Is Inbound Closer a Scam or Legit? – My Honest Review Reveals the Truth

Welcome to my Inbound Closer review.

I just finished watching a free training video that I found on a page where I was told about this high-demand skill that is going to put me in a thriving, $129 Billion-Dollar (yes, with a B) business that will stuff my pockets with daily commission checks…the size of most two-week paychecks.

What were my first impressions? Well, after reading the sentence from the above, I thought to my self, “yes, Inbound Closer must be a scam.” But then I did some research and find out that there’s something real behind that pile of BS.

That is why I decided to write up this Inbound Closer review to help you understand what it is that this program is going to teach you if you ever join. And don’t worry, my review is honest and unbiased. I’m not selling you this program to make commissions.

Inbound Closer Review


Inbound Closer Review – Overview

Once you land on the sales page for Inbound Closer, you get bombarded with statements like:

  • start earning in as little as 21 days
  • work part-time from anywhere in the world
  • work only 1-2 hours per day
  • all you need is a phone and 6-page PDF
  • no tech, no capital, no set-up required
  • tap into $$129 billion-dollar industry

As I was going through those statements, all I could hear in my head was “scam, scam, it’s a scam!” I mean, just take a look at those bold promises made by Payton Welch, one of the owners of this offer.

However, to save you some time going through this review, I can say that Inbound Closer is a legitimate program for making money online after all. Yes, I was surprised too when I learned that there’s a real training program behind the pile of BS.

That said, let’s take a closer look at the program.

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What is Inbound Closer About?

In a nutshell, Inbound Closer is a digital marketing training program created by Payton Welch. The program is teaching how to get started with this multi-billion dollar industry in as little as 21 days. Moreover, Payton promises to help you secure your first client in a week.

Is this really possible? Or is this just a sand in your eyes while they’re robbing you blind?

Inbound Closer - Sales Letter

Well, guys, I’ve seen a lot of scams so far, and honestly, these promises do sound like a scam. But as you’re going to discover in this Inbound Closer review, Payton Welch is a real deal, and this program is too.

You see, Payton is referring to a digital marketing industry in his videos, and most of the things he says are true. Overhyped but true. You see, digital marketing is exploding, and the demand for marketers of all kinds is snowballing as we speak.

By the way, Payton Walch is one of the co-founders of the program and the main spokesperson for the program.

Inbound Closer - Payton Welch

So, the primary intention of this program is to show you how to close high-ticket inbound deals for other people who have no time to do telemarketing. A lot of money is exchanged in these deals, and those who close them are in for a big commission.

And it’s true, all you need to get started is a phone and a 6-page PDF. Need more details? Keep reading my Inbound Closer review.

How Does Inbound Closer Work?

In simple words, Inbound Closer is going to show you how to work in telemarketing. You don’t need any skills for this because everything is explained during the 21-day training program.

As I was saying, the whole scheme is oriented toward teaching you how to become a high-ticket closer. Payton Welch is going to give you a set of training videos where he shows how he has closed over $42 million in sales after taking more than 3,000 calls.

The main idea is to show you how to get leads for high-ticket programs and then how to turn those leads into customers by “handling” them over the phone. Each time you manage to close a deal between a lead and the company, you earn a commission.

But before you can become Payton’s student and get your slice of $129 Billion pie, you’ll have to register for a free webinar. Then, you have to listen and watch 23 minutes long video with Payton, where he talks about this opportunity using a lot of hype.

Lastly, once the video finishes, you’ll get a chance to become a member for a one-time fee of $97. Here’s a recap:

  • Register your email address
  • Watch a 23 minutes-long free video.
  • Purchase Inbound Closer for $97 one-time

And here’s what you get if you do so…

What You Get With Inbound Closer

Inbound Closer Product Overview

  • The Daily Commission Check Blueprint – This 2-module library of step-by-step instructions gives you everything you need to get your first high-dollar client in as little as one week.
  • The Inbound Closing Accelerator – This is a 21-day, zero-to-pro accelerator that breaks down Payton’s proprietary Inbound Closing system, refined and perfected after taking more than 3,180 calls, and closing more than $42 million in new business.
  • Post-Call Recordings and Breakdown – This is your personal collection of full, behind-the-scenes phone calls, broken down and analyzed by 7 and 8-figure closers.
  • Access to The Inbound Closer Mastermind Group – All the accountability and support you need, and a risk-free environment where you can roleplay, practice, and strategize your fellow closers.
  • Taylor’s Personal Network of Online Entrepreneur – Taylor and his clients are almost always hiring closers. And now, when you step inside, you’re instantly notified as soon a new opportunity arises.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam or Legit?

I believe we have already answered these questions earlier in the review. Inbound Closer is not a scam. It’s a legitimate training course designed to show you how to tap into telemarketing and start closing deals for high-ticket commissions.

