from users who worked their butts off to get them.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There’s no guarantee that you can make money with The Authority Site System. But if you do get results, the sky is the limit.

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

I know how hard it is to trust websites these days.

There are too many scams out there, especially in the make-money-online world.

I know, because I reviewed over 700+ sites so far!

Why did I review so many sites? Well, I wanted to find the best (and cost-effective) way for a beginner to start income online.

While searching for this information, I bumped into affiliate marketing.

Thanks to a decision to learn more, I went from waiting tables in restaurants to earning a full-time passive income online.

And today, I like helping people as you follow in my footsteps,

Keep reading…

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

I earn online by creating simple affiliate websites that I use to connect people with products they are already looking for.

It requires no special skills or previous experience, which makes it the best way to start online.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it is passive in terms of results and income.

In other words, you could be earning an income from your affiliate website for years and years to come, even when you sleep.

If you want to learn more about how you can start making money online with affiliate marketing, click the button below!

After evaluating over 700+ programs on the web, my conclusion is straightforward. This is the best way to start earning passive income online.

And if you’re looking for the very same, I’ll see you on the next page…


If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this Authority Site System review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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