Massive Internet Profits Review – It’s Definatelly a SCAM…

Welcome to my Massive Internet Profits review.  What is it about? Can it help you to profit on the internet? Is it legit? Is Massive Internet Profits a scam?

See, the net today is severely overloaded with the quantity of low-quality products, training courses, various get-rich-quick schemes, and all sorts of scams.

In other words, his industry is a hot spot for scammers.

Massive Internet Profits is a website that promises enormous commissions without having to do any work. They say you can quit your job and start making between $1000 and $5000 per day.

Even worse they promise $500 just for signing up!

So is Massive Internet Profits a scam? Is it going to lead you to massive profits? How does it work? Is it going to work? What is the price? Well, those and many other questions are answered in my honest review!

But before we get into this review, and answer those questions, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan, an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

In the meantime, I have actually tried and reviewed 700+ courses, scams, and even pyramid schemes to find the very best way to generate income online.

Within this Massive Internet Profits review, I’ll show you what this offer is about. I’ll show you what to expect from it without any BS and give my honest opinion about whether it is a scam or legit.

Let’s begin already! Shall we?

Massive Internet Profits Review


Massive Internet Profits Review – Overview

  • Product: Massive Internet Profits
  • Product Type: ???
  • Price: $97 + UPSELLS
  • Owner: ???
  • Rating: 0/5

Quick Summary: Massive Internet Profits is advertised as a risk-free solution to make from $1,250 to  $5,500 in commissions without any skills or experience. All you have to do is sign up and follow the process to start an income.

But in reality, Massive Internet Profits seems to be a scam funnel designed to lead you to a high-ticket scheme.

In other words, it’s not even a real program, nor do they offer any kind of services such as online marketing training, hosting, or anything like that.

To make it even worse, the unknown owner promises huge earnings with little to no work. Overhyped earnings and many other scam signs point out that something is wrong with Massive Internet Profits. SCAM ALERT!

If you want to learn more about this scam, keep on reading my Massive Internet Profits review. I’m sharing everything you need to know before going any further.

If you’re tired of these overhyped scams, check out a proven solution for making money online below!

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What is Massive Internet Profits?

According to the information available on the internet, Massive Internet Profits is a risk-free system for making money online. It’s believed to be a site where you can finally start making money online without any degrees, expertise, or experience.

The unknown owner of the website promises massive online commissions, even $1200-$5000 at a time all from the comfort of your home.

While reading those promises, it’s almost impossible to escape the feeling of a classic get-rich-quick scam right from the start.

Massive Internet Profits - Scam Signs

You’re led to think that all you need to do is sign up and from that moment on, all your money worries will be solved. It’d be even better if those promises were true.

Massive Internet Profits used to be a website/funnel to a scheme called MOBE, a program that was closed by FTC for breaking the law. Basically, they were scamming people into the system using the same promises.

A scam ended up in court and those who were running behind the scenes were accused of fraudulent internet activities. Can you imagine how many people have felt about it and lost their hard-earned money?

Today, the Massive Internet Profits scam redirects you to another shady offer. In other words, this site does not have any value at all. It’s just one page that redirects you to various scams where you can lose a lot of money.

I don’t know about your case, but in mine, I was redirected to a site called Bitcoin Revolution. I had an experience with a website called The Bitcoin Loophole. In the end, I proved that it was a scam!

I’ve done quick research on Bitcoin Revolution and discovered that it too, is a scam. You can read this review for more information.

One of the major scam signs is that they don’t even tell you what methods or systems you are going to use to make those commissions. All you can hear is how once you sign up, you start making money right away.

They even promise a $500 bonus just for signing up.

I’ve seen a ton of scams like Massive Internet Profits and I know better today. If you want to learn more about how it works, keep reading my Massive Internet Profits review.



How Do Massive Internet Profits Work?

The truth is, Massive Internet Profits is not even a real online opportunity. It’s a site that works in connection with various get-rich-quick scams and serves only as a funnel.

You’re led to believe that once you sign up, you’ll learn all the tricks that make money quickly.

This system allegedly guides you through the best ways to make money online. Even better, they say that the majority of users walk away with thousands of dollars each week.

But in reality, there’s no such thing as described. Someone, who has decided to stay anonymous (reasons are apparent) is making money for each referral he gets to a scam he supports.

Let me explain in more detail.

Massive Internet Profits is a landing page. As you have noticed,  they never say what exactly are you going to get into. This is because the owner of the site keeps changing the link to various get-rich-quick scams.

But once you take a leap of faith and click on banners or buttons on the site, you’re going to be redirected, in this case, to a Bitcoin Revolution website.

Massive Internet Profits Promotes Bitcoin Scam

This is probably just another Bitcoin scam site like many others of its kind. I have some proof by the end of this review!

Now, once you land there, you’ll find that this offer is all about investing your hard-earned money into some Bitcoin software. And of course, I don’t even have to say that the software runs trades on auto-pilot and has 100% accuracy.

