My Business Venture Review – a Scam or DFY Profitable Online Stores?

Welcome to My Business Venture review.

I bumped into a shiny bright page with a message to open my store today, and profit tomorrow.

The page said that I don’t have to do anything. All I’m required to do is get involved, and I’ll be making money by tomorrow. Tempting invitation, right?

My first thoughts were “It’s a scam! I mean, they say start today, and profit tomorrow. It must be a scam!”

So I wanted to learn more, and after submitting my details, I was transferred to a website called My Business Venture. But the question remains the same. Is it a scam or legit?

Today, I want to share this review with you to help you find out more about MBV.

My Business Venture Review


My Business Venture Review – Overview

Starting an eCommerce business is tough, so to make it easier, My Business Venture platform has created several ways to help you start a successful online store.

I was a bit reserved about this company after seeing that page where they say, and I quote, “Start Today, Profit Tomorrow.” I was sure it was a scam.

However, I was wrong, and you’ll be happy to know that MBV is not a scam. More about this later in the review.

My Business Venture is an entirely legitimate platform where anyone looking to start an eCommerce store can get tons of help in the form of training, tools, and support. It’s sort of a one-stop-shop.

But, it’s essential to know that there are a lot of complaints and negative My Business Venture reviews out there too, which I’ll show you later as well.

These complaints and reviews are must-sees!

The bottom line is, MBV is legit, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in eCommerce. But, the startup costs are high, and not all things are going to be DFY (there’s a lot of work and effort needed).

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What Is My Business Venture About?

As I said in the above text, MBV is a sort of a one-stop-shop for starting an eCommerce business. They provide with hosting, websites, products, coaching, and all other components needed for success.

If you don’t know what eCommerce is, let me explain.

In a nutshell, what you can learn over at My Business Venture is how to build an online store from scratch. The goal is to sell various products to people that use the internet to shop.

The business model is the same as it is in the real world. Imagine a shoe store in your favourite mall. Now, imagine the same store, just online. There’s no cashier or workers, and everything is digital, which makes it much easier to handle.

While in theory, eCommerce sounds straightforward, you’ll be surprised to learn how many new store owners succeed. The answer is, as low as 2% of new eComm business owners turn profits. The rest fails!

So to help you to beat the odds that are seriously stacked against you, My Business Venture offers a series of services.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at what you get with MBV.

What Services Does My Business Venture Offer?

The MBV started the business back in 2007 and has grown into a reputable eCommerce business service provider, with 23+ years of experience. Their main product is turnkey online stores, which means that they do most of the technical work for you.

In other words, they sell done-for-you online stores that are ready for traffic and profits. In addition to DFY sites, My Business Venture can also supply web hosting, marketing services, and even credit card processing.

My Business Venture Homepage

Another cool thing about MBV’s service portfolio is a ready-to-go inventory. It’s a database with over 14,000 products in various categories such as:

  • automotive
  • bath
  • electronic
  • cosmetics
  • sports
  • and a lot more!

While I’m always up for making things easier for newbies, there’s a downside to services offered by My Business Venture platform, and that is, they do the work for you.

DFY store is like a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it is great because you get a preloaded store fast so you can profit even more quickly. But on the other hand, you will not learn a single thing about building and running a store, which could backfire in the future.

I mean, you can’t always rely on a platform like MBV for business. If you are seeking a long term success in eCommerce, you have to learn these skills on your own. That is my opinion.

Nonetheless, it’s still an excellent opportunity for everyone looking to start with eCommerce. Speaking of which, let’s understand who is the ideal customer for MBV’s services.

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Who is My Business Venture For?

I would say that the targeted user of MVB is someone who does not already have a business but would like to start fast without taking the time to set up things on his or her own.

If you are familiar with the story about Ray Crock and how he started a McDonald’s franchise, you’ll get a picture of what is and for whom My Business Venture is.

