The wise man has once said these lines:

“Choose the job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I got addicted to this sentence ever since I’ve heard it for the first time.

No matter what’s your hobby, baking cookies or repairing engines; it can become an online business.

Imagine, my hobby is reading books and affiliate marketing, and I have businesses around them. WooHoo!

Who would say that reading can be useful, ha? 🙂

The next ten minutes or even less of reading time can throw a magic spell on your life. Something positive can happen which can change your days forever.

You see, in today’s world of Internet and ever-evolving technology, it pays to know how to earn from your laptop or computer.

Withing this copy, you’ll get the most simple advice you can find on how to start.

I can imagine that some of the greatest entrepreneurs started their business empires from the ‘garage’ in the form of a straightforward idea.

Can you imagine the same?

The story is that young Mark Zu managed to connect the world from his dorm room.

Michael Jordan was shooting his first hoops on dirt and barefoot.

Alicia Keys was singing on the street before filling up the MSG.

At least I heard so.


The thing is that we don’t see that part; we don’t know the struggle and hard times they had to go through.

We only see their success. It makes us believe that things were easy for them. That somehow they are blessed while the rest of us are doomed to live the normal life.

From great tech inventors to writers, musicians, business experts, sports starts, every each and one of them had to go through an underground stage before they managed to turn their hobby into a successful business.

The fact is, they’ve done it!

Also, I know that you too can do it!

Maybe it doesn’t have to be a business empire like in our examples from above. However, a couple of hundreds or even thousands per month would be a nice addition to your current budget.

Do you know what the best part is?

Once you finish with the ‘hard work’ (there is no hard work, only fun work), your business will become passive. It means that you will earn from it while having a cup of tea and reading a good book, or while sleeping and even making love with your partner.

Okay, the last one was inappropriate. Sorry. 🙂

In the rest of the post, you will find some of the most straightforward tips and tricks to turn your hobby into a successful online business.

Let’s clear some doubts before I give you a bulletproof formula which will turn your love for video games or eating vegetables or wearing shoes, into a profitable online business.

Online Business is Highly Profitable

A few doubts come to the mind of every person who wants to check out the online world. The following two are universal.

Am I’m too old for that? (technological gap)

Do I have money for that kind of adventure? (financial gap)

First and foremost, everyone can do it!

No matter what is your age or level of computer skills, know that the internet is accessible and it is getting more accessible and more natural as we speak!


So far, I have seen kids at the age of 20 already succeeding big, as well as people who been through life and now in the 50’es and 60’es they’ve decided to take a swing at online business.

Jerry Huang

(Jerry is 21, and he’s killing it!!!)

You too can make a profit like this if you follow the rules which I will lay in front of you in the second part of this post.

Let’s now clear financial doubt.

Like in the real world business, cash spins the wheels of the online as well, that is a fact.

No dough, no business.

You see, in the online world, everything is the same as it is in the real world except for one fact. It is not physical; it is digital. You will not have to rent a shop and deal with tons of paperwork. Even better, you will not have to hire or fire anyone.

To conclude before I drift away. 🙂

A few dollars or euros and a will to learn new things are enough to kickstart your online business!

Imagine, I have stared mine for $19!

That was the best $19 ever spent in my entire life.

In other words, you don’t have to have a bag full of money to start an online business.

All you have to have is a hobby and awareness of the fact that it is profitable if you know what you are doing, which leads me to the next topic.

You see, I spent some time to crack open the following question, so you don’t have to.

What is the Best Business to Start Online?

A couple of years ago I was looking for the same answer, and I found it.

In the meantime, I found a couple of good options such as:

  • drop shipping
  • run an e-commerce store
  • trade currencies (crypto and real)
  • become freelance copywriter
  • develop an app or similar digital product

…and so on. But none of them fitted in. I wanted to find out, the same as you, what is the best way to turn my hobby into an online business.

And then, I found the perfect one!

