Your Income Profits Review – A Scam or Legit Way To Earn $1000 Today?

Is there a little know secret for making money online or Your Income Profits is just another ClickBank scam? If you have the same question, welcome to this Your Income Profits review! I’m going to help you see the truth behind the sales video.

Did Tom Williams just give you an offer to copy-paste his secret system for making money online? He talks about making thousands by acting as the traffic middle-man and bringing the right traffic to the right websites.

But how much of it is the truth?

If you are curious about what does he means when he talks about middleman arbitrage, let me elaborate quickly.

You see, the concept he talks about is also known as affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, the affiliate acts as a middleman between the customer and the vendor. After a sale is made, the middle man gets paid in a commission by the vendor of the product.

Can this product help you to do so successfully and make thousands each day? I don’t think so.

In this Your Income Profits review, you are going to find answers to questions about what’s inside, how it works, what the price, is Your Income Profits a scam, and more! I reveal several scam signs you simply must see before going any further with this program!

Your Income Profits Review - a Scam?


Your Income Profits Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Tom Williams (fake name?)
  • Price: $9 + UPSELLS
  • Rating: 1/5

Quick Summary: Your Income Profits is advertised as an opportunity to use some little secret to generate $1000’s in commissions starting today! In other words, it’s a get-rich-quick scheme to me. I purchased the course, so here’s the truth.

See, Your Income Profits is a simple training course that teaches how to create a Wix website.  But in my opinion, it’s just a sales funnel for the mentioned site builder.

Technically, it’s not a scam. But based on their marketing tactics, you wouldn’t be wrong if you call Your Income Profits a scam either and here’s why.

Tom, who is probably just a pen name, never reveals his identity. Then, he promises unrealistic earnings and other things that have nothing to do with making money online. Lastly, he backs it up with a bunch of fake testimonials.

Would you call it a scam after all these lies?

Anyway, the bottom line is, Your Income Profits is a low-cost & low-quality product, which I don’t recommend because of the hidden and expensive upsells, unethical marketing, fake testimonials, etc.


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What is Your Income Profits?

Your Income Profits is another ClickBank course that promises to change your life. At least that’s what the guy in the sales video claims.

He presents himself as Tom Williams, and he has a goal to help 50 ordinary people to lead the life of financial freedom by teaching them the same system that turned him from a low-waged IT engineer into a multimillionaire. He goes on and tells you that this system is generating for him over $1000 every single day.

The guy claims that this is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme neither he gives you promises of instant riches.

I must warn you that it is what Tom Williams claims that it isn’t.

Your Income Profits Review - Over Hyped Claim

You should take everything you had a chance to hear in the video with a healthy dose of scepticism. Too many ClickBank offers these days claim the same benefits, but rarely anyone can deliver.

They even show you a few student testimonials to back up the story. However, those people have never seen or touched this product. I’ll show you my proofs that they are fake by the end of this Income Profits review.

The fact that the owner has to use fake testimonials is a big red flag which indicates immediately that Your Income Profits might be a scam.

Mr Tom calls his method ‘Traffic Middleman Arbitrage.’

Your Income Profits Review - Traffic Middleman Arbitrage

And all you need to do is choose the website, bring the traffic, sit back and relax as you count the money. The term used in the video is just a fancy name for affiliate marketing. And the method is not even close to what he says.

Wouldn’t you agree that if it’s easy as he claims that it is, everyone would be doing it?

Let’s continue this Your Income Profits review to see what else is there.

Who Own Your Income Profits?

As I’ve said, the guy in the video presents himself as Tom Williams. He shares a little story about himself, and that’s all there is about him. Tom is not showing his face, neither he gives any other evidence that he is a real person.

Your Income Profits Review - The Owner

I’ve tried to discover more information about Tom Williams, the owner, but nothing came back.

You see, ClickBank offers like the one in review often use a pen name. Sometimes the real owner of the program makes a disclosure somewhere on the bottom of the sales page. In this case, there is no disclosure. But, there is no evidence that the story you’ve heard is the truth so I wouldn’t believe it.

Fake ownership is another big red flag which indicates that the Your Income Profit might be another ClickBank scam.