In other words, MBV is for those who are interested in running a franchise because that’s what it really is.

Speaking of running the business, let’s take a look at the next section of My Business Venture review to understand how much this eCommerce franchise store could cost you.

How Much Does It Cost To Start With MBV?

The problem with My Business VEnture is that they do not display the costs on the official website. Instead, you have to fill in the form with your details, and then MBV’s consultant will give you a call and discuss the details with you.

However, I wanted to give you more info in this review, so I managed to dig out some information about the startup costs. These might not be 100% accurate, just keep that in mind.

  • Standard Plan Setup Fee $495 and $99,83 monthly for 36 months – this plan includes standard setup (store, hosting, etc.) and access to the company’s product library (14,000 products.)
  • Professional Plan costs $2,795 one time – this plan includes everything from Standard Plan plus Diamond marketing package and 24 months of Search Engine Submission (whatever that means)
  • Enterprise Plan costs $3,995 one time – the third plan includes all of the Standard and Professional features plus custom logo and exclusive training.

Another problem with the cost of the program is that it’s expensive yet does not give you any guarantees. You should know all the details before paying a few $ 1000’s to start an online store.

This way, you’re going blindly into a DFY business that you know nothing about.

Undoubtedly, the process could cost you a lot less money and a lot more time if you were to do the things on your own, but it’s still a risky investment, in my opinion.

What Is Included In the MBV Program?

We said earlier that My Business Venture is a sort of a one-stop-shop for building an eCommerce store. In this section of the review, you can see a short breakdown of the features of the program.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Personalizes eCommerce Enabled Website
  • 24 Hour Secure Hosting
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Merchant Account
  • Back-End Administrative Access
  • 14,000 Top-Selling Products
  • 24 Hours US Based Support
  • Videos and Tutorials

How To Get Started With My Business Venture?

There are a few steps you need to take to get started with MBV.

  1. Register and Speak to a Consultant
  2. Decided on the Best Package For Your Budget
  3. Start Building a Custom Business

Here’s a short video where everything you need to know about getting started with MBV is explained.

What I Like About My Business Venture

  • DFY Stores Simplify Startup Process
  • The Company Offers Hosting, Product Library, etc.
  • A+ Rating From Better Business Bureau
  • Help From Experts and Dedicated Support

DFY Stores Simply Startup Process

When it comes to starting an eCommerce store, you’ll find that My Business Venture is going to simplify the process for you. This means that you don’t have to build a store from scratch.

The Company Offers Hosting, Product Library, etc.

Also, the company offers a lot of features such as hosting service and a library of 14,000 products that you can sell via online store they provide you with.

A+ Rating From Better Business Bureau

While I was collecting the information for this review, I went over to the Better Business Bureau website and found out that My Business Venture has got a perfect A+ rating. This speaks a lot about the quality of the service they provide.

Help From Expert and Dedicated Customer Support

Speaking of which, MBV boasts with their customer support and help as well. They provide marketing consulting, live phone support during business hours, and email support after business hours.

All in all, I haven’t found any signs that My Business Venture could be a scam, which is excellent. I did, however, extract a few things that I didn’t like about the company in the next section of the review.

Let’s take a look at those too.

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What I Don’t Like About MBV

  • Startup Costs Not Suitable For Wide Audience
  • Turnkey Websites Does Not Guarantee Success
  • The US and Canada Residents Only

Startup Costs Not Suitable For Wide Audience

The first thing you’ll notice after you go through the process of signing up is the high startup cost. It starts with little less than $500, and it keeps rising as you move forward. The most expensive package is going to cost you $4K!

I didn’t like the fact that the company’s pricing is not suitable for a broad audience.

Turnkey Websites Does Not Guarantee Success

Sure, you’re going to get a turnkey business if you decide to invest in My Business Venture packages. But this doesn’t give you any guarantees that you’ll have a profitable store.

