What is Easy Pro Funnels? – An Insider Look and Honest Review!

Welcome to my Easy Pro Funnels review. We live in an era of sales funnels. If you want to start with affiliate marketing, you need a funnel. But what exactly is Easy Pro Funnels about? Is it any good? Let’s take a look from inside, shall we?

Easy Pro Funnels Review

Product Name: Easy Pro Funnels

Product Type: Funnel Builder

Owner: Matt Garrett

Price: $67+ UPSELLS

Rating: 2.5/5

Quick Summary: Easy Pro Funnels is an internet marketing tool that helps to create lead magnets and sales funnels for various JVZoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus digital products. The software is legitimate. But it comes with upsells, and it’s not that easy to use. Also, it’s only a tool, so you still need customer acquisition skills (traffic) to get the best out of it.

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Imagine having a tool that could help you to get your hands on tons of affiliate products, and help you to create custom lead magnets. With it, you don’t need to spend hours trying to configure your autoresponder or create funnels. It’s all done in a few clicks or so.

Well, that’s what Easy Pro Funnels is all about. It’s a piece of software that has almost everything you need for creating an affiliate marketing campaign from scratch.

But is it any good? Can you make money with it? Well, that’s what I’m about to help you to learn.

By the way, congratulations on researching before getting into things headfirst. I know it’s hard to trust people on the net these days. But if you are looking for something real, check out this genuine way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Within this Easy Pro Funnels review, I’ll show you what this software is about. I’ll show you what to expect from the content of the program and give my honest opinion about whether Easy Pro Funnels is a scam or legit offer.

If you don’t want to read, you can watch my review on YouTube.

Let’s go.

What is Easy Pro Funnels?

Easy Pro Funnels is a tool much similar to ClickFunnels. It’s a software that helps to create affiliate marketing campaigns. In other words, it’s all about building sales funnels for marketing digital products from top online marketplaces.

Matt Garrett has created this tool. He’s a professional online marketer with over ten years of experience. He’s both an affiliate marketer and a product vendor. One of his popular products is Easy Pro Reviews.

According to Matt, affiliate marketing comes with vast amounts of challenges that need to be surmounted to build a successful online business. With that in mind, he’s created Easy Pro Funnels.

Easy Pro Funnels Product Description

With this tool, you don’t need your own product, a website, nor any technical skills or previous knowledge. It comes with step-by-step training, where Matt explains how to create sales funnels, lead pages, bonuses, and more.

Some of the features are:

  • affiliate product funnels
  • bonus pages
  • lead magnet pages
  • exit pop-ups
  • build-in autoresponder

In other words, EPS gives you everything you need to build sales funnels, promote affiliate products, offer and deliver bonuses and free offers, and build an email list.

As you probably know already, funnels are the name of the game these days.

That said, it’s essential to understand that Easy Pro Funnels is a funnel in itself too. Let’s take a look at what happens once you purchase this tool.

Easy Pro Funnels Funnel Revealed

EPS is selling via the WarriorPlus marketplace. The front-end price of Easy Pro Funnels software is $67 by the time of writing this review.

Like it’s been a case with many other sales funnels, the owner is going to offer some more products before you can access the software.


  • Upsell #1 Easy Pro Funnels Membership $27 per month – this upgrade gives you access to monthly updates, bonus funnels, and new funnels.
  • Upsell #2 WP Toolkit Developers Edition $147 – this upgrade contains 600+ WordPress themes and plugins.

How About a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Easy Pro Funnels come with 30-days money-back guarantee. You can test the software, and if you don’t make any money with it or you don’t like the tool, you can ask for a refund via WarriorPlus.

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What’s Inside Easy Pro Funnels?

Inside of Easy Pro Funnels member’s area, you’ll find a short video training on how to use the software and the tool itself. In addition to the main feature of creating funnels, you’re also going to get the following features.

  • 100’s of JVZoo Affiliate Approved Products
  • More Products from WarriorPlus & ClickBank
  • 100’s of Free Products for Lead Magnets and Bonus Pages
  • Custom Lead Magnets Feature
  • One-Click Integrated Autoresponder Set-Up
  • Automated Exit Pop-Ups
  • Affiliate Link Cloaking Feature
  • Link Tracking Feature
  • Create Webinar-Style Pages
  • Create Review Style Pages

Easy Pro Funnels Dashboard

Basically, Easy Pro Funnels is an all-in-one tool for creating affiliate funnels. The only thing you need to outsource is an autoresponder. They recommend GetResponse, which is priced at $15/month for 1.000 subscribers.

Now let’s take a look at how it works in more detail.

How Does Easy Pro Funnels Work?

Easy Pro Funnels is an affiliate marketing tool. The tool helps you to create marketing sales funnels, add tons of features such as lead magnets and pop-ups. You can use it to promote digital products from leading online marketplaces.

However, it’s essential to understand that this is only a tool. In other words, you still need a set of skills to make something out of it. The most critical ability is traffic generation, which I’ll explain below.

Here’s how Easy Pro Funnels works in a step-by-step fashion.

  1. Create Bonus Pack
  2. Create a Lead Magnet Page
  3. Create an Affiliate Funnel
  4. Launch Your Campaign
  5. Get Traffic & Sales

Setting up your sales funnel is neatly explained with training videos. In my experience, anyone can use this tool, and it doesn’t require any experience or programming skills. It might be, however, a bit challenging to understand for beginners, but I believe there shouldn’t be any problems.

