Use2Earn Review – Is a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Use2Earn review.

I get it, $500 per day could turn your life around, right?

This money could help you to pay off your debts, get a better house, and even fire your boss.

But you’re not sure about Use2Earn, and you need to know whether it is really possible or just another internet scam.

That’s why I want to share this review with you.

Not only that I want to help you to learn more about this site, but also, I want to show you some clear signs that this is a scam.

$500 per day could probably save your life, but this site is just a waste of your time, and you’ll see why in the next sections of my Use2Earn review.

By the way, big congratulations for doing the research first.

You’re one of a few smart ones who are smart enough to look up for more details before falling onto a scam.

And it shows me that you are looking to find the best way to start making money online.

So, let’s cut the small-talk and jump right into the business.

Use2Earn Review


Use2Earn Review

And at first, glance Use2Earn looks like a completely legitimate site.

However, once you start digging under the surface, you’ll find out that Use2Earn is one big scam.

And this site is not the only one out there.

The platform is a part of a series of clone sites that use the same fake model to scam people into wasting time and money online.

During this Use2Earn review, I’m going to show you not one, but severe several scam signs that back up my claims here and are a clear warning to stay away from the platform as far as possible.

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What is Use2Earn?

Use2Earn is a website you can join to get paid online completing simple tasks such as filling out surveys, watching videos, and referring others to the site to earn commissions.

According to the official information, the site is #1 influencer network online.

They promise that you can earn $500 per day in just three simple steps which I’m going to cover a bit later in my Use2Earn review.

But all these promises are nothing but a lie, and this site is a scam.

And to show you that I’m not pulling this out of thin air, let’s start with the owners of the site.

Who Owns This Site?

The only information available on the official site tells us that is located in New York.

But if you run this address through Google, which is what I did, you’ll find out that there’s no such company on this address.

However, to cover up the scheme, they tell you a quick story about how Use2Earn grew from a small site in 2015 to becoming a #1 influencer network in the world.

But this is a fake story too. I’ll show you a few other sites that use storyline to cover up the scam.

Other then this, there’s nothing else that tells us about the owners of the site which is a first of many scam signs.

How Does It Work?

To join and start making $500 per day, all you have to do is join Use2Earn and start sharing your link with others to make $10 per referral.

As you can see, it takes a simple three steps to start earning a life-changing income online.

Use2Earn Scam

Once you join the site, you have to share your link on the internet to earn commissions.

Alternatively, you could watch videos and fill out a survey to earn an extra income with this site, but that also is just a hoax.

You see, they’ll use you to complete these tasks so that the owners could earn an income off your effort.

And you, you won’t get a dime for it!

This website, at first glance, looks like a legitimate way to earn an income, but as you’re going to see in the later sections of my Use2Earn review, it’s nothing but another internet scam.

Can You Make Money With This?

Unfortunatelly, you won’t make any money with Use2Earn because the main goal is to get you to start working on those tasks so that whoever owns this site could get paid.

So, for example, if you fill out a survey, you earn $10 for the task.

However, the money is not going to be yours to keep since this site is just using your time and effort to generate cash through other websites.

As I said, you’re just a tool for whoever owns the Use2Earn and other scam sites out there.

You’ll painfully learn this once you decide to pull out your earnings.

You see, Use2Earn has a policy that you have to be 99 years of age to be able to withdraw your earnings, which automatically means that you won’t get your money.

Crazy right!?

Well, that’s how they managed to scam 100’s of people out there already.

First, they fire you up with promises of fast and easy cash.

And once you start working on those clicks and tasks, you’ll get a feeling that you’re making money.

But once you decide to cash out, you’ll get stabbed in the heart!

This is how these sites work, and all of them are scams.

Use2Earn Scam Signs!

Now that we’ve covered a few necessary information about Use2Earn let’s start with the second part of the review where I’m going to show you a series of scam signs.

These findings just prove my claim that Use2Earn is a scam!

Fake Testimonials

As you can see on the image below, several sites use the same testimonials to convince you that you to could earn with Use2Earn.

Use2Earn Fake Testimonials

These testimonials are fake and designed to cover up the scam.

And not one scam, but several!

If there were real people making money with Use2Earn and other clone sites, there would be no need to use fake testimonials, right?

But fake testimonials is not to only proof that Use2Earn is a scam.

Let’s continue the review to show you more!

Overhyped Claims

As soon as you land on Use2Earn site, you get blinded with claims about making $500 per day completing simple tasks and such.

They even say how they’ve paid $158.678.00 to 750.000 member so far!

Now, simple math will show you that this is less than $500 per day.

