Writing To Wealth Review – SCAM or Legit? Ugly Truth Revealed!

Welcome to Writing To Wealth review.

Writing To Wealth is an interesting product that I discovered the other day on ClickBank and was interested to learn more about it right away. After all, there’s good money in writing for others if you know what you’re doing.

This particular program offers cash for doing simple writing jobs, hence the name. But can you really become wealthy by writing for others? Is this offer even legit? Or is Write To Wealth a scam?

It’s good to see you doing the research first. That’s how you find the best way of making money online. So in this review, I will reveal all that you need to know before you fall for another get-rich-quick scam.

So without further ado, let’s start with this Writing To Wealth review to see what it is about, how it works, what is inside, how much it costs, what you get, whether it is a scam or legit, and more!

Writing To Wealth Review


Writing To Wealth Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Freelancing Jobs
  • Product Owner: Unknown
  • Product Price: $34 + Hidden Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days
  • Recommended?: No. See Below…

Quick Summary: Writing To Wealth is an online platform where you can get access to freelance copywriting jobs and some tools and training on the same topic.

However, the problem with this platform is that you have to pay a fee ($34) to get access to the jobs board. Once you do so, you will be redirected to sites that you can actually find for free through Google research.

In other words, Writing To Wealth seems to be a clever affiliate funnel designed to make money off you by sending you to these sites. In exchange for your money, you get some tools and short and generic training about freelance copywriting.

Moreover, there are a few unexpected upsells, which just adds more weight to my decision. I don’t recommend this offer. In my opinion, it’s unethical and best for the unknown creator.

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What Is Writing To Wealth?

Writing To Wealth is a product found on ClickBank that gives you access to paid online writing jobs. In other words, this program is supposed to help you to make money online by writing content for other people.

On the official sales page, the owner of this program claims that the best time to start an income online is right now because of the global pandemic. And I can’t argue with him.

Writing To Wealth Review

However, it seems that this program is not the best way to do so.

See, Writing To Wealth is just a directory of online jobs that you can basically find all over the net for free, which is the first red flag and a sign that Writing To Wealth might be a scam.

The second problem that popped up as soon as I started this review was the fact that you will have to pay $34 to get access to these jobs. As I said in the previous paragraph, these jobs are free all over the net.

For example, you can join Fiverr for free and find a ton of work there. Also, there are sites like Upwork, Craigslist and many others that offer a free platform for freelancers to find gigs.

So why do you have to pay to get access to the Writing To Wealth platform then?

Well, you should be paying for this, really. This offer reminds me of Paid Online Jobs. And it seems like it’s a copy-pasted scheme that suits best those who’s behind it.

Speaking of whom, let’s check out the next section of my Writing To Wealth review, to see who’s behind this one, shall we?

Who Created This Program?

The second red flag and a sign that Writing To Wealth could be a scam is a complete lack of details about the person or a company behind this site. Usually, scams always hide this information diligently.

I mean, think about it…

If you were charging $34 to redirect people to sites where they can find these writing jobs for free, would you hide your identity to protect yourself from critics and negative reviews?

In my opinion, if the owner or owners are not willing to show the face and stand behind their creation proudly, a product is probably a scam. But let’s hold that thought for a moment and see the next section of the Writing To Wealth review.

How Does Writing To Wealth Work?

Once you join Writing To Wealth, you will get access to a dashboard where you can find freelance writing jobs. You can then use the links inside to apply for these jobs and if you’re successful with it, you will earn money.

Writing To Wealth Job Offers

That is the theory of course. Now, here are a few more red flags…

First of all, they seem to be forcing one website inside the member’s area. The website is called HireWriters.com and is a legitimate online platform where freelancers can find work.

So what does this tell you?

In my opinion, it tells me that Writing To Wealth is a sales funnel for the HireWriters website. In other words, someone has created this small platform to post jobs that already exist on HireWriters.com.

So each time a person joins the site through links that are provided inside the Writing To Wealth platform, the unknow owner will earn a commission. In other words, he’s affiliated with this platform and is using his own to make money by sending his traffic to HireWriters.com

Yeah, that’s right! Seems like helping you is not the main interest of this site, wouldn’t you agree?

For example, if you join HireWriters through these links inside the dashboard, and take one of the jobs offered there, at no additional expense to you, the owner of the website will earn a commission.

As I said, I’ve seen this already with Paid Online Jobs, ClickEarners.com, Real Money Streams and many other ClickBank products that use the same tricks to make money off you!

However, the good thing about Writing To Wealth is the fact that you get some training material inside.

But once again, you can go to YouTube and watch dozens of videos for free to learn how to become a freelance copywriter, find gigs for free and make money online.

Moreover, there are decent programs like Fiverr Success and My Freelance Paycheck that will teach you how to do so in an organized manner and successfully.

Who Is Writing To Wealth  For?

It’s hard for me to say that this is a legitimate place to find work online. Sure, you can join Writing To Wealth and if you’re lucky, you could even find some work online and earn a few commissions here and there.

But once again, you can find these jobs for free all over the net, which is why I’m having a hard time recommending this freelancing platform.

After all, freelancing work is free and there’s no need to pay to get jobs.

That said, it seems to me that Writing To Wealth is best for the unknown creator who is earning commissions by recommending people to HireWriters.com and other such platforms.

How Much To Join This Program?

Writing To Wealth costs a $34 one-time fee. But once again, it’s hard to say that it is worth it because there’s no need to pay for this information.

For example, here’s a free guide on how to find freelance writing jobs. And here’s the list of legitimate sites where you can join for free and get access to 1000’s jobs for free as well:

Before we move on to the next section of the Writing To Wealth review, it’s important to say that once and if you ever pay $34 to join this site, you will be offered some unexpected upsells.

