EZ SalaryZ Review – A Scam or Legit Easy Profits In 60 Seconds?

Welcome to my EZ SalaryZ review. What do you think? Is it possible to start earning a salary in just 60 seconds?

You see, Mosh Bari & Jason Fulton say how with this system, you can kick your job to the curb and how you are one click away from generating salary every month without working every day.

Sounds like your dream job, right?

It was mine as well. It’s called affiliate marketing, and it’s an entirely legitimate thing!

I’m talking about the business, not the EZ SalaryZ program, of course. This offer is making a legitimate and real business look like a piece of cake. 60 seconds to profits? No skills? No manual work?

It’s good they didn’t say how you can push a button, and the money will come out beneath your PC.

So what is it really about? Can you make money as fast and as easy as Mosh and Jason Caim? Or is EZ SalayZ a scam?

Within this EZ SalaryZ review, I’ll show you what this offer is about. I’ll show you what to expect from it without any BS and give my honest opinion about whether EZ SalaryZ is a scam or legit.

Let me show you more! Shall we?

EZ SalaryZ Review


EZ SalaryZ Review – Overview

  • Product Name: EZ SalaryZ
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Price: $22 + Upsells
  • Owner: Mosh Bari & Jason Fulton
  • Rating: 2/5

Quick Summary: EZ SalaryZ is allegedly a software that works on a push of a button and will make you an income as soon as today. In addition, it is a fully tested and newbie-friendly software that requires no tech skills and manual work. It will help you to earn 1000’s dollars with a push of a button.

They even claim how you can start earning a salary in 60 seconds or less!

However, in reality, EZ SalaryZ is another overhyped and misleading offer from WarriorPlus. But if you put the sales page on the side, you’ll find a simple cloud-based site builder and tons of upsells that complete the system!

The truth is, this software is not 100% scam because it is based on a legitimate method for making money online also known as affiliate marketing. It will do A PART of the work for you, but you still need skills and knowledge in traffic generation. Traffic is a lifeblood of every business and this software is not going to do this for you.

In fact, no software will ever generate traffic and sales in 60 seconds or less.

The bottom line is, I don’t recommend overhyped and misleading products like EZ SalaryZ. Mosh and Jason create tons of these “magic” software each month, and yet, most of them never work as promised. That’s why they have to rehash them all the time to escape being called a scam.

If you want to learn more about it and find out some red flags related to this product, make sure to keep reading my EZ SalaryZ review. I’m not associated with owners, which means that my review is honest.

My #1 recommendation has helped me to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing after a lot of work and effort. It’s a proven system that works! But it’s not going to work in 60 seconds…




What is EZ SalaryZ?

The fact that the owners are not disclosing more details about the EZ SalaryZ program and the system inside is alarming right from the start. It was not a good sign.

Is it a scam?

Well, according to the sales page, EZ SalaryZ is software for making money online. It’s a 99% automated software that works on one click, and you could generate a salary in just 60 seconds.

EZ SalaryZ Sale Page Description

But I know that you’re not buying this. The truth is, this offer is overhyped. They want you to believe that you can somehow make $1000’s in a few minutes with no experience or skills.

But the real reason for these claims is that they want you to buy EZ SalaryZ software. If you do so, you’ll access a hidden sales funnel where they will try to sell you more products to make money off you.

You see, the creators are guys who have created tons of software for making money in a few seconds.

The funny thing is, no one is getting rich with them. How come? I guess it’s because they don’t work!

Here are a few examples:

I have to correct myself before we continue. Someone is getting rich using EZ SalaryZ and other systems. Yeah, you’ve guessed it right.

I have nothing against Mosh and Jason personally. However, they have no sense of morality when they create those systems for making money online. It’s unbelievable how unethical their sales pages are.

Who Are Jason and Mosh?

Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are two online marketers who like to create these get-rich-quick schemes every once in a while. In other words, they are serial product vendors who are making a living by selling these “magical” software.

