The Bevis Producer 2 Review – Should You Get It or Not?

Welcome to The Bevis Producer 2 review.

Turning other people’s failure into profits might sound like a pipe dream, but if you know what you’re doing, it could be possible.

Many people give up their projects too soon, even though they were on the right track.

They may have experienced a failure which made them doubt the whole campaign, and as a result, they decided to abandon the entire thing too soon.

Could those campaigns be revived and turned into profits?

Yes, if you know what you’re doing.

Today, I want to show you the Bevis Producer review of a product that promises to show you how to accomplish the scenario from the above.

So without any ado, make sure to stick with me and read the rest of my review.

The Bevis Producer 2 Review


The Bevis Producer 2 Review

Wondering what the word “Bevis” means? I agree it’s an unusual name for the digital product for earning an income online.

We always have some, loopholes, blasters, commission replicators, robots, and such names that draw the most attention of consumers.

In any case, “Bevis” stands for “proof” on Norwegian, a native country of Tom E, one of the creator and owners of the Bevis Producer method for creating an income stream using the power of failure.

They want to prove to those people who have abandoned their campaigns that it’s still possible to make money.

That is what the main product is all about. You get a chance to watch Tom E explain the process of finding those failures and turning them into hot campaigns full of success.

Intriguing method, right?

The rest of my Bevis Producer 2 review is going to dwell into more details of this product where we cover the most critical parts of the method.




What Is It All About?

The Bevis Producer 2 is the second edition of a training program that was initially created back in 2018.

The latest edition of the system has seen some significant improvements in the method that has been working very well for its users over the last two years.

The Bevis Producer 2 Reviews

The Bevis Producer program is focused on an unusual method of turning other people’s failures into success.

In more details, the training program consists of several, easy-to-follow training videos where the method for earning an income off failed campaigns is explained.

The system, however, is about dropshipping, a method where you act as a retailer for other people’s products.

Who are the Owners?

Tom E has joined forces with other two successful online marketers to create The Bevis Producer, Srijan Bhardwaj and Nishkarsh Sharma.

Over the years, the trio has earned a lot of revenue online creating products for people interested in earning an income using the internet.

The Bevis Producer 2 Review - Owners

Tom E and the guy seem like a rare exception in the world of online advertising.

What I want to say is that they do not promise to earn cash on a push of a button like other vendors do, which is something that I like to see.

So after watching the video and analyzing the sales page, I went inside of The Bevis Producer to see what is included with the product and this is covered in the next section of my review.

What You Get Inside

Once you get inside, you are going to find a simple step-by-step training program that teaches how to leverage this method.

There’s nothing else other than training, which I like too.

The members’ area is easy to navigate, and you’re not distracted by many things.

The Bevis Producer 2 Review - Training Area

Training Modules

Here’s the list of training modules found within The Bevis Producer 2.

  • Module 1A – Overview
  • Module 1B – The Bevis Method
  • Module 2A – Online Shop Setup
  • Module 2B – Collecting Payments
  • Module 3 – Researching Using Facebook
  • Module 4A – Getting The Designs Made
  • Module 4B – Mockup Creation
  • Module 4C – Uploading and Pricing
  • Module 4D – Shipping Rates
  • Module 5A – Traffic Sources
  • Module 5B – Instagram
  • Module 5C – FB Page Creation
  • Module 5D – Facebook Setup
  • Module 5E – Facebook Pixel
  • Module 5F – Facebook Ads
  • Module 5G – Creating Page Posts
  • Module 5H – Interest Targeting
  • Module 5I – Understanding Ad Performance
  • Module 6 – Finding a Vendor
  • Module 7A – Retargeting Ads
  • Module 7B – The Tortoise Method
  • Module 7C – The Copy Cat Method
  • Module 7D – The Kangaroo Method
  • Module 8 – Customer Service

As you can see, The Bevis Producer is a pretty long course that focuses mostly on getting traffic to abandoned stores that other people have failed with.

And what’s the reason they failed?

It was because they were unable to master the art of getting traffic to their store. No traffic means no sales.

Speaking of the method upon which this system works, take a look at the next section of The Bevis Method review to learn more about the system inside.

How The Bevis Producer Works

The Bevis Producer 2 method could be summed up into three simple steps.

  1. Find Abandoned Online Campaigns
  2. Retarget Them
  3. Earn an Income

The Bevis Producer 2 Review - How It Works

So the method is pretty much self-explanatory.

However, it may take some time are research as well as diligent work to earn some income using The Bevis Producer method.

Tom E is the host of the lessons, and he’s going to show you how to find campaigns that previous owners have abandoned for their own reasons.

Then he leads through the process of retargeting those campaigns and making them profitable once again.

As I have shown you in the previous section of The Bevis Producer 2 review, the core of the method is getting traffic to your store through Facebook ad creation.

