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  1. Hi Ivan,

    I like your course but what about using Youtube to get traffic to your website?

    You don’t use that it seems.

    • Hey Dan, thanks! I will make an advanced lesson on how to use YouTube to get more traffic in the future. You’ll get an email when it is ready.

    • Hey Dan, thanks! You can use YouTube if you want. I will make an advanced lesson on how to use YouTube to get more traffic in the future. You’ll get an email when it is ready.

    • Hey Gunnar, when you create a new post in SEOWriting, at the end of the settings, choose “NO” instead of selecting your website under “Publication.” This way, you’ll get the article in SEOWriting, where you can review it before publishing.

      To edit it first and then publish it in WordPress, go to “Documents” in the top menu in SEOWriter, check the document, and then click the green “Publish” button in the top right corner.

  2. Hey Ivan 🙂
    I did my first article on my website 😀
    But it was not what intended it to be about.
    How do I remove articles?

    • Hey Gunnar, to delete a post in WordPress, log in and click on “Posts” in the left-hand menu. Find the post you want to remove, hover over it, and click “Trash.”

      If you want to edit it instead, click on “Edit.” You can then make changes in the WordPress editor, which works like Word or Google Docs. When you’re done, click the “Update” button in the top right corner to save your changes.

  3. Hy,Ivan. Where can I acsess your new version training 3? Amazon is not available anymore for affiliate outside USA.

    • Hey Mike, I just tried loading lesson 4 in 2 different browsers and it loads up fine. I clearn the site wide cache just in case. Could you please try again? Maybe in a different browser?

  4. Hey Ivan I just wanna say thank u so much man for helping me understand what affiliate marketing is I took the action of 90 days challenge and I won’t give up realy thank u so much
    I just have a question
    Can u help us organize our wordpress website by making it more professional?

    • Hey Rami, I’m glad to hear it! Best of luck with the challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing your resutls! As for your questions, I have some lessons on organizing WordPress in my advanced training. I’ll send you a link to it via email.

  5. Ivan….I am following along with the training, which you are doing a fabulous job….I’m pumped up for this training. However, I’m having a hard time finding where my admin is in WordPress. I been trying to find it for over an hour now and I am signing out and resigning in, I can’t seem to get to the page where my WordPress is located to clear out what your saying to clear out in my back office. I hope this gets to you and you can give some guidance. I think they must of updated the website after you did the training videos. Was hoping I could email you and you could respond back to my email.
    Thanks, Tim

    • Hey Tim, I’m glad to hear that you like my course! Sorry to hear about the trouble. It looks like you need to install WordPress – A2 Optimized manually. Just click on Blogs –> WordPress-A2 Optimized. Then, click on the Install tab and then Quick Install (see image below). Choose your domain from the dropdown below (if not chosen automatically). Then, set up your Username and Password for WordPress and click on the Install button below. Once the WordPress is installed, you can continue 👍

      WordPress Install

  6. Hi Ivan,
    Can you please help
    I’m on my 30 review but this morning i got this mail from amazon associates…

    We are reaching out to you because you have not reached the required Qualifying Purchases for your account. As a reminder, Associate accounts that have not referred three Qualifying Purchases to Amazon within 180 days of sign-up will be closed. At this time, you have 90 days left to drive purchases to avoid the closure of your account.

    There are many ways to increase referrals and commission income you earn through the Associates Program, including:

    Making your existing links more prominent or visible to site visitors
    Including links to additional products or product variants
    Adding links for trending promotions that you can find in our promotions hub
    Increasing traffic to your website using search engine optimization and social media
    Please visit the Resource Center on Associates Central to view articles for additional tips to optimize your earnings. For new Associates, the most popular articles to view are ‘Your Daily Checklist for Success’, ‘Unlock the Potential of Your Website’, and ‘Improve Your Copy’, ‘Improve Your Conversions’.

    • Hey Ivan,

      I just came back from your website. I have to say that you are doing a VERY GOOD JOB with your reviews so far. 

      I even ran a few of them through Google to see how they are doing and I found a couple of them already ranking on the first page of Google, for example, ABXKZ Review!

      That’s great news! 

      It means that Google is starting to trust your website and it is just a matter of time and more content before you start seeing more and more first page results, which will lead to more traffic to your website and clicks on your Amazon links and sales!

