What is Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint? – Review

Welcome to my Big Commission Blueprint review.

Dean Holland and his high-ticket program created a lot of buzz in the make-money-online world.

Wondering if it’s all true or maybe it is a slick scam by Dean Holland?

Rest assured, I’m not associated with Dean nor will I try to sell you this program.

I just want to help you find your way around the net by taking my free time to do this research.

By the way, congratulations on researching yourself! It shows that you are serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

As said, Big Commissions Blueprint is a high ticket affiliate program.

Meaning, you’ll have to purchase expensive upgrades to become qualified for those big juicy commissions.

I’ll explain everything in more detail in my review, no worries.

I can save you some time by saying that it’s legitimate.

However, I highly recommend reading the rest of this review and see some dirty secrets I found while doing my research.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into this Big Commission Blueprint review!

Shall we?

What Is Big Commission Blueprint? - Review


Big Commission Blueprint Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Name: Big Commission Blueprint
  • Product Price: $10 – $4,997
  • Product Owner: Dean Holland
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Recommended?: Yes, but not for beginners.

Overview: Big Commission Blueprint is a step-by-step system for making money online created by Dean Holland – a well-known super affiliate and online entrepreneur.

With this program, he promises to help you to quickly experience four-figure paydays even if you’re a newbie.

Sounds too good, right? So is it a scam or legit?

One of the things that I like about Big Commission Blueprint is the fact that you get a lot of training that teaches how to set up a marketing business online and earn an income promoting the same offer.

Also, I followed Dean online so I can confirm that he’s not a scammer.

However, the first problem with this offer is that Dean openly claims that you’ll make 1000’s with the Big Commission Blueprint system, which might be true, but it’ll take years to get there.

Another problem is, he doesn’t tell you that you need to purchase expensive upgrades to unlock full-training and high-ticket commissions.

I personally don’t like fake hype and this lack of transparency is related to Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint.

In my opinion, the basic training is not that bad, but it’ll take a lot of time to make money with this program if any.

Compared to some leaders in the industry, this one is not that good.

Also, this program was designed to show you how to promote the same thing to others, which could even mean that Big Commission Blueprint is a scam and a pyramid scheme.

However, this does not mean that it is a scam or something like that, in fact, it’s a fully legitimate course.

And with the rest of my Big Commission Blueprint review, I’ll show you what to expect from Dean Holland and his training course.

If you are tired of scams and bogus websites, MLMs, and pyramid schemes, check out a 100% legitimate way to make money online below I used to go from $0 to earning four-figure passive income online!




What Is Big Commission Blueprint About?

Big Commission Blueprint is an affiliate marketing training program created by Dean Holland, one of the well-known names in the online marketing industry.

In a nutshell, BCB is designed to show you how to make big commissions by promoting the same high-ticket program to other people. It comes down to creating sales funnels and driving as much internet traffic as possible.

The latter is the key to success with this program and something I’ll discuss in the next sections of this review.

Before you move on, I want to say that it would be foolish to get excited about those big commissions just by watching Dean’s sales presentation. As I’ve said, he’s an expert in marketing.

There’s a catch with this system, which I’ll reveal soon enough.

Let’s meet the owner first.

Dean Holland – Brains Behind the System

Dean Holland is one of the big names in the affiliate marketing industry. He’s launched the original version of Big Commission Blueprint way back in 2014. However, the latest version comes with a few updates.

As you may have noticed by his accent, Dean is originally from the UK. Also, Dean owns a company called Internet Profits LTD.

I took some time to research his background and discovered a pretty much typical story.

Big Commission Blueprint - Dean Holland

Dean’s been, like many other people out there, struggling to get his head around affiliate marketing and to make something out of it. According to his own words, he failed a lot, and he kept failing miserably until he managed to get it right finally.

One thing I like about his way of telling his story is, he won’t say he did it overnight!

He openly admits that affiliate marketing is a tough business to comprehend and execute and won’t promise you a quick way to riches. Respect!

The sales pitch, however, is a bit misleading, but more about that later.

You need to see the price structure first. This is going to help you to understand how this high-ticket program works.

Big Commission Blueprint Price & Upgrades

The front-end price of BCB is only $19.95. Once you pay a seemingly low price, you’ll enter a sales funnel.