Here are a few examples:

What’s Inside Your Income Profits?

After some time spent in the analysis of Your Income Profits, I decided to purchase the package to see what’s inside and can it deliver.

The guy in the video talks about a secret method also knows as ‘traffic middleman arbitrage,’ which is, as you know already, a fancy name for affiliate marketing. He tries to convince you that this method easy and that you don’t need any skills or experience to make it work.

I agree and disagree.

You see, newbies can make it happen, no doubt. However, someone new at affiliate marketing is going to need expert guidance and a set of tools and resources.

Your Income Profits Review - The Truth

Let’s take a look inside.

The first thing you’ll bump into once you get access to the main dashboard is an additional offer. The owner claims that it’s only a bonus material that has nothing to do with Your Income Profits.

If you click on the link, it’ll take you to another page where you’ll find an invitation for Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero. It is the course that I’ve reviewed earlier. It’s a legit affiliate marketing training. The price of this additional offer is $997!

The second thing you’ll find inside is an invitation to download and install some Income Bot. It’s supposed to be a money-making software, but in reality, there is no such thing. It’s nothing but a plugin for a website, which is quite unethical because it helps you to steal and promote content from other websites.

The main course, Your Income Profits, is the third thing you’ll find within the dashboard.

Income Profits Review - Program Dashboard

As you can see in the image, it is a set of video modules that show how to create a website on Wix. It’s pretty much necessary information which will help you to build your website, and it will cost you additionally to do so.

The training continues by giving some general details on Etsy, Amazon, Udemy, and Skillshare affiliate marketing. For traffic, this program focuses on social media mostly.

I wouldn’t call this in-depth training. The videos are concise. They are of low quality and very disorganized, which makes the program hard to follow and execute.

You can find tons of similar affiliate marketing courses and training modules if you visit the Udemy website. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this very same course selling there as well. Your Income Profits might be a rebranded version that sells on ClickBank.

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Your Income Profits Price

Now, the price is pretty low. It is going to cost only $9 to get your hands on this. However, if you visit the Udemy and search for an affiliate marketing course, you can find a bunch of the products of the same caliber with the same price tag.

You see, they serve you with an exciting video and a price tag which is hard to resist for a reason. Those nine bucks are, how I like to call it, only an entrance fee to much more expensive funnel where the owner makes money by promoting more expensive training courses like Commission Hero.

Your Income Profits OTO’s

As soon as you pay the price, you’ll get two more one time offers immediately.

Your Income Profits Review - OTO's

They are the way how the owner of this funnel tries to make more money. I don’t know what’s behind those offers. I kindly have refused both. Based on everything that I’ve seen so far, it’s hard to believe that there is anything of great value.

Your Income Profits Pros

Before I make the final decision if Your Income Profits is a scam or legit, let’s see what is good about this offer. Believe it or not, I’ve managed to extract two things that can count as a pro. Let’s see what they are.

1.) Decent Crash Course on Affiliate Marketing

I’m using the word ‘crash-course’ for a reason. You see, this product is not so bad, but it’s not the best either. What you pay is what you get. For the low price tag of only $9, you can get a helpful affiliate marketing crash course.

Although you can find the same information all over the net, and it’s free.

2.) 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide to buy Your Income Profits, and for some reason, you don’t like the product, you can get your money back within the first sixty days after the purchase.

All you need to do is contact the ClickBank customer support, and they will refund you your money, no questions asked.


Your Income Profits Cons

The person or people who have created Your Income Profits have used many tricks to make you buy this product and everything it has to offer.  I did a careful analysis of the whole thing. This is what bothers me the most.

1.) Fake Student Testimonials

As soon as those people appeared in the video, I knew right away that they are paid actors from Fiverr. They offer video spokesperson service for as little as five bucks.

Income Profits Review - Fake Student Testimonial

The testimonials they give for Your Income Profits are fake. You shouldn’t take them seriously at all.

2.) Overhyped Income Claims

The owner of this offer tells you that you can make up to $1000 in commissions starting today. Moreover, Fiver actors all claim that they’ve made thousands and thousands of dollars with this system by working ten minutes per day.

Income Profits Review - Over Hyped Income Claim

Once again, do not believe the word they say.