  • affiliate marketing

The idea of affiliate marketing is simple. You should remember that the simplest ideas are always the best ideas.

Remember Zucky? He had a simple idea to make a site where you can access yearbook photos of each class on Harvard and leave a vote which we know as the like button today.

See the movie if you haven’t yet. It’s not bad.

In affiliate marketing, you as an affiliate have a simple mission. It is to connect the merchant with the customer by using the affiliate link and take your part of the profit from the sale.

It’s that simple.

Have you seen any good mafia movies maybe?

Have you heard the term ‘middle-man’?

That is the role of an affiliate marketer but no mafia, guns, fights, or being chased by the police. 🙂

Once again, I will explain the process in more details very soon.

How Does Your Hobby Fit Into in All of This?

This part is straightforward, so listen carefully.


Whatever your hobby is, there must be some products or services out there related to your interest.

For example, your hobby is to fix car engines, and you know all about them. There are thousands of product related to car parts that you can market.

You can run a review site or a blog where you can blog about your knowledge/hobby. It’s fun, and it’s something you love to do. It’s perfect for doing business.

I’ve created an online business after reading just one book. I was fascinated by the book, so intrigued to learn more I wrote a blog twice the size of the book.

Here is the catch!

To turn it into a business and make some passive cash from your words, all you have to do is to place an affiliate link into your text.

The link connects the product related to your hobby with a person who is looking for something like that.

Here is a link to a book I’ve mentioned. 

Yeah, that was an Amazon affiliate link.

I hope you are not offended by me offering you this book. You see, it changed my life, and I recommend it to everyone! 🙂

I hope that at this point you get the big picture. If not, keep on reading until you do.

Remember I mentioned baking cookies as well?

So if you like it and it is your hobby, then why not turn it into a business?

Confucious was so right when he said his prophetic line.

‘Choose the job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’

Sites like Amazon are offering a lot of merchandise to sell. You can earn money marketing baking equipment while baking cookies.

How simple is that?!

Here is another example of an Amazon link.

This link wasn’t affiliated link, but it can be turned into one if you want to know how. And I can show you! It’s a straightforward procedure.

Imagine how a simple thing such as affiliate marketing can make your life easier.

It is up to you to make the first step.  The rest will follow.

All you have to learn is how to start.

You have your first chance just below.

5 Steps to Turn Your Hobby Into an Online Business

Follow these five steps by the letter, and you have my guarantee you’ll turn your hobby into a business.

You can expect the first sign of profit after mastering these basics.

After that, it is all up to you, your creativity and efforts.

1.) Choose an Interest

It is sufficient to explain this one again.

I have spent enough time explaining the simplicity of things regarding your hobby.

I hope you get it by now. If not, scroll back to the top and read again.

Next three steps work for thousands of people all over the world.

You are looking at one right now. 😉

2.) Build a Website for Free!

As already mentioned you will not have to rent a shop, all you have to do is pick a domain name (name of your hobby business), register it for free, and build your website, also for free.


That is how I started mine.

I’ve got two free sites, and then I’ve paid $19 to two guys who showed me how to do the things which were out of my domain at that moment.

Now I’m happy to help others to do the same.

Join Us!


As I said already, you don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates to know how to build a website.

No sir!

It can be done in a few moments and a couple of mouse clicks. Pretty amazing how technology becomes more simple with each day.

It makes me wonder what’s next…?

I can’t drift away. I have to give more info to people… Snap!

Sorry, I tend to daydream a lot. 🙂

3.) Write About Your Hobby

If you know a lot about your hobby, you can talk about it.

Also, if you can talk about it, you can write about it.

The beauty of online business lies in the fact that you don’t have a physical product to sell, you can sell your knowledge which is priceless.

Therefore, it is the best product to market!

You have an excellent example at your eyesight. 🙂

Affiliate Marketing Hobby

The fact is, there are a lot more people out there sharing your interest and hobby. All of them are looking for service, product, or just a piece of knowledge to buy.