Big Commission Blueprint Price

Like with many other programs of this kind, you’ll have to take those upgrades at one point or another since they contain critical aspects of the whole system.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this model, but there’s not wrong here.

  • Pre-recorded Training Videos $197 one time – this upgrade is a collection of 8 pre-recorded videos. If you try to say no to it, you’ll activate a down-sell. In that case, it’s going to be $99
  • Social Media Training (Price Unknown) – the funny thing about this upgrade is that you can’t see the price unless you hit the buy button. You’re forced to watch a lengthy sales pitch to learn more. Be careful with it; if you click the buy button, you’re probably going to be automatically billed.
  • Affiliate Club $47 per month – this upgrade gives you access to additional training, tools, and resources such as weekly webinars. Also, if you want to qualify for those big commissions, you’ll have to take this one.

So the latter upgrade is that catch that I was talking about earlier.

If you don’t take the last upgrade, you won’t be able to earn full commission as an affiliate. If you do, however, it gives you access to the training and tools needed to earn commissions by promoting Big Commission Blueprint.

Also, there are two more upsells that pop out once you agree to become a member of the Affiliate Club.

And these are pretty spicy for my taste.

  • iPro Platinum Membership $1,997 – this upgrade gives you even more training, tools, resources. You get weekly training with Dean and his team, in-depth marketing and traffic training, access to success groups, and more.
  • iPro Masters Membership $4,997 – this upgrade gives you more of the same.

Now if you take those two upgrades, you’ll become qualified to earn commissions on them as an affiliate. The cool thing is, since these upgrades are part of the funnel, you won’t have to do any extra legwork.

To explain the whole process of earning those big commissions, let’s take a look at the training in the next sections of the Big Commission Blueprint review.




How Does Big Commission Blueprint Work?

Once you join the program, you’ll get a quick tour and get to meet Dean Holland himself. The training contains 11 video modules altogether and explains how Big Commission Blueprint works.

  1. The System Explained
  2. Creating Your Number
  3. Your Personal Income Blueprint
  4. Create Your Free Account
  5. The Affiliate Club (UPSELL)
  6. How To Make $1000 Commissions Without Any Extra Work (UPSELL)
  7. How To Make $2500 Commissions Without Any Extra Work (UPSELL)
  8. Getting Traffic
  9. Making Your First Sale
  10. Scaling Your Income
  11. The Next Steps and Bonus

I like the content since it’s comprehensive and Dean takes care to explain every detail. But remember, you won’t be able to watch the full training if you don’t take the Affiliate Club upgrade.

That said, let me show you what each training module is about.

Big Commission Blueprint Training Modules

Big Commission Blueprint System Explained

During the first module of the Big Commission Blueprint, Dean explains his system down to a single detail. It all comes down to creating sales funnels and promoting this high-ticket program to earn fat commissions.

Firstly, you have to create a landing page where you offer a gift (ethical bribe) to your visitors. You can do this by giving away an ebook or a free webinar. The main goal is to get their email address and build a list of subscribers.

As soon as they sign up, they’ll be sent to a second stage of the sales funnel where you offer a low-ticket product.

Once they pay the price, they’re sent to the second page where you start offering expensive upsells. And that’s how you start earning big commissions.

The Big Commission Blueprint system itself is an example, and basically, that’s what Dean is teaching with this program.

Creating Your Number

I reviewed a few programs where the subject of mindest is talked about before doing anything else. The same is with BCB. This second module is all about creating goals and the right mindset.

Dean talks about deciding what kind of lifestyle you want and makes you think about the future and all the benefits of creating your own online business.

I personally went through the process on my own, and I have to say that if I didn’t, I would’ve probably given up a long time ago. Mindset is the key!

Your Personal Income Blueprint

Another critical component of creating a proper business mindset is knowing how high do you want to aim. In other words, how much money would you like to earn in the future?

In this module, Dean shows you how much you could earn with BCB and gives you a picture to play with.

Create Your Free Account

Up to this point, you won’t take any actionable steps toward creating your own business. The first three modules were more like an intro to what’s coming next.

Now, during the fourth stage of the Big Commission Blueprint system, Dean is going to allow you to become an affiliate and earn $10 in commission for each successful sale you make.