You see, these claims are fake too and designed to fire you up to start thinking that you’ve found your ticket to paradise.

If it were that easy to earn an income online, the whole world would be rich by now!

And I would be the first to leverage this once in a lifetime opportunity.

But I won’t because I know that Use2Earn is a scam!

Fake Address

Another thing that I wanted to show you with this Use2Earn review is the fake address and contact details.

If you “Google” provided address, you wouldn’t find this company there.

Use2Earn Fake Address

Not only that but if you try to use the contact details provided, you’ll stumble across a wall of silence.

You can send 100’s of emails to the address provided, and none of them is going to be answered.

One more time, these are being used to fill you up with confidence.

But in the end, it’s all just one big scam!

No Owners

Every single legitimate site online has an about me page where you can see who owns the site.

The fact that Use2Earn provides zero details about the owners of the site is enough to steer clear.

If this site were a legitimate thing and they do pay out tons of cash to their members, wouldn’t you agree that the owners would be happy to stand behind it?

That’s what legitimate sites do!

Tons of Complaints

Another thing that should convince you that Use2Earn is a scam are tons of complaints on BBB.

The images below show complaints made on account of a site called Notion Cash, which is the nothing but a clone site of Use2Earn.

Use2Earn BBB Complaints

Many people have fallen on fake promises about making tons of cash only to learn that they have been scammed.

Complaint after complaint has been filed, yet none of them has been answered.

What does this tell you?

It’s a scam!

Fake Founding Date

The image below shows the exact date when Use2Earn domain was registered online.

Use2Earn Fake History

Yet, on the official website, they say that the site has been around since 2015!

I don’t have to waste too many words here, don’t I?

No Social Media Presence

A funny thing about Use2Earn is their claim that they are #1 social influencer in the world.

But once you start searching for the social media presence, you get nothing.

And those social media icons at the bottom of the page won’t get you anywhere.

They are there just to make you think that this site has a social media presence.

If you click on one, or all of them, you are going to be redirected to either login page or your own social media page.

Clone Site

I’ve mentioned this for a few times in this Use2Earn review, but it’s time to show you with some images too.

Use2Earn is nothing but a clone site that looks the same as many other sites out there.

Use2Earn Clone Sites

All of them promise $500 per day, completing simple tasks and referring people to the site.

All of them are #1 influencer network in the world.

All of them have an address in NYC.

All of them use the same testimonials.

All of them share the same founding date and history.

And so on.

Now, this might be the most definite proof that Use2Earn is a part of a much bigger scam.

Unable to Cash Out

If you, let’s say, join the scheme and start working on those tasks, you’ll probably earn a few dollars.

However, if you try to withdraw your money, just like many people before you, you’ll get rejected.

In some cases, they’ll send you an email with the confirmation that your payment is on its way.

But you’ll never receive any money.

And the funny thing about this is that they openly say that you must be 99 years of age to earn with Use2Earn.

Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to take out your rightfully earned money.

This is enough for me guys, so let’s conclude.

Is Use2Earn a Scam or Legit?

Use2Earn is a scam!

The website is using tons of lies and fake claims which have been disclosed in this review.

I don’t see any reason to join this site because you’ll only end up wasting your precious time to make money for an unknown owner of this website.

The fact that Use2Earn is not the only one out there is enough to stay away from these scams.

Ask yourself, why would someone use fake testimonials?

Why would someone create a fake story about the history of the company?

Why would they use tricks to keep you away from your earnings?

Why would they use a fake address?

The answer is simple; it’s a scam looking to trick you into working for someone else’s profits.

Thanks for reading my Use2Earn review. I hope I’ve helped you to see the truth.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

4 thoughts on “Use2Earn Review – Is a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Yes I would love to easily earn an extra $500 a week.  Usually when they make those claims I steer clear as it is most likely a scam.  Just from already being scammed so many times, I have learned.  But there are those who are gullible, so this information is great!  I hope it helps people steer clear of use2earn.

    • Hi Leahrae, you’re welcome and be careful because Use2Earn is not the only site out there that promises $500 per day. Watch out for PlentyBread, Tap2Earn, Click2Earn, and more! All of them look almost the same (one example is in this review) and they promise fast and easy cash, but in reality, it’s a scam.


  2. Use2Earn sounds like a medicine man setup.  That business about being 99 years old!  Now that is a show stopper!

    You are right about doing your investigation before spending time with this.  Just another reason that sincere people who are looking for a good legitimate opportunity don’t trust one when found.  Thank you for bringing this scamming opportunity to our attention.  We need watchdogs to help those of us who might not be so thorough.


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