Above are just a few examples. Today, we have EZ SalaryZ on our hands.

EZ SalaryZ Owners

I have had a chance to buy and review a ton of their products so far and my experience with Jasons’ and Mosh’s systems is 100% negative. What was the worst thing about their offers?

See, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee to get you to buy their offer. However, once you ask for a refund, they will ignore you or ask you to send them a ton of evidence that you’ve taken action with the system.

They will then ask you a ton of questions until the refund period expires.

Another thing why I don’t like their products is that they are basically always a collection of a few videos on some lousy methods designed to justify the price and to get you inside the expensive sales funnel where they make real money.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the next section of my EZ SalaryZ review.

EZ SalaryZ Is A Sales Funnel

See, EZ SalaryZ is first and foremost a sales funnel that is created to make money off you. In other words, you’re lead to believe that you can make tons of cash in 60 seconds using secret software, which is going to cost you only $22.

If this software is so powerful, why it’s selling for a low price like that?

EZ SalaryZ Price

Well, the trick is that an overhyped sales page and a low price tag are just fish bait. Once you get “hooked” and buy the EZ SaleryZ software, you’ll be transferred directly to a sales funnel.

This is where owners will offer you to buy more shiny objects like this under the promise that this will make you $1000’s per day in as little as 24 hours.

But don’t worry, they say how you could use this software too to make $5,000 per month and even $50,000 per month without any skills or previous experience!

And have I mentioned that it takes only a few seconds to do so?

To me, all these things are a direct indication that EZ SalaryZ is a scam. However, let’s finish this review before we pass any judgement.

EZ SalaryZ Price & Upsells

By the time of writing this review, EZ SalaryZ is selling for $22 one time via the WarriorPlus marketplace. It’s the place where you can find most of the Bari/Fulton products.

And just like with all those offers before, they push expensive upsells as soon as you agree to work with them.

The main (basic) package contains the software and instructions. But if you want to make it work and to make some money with it, you’ll most likely have to purchase the following.

EZ SalaryZ Upsells

  • Unlimited Profitz Edition $97 – Basic package is limited. You can only build a few sites. If you want to get the full features, you need this upsell.
  • DFY Sites $297 – The software creates pretty much basic empty sites. They are worthless unless you know what to do with them. If you have no clue what’s next after you create a vacant website, this upgrade will give you access to 20 DFY sites.
  • Super Traffic Machine $67 – As you know, they don’t teach traffic generation (a y aspect of every business), but they do give you access to some traffic system.
  • 100x Conversion Booster $77 – Since the Basic package is probably not going to provide you with tools you need to convert visitors into customers, you’ll have to purchase the same.
  • Licence Rights $167 – Gives you PLR Rights to redistribute the EZ SalaryZ system.

How Does EZ SalaryZ Work?

In reality, EZ SalaryZ is software that works on a model of affiliate marketing.

The software creates cloud-based websites, and that’s the whole science. You won’t make money in 60 seconds, and you need some skills.

EZ SalaryZ Review - Sales Page

You can use the software to create a website and to generate content such as PLR products and video to your site and distribute it to others. To monetize your work, you need an affiliate link so that you can send your visitors to any offer you choose.

As I mentioned at the top of this review, EZ SalaryZ is based on the legitimate method.

However, the system has one flaw. Well, it has more, but this one is big!

EZ SalaryZ Won’t Work Without Traffic

You see, they will teach you how to create those sites. And truth be told, the software is going to do the work in a minute or two. And it will even put some content on the site for you.

But that’s not the point.

The point is, they won’t teach you how to attract visitors to your websites. They just show how to share your work on social media. But that’s not going to cut it.

To make money online, you need massive amounts of internet traffic, which is something that this software can’t help you to do so. A few clicks here and there are not going to earn you a salary with which you could quit your job.

Traffic generation is a crucial aspect! Without it, your sites are worthless.

