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  1. Hello Ivan, I have gotten to the page where I’ve entered my username and password two times and can seem to get past it. The button doesn’t seem to be active. And how do we set it up to open it the next time

  2. Boy, I appreciate your review. So many products start for around 7 or 9 dollars than you are bombarded with pages of upsells. I am a writer and have several books on kindle that never sell. This 78 year old has zero geek genes and you saved me from making a big mistake from buying super bullshit, I mean funnels.

    Are there any ready made funnels out there that I can attach to my offers? I have two very good ebooks about making money. I never seem to get to promoting them.

    • Hi John, thanks for reaching out. Yes, unfortunately, a lot of products use the system you have described. They sell for cheap but once you’re inside, they start upselling like crazy. I too don’t appreciate it.

      The key to selling your ebooks is not in funnels. It’s in traffic. You can have the best funnel in the world, but if you don’t know how to get traffic (market) your offers, you simply can’t make any sales. If you want to learn how to get traffic via Facebook (paid traffic) a good recommendation would be FB Master’s program. If you want to get free traffic from Google, I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

      The latter could be a great deal for you since you’re a writer. The course is based on blogging. It’s free to join, and only $49 to go full-time. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


    • Hi Hugo Garcia, thanks for reaching out. You need to be more specific. For what do you want a refund? I can’t help you unless you specify your request.



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