Lesson 8:

Creating Helpful & High-Converting Amazon Product Reviews (Phase 1 – Research)


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8 thoughts on “Lesson 8 – Creating Helpful & High-Converting Amazon Product Reviews (Phase 1 – Research)”

  1. Hi Ivan,

    Is there a best way that you found to get legal images of the product your reviewing?

    I would imagine there could be copy right issues if you just steal images from the company’s product page for example.

    • Hey Ryan, the best way to get images from Amazon legally is by using the AMZ Image plugin. Keep in mind that it is a premium (paid) plugin.

      A free way to get access to product images legally is by contacting the product owners and asking whether you can use their images on your site or not. In one case, a company even sent me a letter with permission to use their logo, their company name in my business, and images too.

      Product owners are really flexible in cases like this.


      • Thanks for the response. Is an email from the owner of the product granting permission good enough, or does it need to be a formal letter? ? Is it just as simple as emailing them and saying “Hi, I have written a review for your product on my website and wanted to ask for your permission to use your product images?”

        • You don’t need a formal letter. A simple email should do but it’s up to them actually to decide how they will act in this situation. You can send an email just like that and wait for their response.

  2. Thank you Ivan, great information. Why do some words/paragraphs get underlined? Don’t you have to wait until the page is complete before publishing it?

    • Hey Fabi, that’s because I have installed Grammarly extension. It tracks spelling and grammar mistakes and underlines them. It’s useful!

      You can save a draft if you have more work to do on a page and then publish it when you are ready. Or you can publish and then edit later as much as you want.


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