KDL Sniper Review – 4 Signs Of a Scam in Progress!

Welcome to my KDL Sniper review.

I have no idea how you got your hands on this program.

But I know you’re curious to find out whether or not the story about Kindle publishing is true.

Can you make $1000’s per day in passive income with Kindle?

Or could it be that KDL Sniper is a scam designed to rob you blind?

Your research has brought you in the right place. Congratulations.

It shows me that you’re a person who has a mind of your own and those silly scammy videos have no effect on you.

This post is going to show you a set of 4 scam signs that I discovered and which you’re probably already aware of.

For now, it’s safe to say that your money is safer elsewhere.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into this KDL Sniper review.

KDL Sniper Review - Scam Alert!


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What is KDL Sniper?

KDL Sniper or Kindle Sniper is an apparently a secret system for making up to six figures in passive income entirely on autopilot.

According to the advertisement, you can tap into this hidden Amazon niche even without any previous skills or experience.

Seems like an excellent opportunity to make money online, right?

Truth be told, Kindle publishing is a legitimate business opportunity, but this program is not so much.

The main problem with this program hides in the fact that the unknown author of this offer is telling you that you can make a million dollars publishing books on Kindle.

Amazon indeed offers excellent earning opportunities. However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be making that much money right from the start.

The truth is, this is another overhyped ClickBank product that is designed to make to owner rich.

And with KDL Sniper review, I would like to show you why you shouldn’t trust him or her, whoever they are.

KDL Sniper Scam Signals

In this part of my KDL Sniper review, you’re going to see why this offer is a scam and a rip-off.

Scam Sign #1 – The Site is Not Secure

One of the first scam signs and one of the most important ones is the lack of the SSL certificate.

This means that the website is not secure, and your data and information are in danger.

KDL Sniper - Site is Not Secure

Search engines like Google are all about trust today, and they demand from all site owners to use the SSL certificate to stop hackers from stealing your information.

As you can see, for example, my site has one, which means that you are safe here.

But once you land on the KDL Sniper site, you’re immediately in danger.

How can you trust your email address, name, and your credit card number to a site that has no SSL certificate?

Scam Sign #2 – Overhyped Video and Fake Payouts

The promotional video for KDL Sniper is full of hype and BS about making easy money working only ten minutes per day and such.

All these claims are there to get you interested in spending $37 (or more!) to find out what is really behind the sales pitch.

They want you to think you’ll get rich quickly and effortlessly.

It’s a classic sign that points to a get-rich-quick scam.

KDL Sniper - Fake Payouts

And those payouts and earning claims can’t be double-checked. There are no ways to check the person who owns the site to prove these payouts.

Moreover, there’s no evidence that the person who owns the site is even real.

Which leads me to the next scam sign in this KDL Sniper review.

Scam Sign #3 – Complete Lack of Transparency

A site that can’t offer you any details about the owners, company headquarters, or anything of that sort, is most likely a scam site.

And as you browse through KDL Sniper site, you see that there is zero transparency!

I mean, just ask yourself, would you invest money into a site that can’t even share a social media account?

One would expect that the owner is going to share his identity during the sales video at least. But as you’ve had a chance to see, he didn’t offer anything that could prove he’s real.

This extreme anonymity is another obvious sign of a scam in progress.

Scam Sing #4 – Customer Testimonials are Fake

The last thing I want to show you with this KDL Sniper review is proof that those testimonials from the sales video are all fake!

Whoever owns this site has hired actors from Fiverr to play the role of happy customers.

KDL Sniper - Fake Testimonial

The man on the image offers a spokesperson service on this popular freelancing site. He has been featured in many scams so far.

He and the rest of the “happy customers” are paid to tell you a story about earning tons of cash with Kindle publishing, and how their lives have changed all thanks to KDL Sniper program forever.

But in reality, they’ve never heard of it, and the only money they earned is a fee for recording the fake video.

With all that being said, let’s continue this KDL Sniper review to see what you get if you fall for it.

What You Get Inside KDL Sniper

Once you get inside of KDL Sniper, you’re going to find a few PDF’s where you can learn how Kindle publishing works.

That’s all. You won’t find a secrets system or something revolutionary.

All you get in return for your money in an ebook on a 100 and something pages!

How can you make millions with Kindle publishing with that? Where’s the training? Where’s the support?

The truth is, this offer is designed to sell you an ebook for $37 and to drag you into an expensive sales funnel where you get an opportunity to spend some more of your hard-earned cash.