The bottom line is, the EZ SalaryZ system could work, and it’s reasonable. It creates sites in less than 60 seconds just as promised.

But, it’s a seriously overhyped and incomplete product. You see, you’re basically buying a website builder and a content spinner. There’s no traffic training included in the basic package.

However, lucky for you (irony), guys offer 10X more expensive upsells where you can find the rest of the system.

What I Like About EZ SalaryZ

After taking a closer look at this offer, I’m not too excited about it. In fact, I don’t see anything good about it. The system has a lot of flaws. Moreover, I’m sure EZ SalaryZ won’t work as advertised, which is a reason why we could call it a scam as well.

1.) 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The only good thing about EZ Salary Z, in my opinion, is the refund policy. The system is based on legitimate methods, but it’s not even close to being legit! I’ll talk about this under the cons section of this review.

If you don’t get results with this system, you can at least get your money back. The owners offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, Bari & Fulton do not follow “no questions asked” route like many others do. They will ask for proof that you’ve used the system before they agree to give you a refund.

What I Don’t Like About EZ SalaryZ

From the start to the finish of the sales funnel, you’re lead to think that EZ SalaryZ is going to work in three simple steps and make you a reliable salary online in no time.

The overhyped sales page is just one thing that I don’t like about this offer. Let me share more concerns before I finish this review and give my honest opinion about whether EZ SalaryZ is a scam or legit.

1.) Overhyped & Misleading Sales Page

EZ SalaryZ sales page claim some of the following benefits.

You can quit your job, you can earn a salary in 60 seconds, you can do this in three simple steps, you don’t need to work, and many other claims are to be found all over the sales page.

EZ SalaryZ Overhyped Claims

I don’t like to see those claims. Yes, you can make money online. But it’s a process, not magic. And these guys are making it look like it is the latter.

2.) Owners Are Know Serial Vendors

Speaking of guys. Jason and Mosh are serious serial product creators who release at least one or two of these schemes per month! Each time it’s about making money instantly and what not.

In other words, their schemes never help real people to make money as they promise. Their main idea is to create an overhyped sales page to attract as many newbies to their business.

Then, they will give you some short training, software and a head full of crazy ideas about making money fast.

Worst of all, they will send you more and more schemes like EZ SalaryZ every week to beat you some more while you’re on the ground.

3.) Cloud-Based Hosting

The problem with software like EZ SalaryZ is the hosting. I don’t like the fact that your site is cloud-based.

It means that you are not the physical owner of your business. The site is hosted on a cloud, and if Bari & Fulton decide to pull the plug, you’ll lose your business.

EZ SalaryZ Cloud Based App

The best thing when starting an online business is to build your sites on reliable third-party hostings such as BlueHost, or Wealthy Affiliate.

The latter is the company that offers the hosting, affiliate marketing training (top-notch), the tools, and the community.

It’s my top recommendation for getting started online.

4.) Product is Basic & Requires Upsells

With the Basic version of EZ SalaryZ software, you’re not getting too much in your hands. It’s basically a simple cloud-based site builder, and it has very little value.

However, as you know, the system is completed with upsells. So if you want to make it happen, you need to take pro and unlimited versions, and probably even the traffic upgrade, as well.

I don’t like to see upsells. The owners are not honest about the price, features, and benefits.

5.) EZ SalaryZ Won’t Work Without Traffic

You’ve been told that you can push a button and EZ SalaryZ software is going to create instant pages and videos for you in 30 seconds and get you instant sales and commissions.

That is a complete bullcrap!

In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that these pages are generic and there’s no training on traffic generation inside EZ SalaryZ software.

Traffic generation is not a matter of pushing a few buttons and expecting that traffic will flow to your site automatically and in abundance.

They want you to believe that it is going to work as described just to get your money.

Is EZ SalaryZ a Scam?

No, EZ SalaryZ is not a scam. But I admit the owners have done an excellent job to make it look like it is.