As a matter of fact, you’ll have to invest a lot of time, and more money, into your business to achieve success. That is something that MBV does not disclose on their pages.

The US and Canada Residents Only

eCommerce is an online business venture, which means that no matter where you are on this planet, you can start a successful online store and make money.

However, I was disappointed when I found out that MBV is available only in the US and Canada.

So if you are from EU, UK, Australia, Africa, Azia, or South America, you can’t join the platform to leverage the service.

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Is My Business Venture a Scam or Legit?

There are no reasons to say that My Business Venture is a scam. The company is providing with an excellent service for 23 years in a row and counting, which speaks for itself.

They have, however, collected a lot of complaints from customers over the years. But most of them are resolved and closed. This means that MBV is serious about its reputation and takes care of its customers.

The only thing that made me think that it might be a scam is the landing page that I discovered before I found out about MBV.

My Business Venture Scam Signal

When someone says “start today, profit tomorrow” it’s hard not to think that it might be a scam.

However, further investigation proved that MBV is a legitimate service, so we’ll let them slip away with that one.

My Business Venture Review – Conclusion

Now that you know all you need to know about MBV, you can make a wise decision before going any further. I hope this My Business Venture review was helpful.

If you want to share your opinion and/or experience, feel free to leave them below.

And while you’re here, I want to give you anther excellent recommendation for starting a successful online business from scratch.

MBV Less Expensive Alternative 

My recommendation is noticeably less expensive than MBV. Yet, it provides with the same high-quality service which includes websites, hosting, affiliate programs, tools, live help and coaching, comprehensive training on traffic generation, and a lot more!

I have used this platform to build a successful online business that makes me consistent passive income.

And the best thing about my #1 recommendation is that you can start for free, no credit card info needed!




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

6 thoughts on “My Business Venture Review – a Scam or DFY Profitable Online Stores?”

  1. MBV looks good in theory, however, I feel they make it sound too easy. I’m in the UK so wouldn’t qualify anyway, but having built my own e-commerce store I’m glad I did all the work myself as I learnt so much. It’s actually not that difficult with the right training, and your recommendation is a far cheaper and better alternative for building a successful online business.

  2. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I think there is still one thing about this opportunity that I am trying to get my head around. One of the main points about online business is that it is infinitely scalable in terms of reach and with eCommerce that is a question of being licensed to operate in a specific territory, being able to process payments and being able to ship products or services and I would presume to sell products and services that are permitted in the territory. What seems strange to me with MBV is that all the difficult parts are already taken care of by MBV so what unique value are you as a franchisee bringing to the table? It isn’t as if you are offering them a fantastic location, because this is the internet. It isn’t even that you are building some unique content around the eCommerce site – or is it – because as you said all of that comes out of the box for you. As I say, going into any business venture you have to be able to turn the table and look at the transaction from the other party’s perspective. What are they getting out of doing business with me? And if you don’t get or cannot imagine a good answer to that question then you are probably missing the point about the whole transaction. IMHO.
    Thanks again for sharing, best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, thanks for sharing your opinion about My Business Venture. I see your point. That’s exactly why DFY business or as you said, business-in-the-box, is never my recommendation. In my opinion, you should always strive to build your own stores. Nonetheless, MBV is still a legitimate opportunity to build an e-commerce site.


  3. Hi Ivan,

    Yes, the initial cost is expensive without any income guarantee, so it pushes me away from MBV. Another downside that I found is that they only support USA & Canada residents, so it’s a huge NO for me since I am not living in these two countries.

    Although it’s a good service that runs business more than 23 years so far, they should consider expanding their business worldwide for those who also want their services. Don’t you think so? Your recommendation seems a more reasonable and affordable plan for me, and I will love to try it.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt, yes, if you’re not in Canada or the US, you can’t join My Business Venture. I agree with you, they should consider expanding the business worldwide. My recommendation is an excellent way to start with an affiliate marketing, make sure to give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions.



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