      Those 3 qualifying sales on Amazon could happen in the next 90 days easily 👍

      Remember, when you launch a new website, scoring big on Google doesn’t happen overnight. It usually takes 6 to 12 months for a new site to get noticed and climb those search result rankings.

      That’s just how Google works. Most people start to think that they are doing something wrong so they mess everything up and quit.

      DON’T DO THAT!

      Here is what you should do instead…

      During this early phase, focus on dropping high-quality content that your audience cares about. For a review site, that means crafting detailed, helpful reviews that readers love. And you are on the right track there.

      Google cares a lot about what you put out there. So, aim to keep on posting top-notch reviews to show you’re an expert in your chosen niche.

      If you can keep churning out awesome content, things will start picking up faster and faster and you will eventually see your website gain trust and authority, earning its spot in Google’s good books and pulling in more visitors.

      Remember, SEO success needs time and effort. You are doing a very good job with your content!

      You got the recipe, just keep your head down and the ball will start rolling! I’m sure a year from now (maybe even less) you will be looking at a completely different picture in terms of rankings, traffic, and even Amazon sales!


  7. Hello,
    In your verdict for SAN and Misha Wilson you stare that “there are much better affiliate courses online”. Can you kindly list some as I am interested in getting int this space. Thank you!

  8. Hello Ivan

    Can i have some advice on my website. What would you do different? Does it look good to you, and what should i do different?

    Thanks for your input. Oh I have 86 reviews almost done with the 90 day challenge.

    • Great work on reaching almost 90 reviews, Rick! Your recent content is hitting the mark – it’s clear, detailed, and helps buyers decide. To kick things up a notch, consider beefing up with more images in your reviews and tables. And hey, if you’re up for it, advanced training could be the next step – just shoot me an email when you’re ready. Keep owning the review game on your site! Great to see your progress.

  9. Hey Ivan, I followed your affiliate marketing course step-by-step, posted 10+ reviews. I’d like some feedback on any improvements or advice on how I can make the website look more appealing, or how I can make it gain a better ranking. The only issue I encountered while doing this FAMB Course, is that I couldn’t find a perfect easy rated product with a lot of search volume. So, to circumvent this, I just went with the best products I could. I also decided to do further research myself and decided a different theme would be better for me because of how limiting GeneratePress seemed to be. Please visit my website and provide any feedback on how I can get more clicks, thank you.


    • Hey Ibad, thanks for reaching out and sharing your progress with my affiliate marketing course. It’s great to hear that you are making good progress!

      I took a look at your website, and here is my feedback:

      Your reviews are informative and detailed, which is awesome for engaging potential buyers. I like how you go straight to the point in your reviews cutting the fluff and sales talk. The pros and cons section is really helpful! I’m sure your reviews will perform well in the future.

      However, consider incorporating more visual elements like images or videos to enhance user experience and break up text-heavy sections.

      It’s great that you managed to choose some good products even though you didn’t find a perfect match. Make sure you keep researching and staying updated on trending or high-demand products in your niche to make your site even better.

      I would recommend focusing your research on Best Sellers and Top Rated products to find the best products for your reviews.

      As for switching themes from GeneratePress, it’s important to find one that suits your preferences and needs. I like the design and the layout of your website that you built with Astra. Great job in that area too! I don’t have any specific recommendation here.

      The overall recommendation now is to keep on reviewing products using the same blueprint and be patient with the results. Remember, success in affiliate marketing often comes from continuous optimization and adaptation. Keep analyzing your website’s performance, experimenting with different strategies, and staying updated with industry trends to make your site even more effective.

      I hope these suggestions help you. Keep up the good work, and I wish you all success in your endeavours 🫡

  10. Hi Ivan,

    i trust you’re doing well.

    What are your thoughts on AI writing tools for product reviews?

    Do you believe in them?

    Are you using any, or are you using it sparingly?

    Google can detect AI writing tools. Can this hinder online success when writing product reviews for SEO rankings?

    Should one rather avoid and write your own product reviews, rather than let AI tools do it for me?
    Thanks a lot


    • Hey Francois, I suggest using AI tools like Chat GPT and Jasper AI to assist with product research and writing reviews. I personally use them occasionally, and there’s no harm in leveraging them to aid your content creation. Even Google is on board with this now. However, the key point remains that your content should be useful to users and address their concerns and search queries. I recommend following the instructions from my training for conducting product research and writing reviews. And if you need help with this, feel free to utilize AI tools too. Hope this helps!

