WP Content Factory Review – Don’t Buy! Read This First

Welcome to My WP Content Factory review.

Do you know what each and new Google algorithm update that rolls out is all about?

Well, let me tell you. It’s about stopping junk content that is copied from other sites from manipulation the algorithm and from appearing at the top of the SERP (search engine result pages). Search engines want to serve only the top-notch content to their users.

In other words, they always look for holes in their algorithm to stop sites that use content spinners like WP Content Factory. Google does not want to give top rankings to sites that create automated content!

So does this mean that WP Content Factory is a scam software? Well, it certainly won’t help you to create recession proof affiliate sites that get tons of free traffic on autopilot. That would be repeating lies form the sales page, and you’re not here to be lied to again.

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Or, to find out the truth, follow my lead and read the rest of my WP Content Factory review. I’ll reveal everything you need to know about this software in the next few sections of this post.

WP Content Factory Review


WP Content Factory Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Internet Marketing Tool
  • Product Owners: Igor Burban and Amid Gaikwad
  • Price: $30 + 4 Hidden Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days
  • Recommended?: No

Would you like to get a plugin that created recession-proof affiliate sites that get free Google traffic and sales in less than 60 seconds even if you have never built a website before? That is what WP Content Factory can do for you, allegedly.

But in reality, this plugin is not going to get you unlimited free traffic and sales in less than 60 seconds. If you don’t know already, that’s a marketing scam. You can’t get free traffic and on autopilot using the software.

The owners of WP Content Factory say these things to make you believe this is possible. They sell you software with a dream for only $30, and that’s is all you get.

Also, they will try to sell you $500 worth of upsells as soon as you get inside. So, do you get the picture now? Do you understand why I say that this is a marketing scam? Did you believe that you can get unlimited free traffic and sales in just 60 seconds?

Do yourself a favour and take a look at the rest of my WP Content Factory review to see what this software really is.


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What Is WP Content Factory?

WP Content Factory is a content-generating software. It helps to build sites loaded with content that is generated from resources like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc.

The software generates content from these resources automatically and posts it on your site as fresh content. And as you know, Google is all about new, original, and fresh content these days.

But the keyword is original content! I’ll tell you more about this later in the review.

WP Content Factory creates these sites for you in any niche you want. Then, it helps to monetize those sites with affiliate programs or banner ads so you can use the free traffic to earn the revenue.

In theory, this system sounds good. However, anyone who has SEO skills, knows that automatic and spun content are not going to get you anywhere.

WP Content Factory Fake Hype

You might achieve some short term results with WP Content Factory, but those results will disappear as soon as Google releases the new updated. And it does so quite often.

Before I tell you more about how this works, let’s take a look at the next sections of my WP Content Factory review where I’m going to reveal the features and price of this software.

Let’s start with the owners first. Those of you who read my reviews ofter, you know that I like to know who is responsible for these products. You wouldn’t believe how many fake characters are out there.

Who Owns This Software?

Igor Burban and Amid Gaikwat are the owners and creators of the software. Both guys are experienced digital marketer, and both are serial product creators.

WP Content Factory Owners

WP Content Factory is just one of many programs and software these guys release every single week. For example, ContentLab is a product that is very similar to WP Content Factory. Both claim to deliver tons of free traffic and sales. Interesting, ha?

Features Of WP Content Factory

When it comes to features of WP Content Factory software, you’ll see a lot of unrealistic and overhyped claims on the sales page. For the sake of my review and being 100% honest with you, I decided to include only those that are realistic.

  • WordPress plugin
  • 1-Click Affiliate Products Feature
  • Integrates With 12 Platforms
  • Easy-to-Follow Tutorials
  • Auto-Generated Content
  • Automatic Content Spinning
  • Auto Blogging Built-In
  • Build an Email List
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Support

While on paper these features sound great, in my opinion, they are not. See, WP Content Factory sure can do all those things. However, if you’re doing SEO for at least 1 year, then you will know that auto-generated content is a big NO-NO.

Moreover, content spinning is the last thing you want to do if you’re on a mission to earn search engines trust.

That being said, let me show you what happens if you ever decide to buy WP Content Factory. Yes, I’m talking about a series of unexpected upsells. Let’s take a look, shall we?

WP Content Factory Price and OTOs

At the moment of writing and publishing this WP Content Factory review, the software comes in two versions, Single Site and Multi-Site licence. The way I see it, the owners are just playing more tricks on you to get you to buy the latter version without a second thought.

  • Single Site Licence $28,95
  • Multi-Site Licence $29,95

WP Content Factory Price

Just like amyn other software and programs to day, WP Content Factory comes with a set of unexpected and hidden upsells that are designed to make owners even more money by tricking you.

As you can see, there are four hidden upsells. Some of them, like #3, for example, are a clear sign of dishonesty and just show that this software comes with a lot of hidden motives.