But in reality, the only person who is going to make any money is the owner of Massive Internet Profits sites, if you ever, of course, decide to deposit your money to Bitcoin Revolution.

It’s called affiliate marketing, and this case could serve you as an example of doing it wrong!

Can You Make Money With Massive Internet Profits?

You can’t make money with Massive Internet Profits.  If you are someone that is looking for “easy money,” this system is not going to deliver.

What’s even worse is that you would need to fork over money for investing in another scam. But as you have had a chance to learn, you will not generate income there either.

There are legitimate affiliate programs that would really leap-start your online service as affiliate marketing experts. Wealthy Affiliate is one training program that you may intend to attempt.

If you are sick of BS of scams like Massive Internet Profits and just want something real … then this is EXACTLY what you’re seeking!

Who is Massive Internet Profits For?

Nobody! Massive Internet Profits is not even a real program. So if you ever fall for this, you’ll end up who knows where because the owner of the site keeps changing the links.

Each time, the link takes you to a shady get-rich-quick scheme.

The most significant warning sign is the fact the Massive Internet Profit site was used to redirect visitors to MOBE, a proven internet scam.

They were scamming people into handing over their money in return for massive payouts through affiliate marketing.

But it never happened. Alarms went off, and FTC decided to shut it down!

In my opinion, Massive Internet Profits is the best for the owner of the site.

He’s using the method that I mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate way to make money online. In fact, some of the claims from the Massive Internet Profits site are true.

You see, affiliate marketing is a great way to start an online income. The truth is, you don’t need any experience or degree because you can learn everything as you go. Even better, you can earn while you learn.

For example, there are legitimate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate or Savage Affiliates, where you can learn about affiliate marketing.

However, I would be so confident to say that Massive Internet Profits fall into the same category as those programs from above. If you are looking for a real way to make money online, my best advice is to skip this one.

Massive Internet Profits Joining Fees

Just like much other information, the price of the scheme is not disclosed.

All you know is that the Massive Internet Profits scam is free to join, and all you need to do is leave your details such as your name and email address.

As you know now, once you click any of the links or banners on the Massive Internet Profits website, you’ll land on the Bitcoin Revolution site. I’m not going to discuss this site in detail right now. But I’ll share the essential info.

If you leave your details there and decide to join, you’ll be asked to find your newly opened account.

The starting fees are $250 and they rise as you stay active. Several packages give you some benefits, and they cost from a few 1000s to tens of thousands of dollars each!

Worst of all, many people claim that the site is using rigged software, and you’re in danger to lose even more!

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What I Like About Massive Internet Profits

Nothing! I did my best to do extensive research before writing this Massive Internet Profits review, and I honestly can’t find anything good about this website.

We don’t know who the owner is. We can’t be sure if it’s safe. The site keeps changing its links to scams. And basically, the whole thing is probably just one big scam in itself.

Speaking of which, let’s list all the warning signs one by one.

Massive Internet Profits Scam Signs

1.) Complete Lack of Transparency

You don’t know who owns the site and you may never will. The person who created the Massive Internet Profits does not want to share his identity. This is a severe warning sign that Massive Internet Profits is a scam.

If the owner is not willing to share some details about himself, such as a social media profile, you can be sure that something wrong is going on.

Legitimate sites always share a large number of details. Some even include their address and phone number.

Not only that, but the information from the Massive Internet Profits website never reveals what exactly are you getting into. All they say is how this is going to make you rich overnight.

2.) Get-Rich-Quick Claims

It’s easy to notice that the site is full of BS about making money with little to no effort.

While some of the claims from the site might be true, most of them are designed to trick you into believing that this is going to make you tons of cash overnight.

Massive Internet Profits Getting Rich Quick Calims

They even openly claim that you can make $1,250 to $5,000 starting today!

Making money online works. However, there are no such things as 1000’s overnight, fast cash, and other BS.

They use these claims in Massive Internet Profits scam to attract people in desperate situations, but the outcome is not going to live up to those claims.

3.) Massive Internet Profits Promoted MOBE, Now Promotes Bitcoin Scam

MOBE is a thing of the past. Many people all over the world have fallen on to their promises and ended up with significant losses. The same might happen now with Bitcoin Revolution.

And the fact that the Massive Income Profits promotes these sites is a massive scam sign!

Bitcoin Revolution is a clone website that leads to some shady trading software or broker. They pull people in with fake news and endorsements from top media and with promises about making tons of money on autopilot.

However, just like in the case before, $250 is only a starting fee.

Once you start depositing money, your financial situation and your bank account are in serious jeopardy! They will not stop until they take all your money!

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Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?

I’ve said earlier that Massive Internet Profits might be a scam, and the truth is, it is. The unknown owner is using general information about making money online to funnel people to shiny objects and other get-rich-quick scams.

This site, in itself, has nothing to offer. There is no product that you can buy or anything like that. On top of that, there is zero information about the owner or the service they promote.

Even worse, they promise massive earnings and make earning online money sound like a piece of cake. What’s the reason?

