What is Affiliate Marketing? – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing

Imagine this.

You had the best dinner ever in one of your favourite restaurants.

A few days later, you meet a friend and you tell him about your experience and give him directions to that restaurant.

Your friend pays the visit to this place and becomes a new happy customer.

You see, you just did what affiliate marketers do for a living!

So if you were a marketer in that situation, you would’ve earned a commission for recommending that restaurant 🙂

In other words, affiliate marketing is a business where you promote products or services by your marketing efforts in return for a part of the sale (affiliate commission).

You as an affiliate or publisher are creating the link between a merchant and a customer.

The image below explains the concept of affiliate marketing.

What is Online or Affiliate Marketing Tips for Begginers

Who is an Affiliate (publisher)?

Let’s clarify the model from the top.

An affiliate or publisher is a person who owns a website that provides a good deal of information about a specific niche of product and services.

A niche, in other words, is your area of interest.

It can be dieting or making money online. As a matter of fact, it can be anything you want.

As you can see here on the example of this site, my niche is affiliate marketing.

Your future website can be about anything you want, there are no rules.

The site is your place of business. You use your website to share information with other people who have an interest in knowing more about your product or service you promote.

Anybody can be an affiliate.

There is no need for a degree or a diploma or any expertise in this matter.

The basic point is to connect the customer with the merchant using affiliate links.

Rember the restaurant scenario 🙂

Who is a Customer?

A customer in the affiliate marketing business is anyone who uses the internet to search and shop for stuff.

Here’s an example.

A person lands on your website in a search for valuable information about your a product or a service within your niche.

You, on the other hand, have prepared a great post about your interest and within that post, you have some affiliate links leading to a specific product or service.

If happy with the information a visitor follows your link to the merchant’s network where they make a sale.

When a customer finishes the cycle, we stop calling that man or a woman a visitor because now, they have converted to your lovely customer.

After a sale, you earn a commission for your work.

At the end of the day, it’s a fair deal for everyone.

People who need help will get what they want.

And you get to share your knowledge and experience, help others to make the right choice or solve a problem, and earn some money while doing so.

Who is a Merchant?

A great example of a merchant is Amazon.

They offer tons and tons of various products on their shopping platform, from books to engine parts!

Alternatively, you can join countless other affiliate programs.

The most popular ones beside Amazon are Click Bank, Commission Junction, eBay, etc.

Moreover, they are all free to participate.

Some of the programs might review your website before they let you in, but they are all easy to enter.

Their part in the process is to handle the customers and pay you a commission after the sale.

A commission percentage can be as low as 1% and all the way up to 75%!

I hope you are all warmed up by now because from now on, we’re talking about some real business.

How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing Business?

Many people start an affiliate marketing business thinking it’s a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Understand that it’s a business like every other. Therefore, there are multiple factors we have to factor in to determine the size of your income as an affiliate.

It depends on:

  1. How much you are willing to learn
  2. How much time you can devote to work
  3. The percentage of your commission

If you are a high achiever and you see a great opportunity in this business, you can become financially free in a reasonably short period.

If you commit yourself to work on this for a more extended period, you can set up several websites. Therefore, you can earn passive income from multiple sources.

In the end, it’s all up to you and your efforts.

The Importance of Mindset 

The wise man has once said these lines: “Choose the job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I got addicted to this sentence ever since I’ve heard it for the first time.

No matter what’s your hobby, baking cookies or repairing engines; it can become an affiliate marketing business.

I can imagine that some of the greatest entrepreneurs started their business empires from the ‘garage’ in the form of a straightforward idea.

Can you imagine the same?

The thing is that we don’t see that part; we don’t know the struggle and hard times they had to go through. We only see their success.

It makes us believe that things were easy for them. That somehow they are blessed while the rest of us are doomed to live the normal life.

From great tech inventors to writers, musicians, business experts, sports stars, every each and one of them had to go through an underground stage before they managed to turn their hobby into a successful business.

The fact is, they’ve done it! I know that you too can do it!


Maybe it doesn’t have to be a business empire.

However, a couple of hundreds or even thousands per month would be a nice addition to your current budget.

Do you know what the best part is?

Once you finish with the ‘hard work’ (there is no hard work, only fun work), your income will become passive.

It means that you will earn from it while having a cup of tea and reading a good book, and even while sleeping!

How Much Money Can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

There are no limits to how much you could earn with affiliate marketing, really!

Affiliate marketing is not a fast way to riches. However, once you earn your first commission, you’ll want to earn your first $100, and then, once you reach that level, you’ll want to earn your first $1000, and so on!

