Lesson 5:

Creating & Publishing Important Pages On Your Website


RESOURCES: Affiliate Disclosure Page TemplatePrivacy Policy Page Template /About Me Page Template


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14 thoughts on “Lesson 5 – Creating & Publishing Important Pages On Your Website”

  1. Hey Ivan – this is so exciting, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you for helping us navigate through this process and especially for the templates! I was able to easily create my pages; I just have one question: When I go to my site, my Privacy Policy is on the top, in line with my logo like yours, but the other two are located under Recent Posts in the right-hand column. Will they move to the top later, or did I miss something?

    I just want to make sure it is correct before I move on. I appreciate your help!

    • Hey Nanette, I’m glad to hear that you like everything so far!

      That’s because you have published the other two pages as posts, and you should have published them as pages in WordPress just like your Privacy Policy.

      You can simply delete those two posts, and republish them as pages and they will appear in your main menu.

      Publish your review articles as posts, and important pages as pages in WordPress.

  2. Hi Ivan,

    first of all thank you so much for this…I am so appreciative. Question, when i’m doing my about me page, how do I change the font size of the paragraphs? some paragraphs are much bigger than others and I can’t seem to change the size

    • Hey Molly, you’re welcome. Glad you like everything 🙂

      I’m guessing you want to change from paragraph to heading 2.

      Step 1 – Highlight the text you want to turn into a heading and make sure it’s in its own row without any other text.

      Step 2 – Click on the first icon on the left-hand side above your highlighted text.

      Step 3 – Click on Heading and your text will turn into Heading 2.

      If you need H3 or even H4, you can click on the third icon from the left above the heading and adjust the Heading size.

      I hope this solves your issue. Let me know if you need more help!


    • Glad you like the training, Nives. My best recommendation is to be natural and just write a few words about yourself and your goals with your site. Just write as you would write to a friend. Once you have the first “draft” just save it. You can always update it later with more content as you grow into your site. I hope this helps!

  3. Thank you Ivan, your teaching is great, clear, not too fast, easy to understand and follow. Thank you for giving us the templates. The Privacy Policy and the Affiliate Disclosure are the same for every country?

    • Hey Fabiola, you’re welcome. Glad to hear that you’re having no trouble following the training. Yes, those pages are the same for every country. Simply copy and paste them to your site as per instructions from the video and insert your details and that’s it.

  4. Hi Evan, I just wanted to ask about my existing website (not built with word press) hosted on Cloudflare free hosting plan, can I use this as it is, or do I need to create it with a new domain name and host it again? please guide me…

    • Hey Dilip, welcome to the program 🙂 I recommend building a website from scratch. But if you can see how you can fit your existing website into this program, then you’re free to do so, of course.

    • Hey Leo, you don’t have to pay for this training, only for tools that we use to build your affiliate business. Most of these companies accept all major debit cards as well as PayPal.


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