Who is The Bevis Producer For?

There isn’t a perfect description of an ideal user of The Bevis Producer training program.

It could be for anyone actively looking to improve their efforts online by leveraging this unique method of turning other people’s failures into profits.

Since the core principle of this system is a Facebook advertisement, it’s needless to say that the ideal user needs to be ready to invest money.

The Bevis Producer Price

You can get access to the training modules after paying a one-time fee of $15.

However, the price increases every once in a while, so it could be that now, it’s more expensive.

The Bevis Producer 2 Review - Price

Each user will get a chance to purchase a few upgrades that improve the chances of success.


  • DFY System ($37 one-time) – If you take this OTO, you’ll get The Bevis Producer 2 wholly done for you. This OTO includes everything such as products, themes, targeting, ads, and more. There’s only one task you need to take, and that is to pay the expenses of the ads.
  • The Bevis Producer Success Circle ($97 one-time) – If you want, you can take this OTO to get unrestricted access to a private Facebook Group where you can communicate with other members, watch live webinars, and share your experience with the program.
  • Partner With Nish and Srijan ($197 one-time) – If you need additional help and advice for your campaigns, this OTO gives you access to 4 live sessions with Srijan and Nish where you can ask them any questions and get answers straight from the source.
  • The Bevis Producer 2 Licence Rights ($47 one-time) – Usually, The Bevis Producer funnel allows you to earn 50% commission as an affiliate. With this OTO, you can resell the product as your own and receive 100% commission on each sale you make.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can get your money back during the first 30 days.

However, it is essential to say that Warrior Plus vendors don’t guarantee the refund although they say it’s 100% guaranteed on their sales page.

In other words, they might ignore your request.




What I Like About This Product

  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Easy to Follow
  • Owners Don’t Use Too Much Hype
  • Affordable Price
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Step-By-Step Training

As you have had a chance to see in The Bevis Producer review, the training program is in a step-by-step format, which allows users to implement the course straight away.

There is no beating around the bush, some lessons are only a few minutes long, and some go in-depth depending on the topic in the video.

Easy to Navigate and Follow the Course

The dashboard of The Beavis Producer is clean and straightforward, which makes it easy to navigate through the members’ area and to follow the course

Owners Don’t Use Too Much Hype

We have to admit it; we all love hype. But sometimes, too much is too much.

I like that Tom E and his partners keep it in the limits of good taste. They do not give fake promises or unrealistic expectations.

Affordable Price

At the time of writing this review, The Bevis Producer is selling for $15, which I find very affordable.

Moreover, since there are no extra features included, only training videos, I find it to be a fair price too.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not getting the results you wanted, or you just don’t feel like this course is right for you, you can get your money back during the 30 days from purchase.

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What I Don’t Like About This Product

  • Overhyped Earning Claims
  • Unexpected Upsells

Overhyped Earning Claims

Don’t get me wrong. I like to see testimonials and earning claims that prove that the method works for its users.

However, some of those earnings are Tom’s personal results which make take some time to reach.

Unexpected Upsells

Some people thing upsells are good; some hate them. I don’t like them too much if they come as a surprise.

I think the owners could at least disclose these before you make the decision.

Is The Bevis Producer 2 a Scam?

No, The Bevis Producer 2 is not a scam nor are there any reasons to say so.

It’s a legitimate training course where you can learn how to find failed online campaigns and turn them into success.

The course is complete, and there are no surprises nor do the owners hide critical pieces of information from you so they could sell it later.

In case you have already bought the product and now, you feel like it is a scam, you can get a refund if it’s not too late.

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The Bevis Producer 2 Review – Conclusion

As a conclusion to this review, I have to say that I found this product useful in its own unique way.

The method inside of the program is designed by experienced and legitimate marketers and experts in getting paid traffic from social media such as Facebook.

An average user might not achieve the same results as shown by the examples on the sales page, but there are no reasons to say that the method is not going to work if you invest time and effort into the program.

Thanks for reading The Bevis Producer review. I hope it was helpful.

Bonus Recommendation

If you think that The Bevis Producer is not your cup of tea, you might want to take a look at my bonus recommendation below.

The program on the next page is perfect for newbies looking to get started online fast.

The platform includes step-by-step training, all the tools such as websites, keyword tool, products marketplace, and more!

I recommend this product because I personally used it to create a passive income online from affiliate marketing.

And today, you can follow my steps!




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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  1. Hi Ivan. Thanks for an amazing article. It’s great to see there are legit and trustworthy money-making platforms as well as Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again for another and zing honest review!

    • Hi Russ, thanks for reaching out. Yes, it’s awesome to find legitimate platforms that really help people to earn an income online 🙂 I’m happy that The Bevis Producer is one of them, and Wealthy Affiliate is as well. You can’t go wrong with any of those platforms.



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