  11. Hello Ivan, I too have been working with Profit Builder since the very beginning. In the last few days my provider said that I can no longer use PB because it is no longer compatible with the new PHP version! I then wanted to write to Sean Donahoe and ask what to do, since I have 3 pages online! None of Sean’s pages are accessible and I fear he may have died, leaving his clients hanging without a successor!
    Do you know what’s wrong with him? You would certainly help thousands of users with one piece of information!
    Best regards

    • Hey Urlich, sorry to hear that. It’s been a while since I last checked out Profit Builder, so I’m not really up to speed on the issue you’re facing. I hope Sean is still in the picture though. Maybe he just left the product hanging in terms of support. Have you tried using their official contact forms or maybe reaching out on Facebook? The FB page seems inactive for a while now, but it’s worth giving it a shot. I’ll try reaching out too and I’ll update my review once I gather any information. Feel free to share your findings here in case you hear something first. Thanks!

  12. Pozdrav Ivane,
    Ja imam svoj blog i pokušavao sam sa Affiliate Marketingom preko Amazona, ali nikako do prodaje ili bar nešto klikova na linkove. Najveći problem mi je dobiti promet na blog i to iz Amerike. Pokušavam već dugo i niti jedna prodaja. Blog mi je i monetiziran putem Adsensa, ali nema klikova ni za lijek. Daj pomozi ako ikako možeš! Ovo je moj blog:

    • Pozdrav Teo, hvala ti na poruci. Pokusao sam pogledati tvoj blog ali mi McAfee neda dalje iz razloga sto ti je site “suspicious”. Inace nudim besplatnu pomoc i savjetovanje u vezi Amazon affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, free organic traffic, i tako dalje, studentima moga besplatno coursea koji su sljedili upute iz treninga i napravili svoj sajt uz pomoc alata i intrukcija koje tamo djelim. Tako da, ako zelis moju pomoc, savjetujem da krenes s mojim treningom i onda se mozemo dalje savjetovati. Hvala na razmjevanju!

  13. Today I buy the domain and hosting at A2 hosting
    Now am waiting 24 hours for domain activate
    I want to let you know that I took secession to start and follow all step you give

    • Hey Jean Emmanuel, congratulations on making a decision to get a domain and set up your website! Exciting times are ahead 🙂 I’m in your corner in case you have questions or need a hand!

  14. Zdravo Ivane, da li ovo mozemo da radimo na nasim prostorima i koji affiliate program bi izabrao? Posto sumnjam da bi nasi ljudi kupovali sa Amazona

    • Pozdrav Josipe, affiliate marketing je dostupan svuda. Ako ces raditi na Engleskom, u tom slucaju preporucam Amazon za pocetak bez obzira na tvoju lokaciju. Kad radis na Engleskom vecina posjetitelja ce na tvoj sajt doci iz Amerike i stoga je logicno da suradjujes sa Amazonom. Ako planiras raditi na Hrvatskom/Srpskom/Bosanskom, tu ti bas nemam nekih preporuka posto sam orijentiran na Engleski jezik i uglavnom Americko trziste. Drugim rijecima, ne radim affiliate marketing na ovim prostorima.

  15. Hello Ivan,
    I completed your course and currently completed 2 posts. Could you take a look and see what you think.
    Thank you for your help, I’m a little intimidated I’ve never tried this before and I hope I’m doing it right.
    Thank you again.

    • Hey Mitch, congratulations on completing the course! I took a look at your site and your two reviews. You did a very good job so far.

      There are some minor mistakes that you need to fix such as an incomplete first heading in the second review, and a blurry image in the second review. Also, I find that the text is hard to read in both reviews. I recommend breaking down those big blocks of text into small paragraphs to make your reviews more readable.

      Other than that, you did a very good job!

      • Thank you, Ivan. I appreciate your feedback. I’m trying, but I think I’m slow on putting together reviews. I have quite a few irons in the fire, (I literally had a fire in my shed yesterday) however, I want to make this work. When will I start to see signs of anything? I’m hoping after 10 to 15 reviews, I start to see some feedback. Once again, I want to thank you for your help, I really like your presentations. I will probably contact you again after a few more reviews.

        • Hey Mitch,

          You’re welcome. I hope no one got hurt in fire.

