Copy His Method Review – SCAM or Legit $800 per Hour?

Welcome to my Copy His Method review.

According to the sales page, Copy His Method is some secret method to earn $800 per hour using this secret trick that no one knows about.

If you have ever encountered an offer like this, then you’re most likely aware that those claims are overhyped for a reason. And you know that these overhyped offers like Copy His Method are always a 100% scam.

But if you are a newbie who is just getting to discover the making money online world, then it’s good that you’re here. This review could save you a lot of money and most importantly time wasted on an unreliable scam!

By the way, it’s good to see you doing the research. It shows me that you’re smart enough to avoid scams.

And it shows me that you’re looking for the best way to earn an income online.

If you are ready, let me show you this Copy His Method review and a few shocking discoveries that confirm my claims that Copy His Method is probably a scam designed to make money off you!

Copy His Method Review


Copy His Method Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Product Owner: Unknown
  • Product Price: $47 + UPSELLS
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days
  • Recommended?: No! Scam Alert!

Quick Summary:  In a few short words, Copy His Method is a rehashed version of a few other scams that use the same overhyped sales video to sell you a few outdated materials.

All you get for $47 is a set of general information that is barely enough to earn an income online.

The only reason why you can’t call it an outright scam is that you can get a refund via ClickBetter marketplace and that’s it.

Everything else related to this program is designed to trick you into believing that you’ll get rich quick so you can spend your hard-earned money on someone else’s profits.

You should be careful online and avoid sites that promise 100’s of dollars overnight on autopilot and such. They could cost you more than a few bucks. You can lose a lot of time going in the wrong direction.

In the rest of my Copy His Method review, you’ll see why I say what I’ve just said so you can see it for yourself.

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What is Copy His Method?

The problem with products like Copy His Method is the fact that they try to trick you into believing that earning an income online is a child’s play.

They say how once you complete the training, the system is going to make you money on autopilot, and how you don’t have to have any skills to make it happen.

While some of those claims are true, it’s not possible for a newbie to enjoy them straight away. It may take years and years to reach success.

So is copy his method a scam or legit?

Copy His Method is some trick that is virtually unknown to the public that you can leverage to earn up to $800 per day.

According to the spokesperson, this method does not require any computer skills or marketing knowledge.

It’s based on AI (artificial intelligence), and somehow, you can use the concept to make up to $70.000 per month working only a few minutes per day.

Copy His Method Review

And so the sales video continues talking about making easy money for on and on.

However, you didn’t hear what the method is precisely about. And what it is that you’ll be doing to make this money.

This lack of transparency is one of many scam signs that you’re going to discover in the Copy His Method review.

Who Owns This Product?

The spokesperson from the Copy His Method sales video never introduces himself. He does not share a name, not even a nickname.

You don’t know who he is now where does he come from.

He does not stand in front of the camera, share his picture or at least a social media profile.

He is a ghost…

You see, one of the most common things that scams share in common is an unknown owner.

Let me ask you.

Would you trust $47 or your credit card number to a random person on the internet who is blabbering about getting rich quickly?

I think you’re smarter than that.

What You Get With Copy His Method

But let say you did pay $47 to satisfy your curiosity, you would quickly realize what I’m saying here all this time.

In other words, Copy His Method is not some secret piece of Artificial Intelligence that is going to turn your life around.

All you get with this scam is a set of generic and outdated resources that talk about a few lame methods for earning an income online.

You would be lucky if you could earn a few dollars with these methods. Speaking of which, let me show you briefly what each method is about.

Method One – Introduction Videos

You’ll be shocked to discover only a few videos that talk about random methods for making money online.

Even worse, you can find these videos for free on YouTube!

  • Email Marketing Cash – 4 Minutes
  • How To Make Money With Voice Gigs – 5 minutes
  • IPT Middleman – 3.5 minutes
  • Copy This Easy Method For $1000 per Day – 11 minutes

All these videos talk about legitimate methods for making money online, but they are unbelievably short and suggest some unrealistic things.

I would call these somewhat motivational videos over educational.

Method Two – Emergency Cash Generators

This part is another random selection of videos and tutorial that you can find all over the net for free.

Copy His Method Review - Inside Training Area

  • Emergency Cash Generator Part 1
  • Emergency Cash Generator Part 2
  • Bonus: Easy $100/Day Method
  • Forgotten Traffic Plans
  • Effective List Building Blueprint
  • ClickBank Takeover Part 1

If you are serious about earning an income online, you should avoid these videos and guides at all cost!

Method Three – Facebook Article Sharing

The last method inside Copy His Method is actually something that could work, but I’m not going to advise it.

Facebook Article Sharing is a method for promoting ClickBank products via Facebook.

It comes down to sharing a few done-for-you articles with your Facebook friends.

These DFY ebooks contain affiliate links to ClickBank offers. And if/when someone clicks on the link in the article and buys the product, you get an affiliate commission.

However, you’ll need a large Facebook following to make money with this method.

In my opinion, this is a bad way to spam your friends and unknown people on Facebook to make a few bucks here and there.

eBooks Section

Here you get a set of pointless and random eBooks.

  • 7 Secrets of Affiliate Marketing
  • Power of Article Marketing
  • Affiliate Directories

Tools And Updates Section

And in this section, you’ll find a set of downloadable PDF and resources that are thrown in there just to give this offer more credibility.