  • OTO#1 – WP Content Factory Plus ($37) – Plus+ version comes with 5 additional integrations with premium content sources and developer rights. Premium content sources integrations: Clickbank, Instagram, Reddit, Ezine Articles and RSS Feed.
  • OTO#2 – DFY Service ($197) – The vendor will set up ten websites for you. Sites include a premium theme, essential plugins and content.
  • OTO#3 – ContentLab ($67) – You get access to a content-generating web app ContentLab (copy-paste version of this software that could be bought for half-price on its own).
  • OTO#4 – Reseller Rights ($297) – Reseller license allows you to sell WP ContentLab plugin to your customers (starting on May 1st) and keep 100% of the profits.

I personally hate unethical funnels that are created to squeeze my credit card. And WP Content Factory does exactly that with those four upsells from the above.

Now, with these crucial facts in this WP Content Factory review covered, it’s time for me to show you how this software works in practice. And I’ll even show you why it is not going to get you unlimited free traffic too!

How Does WP Content Factory Work?

WP Content Factory is a relatively simple plugin to use. It works on a principle of content spinners, which means that the software automatically repurposes someone else’s content so you can publish it on your site as new and fresh content.

The first step is to log in to your dashboard and start a new campaign, as shown with the video below. Simply give it a name, integrate channels with your API key, and proceed to the next step.

The second step is to save the channel from which you want to extract your content. This feature is going to “keep an eye” on that channel for new content ideas.

The software will then automatically generate new content using the channels you have previously integrated with your site. In other words, it will create content for you on autopilot.

Then, you can use affiliate marketing and/or ads to monetize your sites with links to Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, or any other place that helps to make money from the internet traffic.

And that’s it. As I said, the software is simple to use and it will generate this content for you if you put it to use. However, I also want to tell you…

Why This Is Not Going To Work. EVER!

Don’t get me wrong. WP Content Factory software will work. It will automatically generate new content for your site as per your instructions within the settings area.

However, this way of generating content is also known as Grey Hat and even Black Hat SEO. In other words, automated content is a technique that is going to get your site under a penalty quickly once Google detects you’re doing this.

WP Content Factory Benefits

SEO is not about mass production of copy-pasted content from other sites. The quantity is significant, but not as much as the quality of your posts. In other words, you need to take care to publish original and relevant content to get free traffic from Google.

And there’s much more to SEO than just publishing the content. You need to work on your content to make it SEO friendly, take care that your site is technically correct, build trust with your audience, and much more!

WP Content Factory plugin might work for a short time, but as soon as search engines find out about this (and they are getting very good at it), your site is going to lose all its rankings that you may have generated with the help of this software.

So when you consider the long-run effects of this plugin, it’s not worth time or money.

Is WP Content Factory a Scam or Legit?

When we retake a look at the sales page and think about some of those promises and overhyped claims, we can say that WP Content Factory is a scam designed to trick newbies into buying this software.

They openly claim how this software is going to get you unlimited free traffic and sales in less than 60 seconds. Also, they show you some proofs that are clearly results of years and years of hard work and dedication and not results that you get from using this software.

WP Content Factory Scam

In my opinion, this software is not a legitimate way to get Google rankings and free traffic. No software is going to do this for you. And if you stumble across them, you can be sure that it is a scam.

The owners of WP Content Factory are on a mission to scam newbies into believing that these methods work. But in reality, they never do!

WP Content Factory Review – Conclusion

I only recommend software, tools, and training programs that are useful in the process of making money online. In my opinion, WP Content Factory is not one of those tools. This software is the best for the owners.

If you ever end up buying this software, you’re going to spend a lot of time stealing other people’s content and waiting for that unlimited free traffic that will never come. You’ll probably spend even more money on those upsells in the hope to make some money online.

As I said, this software is, in my opinion, just a waste of time and money. It’s never going to work as they claim it will.

Thanks for reading my WP Content Factory review. I hope this post was helpful, and you can now make a wise decision.

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My Honest Recommendation

Making money online is never a result of taking shortcuts and using some magic software that is going to do the work for you. If you still believe this to be true, perish the thought immediately.

I am working as an affiliate marketer for a few years now. One thing I’m 100% certain of is that it takes a fair amount of time and effort to create a profitable online business. I’m saying this from first-hand experience.

You see, I’ve tried a lot of software like WP Content Factory trying to speed up the process. But all I’ve learned after trying and reviewing over 200 software is that they never work as promised.

In other words, software that promises to do all the hard work for you, and to make you money on autopilot are all scams and traps for gullible newbies.

So do yourself a favour and ask yourself. Do you want to waste time and money on scams?

Or do you want to start a successful online business with the help of real mentors, using the state-of-the-art tools, while learning from the best training for making money online?