          The time it takes to see results in Google with an affiliate website can vary significantly and depends on several factors. Here are some key considerations:

          Website Age: Your affiliate website is brand new, so it may take longer to see results compared to an established website. Google typically takes time to index and rank new websites, so you need to be patient during the initial phase. 10-15 reviews is a good start. But you need a lot more than that to see some real resutls. Yo ucan exect the needle to move around 50 reviews.

          Content Quality: The quality and relevance of your content play a crucial role in search engine rankings as well. If your website offers high-quality, informative, and unique reviews that appeals to your target audience, it’s more likely to gain visibility in Google over time.

          Competition: The level of competition in your niche or industry can impact the time it takes to see results. If you’re in a highly competitive market, it may take longer to outrank established competitors and gain visibility in search results. But it is not impossible!

          Keyword Competition: The competitiveness of the keywords you’re targeting also affects the time it takes to see results. Highly competitive keywords may require more time and effort to rank for, while long-tail keywords or less competitive phrases may yield faster results.

          SEO Efforts: Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for improving your website’s visibility in search engines. If you’ve invested time and effort into optimizing your website, including keyword research, on-page optimization, as per the instructions from my training, you may see faster results compared to neglecting SEO altogether.

          Backlink Profile: Backlinks are links from other websites pointing to your affiliate website. The quality and quantity of backlinks are important factors in search engine rankings. Building a diverse and authoritative backlink profile can take time and positively impact your website’s visibility in Google. I currently don’t teach this but you can find some good free resources on YouTube!

          In general, it’s important to understand that SEO and organic search rankings are a long-term strategy. While some results may be noticeable within a few weeks or months, significant progress and higher rankings often take several months to a year or more.

          Consistently producing high-quality content, optimizing your website, building a strong backlink profile, and maintaining an active online presence can improve your chances of achieving favorable results in Google with your affiliate website.

          Keep up the good work. You are doing great!

  16. Hi Ivan,

    Do I need to make a PayPal account to join your course? Can I do without any payment processor, using only my bank account?

    • Hey Farhat, the course is free so no, you don’t need PayPal. The only expense inside the course is domain and hosting and you can purchase that with your bank card. Let me know if you have more questions and best of luck!

  17. Hi Ivan, I saw you did a review on Jeff and Jessica Samis when they where the profit league. Have you reviewed there new program called The outsider academy? It’s on there webpage

    Where instead of charging the 4K they charge $47 a month?

    Thank you

      • Thank you! Has there been any update on this? I’m debating with what program to go with and just want to see if I can narrow my results down.

        Thank you!

        • I didn’t get a chance to go in-depth, yet. But, from what I can see from the outside and based on my previous experience with their course, it is probably a legit program too.

  18. Hi Ivan, can you help to check Glynn Kosky new product Passive Income System 2.0 which launched this week. It is a high ticket product cost $997. We must enter webinar first before he give the link to payment page.

    What i found is the technics almost same as Jono’s program Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 but slighly different in all the 3 methods. And i X MOF now. Lots of bad review. And now i am looking for Glynn’s review of Passive Income System 2.0 but not found in the internet. Maybe it is still new.

    • Hi, Haniff. I will check it out as soon as possible and let you know. Right now, all I can say is that I don’t trust Glynn, Jono, or any of the guys from the Warrior Plus marketplace because their products are usually low-quality, overhyped programs jam-packed with upsells. Moreover, they tend to ignore refund requests in case you are not happy with the program, which is just proof that they are not to be trusted. But hey, maybe the Passive Income System is different! I’ll let you know.

  19. Hello Ivan!
    I emailed you several days ago regarding this but have not yet received a response so I’ll try the website comments.
    The program that I am leaning towards signing up for is Chris Luck’s AMBSDR. I didn’t see a review for it on your site. What are your thoughts on the program??
    I would really appreciate the opinion of someone as experienced as yourself before I drop $2k on the program!
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hey Veronica,

      Sorry for not responding to your email. I must have missed it.

      To be honest, I don’t have any throughs on the AMBSDR program yet. I’m familiar with Chris Luck because I have reviewed his Membership Method program where he is showing how to start a membership website. It looks like the AMBSDR is a product of the teachings from his previous membership site.

      I’ll dive into the AMBSDR program over the next few days and will publish my review on it by the end of the week hopefully so stay tuned.

      Talk to you soon!

  20. Hi Ivan
    Trust you well.
    I’m so tired of scams, losing money and truly need someone to be honest and help us in achieving some of the personal goals that you achieved.
    We need guidance to make money as you have stated you do.