For example, if you manage to refer someone to the system and the person takes the opportunity, you’ll earn ten bucks. However, if this hypothetical person decided to purchase any of upsells, you won’t get paid any commission on that count.

So what’s the key? How to get paid for those upsells and earn big commissions?

The Affiliate Club (Big Commission Blueprint UPSELL)

To become qualified for full commissions, you’ll have to take the Affiliate Club offer. As mentioned earlier, this gives you access to complete training, all the tools, and resources you need to promote BCB successfully.

In this case, your earning level moves from ten bucks per sale to a lot more. Here’s how the commission structure looks like if you are a full member.

  • Earn 90% commission on BCB
  • Earn up to $98 per sale on upsells
  • Earn $23 recurring monthly commission from affiliate club sale

If I were to become a member of Big Commission Blueprint, I would take this upgrade. It’s evident that this is the core of the system. Everything up until now was prep for this part.

This is where the real money is made. Or is it?

How To Make $1000 Commissions Without Any Extra Work (iPro Platinum Membership)

The Affiliate Club is part of the training where you can actually learn how to promote Big Commission Blueprint to other people.

However, if you want to earn even more commissions, you’ll have to take this upgrade.

The price is only $1.997!

This upgrade allows you to earn up to 50% commission on each iPro Platinum sale.

Dean says that this is practically a DFY system where you don’t have to do anything. You’ll get all resources, training, and tools, as well as live weekly coaching with Dean himself.

Big Commission Blueprint Training Modules

How To Make $2500 Commissions Without Any Extra Work (iPro Masters Membership)

Just like with the previous upgrade, the story is the same here. With iPro Masters, you unlock the last membership, which gives you access to more training and resources.

And of course, you become qualified for earning commissions on each sale of iPro Masters membership.

The price is only $4,997!

Getting Traffic

The central aspect of a successful, income-generating sales funnel is the ability to drive traffic to your offers. It goes without saying that the more traffic you can get, the more income you can create down the road.

During this module of Big Commission Blueprint, Dean is going to explain the difference between free and paid traffic and show you how to reach out for both.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the difference between targeted and untargeted traffic. You don’t want to work or pay for traffic that doesn’t convert. In the end, you want to get the best possible ROI whether you take the free or paid road.

The main idea behind free traffic is to post content and answer question on Warrior Forum. The method is much similar to getting free traffic from search engines, which is the traffic that I learned how to generate and use to earn a passive income online.

The free traffic works. However, it takes a lot of time (and a lot of work), to generate the significant amount that allows you to earn income.

So if you are not a fan of free traffic, Dean shows how to get paid version as well. This is the method Dean prefers and recommends if you want to earn faster.

In this case, you’ll be spending money on Solo Ads. It’s a form of Pay-per-Click advertisement where you basically rent other people’s email lists to send your offer to subscribers from the rented list.

The good thing about solo ads is the speed of results.

However, you need to be careful when choosing the vendor. Not every list converts the same. And it goes without saying that you need a budget to apply this method.

Making Your First Sale

This module is where Dean spends more time talking about traffic from Warrior Forum. He’s going to explain how to open an account and give you some tips from experience.

Scaling Your Income

The smart thing to do once you start generating an income is to reinvest it in your business by outsourcing work. This way, you get a lot more done in much less time.

This is the module where Dean shows how to do it once you reach this stage of your business.

The Next Steps and Bonus

This module is just a recap of the whole thing and another sales pitch for iPro membership.

Can You Make Money With Big Commission Blueprint?

First of all, I have to say that Big Commission Blueprint is a proven and decent training course on the subject of affiliate marketing. Dean knows what he talks about, and the program has the potential.

Secondly, I think that if you invest your time and of course, a lot of money into this system, you could create an income down the road.

As I said at the top of this Big Commission Blueprint review, I’m not a financial expert, so this should be taken only as a theory, not a statement.

Your success with programs like this one depends on your ability to follow the instructions from the training as well as your capacity to invest in upgrades and possibly in paid traffic as well.




What I Like About Big Commission Blueprint

Although I think it’s overpriced (I wouldn’t pay 1000’s to become an affiliate!) the Big Commission Blueprint system has some good points.

You Can Get a Refund

The basic package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you can get your money back.

Training Is Legitimate

The basic training is good enough to get a grasp of what affiliate marketing is and how it works. I think it’s beginner-friendly since Dean also spends a lot of time talking about the mindset.