This fact leads on to the next step in our five-step system for turning your hobby into an online business.

Let’s keep things in a fast lane, shall we?

4.) Attract Visitors to Your Website

Now, like every other business, you will have to get some visitors if you want to earn a profit.

The next sentence might sound boring, but trust me, you’ll have a blast while making it work for you.

To get people to your website you will have to learn how to leverage search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Moreover, you can use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, to generate traffic on your website.

Instead of wasting your time ‘hanging’ on social networks you can use them to create a business around your hobby.

I like to stick to the principle of thinking outside of the box.

How about you?

You can learn how to do the same thing very soon, be patient.

Now, the drum roll, please!


(a drum roll sound in words) 🙂

5.)  Earn a Commission!!!

The sweet part which is why you are here! Admit it.

Aren’t we all in the end?

However, let’s stick to a topic here.

It may sound to simple to be the truth, but once you create a website around your hobby, and you manage to get the first visitors on your site, all you have to do is place an affiliate link (anywhere in your text) to a product or service to earn money.

I’ve demonstrated it so far with a few examples of my own.

By now the whole process should make a lot of sense to you. 🙂

Like I said at the beginning of the copy after you learn the primary system which I have laid here in front of you, it is all up to you and your efforts to keep rolling that cash!


To learn more details about the concept of affiliate marketing, please, read AFFILIATE MARKETING BASICS.


If you are ready to GET STARTED, click on the image below to learn more about WEALTHY AFFILIATE

Join Us!



It Can Be Small Side Income or a Career

The Internet offers a lot of possibilities for everyone no matter where you live.

Nowadays people are doing wonders online. I know for a fact that thousands are generating a passive income from a small online side business, while some are doing it very well and managed to turn it into a successful career.

I don’t know what your current life situation is.

Are you looking to start a small side business to earn a couple of extra per month or you want to make a career out of it?

Whatever it is, you can start right now, and you can start it for free!

To recapitulate:

  • Chose an Interest
  • Build a Website
  • Write About It
  • Attract Visitors
  • Earn a Commission

And it is simple as it sounds.

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


  • This is a great overview of affiliate marketing! I just signed up for Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership about a week ago and I’m learning so much already.

    I feel like I can offer a lot in the niche I chose but when I look at other sites within my niche I can get intimidated since their sites are already developed and already have a great following. Do you have any advice on how to keep motivated in times like this? So far I just try to focus on my own site and try not to get discouraged since I’m brand new at this, but do you have any tips for a newbie?

    Also, how long did it take for your posts to get indexed in the beginning? My site was indexed in google 3 days after I purchased my own domain but so far I don’t think any of my posts have been indexed.

    • Hi Missy, thank you for stopping by. Congratulations on your deal with Wealthy Affiliate, you won’t regret a moment.

      Don’t let bigger sites to intimidate you. Instead, use them as a source of motivation. Look up and admire their work, learn and observe what they do and then try to assimilate and model. I like to think of authority sites as my mentors. Also, erase the thought of competition because in reality there is enough for everyone and we should only focus on creating unique content and nothing else.

      Regarding getting indexed, it’s fast. As soon as you submit your site to Google, you’ll get indexed. Rankings, on the other hand, are slow. It all depends on your niche. If you are in a micro niche, you may expect to see some posts ranked very fast (a couple of months). However, if you step in a more broad niche, try keeping your focus on having a few good product reviews along with at least three times more helpful content which links to those reviews. In other words, one product review equals three posts that can relate and connect to the review. This method will get your reviews on the top page in a short few months. At least it was the case with me. I saw my post on the top page in a very competitive niche in less than six months or so.

      Also, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you follow the training there, you will have no problem in understanding how to get ranked fast. The course is perfect, and it will get you there in less than a year, so no worries.

      I hope I have helped you. If you have some more questions, feel free to ask.


      • That’s great advice, thank you! I’ll stick to my training and just keep keeping on. I’m halfway through lesson 3 so I’m basically halfway through the training – well on my way to success but a ton to learn yet.