  21. I joined the free part of WA years ago and stopped, don’t remember why but I know it was under someone else, can I join under you to be coached?

  22. Hi. I read what you said about Paul Scrivens course on blogging and I’m sold. The problem is I can’t seem to access it, like it’s been shut down or something.

    Do you know anything about this?

    Thank you. Sam.

  23. Hello Ivan,

    I’ve landed on your page a few times now and I am starting to believe that Wealthy Affiliate is what I need! A few questions, I need to pay a monthly fee of $49/mo and the domain at $15/year. Any other costs, like traffic, ads, etc?

    I assume that we need to purchase the programs that we will want to promote?

    And, I see that you write a lot of blog content, is that mandatory to succeed in this business?


    • Hi Michell, sorry for the late response.

      You’ve got that correct. Wealthy Affiliate is $49/mo for Premium or $99/mo for Premium Plus membership and the only extra cost is a $15/year domain. That’s it. The program is based on free traffic from search engines so there is no need to invest more money into ads, etc.

      You can purchase the programs you want to promote, but you don’t have to.

      Yes, blogging and content creation is mandatory to succeed with this particular method.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  24. I just bought this for $39.00. I want to cancel and get my money returned to my CC. It is phony. You immediately wanted $279.00 more. NO THANKS. Put the entire price up there to start with. I would not have considered it if you had.

    • Hi Carlo Allen, thanks for reaching out. You can check out my reviews page to find legitimate affiliate marketing sites. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because it’s a comprehensive and beginner-friendly program. It also includes all the tools, help and community, and more. It’s only $49 per month to get unlimited access to the training and all the features.


  25. Hi Evan,
    I am from Nigeria. W.A. does not have free access for ressidents of Nigeria so pls. contact me (through my e mail) on how to solve the problem.

  26. Hi Ivan, very informative and so fortunate I found you by way of a course review you made! I am very serious and willing to invest time and some money to build myself a good online income. If you don’t mind me asking;

    1- Is Email Marketing part of the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

    2- Is there any other fees involved on top?

    Thank you

    • Hi Mo, thanks for reaching out!

      1 – Yes. Email Marketing is a part of the Wealthy Affiliate program. One of the expert coaches, Jay, has great tutorials on this topic that ties in very well with the rest of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

      2 – There are two costs after the free membership. One is Premium ($49) per month. This gives you unlimited access to all the training resources, tools, and coaching. The second cost is a small fee for your domain ($15 per year). Hosting is included with a Premium membership.

      Do let me know if you have more questions 🙂


  27. I need to speak to someone about my order. Is there a phone number to contact you? I accidentally hit the wrong button and had completed the sale. I do want to know what the upsell was. How do I get back to that section?

  28. I would like a refund I have been emailing the wrong affiliate market business I paid 27.00 and never received anything from this company after I sent my $27.00 I know it been a while but I have not used any of you services I paid 5/17/2021 and have not received anything on this company please can I get my money back

    • Hey there, thanks for reaching out. I have no idea what product are you talking about. In any case, you didn’t buy anything from this site. You will have to reach out to the support for the product you have purchased and ask them to refund your investment.


  29. Hi Ivan. Thanks for all the reviews you’ve shared. You’ve saved a lot of guys like us from falling for these half baked programs that don’t deliver on their claims.
    Please, there’s such a site called “writeappreviews” that’s been bombarding me with these endless messages of financial freedom once I join. Can you help with a review of this site as well? It would be really appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi, thanks for reaching out! I’m glad to hear that my reviews are helpful.

      I will check out the site that you’ve mentioned and will write a review by the end of this week. Stay tuned!


  30. Hello Ivan I was one of the beginners that paid the $47 and im trying to figure out where i go to get a refund? Could u help me with that?

    • Hi Rasha S Rickey, thanks for reaching out. What program are you referring to? You should contact the support crew of the program that you’ve purchased for $47 and ask them for a refund.