3.) Lack of Info About the Owner

Another thing which I find misleading about Your Income Profits is the fact that there is no way to prove that Tom Williams is the person who he claims to be. If you ‘Google’ the name, you’ll discover a few guys with the same name, but none of them is Tom Williams, the online entrepreneur.

4.) Additional Costs Inside the Dashboard

Although the price seems to be a bargain, once you get in, you’ll discover that there’s a lot more to it. For example, and they don’t mention this before you buy, which is a big minus as well, you’ll have to buy a domain name and hosting for the affiliate site.

The training promotes Wix website hosting, which costs around $150 per year.

5.) Expensive Upsells

The way how the owner of Your Income Profits makes even more money is thorough ‘special’ one-time offers and bonuses. This funnel has two OTO’s. As I’ve said, I don’t know what is behind those offers, and honestly, I don’t want to know.

To me, this is a major red flag because it is not disclosed before getting into it. If it’s nine bucks, then it’s nine bucks.

Moreover, to show how little he thinks of his course, the owner promotes another ClickBank offer, which is a legit training, but it’s an expensive one. ($997)

Is Your Income Profits a Scam?

Based on everything you’ve had a chance to read in this review, one can easily say that Your Income Profits is a scam.

The owner of the program is hiding behind the fake character. Student testimonials you’ve had a chance to see in the video are, as you know now, fake as well. In addition to that, this offer can cost you much more than $9, which is not disclosed before getting into this.

If we are to speak in the technical terms, then it’s not a scam.

How come?

Well, those ‘dirty’ tricks are nothing else but marketing. If you buy this, you’ll get something in return for your money. It may not be enough to teach you affiliate marketing or help you to make money online, but it’s something, and therefore, it can’t be called a scam.

Who is Your Income Profits for?

Your Income Profits could be for people who are looking to learn a thing or two about how to create a Wix website.

As I’ve said, this is more of an info-product than a training course. It could be for beginners who want to get basic knowledge about affiliate marketing.

Do I Recommend It?

No, I don’t recommend Your Income Profits. This product is not top-quality. You can find much better options online to invest your hard-earned money.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Thanks for coming to the end of this Your Income Profits Review. It shows that you are a serious person who takes every step with the most attention.

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12 thoughts on “Your Income Profits Review – A Scam or Legit Way To Earn $1000 Today?”

  1. It is challenging to sport this online SCAMS if you didn’t do your thorough research. Scammers are hiring con-artists to lie to us nowadays. We have to be careful from misleading claims that we will earn easy money. The owner of the company is not using his real name; instead, he uses a fake name, shows that he is not proud of his product. There are too many of this scammer that are taking advantage of people who want to change their lives. Thank you very much for exposing this. It will help too many people from falling into a trap.

  2. As always good content and this smells scam all the way, too bad that there are enough people out there that don’t do the research and just seek out the first offer they can get their hands on, this way these people can keep scaming people

  3. Wow thank you so much for exposing this. I wouldn’t have believed that the reviews are fake with actors from Fiverr but your photos prove it. I’m really glad I read your article. The other scam to be aware of is free webinars which teach you something but then turn into a sales pitch for a really expensive product – I’ve been caught out by scams like this.

    • Hi Abi, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve fallen for such scam before. There are thons of traps out there. I hope this review has helped you.


  4. Wow Ivan – appreciate you digging in and researching this character. There are simply too many of them that are taking advantage of people who just want to change their lives. We need more people like you – helping others to avoid these money traps. Thanks…..Steve

  5. Oh wow, crazy that you can’t even google the guy to find his name. I never really thought of that as a red flag, but you’re right, he should stand by his product, not hide behind a fake name. I appreciate that you took the effort to debunk this one!

  6. Fake companies are really good at hiring con-artist! Once again you’re on-point in this review! We really have to be careful from misleading claims, especially about easy tricks to earn thousands of money. Glad there are people who are determined to unmask schemes like this.

    • Hi daniemark, do not fall on these fake claims. Thousands per day are possible, but only for those who are willing to spend years in business. There’s no way for a beginner to make that kind of money from day one. This course is full of misleading info and I recommend you to stay away from it.



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