Lesson 9:

Creating Helpful & High-Converting Amazon Product Reviews (Phase 2 – Writing)

RESOURCES: Demo Review Article


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10 thoughts on “Lesson 9 – Creating Helpful & High-Converting Amazon Product Reviews (Phase 2 – Writing)”

  1. Hi Ivan…I would like to upload the pictures of the product from amazon for my product review.You had mentioned a plug in, ,I read an article about using. sitestripe logo in amazon to download pictures to wordpress, do you recommend this…I use advanced canva for my business , am I able to just download a picture from amazon and make a canva post in my review…

    • Hey Dawn, yes, you can use SiteStripe. Just select the Image option (or Image + Text) to generate code and insert it into your site as per instructions.

      Do not download images from Amazon to put them into your reviews. Amazon has a no-no policy when it comes to downloading its images. That’s why they have an Image link option in SiteStripe.

    • Hey Kathi, yes, you can post your review without pictures.

      Images help to describe the product and create a better user experience. But it’s not carved in stone that you have to use them.


  2. Hi Ivan, My Niche is golf. I’m writing my first review training course. In the review should I add other courses to compare or stick with one.

  3. Thank you Ivan. You mention at the end that this disclosure is only for blog posts and not webpages, what about if you have affiliate links on a page?


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