  31. Would you be able to do a review of Wholesale Ted’s Ecomm Clubhouse? I’ve tried it out, it’s pretty darn cheap, and I’ve learned a ton in just the first two lessons. I want to know what you think about it, but also I think it’s legit and want you to put it on your list of legit training programs.
    The creator also has hundreds of free YouTube videos with good, actionable advice for already-made businesses, but the Clubhouse teaches you step-by-step how to make your own so the YouTube videos are more useful to you.
    Specifically, the Clubhouse teaches you how to make either a Print-On-Demand, Dropshipping, or a… what was it, “flex store”? I forget the phrase she uses, but basically a store that does both POD and Dropshipping at the same time. The techniques she uses are either free or super cheap (for instance, a subscription to Shopify).
    I realize my phrasing may make it seem like I’m affiliated with them, but I’m not. TBH I haven’t even made it past lesson 3 so far, I’m so lazy XD. But before I continue paying the monthly fee, I’d like to see what you think of it (even though I’ve literally only read one of your reviews, it was well-crafted enough). You can start off in the clubhouse for $1 for a week, I believe, so that should be plenty of time for you to craft a review without having to invest pretty much anything into it. I can confirm you get the same content for that $1 week as you do for the full monthly subscription.

  32. Hi
    Is John Crestani’s online business legitimate? I purchased the book on TV for $39.99. Next day I got a call and basically asked me to get a loan for $5,000 and I would have a personal mentor for 6 Mo’s. Etc
    Thank you for taking my question
    Pat D

    • Hi Pat, thanks for reaching out. I haven’t been in contact with his coaching for a long time so I can’t really say what you can expect any more. He changed a lot of things now. As far as I know, the book is just a lead magnet. As you can see, he’s using it to sell you the $5K private coaching. I can’t really say whether this coaching is worth $5K because I didn’t take action with it. It’s a lot of money. Plus, I believe there will be a lot of extra costs because he focuses on paid ads.

      If that is too much for you, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s my top-recommendation for getting started with affiliate marketing.

      Let me know if you have more questions.


  33. Hi, I just bought Lottery Maximum. I just wanted to pay one time not once a month! I can’t afford it! If you charge me once a month then take it off of my credit card!

  34. Hello Ivan,

    I was interested in the Affiliate market, and I saw your post. It brought me a Wealthy affiliate. Now I start creating my own website. Though I am struggling on how to set up my first blog. Also, I am curious how much can a single website bring a great income. If I want to live a laptop lifestyle, do I have to have multiple websites run on the internet?

    Thank you for your time
    Jonathan Chen

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for stopping by. I’ve seen your site and it’s looking good. Great work, man! Just keep taking action with Wealthy Affiliate course and soon enough, you’ll understand how it all works. It’s normal to struggle with setting up things that you’ve never done before in your life. You have to learn them first and Wealthy Affiliate course is the best place to do so.

      There’s no limit to how much money one single website can earn. The size of an income depends on some factors such as traffic, commission percentage, price of the product, etc. But as I said, there are no limits. It’s up to you whether you’re going to be satisfied with $1000 per month, $10,000 per month, or $100,000 per month.

      And no, you don’t have to have multiple sites to live the laptop lifestyle. If you pick your niche carefully, you can earn tons of money just from one site that will allow you to live the laptop lifestyle. And if you want, you can rinse and repeat these sites as much as you want. There are no written rules or limits.

      Your friend,


    • Hi Hugo Garcia, thanks for reaching out. You need to be more specific. For what do you want a refund? I can’t help you unless you specify your request.


  35. Boy, I appreciate your review. So many products start for around 7 or 9 dollars than you are bombarded with pages of upsells. I am a writer and have several books on kindle that never sell. This 78 year old has zero geek genes and you saved me from making a big mistake from buying super bullshit, I mean funnels.

    Are there any ready made funnels out there that I can attach to my offers? I have two very good ebooks about making money. I never seem to get to promoting them.

    • Hi John, thanks for reaching out. Yes, unfortunately, a lot of products use the system you have described. They sell for cheap but once you’re inside, they start upselling like crazy. I too don’t appreciate it.

      The key to selling your ebooks is not in funnels. It’s in traffic. You can have the best funnel in the world, but if you don’t know how to get traffic (market) your offers, you simply can’t make any sales. If you want to learn how to get traffic via Facebook (paid traffic) a good recommendation would be FB Master’s program. If you want to get free traffic from Google, I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

      The latter could be a great deal for you since you’re a writer. The course is based on blogging. It’s free to join, and only $49 to go full-time. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


  36. Hello Ivan, I have gotten to the page where I’ve entered my username and password two times and can seem to get past it. The button doesn’t seem to be active. And how do we set it up to open it the next time


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