Your Wealth Magnet Review – Does This System Work or Is It a Scam?

So, you want to know whether Your Wealth Magnet is a scam or legit system for turning your life around. Welcome to my review where I share my unique take on this product, and answer all the questions that you might have.

Your Wealth Magnet Scam Review

Official Website:

Product Type: Law of Attraction/Wealth Mindest Training

Owner: Michel Mcnally

Price: $27 + UPSELLS

Recommended?: Yes

Quick Summary: Your Wealth Magnet is a set of eBooks and audiotapes for building a wealth mindset. It has nothing much to do with the sales page, which is overhyped. But there is some value within, especially in those audiotapes. However, the system comes with a bunch of unexpected upsells and they are expensive and unnecessary! The bottom line is that this could be a good tool for creating a healthier mindset toward money and abundance.

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Have you watched the movie ‘The Secret’ or read any Law of Attraction books or maybe you have participated in a seminar or two?

If so, then you know how contagious this information is.

Your Wealth Magnet is yet another system that claims to help you shift your focus from poverty to abundance in a matter of a day or two. Much like every other Law of Attraction material, this one is written in a powerful hypnotic language. It captivates your attention, that’s for sure!

But does it really work? Is this ‘Abundance Butterfly Effect’ as powerful as Michael claims to be?

In this Your Wealth Magnet review, I show you what’s really behind the sales page. I give a set of pros and cons to make your decision easier, and we’ll answer the questions whether Your Wealth Magnet is a scam or legit.

What is Your Wealth Magnet?

Your Wealth Magnet is a digital product that promises to teach you the same secret used by many wealthy experts from the past. Today, this secret is used by some of the richest people in the world, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other moguls that ‘rule the world.’

This system can show you how to tap into the same power. Mr. Michel Mcnally claims that the secret is wrapped around a mysterious ‘Abundance Butterfly Effect’ which you can start using to reshape your life.

The secret was handed over to him by his good old high-school buddy, Joe. And today, Michael is sharing it with you and me.

Sound mighty attractive, right? But let’s be real now.

The truth is that the secret really does exist. You can hack your mind and change your mindset.

Your Wealth Magnet Review

However, the terminology used by Michael might be a bit confusing and it’s for a reason. The promotional video is a powerful marketing trick designed to sell you something not so secret anymore. So don’t stick to every word you hear from him.

Also, understand that it’ll take a little longer than a day or two to apply the content and to achieve the results this program promises.

In a nutshell, Your Wealth Magnet is a set of Ebooks and audio tapes that teaches how to shift your focus from poverty to abundance. The material within this program can help to set some constructive goals and change the way you think about your present results in life.

Instead of wasting your energy on thinking about everything that might be bad at this moment, the program could help focus your mind on a better outcome.

It’s not the best one I’ve seen so far, but it’s no so bad either.


Who is Your Wealth Magnet for? 

Your Wealth Magnet system is for people who are stuck in a cycle of negative thinking about money, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. The content of the program could help change the pattern of thought from negative to positive.

Maybe you know already, but most of us are literally programmed from our birth to do certain things in a certain way. The society teaches us to go to school, get a secure job, save money, get a mortgage, spend on liabilities, and therefore, live in debt all our lives.

Your Wealth Magnet Review

That’s not the way how wealthy people become rich. They know how to think and act differently. You see, these people have learned to write their own money program.

This system of Ebooks and audiotapes for guided meditation is designed to teach people how to think like those people who have thrown away their social programming and decided to follow a different way of living.

What’s the Price of Your Wealth Magnet?

Before I show you the content of the program, let me give you a warning about the price of Your Wealth Magnet system. The system sells for only $37.

However, if you try to close the page you’ll get a discount, meaning, you’ll pay only $27.

Or is it?

You see, once/if you agree to purchase this system, you’ll have to go through a set of upsells. These upsells are not mandatory, and you can decline them all, which would be a smart move if you ever decide to get this product. I’ll explain why in a second.

Here are the upsells:

  • Abundance Immersion VIP Program – $67
  • Manifest Your Destiny System – $47
  • Manifest Your Destiny System & Real Money Stream – $47

As you can see, it could cost you a lot more than measly $27. However, once I purchased this program, I was surprised to see that all of those upsells were available to me without having to pay an extra price. I’ve got them all for only $27.


What’s Inside Your Wealth Magnet System?

As you know by now, once/if you purchase Your Wealth Magnet system, you’ll find a set of Ebooks and audiotapes for ‘brainwashing’ yourself.

Here’s a list of the materials for those of you who are interested in the content of this program.

The Wealth Magnet System Book

  • So the first thing you’ll get is The Wealth Magnet Ebook. It’s a 118 pages long material that talks about the power of the mind and how to use it to create wealth. It shows how to set goals, focus on the same, eliminate limiting beliefs that might’ve been stopping you in life, create and seize the opportunities, and everything necessary to make use of the Law of Attraction.

