Lesson 10:

Monetizing Your Reviews With Amazon Affiliate Links

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12 thoughts on “Lesson 10 – Monetizing Your Reviews With Amazon Affiliate Links”

  1. If a viewer requests a review of a product that Amazon doesn’t have or offers a product at a higher price than someone else, is it a good idea or bad idea to consider joining another Affiliate program as well so, you can offer another link to a product that just isn’t available from Amazon.

  2. When attaching my Amazon Affiliate Link into my review, because my Amazon page is connected to me as an Australian customer with Australian prices, will my Attached Affiliate link, when clicked, and opened by a U.S customer, be in Australian Prices or will the Link convert to U.S prices depending on where the customer is located, either in the U.S or in Australia

    • Hey Paul, if you have joined Amazon.com (the US) affiliate program, then you should recommend products from .com, and not from your local store, using the link from the .com store.

      That said, you should join Amazon based on the location of your users. So if most of your visitors are going to be coming from the US (if your site is going to be in English that you can expect over 70% of traffic from the US), then, you should join Amazon.com and send your users to products on Amazon.com website using Amazon.com links.

      On the other hand, if you want, you can use OneLink universal Amazon links in your reviews. In this case, you put a normal .com link in your review and once someone from Australia, for example, clicks on it, they will be redirected to Amazon AU. Here is a step-by-step (read the first two answers).


  3. Hi Ivan, so once the review article is posted, should we wait till we start getting some traffic and then add the affiliate link or can we add it right away-as soon as we post out review?

    • Hey Sandeep, that’s really up to you. You can test both and see the results. I personally add them right away for peace of mind.

      I hope this helps!

  4. Hi Ivan,
    Thank you for your many lessons. It was very interesting. Since it was all new to me I am embrace to say I have create any website as yet, hopefully I can do this on my second Rounds. I currently have 3 Websites for my other businesses, is this something I can create to support my 3 other websites to boast their ranking?
    Here a few other Question?
    1. How , Who and when will someone get paid?
    2. Will have setup a bank account or they will mail a check?
    3. Is this the same as E-Farming?
    4. Will be necessary to create a different Website for every different type of Product?
    5. If so will have to pay for another account for the paid services for every websites created.
    Again thank for sharing your Knowledge you have acquire thru maybe thru trail and errors and many many hours of research. Sorry for my silly question.
    My deepest Regards and Respect,

    • Hey Ramzan,

      You’re welcome! I don’t know what business model you use on your other sites. But, it it’s affiliate marketing, you can use this program on them! If you don’t have any affiliate sites, use this program to create one.

      1. You get paid after you refer a person from your website to a merchant’s website where they can purchase the product you promote on your site, and that person becomes a customer. Merchants will then pay you a commission based on your affiliate agreement. Most merchants pay via PayPal and they have their own terms of payouts (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

      2. Some merchants will send you money to your bank account, although very rarely. Most of them use PayPal to send you your commissions. In some rare cases, you can choose the get paid via check.

      3. No, this is not like E-Faming.

      4. You will have to create a website for each niche you want to dive into. For example, if you want to promote kitchen appliances on your site, and then want to promote pet supplies, you will have to create a new site for a new niche.

      5. Yes. But… If you plan to build multiple sites, you can leverage A2 Hosting’s DRIVE plan under Shared Hosting. This plan allows you to build unlimited websites on one hosting package. In this case, you pay only for domain registration.

      I hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you have more questions!



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