All those claims about earning a salary online without having to work too much and about fast results in 60 seconds or less are more than enough to think about how EZ SalaryZ might be a scam.

But the truth is, it’s legit software that crates simple cloud-based sites and speeds up the process.

However, I’m afraid that’s all you’ll get with EZ SalaryZ software. You can use these sites to market products and try to earn some money online.

But if you don’t know how to get massive traffic to your offers, then you’ll have no use of this software.

In my opinion, this is not the best thing out there. Although it’s legitimate, I still feel that it’s just one in a row of overhyped offers that trick newbies into believing that you can make money online instantly.

I would not recommend it if you are looking for REAL WAYS to make money online. In my opinion, it’s another internet offer that will die as soon as the owners turn to the next big solution.

The next time, they’ll probably have something that makes money in 10 seconds.

How I Earn Passive Income Online

First of all, thanks for reading my EZ SalaryZ review. I hope this article was useful to you.

If you have any questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

Before I let you go, let me show you a legitimate training course for making money online with affiliate marketing. This course is proven by thousands of marketers all over the world, including me.

Making money online is not going to happen in the first 60 seconds as owners of EZ SalaryZ imply. It may never happen if you don’t have access to legitimate training, tools, and support.

That’s exactly what I’m offering here.

Below is a link to my #1 recommendation for starting a successful affiliate marketing business.

I’ve personally used this platform to start my own affiliate marketing business almost three years ago. Moreover, I’m not the only one. You’ll be surprised how much success is happening here every day!

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

8 thoughts on “EZ SalaryZ Review – A Scam or Legit Easy Profits In 60 Seconds?”

  1. This is the first time I come across these 2 guys. But I get your point that they are serial vendors. They don’t put much effort into building a product they can be proud of in the long term. Instead they launch one basic product after another, repurposing content and trying to get fresh audience in front of their sales pitch each time.

    • Hi Paolo, thanks for your comment on my review of EZ SalaryZ. You’ve summed it up nicely. I would prefer if they would put their knowledge into one course at stick to it instead of creating these schemes and software all the time.


  2. It’s always nice to start laughing, even when the subject is a bit depressing. I loved your remark about “you can push a button, and the money will come out beneath your PC”. I saw it in front of my eyes right away and I think it’s hilarious. 🙂

    Traffic always is the main issue when it comes to making money of your blog. Whether it’s affiliate marketing or a different method. I think that most programs either underestimate it or just ‘forget’ to tell about it.

    Great that you prevent us from another time-consuming and depressing program.

    • Hi Hannie, thanks for leaving your comment on my review of EZ SalaryZ. As much as it’s funny for those who know that things like that are almost impossible, it’s also sad to those claims present on sales pages. Making money online is never a result of pushing a few buttons and working only a few minutes. You need to work a lot to get traffic and make money online. There are no easy rides.


  3. This is the first time that I have heard about EZSalaryZ and also the two owners. A ranking of only 2 / 5 never bodes well, but then anything that promises to start making money money after only 60 seconds, should be viewed with skepticism, as well know it does not work like that. 

    Traffic is vital to any site and to convert, so without traffic, you will not go anywhere. Thank you for warning me about the EZSalaryZ program, I do not think it is worth pursuing.

    • Hi LineCowley, thank you for sharing your comment on EZ Salaryz with us. You should inject a huge dose of scepticism in your thinking as soon as you land on websites that promise such unrealistic things as this one. The basic version of this product is not going to show you how to get traffic, which means that you can’t make sales without it. As always, they want you to get upsells. In any case, I don’t recommend it.


  4. Affiliate marketing have been a really great means of income so far when it come to making money online and have been really interested in it in all aspects. Looking for a way to get to be one affiliate to a company, I really have seen some really bad business and this is nothing like a business that I’d like to go into. 

    • Hi Justin, thanks for reaching out. I agree, it’s difficult to find the right company to work with as an affiliate. EZ SalearyZ is not my recommendation. I hope my review was helpful.



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