Well, at least, now you know what to expect, right?

What I Like About Writing To Wealth

When I think about it, the only thing that I like about Writing To wealth is the fact that this offer comes from ClickBank. This means that your purchase is covered with a 30-days unconditional money-back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the product, you can send a refund request to ClickBank Customer Support and you will get your money back for sure.

Writing To Wealth Scam Signals

On the other hand, in this section of my review, I want to point out a few signs that tell me that Writing To Wealth is a scam. Or at least and unethical sales funnel designed to make money off you, which in the end comes to be the same.

No Details About The Creator

As I said earlier, if the creator doesn’t show his face next to his product, you can be sure that it is a scam. I reviewed 100’s of these programs so far. The lack of transparency is always the first sign of a scam in progress.

On the other hand, legitimate courses and make-money-online programs always reveal this info. They even give you ways and means of contacting them and asking questions about the offer even before you join.

You Have To Pay To Get Access To Free Jobs

The second scam sign is the requirement to pay $34 to get access to a dashboard full of free jobs. Why would you have to pay for these jobs if they are free?

As I said, it seems like Writing To Wealth is a sales funnel created to get you excited about making money by writing for others and then make money off you by charging you a one-time fee and sending you to websites where you can start working.

Hidden Upsells

Another scam sign related to Writing To Wealth is the fact that the creator has prepared a few upsells for you way before you can get access to these jobs to make sure that he makes as much money as possible before you leave.

Writing To Wealth Hidden Upsells

I have no idea whether these upsells are useful or not.

However, I do know that this sales funnel is completely unethical from the top to the bottom.

No Customer Reviews or Testimonials

All legitimate courses and make-money-online programs have an army of happy customers behind them, which proves that they are legit. How many Writing To Wealth reviews and testimonials have you seen?

I personally haven’t seen any!

So if this program is really helping people to find freelance copywriting jobs and make money from the same, why aren’t there any testimonials?

I’m guessing it’s because Writing To Wealth is not doing a good job at helping people to make money. That’s why.

Fake Income Calculator

One of the tricks used on the sales page is the fake income calculator. Don’t get me wrong. This calculator is real, but the expectation it gives you is unrealistic and overhyped.

Writing To Wealth Fake Calculator

Basically, it’s there to fire you up about making quick and easy money with the Writing To Wealth program. In reality, there’s no such thing as quick and easy money.

Is Writing To Wealth A Scam?

I’m not going to say that Writing To Wealth is a scam because it’s not, really. They basically do what they say. They help you to find freelance copywriting jobs and make money online.

However, in my opinion, this site is very close to being called a scam.

The main problem with this site is that you are asked to pay a fee to get access to free jobs. I mean, that’s not ethical and it shows that the main intention of the Writing To Wealth program is to make money off you.

Also, if this were a 100% legitimate opportunity to make money online, I’m sure there would be a few positive reviews and testimonials here and there.

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Do I Recommend This Program?

No, I don’t recommend Writing To Wealth. In my opinion, this ClickBank offer is best for a person or a group of people behind it.

Writing To Wealth Review – Conclusion

So there you are. Now you know that Writing To Wealth is an online platform that is created to show you the way to a free platform where you can find legitimate freelance copywriting work.

However, they will charge you $34 first, which in my opinion, is completely unethical.

The good news is that you will get some training and resources that could help you to learn how to write for others and make money online. Also, there’s a 100% ClickBank money-back guarantee available, so you’re safe from a scam.

Thanks for reading my Writing To Wealth review. What do you think? Is it a scam or legit? Do you have experience with this platform? What are your thoughts about it?

Feel free to leave your comments in the section below this review.

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2 thoughts on “Writing To Wealth Review – SCAM or Legit? Ugly Truth Revealed!”

  1. Hey Ivan,

    There’s a few “worrying” things here for me, and yes I completely agree with your take on things (as usual, LOL).

    Firstly, the only thing I have to say in defence of Writing to Wealth is that the vast majority of paid products online is information that you can probably find for free online.

    However, in most cases it may take you years and years to put all of this information together in the correct order, whereas you are paying for a program that does this all for you.

    That is just my take on ALL online programs, products, memberships, etc.

    That being said, if the information is packaged together well, then you’ll probably save yourself a few years in research time.

    BUT, when it comes to freelance writing, copywriting, etc. you are perfectly correct, there are literally hundreds of freelance sites available to ply your trade online.

    Okay, I understand that some people will have absolutely no experience in this area and may believe they have to pay for this type of information.

    However, I would suggest that if you spent just 10 minutes on Google you would find lots and lots of free alternatives.

    So, in my mind, freelance writing is not something that you need to purchase a product for to find jobs.

    Looking at your actual Writing to Wealth Review, you certainly threw up quite a few red flags here.

    The lack of information about a creator, the leaning towards HireWriters.com (obviously as an affiliate), fake income, upsells, and a lack of testimonials.

    This is all just too much.

    Plus, we then have people online like you Ivan.

    Those that go the extra mile and provide vast amounts of information for free.

    I mean, just looking at your list of suggestions, and indeed your list of free freelancing sites is probably more information than is packed into the entire Writing to Wealth product.

    For that, I thank you.

    Based on your review Ivan, this is definitely not one for me.

    But, as always I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to help your readers and steer them in the right direction.


    • Hi Partha, thanks for your comprehensive comment on my review of Writing To Wealth. I’m glad to hear that this post was helpful.

      In my opinion, you don’t have to pay for this information. This product is indeed useful in some ways as you do get some training, tools, and even access to the dashboard were you can find freelancing jobs.

      However, as you can see, there are just too many red flags associated with this offer that I don’t feel like it’s legitimate nor am I confident to recommend it.



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