  • Business Vitality
  • Squeeze Page to Bank Account
  • Extreme List Building System
  • Easy Way to Market with Video

Copy His Method Price 

Copy his Method is selling via ClickBetter marketplace for $37 one time.

However, it’s important to highlight that this marketplace is known for hosting a lot of scams that are more or less similar or even the same.

In other words, this is not a safe purchase.

My Shocking Discovery!

As I said earlier in this Copy His Method review, this product is a bunch of outdated and pretty much-unrelated material.

The methods inside are old, and even if some of them do work, there’s no training that can teach you how to leverage those methods to make money.

And now, here comes the shocker!

Copy His MEthod is a rebranded version of old scams that contain the same information just copy-pasted, renamed, and sold once again.

I’m talking about Money Looper, which is a program that I reviewed a few months ago.

Also, you can find the same information within the product called Instant Payday Tricks.

And lastly, Easy Retired Millionaire is another internet scam that is using the same material to trick people into believing they’ll get rich overnight.

That said, let’s continue with the Copy His Method review.

Copy His Method Pros

You Get Some Resources

On the positive side of things, you do get some material in return for your cash that can be useful.

You should be aware that these videos and scripts are shallow in quality and are not going to help you to earn $800 per day.

In fact, I wouldn’t be so sure to say that you can earn any money using this material.

You Can Get a Refund

ClickBetter gives 60 days money-back guarantee on all products sold via the platform.

If you get inside and don’t make any money during the period, you can file for a refund.

Copy His Method Cons

Overhyped Sales Video

The salesperson for Copy His Method is talking about earning massive amounts of money per day without disclosing the method inside.

He goes so far that at one point, he says you could earn $70,000 every month!

Copy His Method Review - Overhyped Income Claims

Furthermore, he talks about Artificial Intelligence and is using a lot of fancy words just to make this product sound interesting.

This is common with internet scams these days.

They’ll say everything during the sales pitch just to get you to shell out $37 for this.

Lack Of Transparency

There is no clue who might be the owner of Copy His Method. There are no names at all.

As I said earlier in this review, how can you trust someone with your credit card number which is not willing to share at least the first name?

Outdated and Useless Resources

The product inside is disappointing. There are no secrete methods that are going to make you rich.

All you get is a set of videos and short instructions and guidelines.

Even worse, the material is outdated and in my opinion, pretty much useless.

Fake Testimonials

One thing that looks very convincing is the testimonials for Copy His Method.

However, after a quick background check, I found out that all those testimonials are fake.

Copy His Method Review - Fake Testimonials

Copy His Method Review - Fake Testimonials

As you can see from the image, some of those testimonials are nothing but random stock images.

Others are videos recorded by Fiverr actors and so on.

This is just another dirty trick and a severe scam sign.

Rehashed Version of Old Scams

Copy His Method is a rehashed version of previously released scams.

The difference between these products is minor, but the intention is the same. They are designed to make you believe that this is going to change your life like night and day.

Yet, in reality, it’s just another scam that is best for those who promote it.

ClickBetter is a Scam Nest

Lastly, Copy His Method is selling via ClickBetter, which is home to a lot of unreliable products.

Most of these products are pure scams that have nothing to do with helping people to earn an income online.

And my guess is, it’s just a matter of time before they disappear entirely. The same thing has happened with ClickBank scams too.

Is Copy His Method a Scam?

So is Copy His Method a scam? Let’s recap quickly. The sales video is overhyped, using a lot of fake claims to make you believe how you can make up to $800 per day with some secret method.

The spokesperson is talking about the use of Artificial Intelligence for making money online and yet, there’s no sign of it once you get inside.

The product itself is nothing more than a set of outdated material that is seen already in other internet scams. The spokesperson never reveals his identity and the testimonials are fake.

So what would you say now? Is it a scam or legit?

In my opinion, Copy His Method is a scam. Your money is safer elsewhere and your time could be spent much better too.

Copy His Method Review – Final Words

There are plenty of legitimate ways to earn a decent income online, and this product is not one of them.

The worst thing about it is that it keeps coming back over and over again rehashed under a different name, so be careful.

The best thing you can do is stay away from it.

Thanks for reading this Copy His Method review. I hope it was useful. What do you think about it? Is it a scam or legit in your opinion?

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2 thoughts on “Copy His Method Review – SCAM or Legit $800 per Hour?”

  1. I am very pleased I found your review “C*py His Method”. Your advice to be careful about “copy his method” seems wise. To make $880 an hour most definitely sounds like a con or a scam but your review has kindly confirmed it for me. The concept that it works entirely on “AI” sounds great in practice but does not sound trustworthy.  I am intrigued by how I could make money online; Can you really? I checked your link and I see it asks for an email address.  Before I do that, can you give me an overview of what the method is?

    • Hi Trevor, yes, you can make money online. But don’t believe scam sites like Copy His Method that you can do it fast and by doing little to no work. My recommendation is about affiliate marketing. You can join for free and get one free site and 10 lessons to set up your business for free. There’s no time limit to your free membership. Then, if you like the training and feel that you can make it, you can take Premium membership (first month only $19!) to unlock the rest of the course and finish your site to start earning an income. It’s not a promise, but if you apply the instruction to the letter, you should earn revenue in the meantime. And if you join, I’ll help you personally to achieve success. Learn more here.



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