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

14 thoughts on “WP Content Factory Review – Don’t Buy! Read This First”

  1. People need to realize that content software like this one scrapes the content from other people’s websites and that Google is smart enough (smarter than you think) to recognize that the content is stolen.

    Whatever you do, guys, please stay away from products like these, as Ivan suggests, and focus on building a long-term, sustainable online business. Making money online is indeed a genuine income opportunity, but it requires more than 60 seconds!

    There are many legit platforms and ways to earn decent money online, and by the looks of it, Ivan has recommended a good one for you.

    • Hi Gorjan, thanks for your comment. Thanks for your explanation. You’ve hit the nail on its head when it comes to WP Content Factory. Content spinners are the worst thing you can do to your business. This software could do you more damage than good in the long run.


  2. I wish products like this could work just the way their creators are promising. But if it was true, then nobody would work for a living, right?

    Spinning content from all around the web is not the thing that improves the internet and Google has its eyes on all of us here.

    Thank you for sharing this review, Ivan. I also have a question: do you have a recommendation for a good training course in terms of running Facebook ads?

    • Hi Natalie, thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right! If these products would work as the creators say they do, everyone would be using them and we would all be rich. But that’s not how making money online works and I’m glad to see that you know the difference.

      If you want to learn how to run FB ads one of my top recommendations is FB MAster’s Program by Jaykay Dowdall. The course is strictly about running FB ads and it’s legitimate.


  3. Hi Ivan! Thanks for the warning and very clear explanation of what WP Content Factory is and how it works… or better yet how it does not work, at least in terms of SEO. I always wonder how these people can make money with their “black-hat”-ish software… But then I get reminded how many people fall for the oh-so-many get-rich-quick-schemes out there, lured in by the idea of making a quick buck.

    If it screams: Quick route to free money, I always tend to get veeery curious. Building a solid business that one can be proud of takes time. If it doesn’t provide real value, it’s not worth a dime, definitely not in the long run!

    This product is just another proof of that! Again: Thanks for the warning and reminding people that it’s the quality, not the quantity of your content that matters.


    • Hey Chris, thanks for your comment on my review. Black hat methods like WP Content Factory could work in a short-term. That is until Google realises that you’re farming junk content and excludes your site from search results. Not recommended!


  4. Hi Ivan,

    I know it won’t work when I see that they only copy and paste the content from other social media platforms to your website, so people should not purchase this since it doesn’t help at all. I also agree that search engines love new, original, and fresh content that we write every single day to help people with value and insight. So, if you want to make money online through blogging, the best way is to write a helpful article. I believe that your recommendation IS a better option & it’s so much affordable than WP Content Factory.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt, you’re welcome and thanks for reaching out. WP Content Factory is not my recommendation. Even if it does work for a short while, it’s just a matter of time before it crashes and burns. Copy-pasting content from other resources is not a long-term solution.


  5. Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for the review of WP Content Factory. For someone like me struggling with writing contents, I would have fall for this software if I haven’t see this review. Really helpful. I usually source some of my content writing, would you recommend outsourcing since there is a possibility that they might be using such software to keep up with demands?

    • Hi Benson, you’re welcome and thanks for your comment. Outsourcing content to the pro content writer is a smart thing to do. However, a lot of these so-called pro content writers charge ridiculously small sums for 2000 word piece of content. In most cases, they use content spinners to do so, or they just blabber BS to fill the quota. You should always hire pros to do the work for you. You can find them on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. My suggestion is to hire writers from professional content writing services like WordAgents, TextBroker, or BuySellText. And also, never use plugins like WP Content Factory because this is going to ruin your entire business before you know it.


  6. Hello Ivan. I am so glad you have done a review on this particular “product “. My brother actually called me the other day and asked me if I have heard of this WP Content Factory. I had a look at it and serious red flags were going up.
    The bottom line for me is just the same as you said: ” Making money online is never a result of taking shortcuts and using some magic software that is going to do the work for you “.
    You need to create quality, authentic and original content and be consistent when applying it to websites or blogs.
    There is truly no shortcut to success !!
    Thank you for another great review.
    All the best

    • Hi Felicity, you’re welcome and thanks for sharing your comment. I do agree with you. The real way to success online is through hard work and effort. These shortcuts benefit the most only those who create and sell them. You see, using a plugin like WP Content Factory is never going to work in search engines. Google Panda was an update designed to crush mass-produced and automated content and the algorithm is only getting better and better at this. WP Content Factory stands no chance like any other content spinner.


  7. Thanks for the honest review. There is so many scam reviews now, it’s really hard to find something what really works. I definitely agree with you that in making money online business are no shortcuts and there is nothing like magic software. It’s a long journey and if you are not serious enough you will not get any results.

    • Hi OlaBee, you’re welcome. Thanks for reaching out. There are no shortcuts to long-term success with an online business. If you are looking for a program that works, you should try my best recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.



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