Dean Holland is Genuine

Although the sales pitch is a bit sketchy and misleading, once you follow through and get to know Dean, you’ll see that he’s genuine. Dean has a lot of experience and knows how this business operates.

What I Don’t Like About Big Commission Blueprint

I personally wouldn’t join Big Commission Blueprint, and here are my reasons.

No Upgrades No Party

First of all, I hate upsells. I reviewed a lot of programs so far, and most of them use a pay-to-play system. In other words, they pull you in with a lot of promises and a seemingly low price.

However, once you get inside of Big Commission Blueprint, the ugly truth gets revealed.

If you want to make fat commissions, you’ll have to take those upsells to become qualified for them. But you don’t have to! I make a living from affiliate marketing, and I promote various products from which I earn commissions.

But I’ve never had to pay anyone to earn them. Most affiliate programs are free to join, and there are thousands of them out there!

Also, the basic training is not probably not going to be enough to succeed, so you’ll have no other choice but to purchase upgrades at one point or another.

I don’t like this model of marketing, and I feel like those things should be disclosed before you agree to hit that buy button.

Misleading Promo Material

I touched on this problem in the paragraph above, but I would like to address it some more.

You’re here because you’re curious about Big Commission Blueprint, and the main reason for this curiosity is the promo video, which I find to be highly misleading.

Dean was talking about making 1000’s in commissions even as a complete newbie using some secret and controversial way of making money.

Big Commission Blueprint - Misleading Promo

Big Commission Blueprint - Misleading Promo

But there’s nothing new, secret, or controversial about affiliate marketing. It’s a method that’s been around even before the age of the internet. It’s called selling!

Another problem with promo material is Dean’s lack of transparency. He never mentioned that you’d have to invest more money in this system down the road.

Instead, you’re promised fat commissions and other BS, which is in my mind, a dirty trick used to make you purchase the basic membership.

Pushes Paid Traffic

The best way to start with affiliate marketing is by learning how to get free traffic to your offer. Dean recommended free traffic as well, but the problem is, he’s pushes paid traffic as a primary method because it’s faster.

Now paid traffic is not for beginners.

We all want to earn commissions as fast as possible, but paid traffic is a one-way ticket to failure if you are a beginner.

When I was starting my first business, I was too eager to jump in and make money, so I started playing with ads. I was following the advice from top experts like Neil Patel, John Crestani, and a few other ‘gurus.’ Best of all, I thought I had it!

A few months later and a few 1000’s lighter, I came back to the advice I’ve got from people who told me to start with free traffic first.

Limited Niche Choice

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods for making money online because it allows you to create your own business in any niche you want. That could be dieting, fitness, fashion, cars, basically whatever you want. They all work.

So the last thing that I don’t like about Big Commission Blueprint is a lack of niche choices.

The training is designed to show you how to promote the same program, which falls into an MMO (make-money-online) niche. It’s a lucrative niche, but you won’t be able to replicate the success (if you achieve any) to any other niche of your choice.

And what if Dean decides to close the program? You lose your entire business in a flash! Worst of all, you don’t have the skills and knowledge to start all over with some other product or in a different niche.

Is Big Commission Blueprint Worth It?

Whether it’s worth it or not depends on your point of view. I’m not here to make any decisions instead of you. But I personally don’t think that Big Commission Blueprint is worth it.

I wouldn’t want to invest my time and hard-earned money on a program that is designed to make the owner even richer. Sure, if you manage to pull it off, you can earn big as well.

But the problem is not in earning money. It’s in how you’re going to do it.

I learned that the best way to earn an online income via affiliate marketing is by leveraging the concept as it is. In other words, you want to learn how to build a business in any niche you want.

This kind of approach to affiliate marketing leaves the door open for creating multiple sources of income.

If you master the concept of affiliate marketing in its original form, you’ll have many options down the road, and it’ll lead to long-term success.

However, the final decision is always yours.

If you think that you can pull it off and that Big Commission Blueprint is something you would want to try, then go for it. It’s a legitimate business opportunity.

Just remember, to be able to earn those fat commissions that Dean talks about, you’ll have to follow through with the set of upgrades and even take at least an iPro Platinum membership ($1,997).