Well, they want to attract as many people as possible because whoever owns Massive Internet Profits is going to earn a commission for every lead he or she gets to sites like MOBE and Bitcoin Revolution or any other site they decide to promote in the future.

Massive Internet Profits website carries all the signs of a scam, and your money is not safe. The bottom line is, that I don’t want to have anything to do with it, and I recommend staying away from this site.

It seems that the site is not going away no matter what happens to the scam behind it. The unknown owner uses it to get traffic and redirect innocent people who are looking to make honest money online to an outright scam!

Some of the related scams would be Home Profit System (copy-paste scheme) and Home Income System. Both use the same misleading claims and tricks to funnel you somewhere else.

If you fall for sites like Massive Internet Profits, you can lose a lot more than your money. See, once you give them your email address, they will send you more and more scams to your inbox almost daily!

So do yourself a favor and avoid Massive Internet Profits like a plague!

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Massive Internet Profits Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Massive Internet Profits is not legit. Everything about that website is shady, misleading, and ultimately designed to make money off you! They will not help you to make money.

I have no idea who the owner is. I don’t know if it’s secure (which means it likely isn’t). The site’s links to scams are constantly changing. The entire thing, in fact, is potentially a major scam in and of itself.

Even worse, it looks like there are many reviews out there that confirm what I’ve just said here.

Thanks for reading my Massive Internet Profits review. I hope this article was useful to you.

If you have any questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And make sure to share this Massive Internet Profits review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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16 thoughts on “Massive Internet Profits Review – It’s Definatelly a SCAM…”

  1. Anyone wants to generate money and earn money online, but many people ask how they may accomplish it. So we may end up falling for scammers; you are correct in saying that trust is tough to come by. In reality, methods like these make it harder to trust. A plan that has been linked to fraud. I’m delighted to see you divert your readers’ attention to something useful like Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for Your review. 

  2. Dude, you have no idea how refreshing it is to see right up front that Massive Internet Profits is a scam! I’ve looked over all of the hype and promises they make and find myself thinking that it all sounds too good to be true. it’s telling that even with all your experience that you can’t even tell what kind of product they are selling. Thanks for the warning. Will avoid this one!!

  3. As I can see from your review of Massive Internet Profits, this program is a complete waste of time. Name of the program alone is enough to understand that something here is wrong. Internet is not a place of massive profits. It is a place of massive ideas and opportunities. If you do things the right way you can profit from it. As simple as that.

  4. From the name to the reputation of the program, it is obvious not a scheme for some one looking at growing a successful online business. You said it rightly that it is difficult to trust. In fact schemes like this makes it much more difficult to trust. A scheme that is known to link up with scams. Top of it is there interact with a fu nel scheme like MOBE that has been closed by FTC for illegal dealings. If you will succeed in the online world you must align with people with integrity. That is why I like Wealthy Affiliate, tested and trustec

    • Hi Parameter, thanks for your comment. It seems like Massive Internet Profits scheme is going to share the same destiny as MOBE and all those other unethical scams. Glad to hear that you like Wealthy Affiliate.


  5. Hi Ivan,

    How refreshing it is to see a review where you come out and call a scam what it really is–a scam! 

    It is really great how you follow all their links and reveal exactly how the “Massive Internet Profits” people go about hooking you into a hall of mirrors!

    I am really glad to see that you redirect your reader’s interest to something sensible like Wealthy Affiliate. I am quite familiar with that platform and it is the opposite of a scam. You do need to work at it, but the money you make is the result of the honest work you do and the profits are real. “Good On You!” for not only revealing the scam but recommending a real opportunity to build a stable business and offering it as a substitute!

    P.S. I love the logo you have of yourself with your beard. Fun!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment on my review of Massie Internet Profits. I’m glad that you can see it for what it is. And I’m even happier to hear that you can see the real value in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s indeed the best place to start a successful online business!


  6. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. It’s anyone’s desire to make money and earn online, but many people may be wondering how they can do that. So we may end up falling for scams, it’s therefore of utmost importance to get a review of online investment companies or platforms. Thanks for sharing this review of Massive Internet profits.

    • Hi Kokontala, thanks for your comment. I’m glad to see you doing the research first. Those schemes like Massive Internet Profits are very good at convincing people that you can make massive cash online almost instantl. But that is nothing but marketing hype created to scam you!


  7. Hi,

    From my online research the massive internet profits website claims that through its program you can start earning massive online commissions of up to $5,500 from the comfort of your very own home, and it claims that you can do all of this very easily too even if you have no prior experience at making money online. It is not legit and is a scam.

    Thank you.


  8. This does seem fishy. Wow, there is so much out there that seems just suck people in. There is no such thing as money without any effort. If there is one thing in life I learnt, it’s that. 🙂 Thanks for the insight. This is another well structured, well written and informative review.

    • Hi Manuela, I’m glad you learned how making money online works. You’re welcome. I hope this post about Massive Internet Profits was helpful.



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