Also, there’s another great thing about affiliate marketing.

You see, in the online world, everything is the same as it is in the real world except for one fact.

It is not physical; it is digital.

You will not have to rent a shop and deal with tons of paperwork. Even better, you will not have to hire or fire anyone.

A few dollars or euros and a will to learn new things are enough to kickstart your online business!

In other words, you don’t have to have a bag full of money to start an online business and to earn with affiliate marketing.

All you have to have is a desire to get started and awareness of the fact that it is profitable if you know what you are doing, which leads me to the next topic.

Where Can You Start With Affiliate Marketing?

There are many courses and programs that teach affiliate marketing today.

However, very few can actually offer you the best education, tools, and help you need to successfully start an affiliate marketing business.

I’ve been a member of such a program for years.

If it hasn’t been for Wealthy Affiliate, I would’ve earned a dime online, let alone become able to quit my job and start living from affiliate marketing.

These guys can help anyone to build a successful online business.

Here’s what you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

The course is called Online Entrepreneurship Certification, and it’s the only thing you need to build an online business and to start making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is my one and only recommendation to all of you who are looking to start with affiliate marketing.

If you need more info about how to start with affiliate marketing, you can read my post about How to Start With the Affiliate Marketing Business in 4 Steps.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Or you can jump into Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneurship Program and start your affiliate business right away!

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  1. A very well written and informative article which was so easy to read and for any beginner it will help them tremendously.

    I love the restaurant example.

    I guess then that you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate, which is a company that I am always hearing good things about. They have been going a number of years now, so they must be doing something right.

    Can I ask you how long it took you to start making money and what did that entail?

    Thank you for sharing and clearing up a few things


    • Hi Mick, thanks and you’re welcome.

      First of all, affiliate marketing is not a way to get rich quick. Rather, it’s a business and like every other business, it takes time to earn money. It took me several months to start earning with affiliate marketing. But it took a lot of hard work, persistence, and patience to start earning a full-time income.


  2. Helooo, , I want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this amazing piece on what is Affiiliate Marketting for beginners. I love the way the article was well constructed and written in a way that anyone would understand even a beginner. It’s filled with so much details and informations there’s to know about Affiliate Marketting. Thanks for sharing this. I have really learnt from this article. 

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    thabks for sharing.

    • Hi Jomata, you’re welcome. It’s great to hear that this post was helpful. Best of luck with your affiliate career and feel free to ask questions about the business if you have any. I’m here to help.


  4. Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts and description about Affiliate marketing is quiet much easier to understand but folks who hasn’t gotten what the concept entails. In starting hope an affiliate marketing it is important you start with a platform that is reliable, your recommendation about wealthy Affiliate as a reliable platform got my consent, because I have started a  course on affiliate marketing with them and they have proven to be efficient.

  5. Great information. I love the quote “Choose the job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That is my goal in life and it makes it easier when people like you promote a great company like wealthy affiliate. Keep up the good work.

  6. What a great and simple explanation of what is affiliate marketing.  I always wanted to get involved but it seemed so confusing and on top of there are so many scammers so I never knew what was real or not.  I like your quote about a wise man once said…It is so true!  Now you are talking about wealthy Affiliate….Is it a platform with a bunch of affiliate merchants?  Also, you said only $19.00 to get started.  Is it a one time fee?  Do you need a credit card to sign up?

    • Hi Carole, those scammers are only confusing people about affiliate marketing. In reality, it’s a simple business really. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that hosts comprehensive training on affiliate marketing, tools needed to build affiliate websites, live help and expert coaching. Those $19 is the price for the first month. After that, it’s $49 per month. You don’t need a credit card since WA is free to join. For more details, visit my Wealthy Affiliate review.


  7. Hi Ivan

    I think this post is very informative. You made it easy for any beginner like me to understand affiliate marketing. And I know this may sound too ambitious, but can I make an affiliate product? Not today but I feel that it will be the proper way to scale my business someday.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Adyns68, yes you can. You can create your affiliate product! It’s an awesome way to scale your business. It could be a course, an ebook, or whatever you wish. I wish you much success with it!


  8. Hi Ivan!

    This is a great and easy to understand description of affiliate marketing and how it works. I agree, that Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start affiliate marketing because they provide all the training and tools that you need.


    • Hi Joonas, thanks for leaving your comment here 🙂 I’m happy this post has helped you to learn more about affiliate marketing.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start with affiliate marketing. I’m using the platform for two years. I host all my sites there, I have all the tools at one place included in my membership. They have the best training that I’ve found so far, and they have an awesome referral program too. Highly recommended place to start your first affiliate marketing business.



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