Plus, you need an extra few 100’s and even 1000’s for paid ads if you choose them over free traffic.

Big Commission Blueprint Review – Conclusion

The fact is, there are more scams than legitimate training programs for making money online these days.

Some will try to scam you by giving nothing in return for your money, and some will try to overcharge you for a set of simple and generally free information.

In my opinion, Dean Holland’s program does not fit into those categories.

However, it is a high-ticket scheme that is, at the end of the day, best for Dean himself.

I’m not saying this program will not work, but it is going to take a lot of time and money to pull it off.

Thanks for reading my Big Commission Blueprint review. I hope this article was useful to you.

While you’re here, let me show you a much better alternative to BCB.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

24 thoughts on “What is Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint? – Review”

  1. Hi Ivan. Thank you for another great review. I read before few opinions about Dean Hollands program, and to be fair they were quite mixed. But looking on your post it clear for me that this is not programs for beginners. Entry costs (and connected risk) are incredibly high, and whole idea is based around paid traffic. It is not a scum, but I wouldn’t risk so much money to start.

  2. Hi. I’ve just gone through this helpful article review about Dean Holland’s big commission blue print.  The research you’ve shared here is very helpful and important and I like the fact that, despite recommending this high commission service, you’ve clearly stated that not fo begginers. Most of begginers like to see words like high commission and end up losing money because of lack of proper research about the platform they want to enrol in. Thanks for providing such helpful information about blueprint.

    • Hi Komontala, thanks for your comment on my review. Happy to hear that my research has been helpful to you. No, I would not recommend Dean’s program to beginners. As you can see, it takes a lot of cash and some previous experience to profit from this program, which is something that 99% of beginners don’t have.


  3. I have not come across Big Commission Blueprint or Dean Holland before, so found this review very interesting. I do not like the many upsells, and they are not cheap, that then promises that you will make money as an affiliate marketer. There are so many programs that promise you great returns, that I am a bit skeptical about the claims that they make. My budget currently does not allow me to explore Big Commission Blueprint more.

    • Hi LineCowley, thanks for your comment on my review. Gald my review was interesting. I too don’t like upsells, especially when they are hidden from my sight and pop out in the later stages of the training.


  4. Hi there, Ivan! I personally have not heard of Big Commission Blueprint before. It’s amazing how many programs that are out there and I am sure new ones are popping out everywhere. The price range for the program looks really wide from very cheap, to very expensive. My gut already tells me that one would need to invest a lot in order to gain something from this. Might not be a program I would check out at this time. Thanks for creating this detailed review!

    • Hi Mike, thanks for your comment on my review of Big Commission Blueprint. Yes, ideally, you would have to invest a lot of money into this program to be able to profit. That’s simply how the program is structured and I personally don’t like it because most people will eventually give up after investing the initial amounts.


  5. As an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for ways to enhance my marketing platform and to learn new techniques.  Your review of BCB was clear, organized and quite frank.  I would say that I am a mid-level marketer in terms of experience and success.  I need to grow in very specific areas of this business.  BCB sounds like it is a “from the ground up” kind of program.  I am going to look into it further particularly in terms of the more technical parts of affiliate marketing like SEO and list building.

    • Hi Anastazjy, thanks for reaching out. Yes, Big Commission blueprint is a comprehensive course that covered everything from the ground up. The downside is that you can’t build a business in any niche. So if you’re looking for something that gives you a wide choice of niches, BCB is not the best choice. Nonetheless, it’s legitimate and you’re safe.


  6. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Ivan! I have heard of Dean Holland’s program before, though I never conducted any research on it. It seems like an overpriced pyramid scheme-I’ll definitely pass on it. Haha You are so correct when you say that there are more schemes than legitimate ways to make money online; the legitimate ones shouldn’t make you suffer for it, though. Haha I appreciate your diligence and thoroughness in preparing this review. God bless you!

    • Hi C.N., thanks for reaching out. I would agree with you. Big Commission Blueprint does sound like an overpriced pyramid scheme. The whole point of the system is to recruit other members into the scheme and upgrade into expensive memberships. This is not the best way to make money online, in my opinion.


  7. Great review as always man.
    This seems like a great program however when I saw all the up sales I got discouraged because almost all the programs are like this which is frustrating.