Below is an example of how a finished funnel should look like.

Easy Pro Funnels Example Funnel

What About Traffic and Sales?

Now, getting traffic to your sales funnels is something that Easy Pro Funnels can’t do for you. In the end, it’s only a tool. It’s convenient but insufficient regarding traffic generation.

Inside of the member’s area, there’s a short training on this topic. However, this is not a comprehensive training, and I’m afraid that you’ll need more than this.

In a nutshell, the owner is going to show you how to create YouTube videos and how to connect them with links so that traffic goes to your sales funnels. It’s a proven method for getting traffic and making sales, but it’ll require a lot of work and effort.

Another method of getting free traffic to your funnels is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This method comes down to building a WordPress blog through SEO optimized content creation. To learn all you need to know about SEO and blogging, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

That said, Easy Pro Funnels will help you to speed up the process of building funnels, but customer acquisition is in your hands.

Will It Make You Any Money?

Will you make any money with Easy Pro Funnels depends on your skills and ability to get customers to your offers. In theory, it could make you money if you are know how to generate large amounts of web traffic daily.

A few clicks from Google or YouTube won’t be enough to make consistent sales. You need 100’s and even 1000’s of highly targeted visitors each day to make money with affiliate funnels.

That’s a short but straight answer.

I won’t promise you tons of visitors and a pot of gold like many other reviewers out there.

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What I Like About Easy Pro Funnels

When compared to some leaders in the industry, I think that this is a good tool overall. Let’s take a look at a list of pros.

1.) It’s Quick Way to Get Funnels

Easy Pro Funnels cuts the time spent in creating affiliate funnels in half. The software will help to create all aspects of a successful sales funnel very quickly. It has options to create lead capture pages and bonus pages. Also, it’s easy to connect it with an autoresponder and to create email campaigns.

3.) 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

You can test Easy Pro Funnels for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, you can get a refund via WarriorPlus. Just make sure to do so on time.

Easy Pro Funnels Guarantee

3.) It’s Cheap and Comprehensive Tool

The main competitor in the industry, ClickFunnels, is priced at $97 per month for the Startup package. The Full Suite package is priced at $297 per month. Easy Pro Funnels is maybe not as good as ClickFunnels, but it has everything needed for creating funnels, and it’s a much cheaper option. It’s selling for $67 one time.

What I Don’t Like About It

Now, let’s take a look at a few things that I didn’t like about Easy Pro Funnels.

1.) It Comes With Hidden Upsells

As soon as you pay for the software, you’re going to enter a sales funnel. In other words, the software comes with expensive upsells, and I don’t like it because they are not shown or disclosed on the sales page.

2.) Funnels are Cloud-Hosted – No Control

One of the significant problems with Easy Pro Funnels is hosting. The software is cloud-based, which means that all your funnels are hosted on a cloud. This, unfortunately, doesn’t give you full control over your business. In case the tool crash or the owner decided to shut it down, you’ll lose your funnels too.

3.) It’s Bit Confusing and Hard to Use

I believe that beginners will have a hard time to understand this software and to put it in action. The tool comes with video instructions, which is a great thing. But still, it’s quite confusing even for me, and I have experience with these tools since I review them daily.

Easy Pro Funnels Complicated Interface

Maybe this was only my experience, but I didn’t like it.

4.) Slim Training On Traffic Generation

I attended a few training courses where I learned a lot about getting traffic to a website. In my experience, this is a broad topic. That said, I didn’t like the training inside of Easy Pro Funnels. Although the training is correct, in my opinion, it was short. The good news, however, is that the owner promises to keep adding new material to help you with it.

Is Easy Pro Funnels a Scam or Legit?

Easy Pro Funnels is not a scam. It’s a legitimate software for building affiliate funnels. The tools come with a lot of features such as lead magnet pages and bonuses, a list of approved affiliate promotions from JVZoo and other marketplaces, and more.

Easy Pro Funnels Review - Legitimate

The owner is a legitimate vendor from WarriorPlus. Matt even gives a 30-days money-back guarantee on all his products.

Easy Pro Funnels Review – Conclusion

Affiliate marketing funnels are one of the best ways to get started online. However, no matter what those ‘gurus’ you might have been listening to say, it’s not an easy task to become an affiliate marketer and build funnels from scratch.

If you are going to do the process manually, you have to spend hours in product research, creating campaigns, and, most importantly, in getting traffic to your funnels. The latter is going to take you hours and hours of work.

Alternatively, you could pay for traffic. But then again, you need a lot of money, so it’s always better to look for free options at the beginning.

The good thing about Easy Pro Funnels is that it could help you to fast forward the first two steps. I think this is a useful tool and I would recommend it. However, keep in mind that it’s not going to make you money fast, and you need to hustle for traffic.

How to Start With Affiliate Marketing for Free?

Thanks for reading my Easy Pro Funnels review. I hope I’ve helped you to learn more about what it is and how does it work and to answer your question, whether it is a scam or legit. If you have any questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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The best thing is, it entirely safe and free to join. Make sure to check it out!

If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan.

Ivan Head Shoot

Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com


  • Thanks for this review. I get annoyed by programs that lure you in and then have lots of hidden upsells so it’s great to have the heads up.

    • Hi Madeleine, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my Easy Pro Funnels review. I hope this article has helped you to learn more about it. 🙂 Yes, upsells are annoying, especially if they are hidden. It’s good to see you taking the time to do the research first. Congratulations!



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