Lesson 7:

Introduction to Writing Helpful & High-Converting Amazon Product Reviews

RESOURCESGoogle’s Guidelines For Writing High-Quality Product Reviews


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4 thoughts on “Lesson 7 – Introduction to Writing Helpful & High-Converting Amazon Product Reviews”

  1. I wasn’t sure whether it is ok or not to review product without buying them but you cleared the air here. There are tons of products in my niche just waiting! Thanks!

    • Hey Jerome, glad to hear that this lesson was helpful. You can review any product without buying it as long as you are honest and helpful with your review and do your best to share all the good and bad information about the product that you can find during your research phase. People will appreciate your honesty and for that reason, your conversion rates will be higher!

  2. Thank you Ivan. Can you do reviews of products based on research only? Without having bought, tested or experienced them? I would find it difficult to personalize the content, how do you go about it?

    • Hey Fabi! Yes, your reviews can be based on research only. Of course, it is recommended to purchase the product if you can and offer a first-hand experience to users. And this is doable because lots of products, especially digital products, have solid refund policies. But you can do it without owning a product. Just be thorough in your research and honest and helpful with your review. Your main goal is to help, inform, and educate people who are in search of a Product XYZ review aka. your visitors.

      The best exercise for personalizing content is to imagine or pretend that you’re talking to a friend or writing him a letter. It’s as simple as it sounds but it takes a while to develop this voice. Practice makes perfect.


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