    • Hi Thabo, thanks for reaching out. I know what you mean. Those upsells are spicy, and worst of all, not disclosed before. Good to see you doing the research first.


  8. This sounds like a typical case of overselling. The product isn’t bad in and of itself but the provider either makes exaggerate claims or kinda hides the product’s negative aspects (in this case the fact that you need to buy additional upgrades). Overall, I like this affiliate marketing program’s features even though I am not sure I would spend that money on it. Plus, the provider’s excessive claims make me a bit cold towards this coach. I think being honest with your visitors and customers and help them make an informed choice is always the best strategy in the long term. 

    • Hi Horatius, well said. The product isn’t bad in itself, but the amount of money needed for those upsells is staggering. In my opinion, Big Commission Blueprint is not even a 100% affiliate marketing based. It’s more like an MLM system where you promote the same program to other people. There’s nothing wrong about this, but it’s not legitimate education that will teach you how to build your own affiliate business. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead. It’s a beginner-friendly course and a vibrant community of digital marketers. You even get all the tools and everything needed for success for a fraction of the cost.


  9. Thank you, Ivan for the honest review of Big Commission Blueprint. I am always wary these days of any program that tells me I am going to make a lot of money without much work. Perhaps it is my upbringing, but I was always taught that you don’t get anything for free and if you want something you have to work for it.

    The upsells are crazy for this program. If I had that kind of money to start with, I probably wouldn’t really need the BCB! Most of us out here that live paycheck to paycheck are always searching for something to help make things better for us financially. We try these seemingly inexpensive programs that promise money and soon we are buying into the upsells because we so desperately want to believe that we are going to earn money if we keep buying the upsells.

    Even though this is a legitimate program which eventually can make people money, I appreciate that you broke it down to what it would really cost to make something of it.

    For a newbie to affiliate marketing, do you have a recommendation that works?

    • Hi Karin, you’re welcome. You’re absolutely right! There’s no such thing as something for nothing. Big Commission Blueprint promises a bit too much and makes things look too easy. However, it could take a lot of time and in this case, tons of cash to pull this system off. As you can see, you have to buy those upsells in order to succeed in this system.

      I do have a recommendation for newbies. Wealthy Affiliate is, in my opinion, the best way to earn an income online. These guys explain the process in most simple words so that everyone could understand, even a complete newbie. Also, you get all the tools, training, and everything else you need for success in one place. If you are looking to learn how to make money online, look no further from Wealthy Affiliate.


  10. Thanks for sharing the great content! Simple but informative! It let me know more and understand about what is dean holland’s big commission blueprint. This should let more people know more about it. Keep it up 😉

    • Hi Samuel, I wouldn’t say this is simple content LOL it’s quite comprehensive but thanks for letting me know. I hope my review was helpful. Big Commission Blueprint is a good but pretty expensive course. Let me know if you have questions.


  11. Wow.  Your website is extremely informative.  You have definitely out a lot of thought and research into this.  Even your opt-in worked very well and I think you are doing an amazing job!.. I’ll definitely follow your lead!

    At first I was thinking that you were attempting to promote BCB but then at the end you totally changed things around.  Keep going, I bet your already doing very well.

  12. Hi Ivan, thank you for the your review on BCB. After reading your review, I think you are being exceptionally nice to Dean. These days, every one who tells me they have a system that can help me make money without me having to do anything is just pure… BS… Pardon my off-french here 🙂 I mean, think about it, if I have such a system, why don’t I just use it for myself? I wonder what I really do get with those 4 figures upgrades and how really wonderful are those weekly live sessions with a pure, marketing sales man who is just making money from selling and re-selling his system… Hmmm… I certainly wouldn’t pay those prices to find out even with the refunds…. And talking about the refunds, are there any caveats with it… or is it unconditional?  

    • Hi Steve W., you’re welcome. Thanks for leaving your comment. I understand what you want to say, and I emphasised on that during this review. However, there’s no mentioning that you can make money without any work. The last two (turbo expensive) upgrades are just another ticket for higher commissions, that’s all. You still have to work on traffic (and everything before that) or pay for ads to make money. I find it legitimate, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Anyway, the choice is yours, bud. The basic package comes with 30-days window to ask for your money back via BCB customer support, no questions asked. I hope this review was helpful.



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