Before you get inside, you’ll be forced to watch a few videos where you get a chance to spend a few 100’s more on some other revolutionary BS.

KDL Sniper reminds me off a few scams that look, sound, and work in the same way as this one.

I’m talking about AZ Sniper and eCom Profit Sniper.

Can You Use This To Make Money?

As I said earlier in this KDL Sniper review, Kindle publishing is a legitimate business.

A lot of people have managed to leverage this Amazon niche to earn an income online. Some even became millionaires.

But those are rare exceptions.

Yes, you can make money with Kindle publishing. Maybe a few dollars here and there. But you certainly won’t make millions of dollars as soon as you buy a program that promises so.

Kindle publishing is a serious business. Working only ten minutes per day, as the spokesperson for KDL Sniper claims, is not going to do the trick.

That is just one out of many scam signs that point that this offer is better to be avoided.

It’s going to cost you $37 (plus a few hidden upsells) to find out the hard truth.

Is KDL Sniper a Scam?

KDL Sniper is a scam and a misleading and overhyped program that is good only for the unknown owner of the site.

If you ever fall for those promises about making millions with Kindle publishing, you’ll soon find out that there’s no secret system that’ll make you rich.

All you get is a PDF script that contains general information about this line of business.

The script and the fact that you can get your money back via ClickBank are the only reasons why one can say that it’s something legitimate.

Other than that, I don’t see any reasons not to call KDL Sniper a scam.

Here are scam signs once again.

  • The owner is completely anonymous
  • There is no address or social proof
  • The site is not secure
  • Customer testimonials are fake
  • Overhyped earning potential and false payouts

ClickBank is getting full of these scams, so keep your eyes wide open and watch out for those that promise easy cash for little to no work.

Always do your own research and double-check the website too.

If you can’t find more information about the company or the owner, and if you can’t verify testimonials and payment proofs, or you feel that it just sounds too good to be true, you can be sure that it’s a scam.

Also, quick research can save you a lot of time and money as well!

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One Last Piece of Advice

It’s easy to get carried away into thinking that making money online is a fast way to riches.

I mean, all you need is a laptop and wifi to start an online business, whether it be Kindle publishing or something else.

And these scams such as KDL Sniper are using this new wave of opportunity to trick you into spending your hard-earned cash.

The truth is, you can’t get rich fast online. That is nothing but a pipe dream.

Kindle publishing, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, etc., are legitimate opportunities.

However, do not trust sites like KDL Sniper that tell you that you can make millions working only ten minutes per day.

What Do I Recommend?

Thanks for reading my KDL Sniper review. I want to repeat once again that I honestly do not recommend this program.

In my opinion, it’s a HUGE time and money waster, and you’re better off without it.

Instead, I want to show you how I make a consistent passive income online promoting other people’s products and services.

A few years ago, I discovered this platform that showed me this 4-step formula for doing so effectively.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family to help them too!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

4 thoughts on “KDL Sniper Review – 4 Signs Of a Scam in Progress!”

  1. Scams, scams everywhere! 

    I didn’t know this particular product – honestly, when I see an ad that promises easy and fast money, I simply skip. But I’ve read other of your articles and now I have a question: how is it possible that a leading platform such as ClickBank doesn’t verify its vendors? I mean: what’s wrong with this?

    Each time I choose to sell a ClickBank product I verify the refund rate because in my opinion it is a great measure of what people think about that product, but I never feel completely secure. What is your strategy? 

    In the meanwhile, always thanks for your articles!

    • Hi Rosalia, you’re welcome. I have no idea. I’ve read through that ClickBank is toughening up their screening process to get rid of these get-rich-quick scams like KDL Sniper and such. Even some legitimate vendors got kicked out. But unfortunately, they’ll find another place to host their scams.

      My strategy is gravity. I search for products for gravity. The higher it is, the hotter the product. Then I inspect other data as well, but gravity first.


  2. Hello dear, wow what wonderful content you have here,  I saw kdl sniper online program about making good money, but I wasn’t sure IG it was true, cause there earnings was to good to he true. So I decided to do some research online when I saw your post. I ready want to thank you for the hard work you put into making these article and providing such nice information, after going through your article about kdl sniper, I believe I now know what step to take, thanks for the info

    • Hi Skuchmane, you’re welcome. I’m glad to hear that my review of KDL Sniper was useful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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