The owners Taylor and Payton Walch use a lot of hype and bold promises to sell you in, which may sound like it’s a scam in progress, but it’s not, really. You don’t have to worry about shelling out $ 1000’s for nothing.

As a matter of fact, the training program comes with an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. In other words, there’s no time limit to which you can ask for a refund. Guys are so confident in their program that they give you a lifetime guarantee.

So once again, no, it’s not a scam. Inbound Closer if 100% legitimate training course for making money online closing high-ticket deals over the phone.

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Who is Inbound Closer For?

I don’t think that everyone can work as a telemarketer. Everyone can try, though, but not all are going to succeed with programs like this. Do you agree?

In any case, Inbound Closer is open for everyone interested in earning an income online. It could be for:

  • students
  • stay at home mom and dads
  • entrepreneurs of all kinds
  • telemarketers looking to improve their skills and scale their income, etc.

The profile of an ideal candidate does not exist. Although I would say that you need strong communication skills if you want to succeed in this line of business.

What I Like About Inbound Closer

I was at first disappointed with those claims and promises from the sales page. Then, as I kept going forward, I found a helpful training program that works for some people out there.

Here’s my list of the things that I like about this program:

  • No special skills or experience required to start with the program.
  • Phone and the training manual is all that’s needed to get started.
  • $97 one-time is a fair and reasonable price that anyone can afford.
  • Unconditional 100% lifetime money-back guarantee is an excellent feature.
  • The training was created by guys with years of experience in digital marketing.
  • According to the info from the Facebook group, some people have achieved success.

What I Don’t Like About Inbound Closer

Like every other program for making money online, Inbound Closer is not perfect. They use a lot of hype and misleading claims to get you interested, which I personally hate.

And the lack of transparency is not the only thing I don’t like. Here’s my list of cons:

  • The sales pitch is overhyped, confusing, and does not disclose the nature of the business.
  • Not disclosed, high-ticket upsell if you want client-ready list and access to the advanced program.
  • More high-ticket upsells are lined up down the road.
  • Although they promise fast and guaranteed results, there’s no such thing.

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Conclusion and Final Recommendation

One of the last things that I want to note in my review is that you can’t expect to replicate the results shown on the sales page, In fact, even the creators say that an average person does not achieve any results with Inbound Closer training program.

In other words, if you ever get into this program, you should prepare yourself for a lot of work. Nothing in this world comes easy. You must earn success or move over.

Thanks for reading my Inbound Closer review. I hope my article was helpful to your research and you can now make a confident decision about whether to go for it or not. If you need more help, feel free to comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Is Inbound Closer a Scam or Legit? – My Honest Review Reveals the Truth”

  1. It actually sounds kind of interesting, would you say this would help with sales as well?
    I honestly have no interest in becoming a telemarketer and driving sales for other people.

    I work in sales now and have a side marketing business, I’m just curious if this would be worth my time and money or I’d be better of with other sales closing programs.

    Thanks for the article!

    • Hi Lee, thanks for reaching out. Yes, Inbound Closer is an interesting course which is specifically designed to help you with sales. Although the training is oriented toward closing deals over the phone, I do believe you can use the same knowledge to improve your sales record with your current business. Another recommendation would be High-Ticket Closer by Dan Look.


  2. Telemarketing is definitely not something I would personally enjoy, and as you mentioned, you need excellent communication skills. The course sounds very good for those willing to work hard and make hundreds of phone calls!! Though even with the upsell list of clients there’s no guarantee of making even one sale. Your recommendation is a far better option with a real chance of building a solid online business:)

  3. …will stuff your pockets with fat paychecks… I was already ready to run away, I just knew you have to say something about it and I suspected you mean there is more behind the huge, shiny words, so I went on reading.
    Telemarketing is a tough industry. I know there are successful people in it, but, honestly, I always feel sorry for those calling me with different offers. I wished there was someone in their company who would have really taught them how to talk to people when they make the call. Mostly, and sadly, they are given a pre-written text to read out when you answer the call and are not even aware it shows in their voice. There were times in my younger days when I wanted to help, so tried to teach them a thing or two, but it was not always viewed as a good-hearted intention, so I stopped.
    It is good that there is a possibility with this course to learn some skills in the field. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Awfully much practice and much rejection is needed to get to a professional level in selling over the phone. Also, some initial natural affinity for it. Still, thanks to your thorough presentation, despite the hype, which I think is repellent to many, people may find this course useful and actually learn from it.
    Who knows, I might be the next on-call from such a person. Oh, that would be such a nice change…

    • Hi Kerryanne, thanks for reaching out. I agree with you, a very few succeed in this business. A phone and a script are enough to get started, but a person needs to invest a lot more to get to the level where he or she can stuff their pocket with paychecks. Thanks for sharing your comment on my review.



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