The Wealth Magnet System Audiotapes

  • In addition to Ebook, there’s a set of audiotapes for changing your subconscious programming. There are three tapes altogether. Instant Habit Formation, Mind Over Money, and The Wealth Attraction Hypnosis. It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes long material for guided meditation.

There’s also an already mentioned VIP section of Your Wealth Magnet that you can access if you ever purchase this system. No need for taking those upsells because the material is unlocked by default.

The same as the main part of the program, this section contains a few Ebooks and audiotapes that serve the same purpose.

The Wealth Magnet System VIP

  • Manifest Your Destiny is an Ebook and set of audiotapes for guided meditation. The book is a 128 pages long material that talks about Abundance Butterfly Effect and how to set it in motion. Five audiotapes are there to help shift the mindset from poverty to abundance.
  • Two Ebooks, High Paying Online Jobs, and Quit Your Job and Work Online, are there to help find opportunities to make money from the internet. It is bonus material from
  • Abundance Immersion is also a set of PDF and videos. It’s a database full of material related to the Law of Attraction, goal setting, and achieving, and everything else that can help to stay motivated during the process.

Also, those who purchase this system can get access to customer support. If you ever find yourself having a question related to the material itself, there’s a link to a page where you can explain your problem with the product.

What’s Good About Your Wealth Magnet?

1.) It Comes With 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Wealthy Magnet System is sold through ClickBank, one of the largest retailer of digital products. They give a 60 days window to ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with a product.

The system and its upsells are all covered with the same 100% money-back guarantee.

2.) The Material is Not the Best, But it Could Work

I’ve seen a few personal development programs and courses so far. In my opinion, Your Wealth Magnet is a neat digital product that helps change the mindset.

I wouldn’t put it on the top of my list, but after going through the material, I see that it’s not bad at all. It’s a good deal for only $27 if you avoid those upsells.


What’s Wrong With Your Wealth Magnet?

1.) Overhyped and Misleading Sales Page

I don’t like how the system is promoted. The sales page leaves the impression of a get-rich-quick scheme, while on the other hand, it’s only a set of books and tapes. It’s a red flag in my book.

Those customers testimonials are probably fake as well. I’ve seen those people on Fiverr, a popular freelancing site where they offer a video spokesperson service for products like this. There’s no need for that.

2.) Unexpected Upsells

The fact that the material sells for only $37 ($27 if you try to close the page), but it comes with hidden and more expensive upsells, is at least repulsive. Those bonus packages are nothing but the owner’s attempt to make more money off his creation.

And as you know, if you decline those upsells, you’ll get the bonus material anyway. It’s not fair to those who fall for it.

Is Your Wealth Magnet a Scam or Legit?

As you can see, this product isn’t something spectacular as you probably thought it might be. But I wouldn’t go as far to call Your Wealth Magnet a scam. It’s a neat program that can help to focus your mind more on wealth over poverty.

That’s something we all need in our lives.

Based on my experience with this topic it’s a system that could work for those who are willing to give it an honest try. As I’ve said, it’s not the best one I’ve seen, but there’s some power in it.

You see, I study personal development in my spare time. I like to read and listen to everything and everyone who has something to say on this topic. I find it rather fascinating.

But have you ever tried to apply this knowledge?

There’s a world of difference between reading and listening, and actually stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something about your situation. And most people only read about it. Then they say the Law of Attraction and the rest of philosophy doesn’t work for them.

The truth is, the Wealth Magnet and other alike systems work. The knowledge inside works. But do you know what’s the problem? I gave you a hint already. The problem is that people don’t work with them.

So, once again, it’s not a scam. It’s the same stuff people like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and others are talking about all the time, and we do not call them scammers.

Do I Recommend Your Wealth Magnet?

Yes, I recommend this system to everyone who is looking to enrich their personal development library. It’s a relatively cheap material that is worthy of study and application.

Only beware of those upsells!


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Ivan Head Shoot

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  1. Hey Ivan!
    Thank you for very informative post. The affiliate market business really needs guidance, and you did it great!
    I’ll definitely stick to your site and follow your new posts.


  2. This is a great review and I am really glad to see the honest pros and cons you’ve included. It sounds like its not too big of an investment for someone who wants to better themselves. Overall, I love your website – its super informative and encouraging and I think you’re helping a lot of people the right path for them in making money online!

    • Hi Alexi, yes, it’s a lot of content for little money. Just beware of those upsells, that’s all. I’ve read a lot of material of this kind and Your Wealth Magnet is not so bad. It can really help to better yourself. Thanks for leaving your comment on my site, it’s much appreciated. I hope to see you again. 🙂


  3. Hello and thank you for such an informative review. You have picked apart this program and this information is very useful. Thank you for the advise on the upsells!

    • Hi Catherine, thanks for your comment. Yes, if you ever decide to go for it beware of those expensive upsells. The price can jump from nine bucks to a whole lot more in a minute.



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