  • Hello Ivan,

    I really liked your post on getting free and paid traffic to your website. I must say it really hooked me in. Your words and experience are very encouraging and I think all of us need this encouragement especially at the beginning of our journey. I also liked you graded the suspense during the article making it interesting.

    I took several notes and will start applying your advice immediately.

    All the best,

    • Hi Tim, I just have realized that I forgot to enable comments on the post about getting free and paid traffic. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here is the link if you wish to leave your thoughts on that one.

      I am happy to see that my knowledge and experience is valued. I like to learn, I like to share what I have learned even more. Enjoy your affiliate marketing journey. Also, feel free to ask questions if you have some. I hope I can help.

      All the best,

  • Hi Ivan, Great post. Online affiliate marketing is as simple as you suggest. Your article covers all my questions, especially the scammers to be aware of. Thank you. I have been looking looking looking and now I have found my answer. How long did it take to get your first referral? Cheers

    • Hi Jill, if you keep your mind on the simple four-step formula that Kyle teaches at Wealthy Affiliate than it is simple. If you have any questions feel free to ask, who know how I can help. I have just started a few days ago to promote Wealthy Affiliate and I am not familiar with referrals yet. I am working on my site mostly to share everything that I have learned so far at WA, that way I am able to help. I will be able to say more as soon as I get the referral. Thanks.


  • Thank you for such a comprehensive post, man.

    As always your posts are authentic and answer all my questions about online businesses you really know your stuff.

    I have my own blog, would you suggest a person having two websites, for example, a site focusing on my their lifestyle and another one focusing on my hobby..or would you suggest I focus on one website?

    • Hi Thabo, thank you for sharing your thoughts on my work. To answer your question, if you what to have two sites operating at the same time, try to build one at the time. Pick the one you want to start first and focus only on finishing the project. Once done, you can shift your focus and place it on building the second site with ‘one eye’ watching over your ‘firstborn.’

      Maintaining the site once done is easy. Moreover, I have found out that once you have a well-established website receiving regular traffic flow (2,000 sessions daily!), people will pay you to write on your site! Info is around $100 for 1,500 words! Instead of hiring copywriters to write for you, people will pay you to do it! Pretty amazing info from my perspective.

      With your hands untied, you can focus on building another fantastic site to repeat the success if you want. However, go one by one would be my best advice.

      I hope this answers your question.

  • Perfectly answered bra…This is some great advice bra. I will be doing this. So where do you get those people who can write for you or do you need to wait for them to ask you?

    • I have to find out that information. As soon as I do, I will contact you with more details.

  • This is one of the most readable explanations I have ever read on how affiliate marketing works! It’s simple and wow how easy is that. So my buddy who is out of work on disability because of an injury can get back to doing what he loves and make some extra cash by not leaving his home!?! I gotta send him this link, thanks bro!

    • Hi Jason, this opportunity sounds perfect for your buddy! Thanks for stopping by. If your buddy is going to have any question, I’m here.


  • Hello Ivan,

    I have completed the training which I found was easy to follow and also to apply. I have recently started my second site and looking forward to running parts of the training again to refresh.

    Anyone looking to earn online from home in their spare time, or full time, simply will not find better training online that comes with extensive support. Everyone gets to start with a free account which huge encouragement for me to sign up.

    At the start I suggest is best to focus on just one site. That really will take up enough time and effort to get going. When it is monetized and earning you can begin another site and build that up to a full time income as well.

    Those determined enough simply can not fail because there are too many ways to earn online and so it is for anyone that wants to escape the rat race for good.

    Thanks Ivan for this article and, even after all this time, I learned a lot. It is much appreciated. ~ Philip.

    • Hi Philip, thanks for the appreciation. I’m happy to hear that you’ve found that this business model works. Yes, affiliate marketing is no easy, but with the right type of training and coaching it’s more than possible to start making a full-time income.



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